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Branded Solutions Capability Presentation

Branded Solutions Capability Presentation

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  • 1. Branded Solutions by Edgar Martinez Capabilities Presentation February 6, 2007
  • 2. Table of Contents
    • Introduction
    • Approach
    • Capabilities
    • Next Steps
  • 3. Introduction
    • Branded Solutions by Edgar Martinez is the next step evolution of an embroidery and promotions company founded by former Seattle Mariner Edgar Martinez more than a decade ago.
    • Branded Solutions by Edgar Martinez
    • Caribbean Apparel
    • Caribbean Embroidery
  • 4. Introduction
    • Today, Branded Solutions by Edgar Martinez is a cutting-edge promotional merchandise agency made up of industry veterans dedicated to partnering with our customers.
      • The core of our company is comprised of several best-of-breed components:
        • Edgar’s competitive drive and business equity
        • An established, proven and successful management team
        • Creative and strategic promotional merchandise consultants focused on service, strategy and creative solutions
  • 5. Introduction
    • Tangible Attributes
      • Branded Solutions by Edgar Martinez is a promotional marketing agency that specializes in finding merchandise solutions for our customers’ marketing & promotional needs
      • Focused on Service, Strategy, Creativity and Competitive Pricing as a means of delivering overall customer value
      • A team of people committed to elevating our client’s corporate image and helping to build brand awareness for their products and services
  • 6. Introduction
    • Intangible Attributes
      • Built on a foundation of ethics and integrity
      • Strongest vendor/supplier relationships in the industry
        • Develop and nurture win-win relationships through preferred vendor agreements
      • Strong reputation and financial stability
        • Strong financials and bank relationships
        • Stellar pay history with suppliers/partners
  • 7. Approach
    • We take a full-service agency approach to our customers’ marketing programs.
    • Much like an ad agency, or PR firm, we are specialists in our field, believing in solid, creative and strategy-driven merchandise solutions that deliver on your overall goals, not just random, cheap products.
  • 8. Approach
    • Working with us, you can expect a level of professionalism, creativity and client partnership like you've never experienced.
    • The difference is in our approach. Solutions for your branding & promotional needs.
    • This is all achieved through our normal course of work – without charging a premium, or requiring longer lead times.
  • 9. Approach Client Partnership Strategic Planning Creative Development Supplier Relationship & Delivery Evaluation & Optimization Effective Merchandise Programs
  • 10. Capabilities
    • As a full-service merchandise agency, we are a one-stop solution for all types of custom branded products for any need, such as:
      • Customer appreciation
      • Product launches
      • Sales promotions
      • Attendance drivers
      • Employee recognition
      • Integration with creative campaigns
      • Corporate apparel programs
      • End-to-end merchandise management
  • 11. Capabilities
    • Part of meeting our customer’s promotional needs includes services that go above and beyond the “typical” merchandise purchase
      • Direct overseas importing
        • We’ve developed a vast network of overseas factories ready to produce anything from routine high-quantity products, to custom-designed merchandise
        • Special contracts are in place with international freight companies for quick, reliable, and cost-efficient shipments
        • Key benefit to Washington Mutual: Quality manufacturing of original, custom products and huge cost efficiencies on large volume orders
  • 12. Capabilities
    • Going above and beyond, continued…
      • End-to-end merchandise management for:
        • product launches
        • large-scale campaigns
        • cooperative campaigns
        • Key benefit to Washington Mutual: Branded Solutions by Edgar Martinez is able to take the lead in managing all the moving parts, or play a supportive role in managing any campaign with merchandise components
  • 13. Capabilities
    • Going above and beyond, continued…
      • Fulfillment and e-Commerce solutions
        • Pick and pack projects
        • Drop-shipments to numerous locations
        • Web-based e-Commerce sales tools
        • Key benefit to Washington Mutual: Branded Solutions by Edgar Martinez provides the expertise and experience to help seamlessly execute any type of promotional campaign, on any scale
  • 14. Capabilities
    • Going above and beyond, continued…
      • Creative Services and Graphic Design
        • Corporate identity & logo design
        • Artwork development
        • Simple layouts & “cleanup”
        • Key benefit to Washington Mutual: As logo experts, we can be a brand development partner from day one, or on a case-by-case basis, always providing the right solution to our client’s project needs
  • 15.
    • Next Steps