Nm2208 Storybook Final (No Bleed)

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  • 1. The Boy Who Was Afraid of Thunderstorms Vanessa Foo, Felicia Ong, Sim Wei Fang, Tan Wei Liang, Wang Yi
  • 2. The Boy Who Was Afraid of Thunderstorms By: Vanessa Foo Felicia Ong Sim Wei Fang Tan Wei Liang Wang Yi
  • 3. Once, there was a boy named Tom, Who was afraid of thunder-storms. He’s not afraid of falling down, Or spiders crawling on the ground.
  • 4. But each time he sees lightning, He thinks the monsters are coming, Armed with laser guns and sticky tape To zap and tie him to his bed.
  • 5. He thinks the thunder sounds like monsters’ growls, Whose empty stomachs are making them prowl. These monsters love to eat little boys, Tom was sure. For he had read many stories about them in fear.
  • 6. The moment he hears a rumble, He would start to scramble, To hide in the cupboards with the doors closed, Or dive into a basket and cover himself with clothes.
  • 7. This worried his parents and made them uneasy, For there was something about his fear that made them queasy. Tom would not come out from his hiding, Despite the amount of begging.
  • 8. One day Tom’s father called him, And sat him on his knee, He told him a story about a magician Who loves making candy.
  • 9. “This magician,” his father said, “Has a candy factory high in the clouds, Which churns out many delicious sweets, That makes everyone cheer out loud.”
  • 10. “To switch on the machine, first he takes out, His magnificent black wand and swishes it about. A flash of lightning a few moments later, The candy machine starts to rumble.”
  • 11. “This lightning is extremely bright, Covering the whole world with light. When the machine starts to rumble, It sends out a sound as loud as thunder.”
  • 12. “This is the sweet-toothed magician’s way, Of telling the children that it’s Candy Day! Bagfuls of candy he happily fills, All so to make the little kids thrilled, Then he carefully loads them all onto his plane, and throws them down to earth as rain.”
  • 13. Now every time there is a thunder-storm, A candy on his bed discovers little Tom. No longer will he go running away, But jumps for joy as it is Candy Day!
  • 14. Printed in Singapore National University of Singapore Communications and New Media NM2208 Principles of Visual Communications