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The Sirens  Kidnappers
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The Sirens Kidnappers

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  • 1. The Sirens Today
    • The Odyssey
    • 2. Aaron Murphy 10/8/09 Mr. Flanagan Block 5
  • 3. Characters- The Sirens/ Kidnappers The Sirens back then are like today’s kidnappers because whenever you want to kidnap anybody, you need to be sure that they think you are quite friendly and that you won’t hurt them. As how kidnappers made sure to catch other peoples eye with a nice gesture such as offering a child candy, the Sirens as well made sure that they would not be ignored.
  • 4. Setting- Tropical Island/ Jersey City The Sirens story took place on the water close by a tropical island where the Sirens lived, but because they signify kidnappers, it would be more likely that they would be found in the city because that is where a lot of people all live in a condensed area.
  • 5. Props- Earplugs and Rope/ Cell phone There were a lot of items in the Siren part of the Odyssey, such as the ship and oars, however earplugs and rope were the main items because that is what saved Odysseus and his men from a disastrous death, as do cell phones in some cases. Parents give their children a cell phone at such a young age because of safety, if there is ever an emergency they know who to call. Cell phones can be used as an item used for emergencies, just as well as it can cause emergencies if the child uses the phone to do irresponsible things.
  • 6. Theme- Keep Moving Forward The theme, keep moving forward could apply to each story nicely because in the Sirens, Odysseus got a little bit side tracked because he was determined to listen to the Sirens, but over all Odysseus made sure that he would just be passing by the Sirens and not forgetting why he has been traveling all this way. The theme can also apply to the fact that children should know not to talk to strangers and they should just go about their own lives. Even after you break away from being kidnapped, if you do, then you should not spend every second of your life thinking someones going to kidnap you, rather you should take the chance to start your life over again and have fun.
  • 7. The End