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Screen Shots!


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports

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  • 1. It this screen shot I was uploading the photo to Photoshop so that I could crop out the green back down. I wanted the girls on a white background so that it would stand out. I also chose this middle shot to be my front cover as both of the girls are easily visible, along with this I thought that as they are new and upcoming artists and maybe not a lot of people know who they are it could easily identify who they are to the audience.
  • 2. It this shot I’m cropping the green back drop out so I’m left with a white background. During this stage I had to ask for assitiance becuase I found using the new Photoshop was hard however I feel that with using the new photoshop you have more effects and more control over corecting any mistakes.
  • 3. It this screen shot I finished removing the back drop. I had completing removed the green drop. After completing like part of the progress I opened Indesign so I could start to piece together my music magazine front cover.
  • 4. For my masthead I wanted a font that was different and unique. I wanted a font that stand out and captured the readers attentions. I than decided to look online for a font. I came across a few fonts that were similarity to what I needed for example: However thought that they didn’t quite captured the audience. Until I found this: I thought that Body Hunter captured the audience attention which is what I wanted, it is also bold and unique.
  • 5. After I found my font style I used in to create this: I then placed the masthead into Indesign and thought that just using black in the masthead made it look unappealing and interesting so I then uploaded the masthead into Photoshop and played around with the use of colours in the masthead. I thought that using bright colours would make it hade to see on top of white background. I then decide that intead of using red as what most alertative music magazine. I would use grey which looked perfect agaiznst the white background and along side with black.
  • 6. I then added my edited middle of the star personas onto the page. I played around with the positioning of the photo. I wanted the photo it the middle as I researched music magazines and found that the feature article photograph is always postioned it the middle, so I followed this code and convention of a music magaizne and decided that the feature article photograph should be in the middle.
  • 7. In this screen shot I’m adding information onto my music magazine. I added a top strip which showed the chance to win prizes so that it would attract the attention of my target audience. I added a motto for my magaizne so that my magaizne could easily be remembered as it’s short. The motto I chose to use was: MUSIC = LIFE. Which would attract the attention of music lovers as this means my music magazine Is seriously about music. I added a freebie it my music magazine so that it would attract attention to the magazine. I added the date and issue number of my magaizne, for the benefit of my audience and I also added the barcode as it is a important code and convention of a music magaizne as without this my music magaizne would not be able to be purschased.
  • 8. This is the screen shot of my music magazine. This is my final product.
  • 9. This is my contents page, which has the same font and colour scheme as the front cover. I again looked at my research of music magaiznes. I found that neadly all music magazince place thier contest title in the middle at the top. So I followed the codes and conventions of a music magaiznce by placing my title in the middle at the top. Which is showed in the screen shot at the side.
  • 10. I again looked at my research on music magazines and found that some music magaiznes show a long shot of their star persona on thier content page. I then again follwed the codes and conventions and of a music magaiznce by choosing to do the same. I placed a long shot of the star perosna that was on my front cover.
  • 11. In this screen shot I have finished my contents page . I have included a website where the audience can log on to. The reason I have decided to add the website is so that the target audience can log on and talk to other people. This males the target audience feel like they are part of a group, a community with othe people who have th same passion for rmusic it also makes them ant to buy the magaizne again. I also put my motto: MUSIC – LIFE at the top of the content page which again helps the audeince remember the magaiznce.