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TC Crowdsourcing Presentation
TC Crowdsourcing Presentation
TC Crowdsourcing Presentation
TC Crowdsourcing Presentation
TC Crowdsourcing Presentation
TC Crowdsourcing Presentation
TC Crowdsourcing Presentation
TC Crowdsourcing Presentation
TC Crowdsourcing Presentation
TC Crowdsourcing Presentation
TC Crowdsourcing Presentation
TC Crowdsourcing Presentation
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TC Crowdsourcing Presentation


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Crowdsourcing Harnessing the Benefits of a Virtual Workforce Michael Morris Senior Vice President TopCoder, Inc
    • 2. [ ] What is Virtual Work? 2 © Copyright 2008, TopCoder, Inc. “ A Community of Non-Affiliated Individuals Working Collectively and Individually to Create Value”
    • 3. [ ] Global Collaboration © Copyright 2008, TopCoder, Inc. This can be your project team. 4
    • 4. [ ] Why the “Old Way” is Broken 2 © Copyright 2008, TopCoder, Inc. Old Way New Way 80% Probability of Task Success 99.2% Probability of Task Success
      • Replace a Single Point of Failure with Resource Redundancy
      • Probability of Task Success Increases Exponentially with each Resource
      • P(T) = 1 – (1 – R(r1)) * (1 – R(r2)) * … * (1 – P(rN))
      • Assume 80% Reliable Resources
      • Probability of Task Success is 80%
      • Projects with 10 Tasks have less than 10% chance of success
      • Probability of Failure Increases Exponentially with each Task
      • P(T1) * P(T2) * P(Tn)
    • 5. [ ] Competition Makes it all Work 2 © Copyright 2008, TopCoder, Inc. “ Value can be extracted when top performance is the only thing rewarded”
    • 6. [ ] Driving Innovation © Copyright 2008, TopCoder, Inc. ESPN – The best programmers in the world get their hands on the most comprehensive college football game data ever compiled! How will your algorithm stack up against the competition? Truveo – Truveo set the top developers in the world loose with the APIs to search and index a hundred million video clips and challenge you to build the next great video Truveo application. Open AIM – AOL has teamed up with TopCoder to put the Open AIM APIs in the hands of the best developers in the world. 6
    • 7. [ ] The Methodology © Copyright 2008, TopCoder, Inc. How will this global community build my application?
      • Through this methodology, you have a consistent and clear mechanism to utilize the TopCoder Platform. We provide a distinct set of contests and tools to define the specific deliverables for your project, which are then presented to the TopCoder community through various competition types.
        • Specification
        • Application Architecture
        • Component Production
        • Assembly
        • Certification
        • Deployment
    • 8. [ ] TopCoder Studio © Copyright 2008, TopCoder, Inc. Studio challenges top creative talent from around the world to present their best concepts to clients searching for new design solutions.
      • By tapping into a pool of creative individuals with multiple specialties, new approaches and innovative concepts are inevitable. Each competition on Studio gives our clients multiple unique submissions to choose from.
        • Competition Model
        • Design Offerings
        • Non-Linear Approach
        • Iterative Process
    • 9. [ ] Plug Directly Into the Power © Copyright 2008, TopCoder, Inc. You now have the power to directly access our Global Community of software developers and graphic artists, who are ready to compete to design your web project. 8
    • 10. [ ] Who has Crowdsourced? © Copyright 2008, TopCoder, Inc. 3
    • 11. [ ] Thank You © Copyright 2008, TopCoder, Inc. 11 Let the world compete… on your next application 95 Glastonbury Boulevard Glastonbury, CT 06033 TEL (860) 633 5540 FAX (860) 657 4276
    • 12. [ ] What’s the Buzz All About? © Copyright 2008, TopCoder, Inc. By working with TopCoder on the Truveo Developer's Challenge, we've set the top developers in the world loose to see what creative video-based search applications they can build with Truveo's open APIs. We're excited to see what new innovations arise from the creativity of the TopCoder community. - Kevin Conroy Executive VP AOL "TopCoder's business model of collaborative software development aligns well with our strategy to leverage external partnerships. By engaging TopCoder to help us tackle complex drug discovery IT issues, we're looking to increase our overall productivity, accelerate the capabilities of Lilly scientists to deliver medicines to market for urgent medical needs, and ultimately improve health outcomes for patients around the world.” - Everett Lee Manager, Discovery Research Information Technology Eli Lilly and Company "I'm sold.” - Grady Bryant VP of R&D VeriSign "Companies often think their [internal] applications are different because they're used by employees [who] are compensated for the pain and suffering they are enduring.” - William Gribbons Director of the Graduate Program in Human Factors Bentley College