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Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
Embracing yourself
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Embracing yourself


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  • Glen Goei's early local productions which was distributed in America under another title. It also dealt with transgender themes, alongside the movie's main light-hearted romance, as Hock's elder brother reveals his desire for a sex-change operation to his unreceptive traditionalist Chinese familyAcclaimed local director Eric Khoo's 2005 production was the first major homegrown motion picture to feature scenes of female coupling in the form of 2 touchy-feely teenage schoolgirls (played by waifish actresses Ezann Lee and Samantha Tan), who fall in love as quickly as they fall out of it. They tenderly stroke each other's arm and face, cuddle under the sheets and in cinema halls, and share an intense 10-second kiss on the mouth. Although Be With Me is rated M18 with no cuts, the authorities were not exactly throwing caution to the wind. The movie's original poster featuring both girls lying on some steps and locked in an embrace in a scene from the movie was been banned in Singapore and replaced with an image of a man necking with Samantha Tan. According to a spokesman of Warner Brothers, which distributed the movie locally, the Media Development Authority (MDA) stated that the original was 'not suitable as a PG poster' because the graphics 'implied content of a homosexual nature'.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Embracing yourself
      by: Derrick Tee
      Isabelle Lim
      *Chloe Ng*
      *June Lim*
    • 2. Are you NOT?
      Not geared towards the acceptance of homosexuality per se
      Encourage homosexuals to accept themselves before society would
      Easy for homosexuals to resent against public un-acceptance
      Fear of being judged is overwhelming
      Many choose to stay in the closet
    • 3. Who should care?
      Dedicated to homosexuals but not targeting them
      Everyone – General public
      Seek to educate and inform them through the masses
      Message can be echoed throughout everyone
    • 4. Legal situation in Singapore
      Male same-sex sexual activity is illegal
      Section 377A ("Outrages on decency") states that:
      Any male person who, in public or private, commits, or abets the commission of, or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any male person of, any act of gross indecency with another male person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years
    • 5. Public opinion in Singapore
      Half of Singapore youths considered homosexuality acceptable (Singapore Polytechnic Poll 2007)
      Survey of 800 individuals aged 15 - 29, conducted by the Singapore Polytechnic
      71% of Singaporeans under the age of 30 considered homosexuality unacceptable (Social Attitudes Survey 2001)
    • 6. Public opinion in the United States
      American opinions have shifted considerably over the last ten years, but opponents still outnumber supporters
      Americans may be more evenly split.Support for allowing same sex couples to marry is rising (ABC)
      Majority support for some type of legal recognition for same sex couples (late 2009)
      Less than one-third of Americans oppose any legal recognition of same sex couples
    • 7. Legal situation in the United States
      LGBT persons in the United States still face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT citizens
      Five states and one district have legalized same-sex marriages
      Sexual acts between persons of the same sex have been legal nationwide in the US since 2003, pursuant to the US Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v. Texas
      Some states offer civil unions or other types of recognition which offer some of the legal benefits and protections of marriage
      Twenty states plus one district outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation.
      Florida is the only state in the US that prohibits a single lesbian or gay person from adopting
    • 8. Public opinion in Europe
      Majorities in every Western European nation said homosexuality should be accepted by society (PEW)
      Same sex adoption had majority support from only two countries: Netherlands at 69% and Sweden at 51%
      Majority of Britons - 55% - support gay marriage (The Observer, 2008)
      According to pollster Gallup Europe: women, younger generations, and the highly educated are more likely to support same-sex marriage and adoption rights for gay people
    • 9. Legal situation in Europe
      Homosexual acts legal in all European countries
      Membership in the European Union requires repeal of anti-homosexuality legislation
      A bill entitled as the Equal Marriage Code Bill 2010introduced in Portugal in January 2010
      Strong possibility that same-sex marriage will become legal in 4 European countries in 2010; Iceland, Portugal, Slovenia and Luxembourg. Estonia, Faroe Islands and Liechtenstein are expected to pass registered relationship laws in 2010. Meanwhile Ireland and the two UK Crown territories of Isle of Man and Jersey are considering civil partnership laws in 2010
      The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) decriminalised male homosexual acts in 2008, the last part of Europe to do so. The law took effect on 1 January, 2009
    • 10. Situation in Asia
      In Southeast Asia, homosexual acts in Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore remain illegal
      In Singapore, homosexual acts between females are legal
      In East Asia (china, Taiwan, Japan, korea Mongolia), north korea prohibits homosexual acts
      In South Asia, Nepal and India have recently legalized homosexual acts
      In West Asia (middle-east), homosexual acts in Iraq, Israel and Jordan are legal
      In June 2009, the Hong Kong Government announced that it would recognise cohabitating
      same-sex couples in its Domestic Violence Ordinance
      Hong Kong is among the more accepting regions in Asia for LGBT people.
      2007 Gallup poll found that 56% of Hongkongers believed that the city was a "good place"
      for homosexuals
      Taiwan is one of Asia's most progressive countries as far as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender
      rights are concerned
    • 11. Event overview
      Activities are carried out throughout the entire month of May. The significance of choosing the month May is because The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) is celebrated every May 17 around the world.
      Activities include
    • Event
      • Engaging The Dream Academy Productions to help with the production
      • 16. To come up with a relevant production
      • 17. Production is open to public
      • 18. Purpose: allowing LGBT to open up to their loved ones by bringing them to this production
    • Event
      Film festivals
      • Held every weekend
      • 19. Engaging Singapore International Film Festival
      • 20. Showing LGBT themed films like:
      • 21. Bugis Street: A 1995 Hong Kong- Singapore co production about the lives of Singaporean transvestites in a bygone era.
      • 22. Forever Fever: Dealing with transgender themes
      • 23. Be with me
      • Rice Rhapsody : A 2004 Hong Kong production. The plot revolved around a contemporary Singaporean divorcee grappling with the homosexuality of the 2 eldest sons and dramatised her efforts to steer her third and youngest son’s sexuality.
      • 24. Beautiful Boxer: A film biography of transsexual Thai kickboxer directed by Singapore-based EkachaiUekrongtham, along with the input of Singapore gay talent
    • Event
      • Held at esplanade
      • 25. A wall for people to write their message to friends who are gay or for LGBT to write any personal messages to their love ones.
      • 26. Articles of any relevant LGBT events/stories/history like:
      • 27. Day of silence
      • 28. International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
      • 29. Obama invited the lesbian and gay band association to march in inaugural parade
      • 30. Stories of how LGBT are treated
      • 31. Iraqi militias gluing anuses of gay men and inducing diarrhea to cause death
      • 32. Photographs
      • 33. Art pieces by Tan Peng: Singapore’s first openly gay artist and also one of the first Singaporeans to come out to the general public.
      • 34. Wall to write your name: “I am gay, are you?”
    • Possible obstacles
      • Disapproval by general public, religious groups
      • 35. Government’s disapproval