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Lowquality Program

  1. 1. om M AGEC ie G irl an d Anthony fr The list MC’d by Ang Pre Michelle D o 330PM ChrisTops na Jon Cardo & Mark Mejia is Albert Pos JohnJo hn Raelynne n Richard Tra ylist Nina Tran Intro The Pla Barrera 5pm Vo I lumeon Palustre/Michael Carreon/Jesse gTV and R V event. blo Kat Badar/ ctMind FF ICIAL blogT all over the world Thun der Perfe The first O alities from have gathered fana YouT ube person Renato Hu al Alyssa Bern n Dominguez nd. We Mark and ing to atte e country Kris usti will be com alities from across th ey for musical pe rs on their talents and raise m on Mon ique Maca saet and D io San Anton e Martinez VolumwithIIJennie Dinh e e to showcas Hunger Fund. Renabette ichell AE SINxJ ez Krystle Cru z and M fan Sanch the Children’s Lydia Paek e/Jay Marquez/ Ste wcase the Sam Hart reez t is to sho ct SummerB f this even , while liam Proje ana The goal o ts of today’s youth bring Adrian Wil Chris Cend Intermission yen len musical ta st in art and music; th raise us Cathy Ngu sparking in tere mon intere s t to AJ Rafael er in a com l open linar ople togeth e event wil Melissa Po bay pe a good c ause. Th le models alu money for eet their ro tion to Ramiele M nities to m ira Passion up opportu give them the insp oc ly footsteps. Gabe Bond and possib llow in the artist’s emulate o r fo e for this e vent Outro The overall expec ted outcom er in a com mon nger Fund. Children’s Hu e com munity clos terest in the is to bring th . In turn striking in uitar, cer t for the A Benefit Con interest: m usic acoustic g f music : primarily art form o no. songwriti ng and pia
  2. 2. IAN WILLIAM OJECT ADR PR ALyssA BERNAL t iamprojec /adrianwill mys pace.com anwilliamproject om/adri an empty youtube.c One late night, les, CA) - rs... the (Los Ange two guita ernalmusi c t, two guys, ndrew m/alyssab yspace.co chsknights08 parking lo mming. A m tting to start ja youtube.c om/h back, perfect se tarted to few years ther and s io, TX) – A eos of and Fran k got toge e chords and (San Anto n posting vid er lyric s with som tart ls tarted out ften put togeth d -- the s Ms. Berna Youtube, o l happene g voice on w, she g beautifu drew her encha ntin oustic. No somethin roject (An ul and ac rian William P Gates as described as so lds more than of The Ad , with Dan ell, and ho nk Hagen ative ar as w ung age Garcia an d Fra pop, altern plays guit . At the yo . Their acoustic, sy on u bscribers signed producer) th and ea 150,000 s currently nbeliev ably smoo ssa Bernal is ajor sound is u of 19, Aly cords, a m k/Inte rscope Re rrell the ears. to Startra o and Pha ded by Chad Hug under label foun first single and rele ased her Williams, up. Music Gro L American AMuIIEAN AJ RAFAEL om/ajrafa myspace.c /ilajil el L MAq om/eabm myspace.c /0summerbreeze0 e.com wn as youtube.c om el started his youtub l, also kno ie ) - AJ Rafa , CA) – Am gwriter, les, CA r of 2004 , when (Daly City inger, son (Los Ange e summe re eze, is a s rdinator. reer in th an Diego Summerb event coo singing ca , “How’s S guit arist, and ords and first song Rafael is producer, unge Rec he wrote his of 20, AJ rt of A coustic Lo ing t the age ith fans He is a pa as a relax Pauli”. No w, a ul music w can be described en is wonderf page, his music is often se ring h his music beach. He busily sha rmances, ay at the nd Jay ve perfo 00 subscri bers!) summer d Sanchez a through li over 73,0 gw ith Stefan be (with s acoustic , pop, performin and YouTu scribed a z. can be de Marque His music and soul.
  3. 3. N CHRIs TOPHER-AARO RO DRIGuEz CATHy N om/chrisaa ron NGuyE myspace.c Tops m/akaChris youtube.co al Poly, s attends C rk , CA) - Chri ber in the Baldwin Pa active mem a. He is an Music usic Pomon (Barkada). om/cathyng uyenm ipino o rganization g myspace.c schools Fil is life. Bein m/lilcda wg ig part of h youtube.co audiences has alway s been a b taught in lessing her hris is self ina, CA) – B tian sound is peers, C merous (West Cov c and Chris influ enced by h rformed nu u lful acousti d in her field . He has pe with her so ery involve the music a Grind in en. She’s v rming s at the It’s is Cathy Ng uy seen perfo times a t open mic ir an d is usually , Gabe CA. church cho lph Permejo Lakewood, on stage with Rando fael. She , and AJ Ra drew Garcia r duet Bondoc, An the popula lph also wrote and Rando ing.” song, “ My Everyth GABE C HRIs BONDOC A om/imgabe CENDAN myspace.c abebondoc ube.com/g ith over Yout Youtube (w (San Mate o, CA) – On d BlogTV, yspace, an scribers), M rs with 60,000 sub s his viewe om/chrisce ndana oc mesmerize ic, all myspace.c cendana Gabe Bond oustic mus youtube.co m/c dana, singe r ul, in die, and ac us –Chris Cen his jazz so and humoro (Morgan town, WV) ased his firs t arryin g a positive the while c rming live r, just rele rch of seen perfo an d songwrite iting” in Ma e is usually P, and album, “Wa attitude. H forming GL profession al the few Fil ipino- n and Leejay, s is one of with Passio their more ’09. Also, C hri r be feature d on wers with ians to eve charm ing their vie us oldies. American m usic f the ABS- nts of famo (a subset o current arrangeme The Filipin o Channel c and indie eat, acousti rk) His upb around, CBN Netwo to hear all sic is pleasant ykens style of mu by Jimmy L y ac companied 7k occasionall cted over 2 aas, a nd has attra and Mark H . on Youtube subscribers
  4. 4. JAAyz M RquE J OHN-JOHN AGuIO quez om/jaymar myspace.c aymarquezmusic B m/j youtube.co style, ith an R&B o, CA) – W (San Mate uitarist, a singer, g Jay Marquez is ften seen r, who is o and c ajon playe chez om/johnjoh nacoustic Stefan San myspace.c ohnjohnmusic collabo rating with uez is youtube.co m/j . Jay Marq – John is a l Maquilan flect unty, CA) and Amie his skill re (Orange Co ist whose guitar, but t, and pian new to the laying for sing er, guitaris ing for has been p een in train that of one who soft v oice has b only has a y years. . John not many man three years for surfing music, but p assion for ying guitar s been pla as will. He ha n writing nd has bee ve years a JAODONA for fi for two. JENNIE C R N DINH ona om/joncard myspace.c oncardona m/j youtube.co ardona, L) – Jon C (Jac ksonville, F ys guitar, radio B style, pla myspace.c om/jaydee_ with an Rn t many m/JDradiox sings. Wha youtube.co f high scho ol, piano, and owever, Fresh out o ot know, h (San Diego , CA) – d up the p eople do n black ously picke at he is a 3 rd degree a s only seri d in radio is th s as Ms. Dinh h is intereste restore live alf a year and in the belt a nd helps to guitar for h g at UCSD ion b roadcastin l, indie, an RN. and televis bed as sou ice ca n be descri fall. Her vo and RnB.
  5. 5. KRy sTLE CRuz krystlecruz KATHLEEN om/listen2 myspace.c lecruz m/kryst youtube.co stle okyo) – Kry BADAR , Bay Area, T (San Diego an Diego. native of S is a 2 1 year old e age ing since th She ha s been sing ce the age rforming sin om/katbada r of 3 and pe she also myspace.c m singing, m/katbada r of 9. Aside fro ued her youtube.co adar has b een and contin CA) – Ms. B love s to dance ass (San Diego , ung age of Hi-Fi and M tremely yo dance career with g at the ex er. She brella of EK singin pping..nev der the um tends on sto Appeal, un t Co.. Curre ntly 3, and in le, and is o ften ent & Talen ys the ukule Entertainm pendent mainly pla powerhous e on an inde as a vocal . she is working all over dis tinguished powe rful singing performing r loud and album and er voice because of he ada to let h Californ ia and Nev in return to ith hopes - be heard w ers. inspire oth KR Is MARK C ARDENAs myspace.c youtube.co (W om/krismar m/KrisM hittier, CA) kmusic arkMusic – Krismark and pop sty ’s smooth le is Ly DIA PAEK myspace.c om/official lydiafanpage ustic, Rnb, by, not youtube.co m/JUUKKES oung age, aco d captured At a very y guished an alifornia) – ut to the distin d attitude, but the (Southern C de her deb lighthearte has already ma a’s Best only his ith guitar Lydia Paek ow, Americ is voice. W us MTV sh part emotive quality of h not only a world on th e famo r Kim are a hand, he is w. Both h er and Victo in which an d ukulele in er and acto r as Dance Cre uest Crew, b ut a produc on ’s winner, Q s also the songwriter, een perform ing and of the seas s. Paek wa e is often s on ly female. M hz, from well. H with C.P. Lydia is the w Boxcutta pearances e dance cre as soul making Youtube ap only female in th described guyen. Her sou nd can be and Kinh N San Diego. and R&B.
  6. 6. MELIssA MICHELLE POLINAR myspace.com /melissapolin ar ar MARTINEz ez youtube.com /mpolin /meeshmartin myspace.com 2786 r has been elissa Polina /MM youtube.com (Da llas, TX) –M sixteen and d can be e the age of ) – Her soun writin g tunes sinc years (San Fr ancisco, CA nd RnB. en for three ental, pop, a has con tinually writt in guitar, describe d as experim es to p her skills ls, she aspir now. Befo re picking u With her po werful voca olin. Her singer, and piano and vi al superstar sh e played the bed as soul, be a n internation with Avex often descri rmal training genre of music is ven blues. was a finalist for fo , pop, and e acoust ic, jazz, folk Entertainme nt. xas. in Dallas, Te She resides MONIqAEET s u MACA MICHAEL x /xticklesmile myspace.com klesmilex /xtic youtube.com a singer CARREON - Monique is (B ay Area, CA) eos are , and her vid and guitarist ibution of eon by the contr myspace.com /michaelcarr highlighted style can be /mcarreo n89 sisters. Her youtube.com her younger soul. Not ) Michael is a singer, acoustic and an Diego, CA can d escribed as guitar, but (S ar player. He ue play the a nd great guit hy only does Moniq layer songwriter, writing catc al ukulele p ed fo r his skills in she is an sxception be recogniz ice. He is ality of his vo tunes an d unique qu n Badar as well. with Kathlee mainly sta ge partners Barrera c with Jesse duced musi Ms. Badar. and has pro n Heart) and (from My America
  7. 7. R AELyNNE ROsALEs ssION usic erosalesm m/raelynn PA m yspace.co eros ales m/raelynn nre youtube.co osales ’ music ge A) – Ms. R and RnB. (Cerritos, C s acoustic can be d escribed a eader as a cheerl m/listen2p assion In high sc hool, she w t Side myspace.co assionsf in the Wes m/p is a a rticipated ichael youtube.co Manongdo and also p rists are M isco, CA) – Jeremy ngwriter ica l. Her guita ’s been (San Franc cer, and so Story Mus Payo. She sin ger, produ made Cupino and Maika t known 22 year old ocals have and is bes and soothing v r two years whos’ calm a, past singing fo nces. the Bay Are t performa him popu lar through ss foreign for her upbea d even acro b orders, an flavored California R&B, soul es hares his ith more nations. H youtube (w ugh mainly his space music thro nd his my 0 sub scribers) a w for his MIELE than 60,00 is best kno e. Jeremy ich was m ade RA y music pag onade” wh h ng, “Lem orated wit original so also collab 00 4. He has public in 2 recent pro ject. MALuBA Slim fro m 112 in a A TRAN m/ramiele sic myspace.co amielemalubaymu NIN e.com/r youtub for making mous lubay is fa R amiele Ma an Idol in on Americ music it to the Top 9 singing m/9natran myspace.co it0miz9na he started Augu st 2007. S nesian youtube.co m/l the piano o does poly Tran plays lve and als pursue ch, CA) – Ms. lic voice. at twe termined to (Long Bea h her ange . She is de ines, pan ies this wit s you dancing the Philipp and accom , as long a g career in ke her anywhere no her singin ursuing You can ta t there are rested in p he will b e quiet, bu ed and is also inte ed by her tiny feed her. S be describ distinguish g style can acting. Sh e is Her singin ale vocals . promises! t grand sc d RnB. size bu as pop an
  8. 8. RENABETNIEO NTO T sAN A HARD TRAN myspace.c youtube.co (W m/r onio om/rsanant o dsanantoni , CA) – Rei (as her est Covina er) loves art in vaiou d s RIC myspace.c om/rtranm usic /RTranMus ic00 m ds call h lly photography an ch youtube.co been frien rd Tran has ecia forms, esp enjoys singing very is mu A) – Richa -5 years (Cerritos, C for about 4 mus ic. She Ren abette itar on and off ing the guitar. er, playing gu neck” play and plays songwritier. A sing is wn fo r his “sexy spiring songwriter. She and is kno wn music an a riting his o and musician, se girls who just wa no nts to videos. H e started w 008. of tho ere is mmer of 2 one y all mean s, th e good aro und the su sing and b she is made to makher doubt that mble as she is with eart music. Hu girl sings with her h aking voice, this with her soul, thus mhe has and plays vibe with sincerity. S ughout her songs at many events thro RENATO performed alifornia. N PALusTRE Southern C RO HuFANA ris om/oki_ch music myspace.c palustre m/ron youtube.co nato Palustre is om/iknowre myspace.c knowrenato , CA) – Ron ns, (San Diego ianist. He youtube.co m/i ed in Quee arist, and p NY) –Bo rn and raisato) takes his a singer, guit on stage (Jamaica, IknowRenato (Ren songwriting, erforming is o ften seen p riven by New York, nces, mos t notably wing up dar. He is d ix of influe ginal to his own. Gromusic very with K athleen Ba m y love. ri e to a level o a plethora of diversy to mid- d guided b passion an li stening to veryone in the earl his music e much like to draws likeness to yer, Jason 9 0’s, Rena to that of John Ma genres. s inspiration y R&B, and folk-popBeliavsky Mraz, earl nder Pianist Daniel ‘s Hunter Studying uDirector of New York y Burleson, and Head usic program, Geoffre k on the map c College m ngs song-writing ba le themes Renato bri mplative and sensib inspiring with conte emotional drive andto to burn along withving. Look for Rena sub-conscious vocal wea melodies into your l playing, and memorableemotion, exceptiona with style, l writing. meaningfu
  9. 9. N sANCHEz sAM sTEFA HART anchez om/stefans myspace.c ging m/stefansin youtube.co z is a fan Sanche (Bay Are a, CA) –Ste e ngwriter. H rist, and so s inger, guita pho ne, walks talks on the om/blinktw ice4y enjoys long nel cake. H e’s d fun myspace.c wice4y on th e beach, an ths, and youtube.co m/blinkt infamously bout 8 mon am Hart is been s inging for a Amiel rea, CA) – S ho wrote the fun, orming with (Bay A e guy w ”. is usuall y seen perf known as th Mario Kart Love Song e, uez. nd Jay Marq sweet son g, “ ers on You tub Maquilan a 0K subscrib With over 3 f the few who have o . His Sam is one e most original songs th , composed escribed as acoustic d p s tyle can be , and before picking u THRuENTMIRD DEN folk, an d indie violin. Pa rt of his played the w on guitar, had tine is to end his sho r rou u broadcast is own rendition of “Yo r, ith h BlogTv w nderland” by John Maye FC o e to Body is a W ys something creativ whic h is alwa look forward to. PE m /thunderpe rfectmindm yspace.com derprfectmind usic sINxJAE m/thn youtube.co nder e Thu as a kid, th cked When he w terally had music kno to PerfectM ind li a radio fe ll on o seriously, then, r into him...N n he was three! Since n cect he o myspace.c om/rezonan his head w erfectMind has taken e youtube.co m/sin xjae th e Thunder P ndeavors, which hav s been al e A) – Jae ha many music rform at venues such al as (S an Diego, C r a little over a year to pe Univers ar fo playing guit in the third grade on th e led him A and Factory in L Skye now. Starting e delv ed into the Knitting wood as well as Ruby stage he has sinc olly e saxophone, ents. He is an aspiring nd Studios, H as shared th Rock, cisco. He h y m other instru riter. An artist by trade s a in San Fran ke Ian Maxion, Big Cit ), songw time a with artists li king th e Band singer/ spends mo st of his k (from Ma under at heart. He nt Marketing Consulta nt Trevor Penic More recently, the Th de e and Nina Sky. olo ed on his s g in an indepen Graphic Designer. Ja d has focus n and Free lance otto “LIFE . PerfectMin riter career, culminati In...”. ay by his m sing er-songw ed “O ne and lives each d OVE”. In addition, he is his EP entitl nate L MUSIC. ART. t Subscribed on blogT V. the release c and soulfully-passio ne of os This ene rgeti released in Ju a lso #54 M the BTVfam -rock” was the Chair of is “urban folk vailable for sale. com. Being red Acoustic Playlist, h nd a and th e Featu t of smiles a 2007 and is bring the gif purpose is to ryone. eve laughter to
  10. 10. www .fap09.com auto gra phs er Fund. for the Ch ildren’s Hung cert A Benefit Con
  11. 11. www.f ap09.com auto gra phs er Fund. for the Ch ildren’s Hung cert A Benefit Con
  12. 12. www.f ap09.com aut ogra phs r Fund. for the Chil dren’s Hunge cert A Benefit Con