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Our group


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. All members of Polish eTwinning group study in Gimnazjum number 3 in Pabianice. Our group consists of 12 people. We are ready to meet new friends. We want to have fun with learning English and to communicate with other people from many countries. We are very sociable and sometimes crazy. Our group has existed for a few months but we are a very harmonious team. We should learn English through nice communication and exchanging ideas with each other. Our group
  • 2. Our teacher : miss Milena Kokot
    • My name is Milena and I’m an
    • English teacher. I love cooperation
    • with teenagers therefore I've
    • chosen to work with gimnazjum
    • learners. My students are very
    • eager to face new challenges so
    • we’ve decided to work on this
    • project. What I love most is
    • spending my holidays at the
    • seaside, walking along the coastline
    • and observing the sunsets :-)
  • 3. Martyna Zakrzewska
    • I'm Martyna! I'm 15 years old. I live in
    • quite a small town called Pabianice
    • in the centre of Poland. I live in a block
    • of flats. I've got one sister - Agata.
    • Well... I haven't got a lot of free time. I
    • have got a lot of additional classes
    • after school. Once a week I go to the
    • English lesson.  I have been training
    • basketball for 5 years so I've got my
    • practice three times a week. I like
    • watching TV, especially
    • basketball,volleyball or football
    • matches. Sometimes I play computer
    • games and read books, I talk  to my
    • friends on GG or Skype.
  • 4. Klaudia Sowińska
    • My names is Klaudia. I'm 15
    • years old. I'm Polish. I live in
    • Pabianice. This is a small town
    • but many fantastic people live
    • there. I have long blonde hair
    • and green eyes. In my free
    • time I meet my friends and I
    • listen to music. My favourite
    • kinds of music are pop & hip-hop.
    • I like playing volleyball. I'm an
    • only child but I have a lot of
    • friends:)
  • 5. Hi Everybody!My name is Michalina. I'm 14 years old. I've got two sisters.They are older than me. Justyna is 19, Martyna 17. I live in Pabianice, Poland. It's a small town nearby Łódź. I am tall and slim enough. I am dark blonde and I have got big, greengrey eyes. I like listening to music and meeting my friends. Every time we meet we have a lot of fun. Michasia Kapitułka
  • 6. Kasia Wawszczak
    • Hi! I'm Kasia! I'm 15 years old. To
    • start with I live in a small town
    • called Pabianice. I've got one
    • sister. Her name is Agata.
    • Twice a week I go to
    • English and Spanish  lessons. And now something what
    • I LOVE - dance! I have been
    • dancing since I was born. I dance
    • funky, jazz and hip hop in a group
    • called Ganesz. I like watching TV.
    • Especially films about love.
    • I  talk  to my friends on GG.
    • I'm a good student and very
    • hardworking.
  • 7. Natalia Kuliżek
    • I'm Nathalie. I'm 14 and I'm a gimnazjum student. I go to
    • Gimnazjum number 3. I am a
    • sociable, nice girl who likes
    • spending a little time with friends
    • every day. I'm a good student but I
    • tend to be a bit lazy. I rollerskate,
    • ride a horse and ride a bike
    • although it's not my favourite
    • activity. In winter, I go skating and
    • skiing and I'd love to learn to
    • snowboard. Besides, I'm fond of
    • dancing, listening to music and
    • reading books. I have got a lovely
    • dog. His name is Bazyl.
  • 8. Ania Ostrowska
    • My name is Ann. I was born inPabianice
    • and I live there. I'm 15 years old;
    • I live in Poland and I'm proud of it. I've
    • got one older brother whose name is
    • Peter, he's 20. I used to have a dog but
    • he's dead now :/ I will have a cat
    • and a new dog soon, I'm happy about
    • it. I can’t live without music, especially
    • without rock music. It's like oxygen for
    • me :) I like riding a horse, listening to
    • music, animals, snowboarding,
    • volleyball and playing my bass
    • guitar :P I think that's enough about
    • me, if you want more, write :)
  • 9. Marta Muszyńska
    • My name's Marta. I'm 15 years old. I live
    • in Pabianice,Poland. I'm
    • rather tall and slim. I've got long blonde, hair and green eyes. I'm friendly
    • and helpful. I've got a sister. Her name is
    • Magda. She's 20 and she is a student.
    • I've got two dogs. They are called Linda
    • and Zuzia. Linda is black and Zuzia is
    • white. They like playing with me.
    • In my free time I like riding a horse,
    • painting or meeting my friends. I don't
    • like walking my dogs and cleaning my
    • room.
  • 10. Marysia Jończyk
    • I`m Mary and I`m 15 years old. I go to
    • Gimnazjum nr 3 in Pabianice. I live in
    • Pabianice. It`s in the centre of our
    • country near LODZ. My family consists of
    • four people and a dog called Wigor. My
    • brother`s name is Matthew and he
    • is three years older than me. I’ve got some
    • hobbies and interests. I like playing the
    • piano and listening to music. My favourite
    • kind of music is pop. I also like classical
    • music. I learn English and German. My
    • favourite sports are table tennis and
    • volleyball. In my free time I love going shopping for clothes with my friends.
  • 11. Monika Wojszczyk
    • My name's Monika.I'm Polish.I'm
    • 15.I'm medium hight and slim.I've got
    • Medium lenght,brown,straight hair and
    • grey eyes. I'm friendly and helpful but
    • sometimes lazy.I don't mind reading
    • books but I prefer going to the cinema
    • and doing shopping.I hate getting up
    • early I've got a brother but I haven't
    • got any pets. I like going to the mountains
    • but sightseeing is boring.I like eating sweets...and everything
    • what has a lot of calories.XD I'm funny,
    • crazy and I can't stop talking with my
    • friends about everything..:D
  • 12. Karolina Wolska
    • Hi everybody! My name is
    • Karolina, I'm 15. I live in
    • Pabianice, Poland. I go to
    • Gimnzjum number 3 named for
    • Tadeusz Kościuszko. I'm crazy,
    • funny and friendly. I go to music
    • school in Pabianice. I like reading
    • books, playing the piano and
    • walking in the park. I don't like
    • brocolies and cauliflowers
    • because they taste like
    • overboiled potatoes. I love
    • strawberries, summer and my
    • Teddy bear. :) :**
  • 13. Iza Smerek
    • My name is Iza and I’m 15. I live in
    • Pabianice, Poland. I go to Gimnazjum
    • number 3 named for Tadeusz
    • Kościuszko. I’m bold, sometimes
    • absent- minded, energetic, never serious.
    • I don’t like Mars Midnight because it
    • tastes like Milky Way. I often send
    • messages to wrong people. I’m afraid to
    • take the lift. I like walking in the rain, ice
    • cream from McDonald’s, horror films
    • and Owen Wilson’s comedies. I’ve got
    • two brothers. I’ve got wonderful friends.
    • I love doing shopping. I become attached
    • to people and objects. I like sightseeing
    • interesting places.
  • 14. Sylwek Goliński
    • I'm Sylwek and I'm 14 years old.
    • I live in Poland, in Pabianice. I've
    • got brown hair and brown eyes.
    • In my free time I usually surf the
    • net, listen to music(I love rock
    • music!) and watch movies
    • (I like thrillers).
  • 15.
    • Pabianice is named after the princess
    • Pabianka who lived in the 11th
    • century in a castle. She was very
    • ugly, her mouth was deformed. That’s
    • why she was very unhappy. She didn’t
    • want to show her face. She ordered to
    • build a tunnel between st. Mathew's
    • Church and her castle. She used to go
    • to church using this tunnel. During the
    • mass she used to pray in a separate
    • room, which was closed for other
    • people.
  • 16. Pabianice- a medium – sized town In central Poland, abort 20 km from Lodz which is the second largest city in Poland. Pabianice lies about 150 km to the south west of the capital of Poland, Warsaw.     Pabianice Pabianice- a medium sized town i n central Poland, abort 20 km from Lodz which is the second largest city in Poland. Pabianice lies about 150 km to the south west of the capital of Poland, Warsaw. Website   Province     Lodz   County Pabianice Founded   10 th /11 th Century   City rights 1297 President Zbigniew Dychto Area 32,98 km2 Location 51 39’N , 18 23’ E Elevation above sea level 174-208m Population(2004) 70743 Postal code 95-200 Car plates EPA    
  • 17.
    • Renaissance saint Mathew’s church. In Grobelna street there is small but very
    • interesting St. Mathew’s and Laurel’s Martyr Church. This wooden, sacral
    • building had to stand in this place in XIV century. This church was tight and
    • modest. Near the church there was school and the oldest cemetery in Pabianice.
    • Defensive manor Cracow's Chapter.
    • Whan we leave the charming St. Mathew’s church we can see on the other side of
    • the street the most beautiful monument in Pabianice- Defensive manor Cracow's
    • Chapter. There is a small park nearby. Weaver’s house in St. John street we can
    • see recently renewed, considerable, wooden house. This house is called “Weaver’s
    • House” but it differnt from the same called, modest houses. Evangelical St. Peter
    • and Paul church. This church stands in the centre of the town, on an intersection of
    • Zamkowa and Kilińskiego street opposite the SDH. Recently renewed church
    • from the beginning was intended for evangelicals believed in Luter’s reformations.
  • 18.
    • Interesting places in our town - Pabianice.
    • Our town is rather small but we have a lot of
    • interesting things to see. The main
    • sight to see in Pabianice is the castle with beautiful
    • history which tells us the legend about an ugly
    • princess. The second important thing is Santa
    • Mathew’s church which was built in 4th century. In
    • our free time we go to the city centre, where we can
    • buy some clothes, jewellery and eat in restaurants.
    • A lot of people go to the "SDH" to eat junk food
    • called "payda". The place where young people
    • meet very often is Lewityn. There are: a pub,
    • benches, volleyball and basketball courts and a
    • football pitch. We have got also a cinema called
    • "Tomi". It is very big and modern.
    • There are always the newest movies .
  • 19.