Assignment 5 Deol Jagjit


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Assignment 5 Deol Jagjit

  1. 1. W T hen we group of players that began made a commitment he most our last to win games so they intense high can remember us in game that school season in the upcoming years. I have basketball. Playing for The three main things experienced was when 5 years had showed my coach told me that we faced a team called me that every practice I still stand by today is: Fleetwood Secondary or game we had got us RESPECT School. This team was closer together. Since TEAMWORK unstoppable because this was our last HAVING FUN of one key player they season we wanted to had that played like make the most At this day I still Michael Jordan. memorable year of our remember those Anytime our school high school lives. terminologies would go one on one with each other we would always lose very So because badly. So this year we that you have to apply it were facing them again year to your daily lives. knowing that this will we had the same be another defeat. Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. A s we began game. We all played together. We went our warm our heart out there back on to the court to up before showing everyone that play the same game as the game we are here to play. we previously did. realizing One thing my coach and underestimating told me was to do is to TEAM WORK our defeat. Staring our see what move these down the opponents made and to anticipate T with our eye lids wide it. The whole team open. Remembering if took action and put he game it is going to be a blow everything on the line finished as out in the 1st quarter too show some fear we lost at the or is it going to be a into the other team. end by just 2 good game. As we We achieved the goal points but every player lined up they were we were aiming for on our team realized introducing the and that was to be in that we had gave it are starting line up to play the lead at the end of all. Even if they had in the RCMP the half. won we showed them D tournament. that were at their level uring the T he game was half we and can play there taking place ended up team any day. For me at their in the lead this was living hold school where because of experience and not they were the team work we only I learned the being supported by the were showing on the fundamentals in whole student body. court. In the change basketball. I also As soon as you know room we all thought to learned to work as a the basketball game each other that we team to accomplish has started being a lot have the capability to everything. more intense when beat any team but it’s there were more all about if all of those people watching our 5 players play Page 2 of 2
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