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Presentation final assignment
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Presentation final assignment


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  • 1. THE FUTURE OF PRINTED MAGAZINES BETWEEN SOCIAL MEDIA AND NEW DIGITAL DEVICES Dario Bonazelli [email_address] Trends and Strategies in the Creative Industries 2009/2010
  • 2. Sofie Spindler Question
    • Have digital media and interactive media influence, pushed and reinvented the structure of classic magazine’s form?
    • How will the future of the glossy magazines be ?
  • 3. My question: How will the future of printed magazine looks like?
  • 4. As media change, our perception change
    • According to Marshall McLuhan our perception is deeply influenced once a new medium appears in everyday life and overcomes the one already existent. For instance, the invention of the press brought the cultural dominance of the visual over the oral
    • As Walter Benjamin (1936) argued, the introduction in the early twentieth century of new techniques to produce, reproduce and circulation works of art on a mass level, has radically changed the attitude towards the art of both artists and the public
  • 5. New technologies never completely replace old technology… The invention of camera didn’t replace paintings Cars didn’t replace horses
  • 6. … we generally found new purposes for “old tech” New art movements emerged: Impressionism Cubism Surrealism… New purposes for horse riding
  • 7. Carlota Perez Where we are now in digital revolution?
  • 8.  
  • 9.
    • Newspaper circulation in U.S is down 7 millions over the last 25 years
    • Last 5 years unique readers of online newspapers are up 30 million
    • ( Source: Newspaper Association of America )
    Chicago Sun-Times, The Star Tribune Holdings Corporation, the Journal Register Company, Philadelphia Newspapers LLC The Rocky Mountain News, Portfolio, PC Magazine Domino, Country Home … ( Source Associated Press ) Bankruptcy!
  • 10. Advertisers invest strongly on the Web and less and less on printed versions Readers are not stopping reading they rather go on the Internet
  • 11.
    • Magazine’ format fits better the challenge of internet than newspapers
    • There are titles for every kind of interests (niche market)
    • More visual content
    • Magazine circulations are not declining as rapidly as those of newspapers
  • 12.
    • With the proliferation of niche titles , it could be argued that magazines share some of the targeted quality of web sites. Magazines could in fact be called “ new old media ” or “ old new media ”
    • Magazines are old new media that are going to be destructed creatively by digital interactive media
  • 13. Changing overtime 1942 - A romantic kiss image fully dominates the cover: may it be a consequence of the wide diffusion of photography ? 1897 - Old-fashioned title, no images and index in full 2009 - A well-endowed model in the center and dazzling titles at her sides in a non-linear order as the hyperlinks are arranged on the website
  • 14. How to save magazines?
    • Reduce print copies and implement new strategies of distribution in order to minimize such costs
    • Websites and printed version of the same magazine needs to provide different services in order to avoid annoying repetitions and inefficiencies
  • 15. How to save magazines?
    • Adding an artistic value to the content.
    • How? Designers can do that.
  • 16. How to save magazines?
    • Developing co-creativity by crossing media operations
    • Be a brand
    - Maxim’ started programming events together with the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Las Vegas - Esquire partenered with Nokia
  • 17. Further research proposal for the Short terms
    • I propose to conduct market researches in order to find other firms connected to publishing and to implement strategies of partnership
  • 18. From Web 2.0… … to Web 3.0
  • 19. Further research proposal for the Long-term
    • Users are still not familiar with interactive technologies:
    • I suggest to investigate the usability of an innovative device like e-book throughout practical tests and surveys on samples
  • 20. Questions?