"The U.S needs 64 GWe of new nuclear generating capacity
                                           by 2030 - 24 GWe of it...
Your Blueprint For Success
         How to Plan and Execute Successful Nuclear Construction Projects
take part in the land...
This is your blueprint for successful, cost effective nuclear construction planning...
...And your chance to meet and learn from the very best in the nuclear industry
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Your Blueprint for Succe...
The latest round of nuclear construction will come at
                                                  a cost of more tha...
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Nuclear Construction Summit, US, Oct 26-27, 2009 - How to identify, control & mitigate risk factors for time efficient, cost effective projects in U.S nuclear construction


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The Nuclear Construction Summit, (Washington DC, October 26 – 27), provides you and your team with clear, practical insight from those with experience of successful nuclear construction projects. Learn from the hands on experts currently involved in developing new nuclear power in the U.S including the NRC, The Shaw Group, Areva, Southern Nuclear, TVA, DOE/EIA, Fitch Ratings, Bechtel Power Corporation. Visit for more info - http://www.eyeforenergy.com/nnb/

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Nuclear Construction Summit, US, Oct 26-27, 2009 - How to identify, control & mitigate risk factors for time efficient, cost effective projects in U.S nuclear construction

  1. 1. "The U.S needs 64 GWe of new nuclear generating capacity by 2030 - 24 GWe of it by 2020" Electric Power Research Institute the nUclear conStrUction SUmmit, USa 2009 Act now & save up to $300! Washington DC, USA, October 26 - 27 2009 Details inside... how to identifY, control and mitigate riSk factorS for time and coSt efficient projectS in U.S. nUclear conStrUction KEyNotE SPEAKEr Luis Reyes, Paul Murphy, Jeff Merrifield, Dale Lloyd, Region II Senior Counsel - Senior Vice President, Project Support Director - Administrator, Legal & Risk Management, The Shaw Group Vogtle 3 and 4, Southern NRC Bechtel Power Corporation Nuclear ExPErt SPEAKErS from • introdUction to nnB in the U.S.: Learn about the pivotal role nuclear has to play in the future of the U.S energy mix and the investment needs required to make this happen • regUlationS and government action: Gain the latest updates on the regulatory environment and government incentives in the U.S. • nnB conStrUction challengeS: Deliver successful projects in the future by identifying and mitigating risk at every stage of the NNB process now • project management: Build in realistic total project cost projections and supply chain management risk factors to cut costs and overruns • SUpplY chain & procUrement management: Forecast demand in the project lifecycle to reduce material cost and supply chain bottle necks • financing nnB: How to build the business case and model risk for the justification of investment in your next project “ In Association With: energy Media Partners: open now! “Seventeen companies applied for $122 billion of • Agenda details federal loan guarantees for 21 proposed reactors. • Speaker line up Nuclear construction is not a matter of if. • Sponsor & exhibition info It’s a matter of when and how.” energy James Taylor, Director, Nuclear Energy Insider • Exclusive offers & booking form visit the website now for the latest updates on speakers, sponsors and the full agenda! www.eyeforenergy.com/nnb
  2. 2. Your Blueprint For Success How to Plan and Execute Successful Nuclear Construction Projects take part in the landmark event that will equip you with the tools to identify, control and mitigate risk factors for time and cost efficient projects in nuclear construction event at a glace Dear Colleague. DAtE morNiNg AftErNooN EVENiNg As you know, nuclear power is spearheading a global movement towards low emission energy. In the U.S alone there are several clear drivers for a DAY 1 Intro into NNB in the U.S October NNB Construction Networking nuclear renaissance including increasing energy demand, concerns over Regulations and Government Challenges Drinks 26th climate change and dependence on overseas energy supply. Action The first round of nuclear construction should add seven new reactors to DAY 2 Supply Chain and Project Management Procurement End of the U.S.'s existing fleet of 104 at a likely cost of more than $40 billion. New October Conference plants cost between $5 billion to $12 billion. According to the Electric 27th Financing NNB Power Research Institute, the U.S needs 64 GWe of new nuclear generating capacity by 2030 What Challenges Currently Face Nuclear However, there are critical challenges which need to be overcome in order Construction in the U.S? to realize nuclear energy’s potential. These include: • Securing Finance • Cost Recovery Developing an effective nuclear development program requires you to • Nuclear Supply Chain Development • Licensing Uncertainty consider a variety of pressing issues such as: • Application Processes • Risk Sharing Agreements • Nuclear Supply Chain Development • Skills Shortages • Project Management Best Practice • Contract Structuring • Risk Sharing Agreement • Contract Structuring The Nuclear Construction Summit, USA 2009, will focus on high level, • Securing Finance • Loan Guarantee Suitability strategic issues of risk identification, control and mitigation at every stage of the nuclear construction process. Nuclear Energy Insider’s • Licensing Uncertainty • COL Application Process groundbreaking agenda will give you the answers to all the most relevant • Reactor Design Review • Cost Recovery issues, delivered by top industry experts: • Nuclear Supply Chain Development • Skills Shortages • Securing financing • Changes in regulation • Risk Sharing Agreement • Contract Structuring • Government support • Construction Challenges • Project Management Best Practice • Project management • Supply chain development • Project Management Best Practice • Procurement models • Project Finance To help you tackle these challenges, Nuclear Energy Insider have Owners should be taking advantage of today's planning timeframe to conducted months of research to deliver an agenda packed with best prepare for the extremely high level of project intensity that mega-scale practice solutions that could ultimately save you billions of USD… nuclear construction projects demand. Join top level decision makers from across the U.S nuclear industry in Washington this October and equip yourself with the tools to achieve What Will the Bullet Proof Agenda Focus on? success in nuclear construction. Learn how to finance, plan and execute complex projects in a cost and time efficient manner, saving billions of USD This is an event where practical information and best practice tips for years to come. are at the forefront. We guarantee to deliver strategies that will have Sign up today and reserve your place at 2009’s most important conference. a real and lasting positive impact on your business, giving you the I look forward to seeing you in Washington this October. tools to ensure the success of your nuclear development program. • INTRODUCTION TO NNB IN THE U.S.: Understand the history of nuclear Kindest regards, construction in the U.S., its current investment needs and its pivotal role in the future of clean energy supply on both a national and international scale James Taylor • REGULATIONS AND GOVERNMENT ACTION: Gain the latest updates on Director – Nuclear Energy Insider the regulatory framework, state and government incentives and the COL application process. Learn how to streamline these processes to improve your timelines and costs • NNB CONSTRUCTION CHALLENGES: Appreciate the key construction challenges facing U.S utilities today, how to plan for them and ultimately WHO WILL BE THERE? mitigate them, by learning through a series of practical case studies • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Examine the constraints on both owners and Senior level decision makers from U.S. Nuclear Owners and Utilities contractors in managing risk appropriately and discover the best Companies who want to discover the latest technologies and services practice models for the successful management of total project costs and timelines for planning and executing nuclear construction projects • SUPPLY CHAIN & PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT: Uncover the forecasting 30% Utility/Owner techniques in demand that can reduce material cost and supply chain 30% Lead Contractor bottle necks ultimately reducing risk for both owners and EPC’s 10% Sub Contractor 10% Specialist Services • FINANCING NNB: Learn how to build the NNB business case for potential 8% Public Sector creditors. How does the ratings process work and what are the financing 7% Consultant options for regulated and unregulated utilities? Model risk for the 5% Other justification of investment in your next project Register today - simply visit www.eyeforenergy.com/nnb or phone 1800 814 3459
  3. 3. This is your blueprint for successful, cost effective nuclear construction planning... Day 1 - October 26th 1 Setting the Scene for New Nuclear Power in the U.S. 2 Regulations & Government Actions Learning from the ‘Prior Build Cycle’ Lessons from the Watts Bar Unit 2 Project, Year 1, and their Application to New Nuclear Construction Introduction to Nuclear New Build of Nuclear Construction • Uncover the role of the client, overheads, fees, • Gain the global perspective on the current nuclear • Learn from the ‘prior build cycle’ of 70’s & rewards and divisions of responsibility between energy revival and the investment requirements 80’s nuclear construction and understand the major contractors in contract management for for sustained growth in the nuclear industry breakdowns in planning and risk carry forwards streamlined nuclear construction projects • Understand the fundamental drivers for a global that delayed project timelines significantly • Hear the major processes, procedures, people and nuclear energy revival • Discover the lessons from prior build cycle that experience needed for cost effective and timely should be retained when considering new nuclear infrastructure development for the success of your • Gain insight into the present economic crisis and build projects and the false assumptions that project planning credit crunch impacts on nuclear development across key regions such as America, Europe today’s owners should be wary of making • Discover how long lead material identification, and Asia • Discover how to avoid recurrence of project supplier readiness and commodity risk overruns to ensure that deadlines are achieved identification can result in effective supply chain • Learn what investment requirements are needed on budget by breaking down the complexity of management to hit project timelines in order to sustain Nuclear Energy development in the U.S. so you can take away clear predictions project management • Understand the project controls that will give help on how the industry will develop • Gain awareness of how owners that do you achieve effective scheduling, man loading, not appreciate how these events can be repeated metrics to measure performance and benchmarks Colette Lewiner, Global Sector Leader, Energy, may again find themselves unprepared and in project planning and execution Utilities and Chemicals, Capgemini surprised by costly overruns Masoud Bajestani, VP of Construction at Watts Bar, Factors Driving the U.S. Nuclear Tom Flaherty, Senior Vice President, Booz & Co TVA Renaissance Attributes of a Successful Nuclear Vogtle 3 & 4 - Current Status and an • Learn how demand for low-cost, base-load electricity continues to increase and how existing Construction Project - A Regulators Owner’s Perspective of a New Build nuclear stations have demonstrated reliable Perspective Project in Progress performance • Gain a unique comparison through a study for • Understand the challenges of schedule integration • Discover how concerns over national congress on nuclear construction in the 1970’s & including owner’s activities, licensing, and plant energy security, rising fossil fuel costs and the 1980’s on successful and unsuccessful projects operational staff training potential for disruption of fuel supplies from the and the attributes that made them so • Take away lessons on the owner’s oversight role Middle East have acted as a driving force for • Lessons can be learnt from the prior build projects that include divisions of responsibility, owner nuclear power that were successful. Understand the common oversight organization and staffing • Understand how the U.S. has sufficient domestic characteristics of these projects and implement • How can the metrics, scheduling and compliance uranium resources to power its nuclear reactors the practical solutions you discover implications of EPC Contract Management effect and how the cost of uranium fuel makes only a • Uncover how quality assurance and quality control your project and what controls can be established fraction of the total electricity cost can be used as effective management tools in to obtain success • Uncover how nuclear power’s proven, emission- successful nuclear construction projects • Investigate the lessons on resources, procurement free technology for electricity generation is being • Learn how workforce and contractor experience and effects on stakeholders in the Vogtle 3 & 4 seen as the future of domestic energy supply was critical to the success of nuclear construction project and implement the actionable strategies in the prior build cycle you take away James Joosten, Senior Energy Analyst, U.S. DOE/ 3 Energy Information Administration Luis Reyes, Region II Administrator, NRC Dale Lloyd, Project Support Director, Vogtle 3 and 4, 4 Southern Nuclear Construction Challenges Newsletters Managing New Build Risks Nuclear Energy Insider provide a free bi-monthly International and U.S. Nuclear Nuclear Construction Newsletter. We currently have Construction Challenges and • Understand the risks involved in nuclear new build and take away lessons on how to mitigate over 2,000 subscribers for this service and this Developments them in this critical session for any owner market leading business intelligence includes the • Get the low down on current progress on AP1000 considering new build development following: construction in China and the construction models • Regular research • Understand the sources of new build risk for being utilized on these projects nuclear owners and gain key insight into the best • Technological developments SIgn UP • Understand the preparation and effort being models with which to assess potential risks and • Reports on industry trends TODAY! invested to prepare for nuclear new build in the their impacts • Industry updates Southeast U.S. • Learn how to plan for risk mitigation and take • Latest news and developments • Get clear insight into modular construction as a away lessons on how owners can position key to quality control in the nuclear construction themselves for success • Interviews with experts process • Uncover the perspectives of the key stakeholders Sign up today for this free service at: • Take away lessons on the critical challenges http://www.eyeforenergy.com/nnb/newsletter.shtml on the impact of risk ahead in building new nuclear generation Tom Flaherty, Senior Vice President, Booz & Co Jeff Merrifield, Senior Vice President, Shaw Group Register today - call Nuclear Energy Insider on 1800 814 3459
  4. 4. ...And your chance to meet and learn from the very best in the nuclear industry Day 2 - October 27th New Nuclear Plant Commercial and Risk Assessment Strategy • Understand the model structure and how to tailor 6 Financing Nuclear New Build Meeting the Challenges for What Are U.S. Financial Community Attitudes Toward New Nuclear Construction? the approach for regulated and unregulated Developing and Financing a Nuclear • What role does the financial community expect environments Power Project nuclear energy to play in U.S. energy and • Find out what the key risk profiles • Discover what development and financing environmental policy? associated with both customers and partners challenges are unique to nuclear power projects • How does the financial community perceive new with respect to risk appetite and key commercial in the U.S. nuclear plant risks and how does it want risk to terms • Take away key strategies on how to improve the be allocated? • Understand the regulatory and political prospects for financing a nuclear power project • What are the pricing expectations and conditions environment of new nuclear build and the key and ensure your nuclear project gets off the for new nuclear financing? drivers that can change in a nuclear construction ground • Who will benefit most from and who may process so you don’t get caught out • Investigate whether the market can solve these succeed without the DOE loan guarantee Mark Marano, New Business Development Manager, challenges without future government support program? AREVA NP 5 • Explore the role that government has to play in Bruce Lacy, Principal, Lacy Consulting Group, LLC facilitating the development of nuclear power in Project Management & Supply Chain the United States Development in NNB Paul Murphy, Senior Counsel - Legal & Risk PANel sessION Management, Bechtel Power Corporation • Learn how to manage mega-scale projects, with Views from the Financial a spend of $1bn or more and timeframes of at What Are the Credit Implications Community on the Financing of least 3 years, effectively; hitting construction for New Nuclear Construction in Nuclear Power Projects in the timelines and budgets the U.S. United States • Examine the constraints on both owners and • Join leading financial experts as they discuss the • Understand what distinguishes regulated utilities contractors in managing risk through successful opportunities and challenges of financing new from merchant energy companies and the management of total project costs and built in nuclear build projects in the U.S. associated credit implications that apply escalation hedging • Delve deeper into the implications for credit • How does the financial community view nuclear • Learn how secure delivery of key components risk and what projects are banks willing to quality as companies pursue new nuclear and equipment as well as the quality and quantity finance and under what conditions? development plans of skilled personnel to can help maintain project • Evaluate the costs and benefits of new • How does the current financial crisis affect bank schedules, ultimately driving down costs investments and determine a viable ROI for behavior vis-à-vis nuclear power projects and investors what types of projects are likely to make the first Material and Component Landscape and second waves? – How can the Supply Chain Hope • Discover which internal strategies utilities can • How do rating agencies view the current to Deliver What’s Needed for apply when looking to secure the required credit conditions of both regulated and unregulated for new nuclear developments Continued Nuclear Success? markets? • Realize how forecasting global demand for key Dimitri Nikas, Director, Standard & Poor’s • How would implementation of a national carbon components and materials required for NNB help policy change financial community behaviors reduce the cost of materials and supply chain Strategy and Risk Management for and how long is government support needed to bottle necks, ultimately saving you money Nuclear Investments sustain new nuclear development? • Discover the standards that need to be met on • Learn how applying the principles of decision Paul M. Murphy, Senior Counsel - Legal & Risk accreditation of materials, plants and equipment analysis and probabilistic risk assessment to new Management, Bechtel Power Corporation to ensure continued stakeholder confidence nuclear plant investments can reduce exposure to costly overruns Sharon Bonelli, Managing Director, Fitch Ratings • Understand the procurement criteria and contract models that should be used when selecting • Understand the critical drivers of value and risk Daniel Mallo, Project and Structured Finance - supply chain partners, and the benefits of to the cost, schedule and the economic value of Energy, Societe Generale developing effective alliances new nuclear plants • Gain vital insight into the safety, constructability • Take away practical risk mitigation strategies and operational risks associated with the latest and learn how to evaluate and rank each method reactor designs and integration with other to create a bespoke strategy for your specific components for the success of your project project • Apply the lessons learned and best practices from nuclear and non-nuclear large capital Be part of this important projects to your development plans to reduce industry event time and risk exposure Christopher Dann, Partner and Director, Energy and 26-27 october 2009 Environment, Strategic Decisions Group RESERVE YOUR TICKETS TODAY Visit the website at www.eyeforenergy.com/nnb for all the latest updates
  5. 5. Cost effective, time efficient nuclear construction best practice starts here - register today! Your Blueprint for Success - How to Plan and Act now & save up to Execute Successful Nuclear Construction Projects $300! Details inside... Is this event for you? Date and Venue October 26 – 27 2009 - Washington DC, USA This summit will bring together organizations and individuals across Hotel Discounts the nuclear construction supply chain… Nuclear Energy Insider have negotiated a special rate for all summit attendees, book now to take advantage of our Types of Company: TYPES OF EXECUTIVES: President / relationship with this downtown favorite. C-Level / SVP / EVP / VP / Director / Senior Contact info@eyeforenergy.com • Nuclear Owners Manager of: • U.S Nuclear Utilities • Nuclear Development • Major Manufacturers • Strategy and Risk Group Discounts - • Construction Companies Play it Smart, Bring Your Team • Licensing and Legal Council • EPC’s & Plant Developers • Financial Planning and Assessment Take advantage of Nuclear Energy Insider's unique group • Government Bodies discount. The more people you bring, the more money your • Engineering and Construction • Industry Associations company will save! • Project Management • Consultancies Contact us on 1800 814 3459 or info@eyeforenergy.com • Procurement and Supply Chain for more details. • Rating Agencies • Market Access • Investors • Business Development 3. Payment 3 Easy Steps to Register Now! Choose one of the following payment options: Spaces are limited - sign up today to reserve your place I enclose a check/draft for: $ ___________________ (payable to First Conferences Ltd) 1. Your Choice of Registration Package Please invoice my company: $ ___________________ Please tick the package price box you require below: Purchase Order No.:________________________ Super Early Bird Early Bird Please charge my credit card: $ _________________ Standard (Until 13th August 2009) (Until 17th September 2009) Amex Visa Mastercard Platinum Pass $1695 $1795 $1995 2-day conference, all networking Credit card number: events, post-conference CD Gold Pass $1495 $1595 $1795 Security code: 2-day conference, all networking events Expiry date: Audio CD $395 $395 $395 Name on card: conference presentations, full audio and much more Signature: *Public sector and academic discounts available on request NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE ACCESS TO THE CONFERENCE 2. Delegate Details Cancellation Policy Please photocopy this form for multiple registrations Places are transferable without any charge. If you are unable to Priority Code: attend and want to transfer your place to a colleague, you must notify us of this change in writing at least 7 days prior to the start Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First name: of the event. There is no penalty for cancellations received on or before September 25th 2009. If you cancel your registration Last name: on or after September 26th we will be obliged to charge the full fee unless otherwise stated. In all cases, you must inform us in writing by sending an email to info@thinfilmtoday.com Company: Position/Title: to cancel your registration. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program without notice. Telephone: Fax: Designed by The No Nonsense Group - www.tnng.co.uk Email: NEW SPEAKERS BEING CONFIRMED Address: EVERY DAY - FOR DETAILS VISIT Zipcode: Country: www.eyeforenergy.com/nnb Register today - simply visit www.eyeforenergy.com/nnb or phone 1800 814 3459
  6. 6. The latest round of nuclear construction will come at a cost of more than $40 billion - are you ready? the nUclear conStrUction SUmmit, USa 2009 Act now & save up to $300! Washington DC, USA, October 26 - 27 2009 Details inside... how to identifY, control and mitigate riSk factorS for time and coSt efficient projectS in U.S. nUclear conStrUction • Introduction to NNB in the USA • Project Management • Regulations and Government Action • Financing NNB • Supply Chain and Procurement Management • NNB Construction Challenges indUStrY leading Speaker line Up! 5 Reasons to join our expert forum 1 cUtting edge inSight from indUStrY expertS: Nuclear Energy Insider are bringing together the leading stakeholders in the U.S nuclear construction industry to discuss the latest challenges in risk identification and mitigation of nuclear new build projects Luis Reyes, Paul Murphy, 2 Region II Senior Counsel - focUSed, demand led agenda: Through months of research we Administrator, Legal & Risk Management, have built a unique, tailored agenda that will offer you practical insight into NRC Bechtel Power Corporation the challenges of mega-scale nuclear construction projects, delivered by expert speakers in a fully interactive environment. Jeff Merrifield, Dale Lloyd, 3 open, honeSt diScUSSion: Nuclear Energy Insider actively seek to engender discussion and create open environments where fresh thinking and constructive debate can flourish. At various points over the two days we’ll make sure everyone gets their say! Senior Vice President, Project Support Director - 4 The Shaw Group Vogtle 3 and 4, Southern over 12 hoUrS of networking: We realize that much of the value Nuclear of our conferences derives from the new contacts you make and the old James Joosten - U.S. DOE/ Energy Information acquaintances you catch up with. That’s why we make sure there is plenty of Administration time to network with over 12 hours to meet and do business with the leading Colette Lewiner - Capgemini stakeholders. You’re sure to save time, money and resources. 5 Tom Flaherty - Booz & Co where elSe are YoU going to find the anSwerS to Masoud Bajestani - TVA the moSt important qUeStionS facing the nUclear Mark Marano - AREVA NP conStrUction indUStrY todaY? From government and industry Dimitri Nikas - Standard & Poor’s bodies to utilities and service providers, The Nuclear Construction Summit Christopher Dann - Strategic Decisions Group will be the place to meet and do business in 2009 Bruce Lacy - Lacy Consulting Group Sharon Bonelli - Fitch Ratings 5 EASy wAyS to rEgiStEr: Daniel Mallo - Societe Generale • weBSite: www.eyeforenergy.com/nnb • email: info@eyeforenergy.com And many, many more.. Got to the website www.eyeforenergy.com/nnb for • phone: 1800 814 3459 • fax: The form overleaf to 1800 814 3460 full speaker line up! • mail: The form overleaf to EyeforEnergy, 7-9 Fashion Street, London E1 6PX, UK Visit the website now for the latest updates on speakers, sponsors and the full agenda! www.eyeforenergy.com/nnb