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  • 1. IT101-013 Maria Raspa Will Spring Victoria Tran
  • 2. Description of Our Topic
    • The music and video retail industries are affected by the online sources available that allow the public to download music and videos on the internet for free
    • Illegal online companies and software programs have caused music stores and media companies to decline in sales revenue
    • We will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of online downloads
    • Come to a conclusion about our actions
  • 3. Hardware and Software Involved
    • Involves a computer and internet access
    • Only includes software and websites
    • P2P- a Peer to Peer software program that enables people to share their music or media directly from the source instead of downloading from the web
  • 4. Major Companies Involved
    • Only includes software and websites
    • Peer to Peer (P2P) software is a method of file sharing over a network in which individual computers are linked via the Internet or a private network to share programs/files, often illegally . Users download files directly from other users' computers, rather than from a central server.
    Legitimate Illegitimate Netflix- watch now, all these movies within web browser Bit-torrent- P2P sharing of movies Walmart- netflix type thing KazAa- P2P sharing of music and media Amazon has unbox- buy movies and download unto laptop LimeWire- same as KazAa Itunes provides free movies and tv shows directly from site Television Network Websites: ABC, NBC, FOX same as
  • 5. How it impacts us: PROS
      • Music Aspect
        • It allows for music sampling
        • Allows less famous bands and artists to promote themselves and get their music heard
        • It is very easily accessible
        • Convenient for the user- no need to purchase the CD
        • Can get material before the Album comes out
        • IT’S FREE!!
  • 6.
      • TV/Movies Aspect
        • It’s just more convenient because sometimes the networks online don’t provide the shows we want
        • There are no commercials embedded into the shows
        • Easy access to shows with no purchases and no video rentals
        • Allows for downloads for electronic devices
        • Convenient for the user- no need to purchase the DVD
        • Can get the material before the DVD comes out
        • IT’S FREE
    How it impacts us: PROS 
  • 7. How it impacts us: CONS
      • It is against the law
      • Downloading the wrong files could cause harm to your computer
      • You could be spied on by companies trying to catch illegal downloaders
      • The record industries are losing a lot of money
      • Takes away from the artists who don’t have a lot of money to begin with
      • Decreases the amount
      • of revenue for companies
  • 8. Declining Record Industry Most up to date chart on the decline of the music industry.
    • The Record Industry is declining, NOT the music industry
      • In actuality, the music industry is booming. There have been more digital downloads than ever before
    • The Record Industry is declining in general due to the rise of internet downloading and the Record Industry’s refusal to compromise or upgrade
  • 9. How People Get Caught
    • Survey Logs- the simplest, and most common.
      • Web servers log computers that accesses it
        • the log file shows hundreds of transactions.
      • Log files are not accessible to the government or any organization who want to sue illegal downloaders.
      • In a lawsuit or government action, court can issue a subpoena, which requires the owner of the webserver to turn over all related logs.
    • Illegal Intrusions
      • Used by Media Defender
      • Illegal but most file sharing cases are settled out of court, and it doesn't matter.
    • Dummy Files
      • Companies such as Media Defender post files on Peer to Peer file sharing networks that appear to be valid, popular files, but are not.
      • Then, they can get the IP address of anyone downloading these files.
  • 10. Security/ Controversial Issues
    • Illegal downloading has become a target for many lawsuits
    • September 8, 2003- recording industry sued 261 Americans for sharing songs on peer-to-peer networks
    • Target: children, grandparents, single mothers, college professors, college students
      • random from the tens of millions of American music fans using P2P networks.
  • 11. Security/Controversies Cont…
    • no signs of slowing lawsuit campaign
      • Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announcing approximately 700 new suits each month.
    • Today downloading from P2P networks is more popular than ever
      • The lawsuits are not working.
  • 12. What can we do about it?
    • Make it easier and safer to find and download music legally for a reasonable fee.
      • Itunes, Cable Station Websites (NBC, FOX, ABC), etc
    • Educate people on the benefits of uncompressed music as opposed to compressed (mp3) formats.
    • Use the music download scene to market and create awareness. The increased sales from more people knowing about your band may offset whatever you lose to piracy.
    • Make CDs/DVDs cheaper
  • 13. Sources
    • Video:
    • Graph: