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Getting Started With Studio 3.0
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Getting Started With Studio 3.0


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology

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  • 1. Getting Started With Heritage Studio 3.0 A Guide to the Heritage Studio 3.0 Drag and Drop Publishing System presented by Heritage Makers This guide is for use with Heritage Studio 3.0 Drag and Drop Heritage Makers products. For additional resources, please contact Cindy Murphy (919) 449-5113 GETTING STARTED WITH STUDIO 3.0.doc Dear Friend, Congratulations on making the exciting decision to become a Heritage Maker! You and your loved ones will enjoy the magic moments ahead as you celebrate your own special stories – your heritage. Now, let’s get started! Step 1: Activate your Heritage Studio account Your new Heritage Makers account number is ______________________. This number will be used each time you log in to your Heritage Studio account. (You can also use your email address in place of your 6 digit number). The first time you visit the site, you will need to activate your account and set up a password.  Go to  Click on ‘Activate Account’ located in the upper right hand corner of the page  Enter your account number and zip code  Verify your information and set up a password (Note: Please do not use symbols or abbreviations when entering your contact information) Note: Online FAQ’s are available on the Heritage Makers website to help you every step of the way. To access the online knowledgebase, click on “Help and Support” from the “My Studio” menu. Search any topic to get help navigating through the website. Step 2: Activate your Heritage Studio Membership If you placed an order that created a Premier Account, you will need to activate your membership to begin using Premier Membership benefits. If you are ready to begin using Premier Art Content right away then follow the prompt to activate your membership. If you wish to hold off using your Premier Account you have 90 days from the date of your order to activate your membership. You may also visit the “My Account” section of studio to modify your membership anytime.
  • 2. Step 3: Log in to your Heritage Studio After your Heritage Studio account is activated, you will receive a message that lets you know your activation was successful. At this time, it is recommended that you click to view the “First Time User” overview. You may also just continue into your new Heritage Studio account. Each time you log in, you will enter your account number (or use your email address) and password. If you ever forget your password, click (forgot?) and your password will be emailed to you at the e-mail address on file in your Studio Account. Heritage Makers offers beginning, intermediate, and master Studio classes to learn the basics of Studio 3.0. These online webinars are helpful as you learn to navigate the system and create beautiful custom digital products. To view the class schedule and register for the webinars, click on “Online Classes” located on the “My Studio” tab. After you attend the online classes, you will see how the system works and learn some From the “My Studio” tab you can: amazing design techniques, as well as get  Start a new project project ideas. Many of the more popular  Access your recent projects classes are recorded and can be viewed as  View all credits many times as you need them. Visit that  Access the Story Center; the Story section soon! Center is designed to help you use Studio 3.0 every step of the way. Download “Story Steps” to write your story in 3 easy steps; “Story Maps” help you organize the information you need to tell your story; visit the “Tips and Tricks” section to learn secrets that professional storybook authors use to create fantastic, heritage- building projects. The “Studio Art Don’t forget to view the art collections! Catalog” features the art content Each month brand new art content is added to your available to Premier Members. Studio Account . . .  Modify your Studio Membership (Click ‘modify’ and be directed to Check this your account settings. Here, you section each time can switch your membership from you log in! Basic to Premier and change renewal preferences)  Step 4: Upload photos Heritage Makers uses online photo albums for storing your photos to enable easy access when you are creating your projects. All photos need to be in a digital format before you can upload them into your Heritage Studio account. The process of uploading your photos will be smoother if you have organized your photos into documents/folders on your hard drive. If you have photos on a disc or memory card, you can upload photos directly from the disc/card as well. 1) Click “Add Photos” in the upper right hand corner of the screen in the main menu of your Studio Account.
  • 3. 2) Select an existing album by clicking the drop down arrow or create a new album by typing a name, then click “Create”. There is no limit to the number of photo albums you can have on your Heritage Studio account. 3) Click “Choose Files” to upload files. Important note: Al photos must be in JPEG format and no greater than 4800 X 4800 pixels large and 10 MB (megabytes) in size. To locate format and file size, browse your hard drive for a photo. When you’ve located the photo, right click on your mouse and select properties. 4) Browse your computer’s picture files to locate the photos you wish to upload. Select the photos you want, and click the “OPEN” button. Tip: By holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, you can select individual photos. By holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, you can select all photos. The progress of your upload is shown as each photo uploads to the album chosen. After all photos have completed uploading, you will have the option to upload more if you choose. Or you can go back to the “My Studio” tab to begin your project. Basic Account holders are allowed 2 gigabytes of photo storage space. Premier Account holders enjoy unlimited photo storage. At any time, you can view your photos in your albums. From the “My Albums” tab, select the album you would like to view by clicking on the drop-down menu. From this section, you can also add more photos to the album, rename the album, delete the album, or delete individual photos from the album. Premier members can download their high-resolution photos back to their hard drive by clicking on the photo, right click on the photo then choose “Save Target As”.
  • 4. Sometimes, it is necessary to scan photos in order to get them into a digital format. Follow these tips for successful scanning:  Make sure the glass and inside cover of your scanner are clean. Refer to the  Use your scanning software’s cropping tool to select only the image “help and area you wish to scan. support”  If cropping a photo, remember your finished image size needs to be section of your 300 dpi at 100%. For example: if the image area you are scanning Heritage Studio measures 2X2 inches, but will print in your finished project at 4X4 account. Our inches, you must set your scanner resolution to 300 dpi and the scale knowledgebase to 200%. This option is often found in the “advanced” settings of your has helpful scanner. information on  Save your images as RGB jpeg files. uploading and  Be careful when scanning photographer’s photos with a matte finish. working with Often, these print blurry. photos!  Preview scan your image to ensure you are scanning properly. Step 5: Choose your Heritage Makers product If you are not sure which type of Heritage Makers product you would like to start with, go to the “Home” page ( ) found in the upper left hand corner of the website and select “Products” to review the variety of products Heritage Makers offers. You are sure to find something that meets your needs. Review each product’s features and decide which type of product you wish to use to publish your story or other heritage-building ideas. From the “My Studio” tab click to start a new project. There are two ways to get started. 1) Start with a blank project. Build your project from scratch. Add your own photos, text, and choose from thousands of the products page, you can view a brief tutorial that From shows the basics of your Heritage Studio 2.0 account. Refer to pieces of artwork to add to your project. this tutorial for a quick reference any time! 2) Start with a template. Templates are a great way to start a project while still providing you the flexibility to change things. These are not your typical templates! Each of our templates allows you to unlock and move elements around as well as add your own photos, text, and artwork. (*Some templates may require a Premier membership) In this guide, we will illustrate how to start with a blank project.
  • 5. Select your project type by clicking “Select”. Choose your project size by clicking on the icon next to the size desired. Click “Select”. Name your project and click “Continue”. (Note: you can rename your project at any time during project creation. However, whatever project size you select will be the size you have to keep. For example: If you choose an 8x8 orientation and after you’ve started the project you decide you wish to have it be a 12x12, you will have to start from scratch in the new size.) The system will ask if you’d like to upload photos now or later. Choose accordingly, then access your new project from the “My Projects” tab. NOTE: The first time you use our publishing system, you may be required to install Adobe Flash Player and allow Flash Player to use up to 10 MB of storage on your computer. If you see this warning, please click “Allow” to continue. At any time, you can view all of your projects from the “My Projects & templates” tab. This section will list the project name, size, and last edit date. This section also allows you to view the project, make a copy, rename it, or delete it altogether.
  • 6. Step 6: Layout your project using Heritage Studio tools 1. Windows Page Tools 2. Finishing Tools 3. Zoom Page Tool 4. Project Description 5. Cut, Copy, and Paste Tools 6. Tool Box 7. Project Canvas 8. Pages Tab 9. My Photos Tab 10. Text Box Tab 11. Premier Art Tab 12. My Projects Tab 13. Quotes Tab 14. My Favorites Tab 15. Photo Upload tool 16. Picture thumbnail size NOW LET’S SEE WHAT EACH TOOL WILL DO! 1. Windows Page Tools FILE Tab: Save & Quit your project; Save your project; Preview your project; Publish your project; Empty Trash can
  • 7. EDIT tab: Undo formatting; redo; select images on your canvas and Paste Special formats; lock photos and embellishments in place; delete items VIEW tab: Set up the preferences of how you wish to view your Studio screen. Turn the tool box on and off; turn on specific content views; set up page navigation preferences; turn on rulers; show print marks; zoom in and out and empty trash ARRANGE tab: Layer photos and embellishments from front to back as desired TOOLS tab: Spell Check HELP tab: Open the Heritage Makers Knowledgebase for FAQ’s and answers to any question you have about the Heritage Makers publishing system 2. Finishing Tools Save & Quit project Save Preview Project Publish Project 3. Zoom Page Tool Zoom in on your pages by dragging the zoom tool from left to right HELP tab: By clicking on StudioARRANGE tab: access the Heritage Makers Help you can Knowledgebase where you can find quick answers forfrom front to back and back to Layer photos and embellishments help in front as desired. Heritage Studio 2.0
  • 8. 4. Project Description Itemizes title, project size, and number of pages. 5. Cut, Copy and Paste Tools Select the Cut tool to delete the image your cursor is highlighted on. To Copy and Paste any image, select the Copy tool, then the Paste tool to create a duplicate image. Rotate the image by left clicking on the blue circle and dragging the square left to right until your image is a the angle you desire. Resize the image by left clicking any corner and dragging in and out. Tools Tab: Crop your image down by selecting 6. Tool Box “Crop” then adjusting the image as desired. Select the Cut tool to delete the image your cursor is highlighted on. To Copy and Paste any image, select the Copy tool, then the Paste tool to create a duplicate image. Layer your photos and embellishments by sending individual images from front to back or back to front. Lock your images so that the effects you have chosen will not be altered accidentally.
  • 9. Effects Tab: Use the effects to give personality and a unique appearance to your photos by using the scroll bar on each effect. Left click on the scroll bar and drag left to right to increase or decrease the effect. Don’t forget to use the “Lock” feature to lock your effects! Layout Tab: Set the exact position and size that you wish your photos to be. Lock or unlock proportions for custom sizing. Flip your objects vertically or horizontally and rotate as desired. Rotate photos will scroll bar or 7. Project Canvas entering exact degree of rotation. In the drag and drop Align, distribute and space photos as system, your project desired. canvas is always blank when you begin. You add photos, effects and embellishments in layers one image at a time. 8. Pages Jump through your project quickly by clicking on individual page tabs.
  • 10. To move pages within your project, use the Page Management Window. The covers (FC and BC), and the blank first page cannot be moved, but any numbered page can be moved anywhere in the project. In the Page Management Window, click on the page you wish to move, and drop it between the pages you want it to go between. The other pages will shuffle into place and fall back into two-page spreads, so you can see which pages will be side by side in the finished book. To delete a page, select that page in the Page Management Window and click “Delete” at the top left. To add a page, click “Add” at the top left. The new blank page will be inserted before the page that is selected. To duplicate a page, click “Duplicate” at the top left. The page that is selected will be duplicated, and the new copy will be placed right before the original. If you accidentally move a page to the wrong place or delete a page that you did not mean to, you can click Cancel to exit the Page Manager without saving your changes. 9. My Photos The My Photos Tab shows all images that you have uploaded to the website, organized in folders. To use an image in your project, simply click and drag it onto the page. By clicking once on a photo, you will see a box pop up showing a larger view of that photo, and the recommended size for printing. 10. Text Boxes To create a text box, click on the Text Boxes Tab, then select the type of text box you want to create. Drag the icon up to the page to create the text box.
  • 11. Double click on the new text box to delete the words “Double click here to edit” and type your own text. 11. Premier Art If you are a Studio Premier member, you’ll have access to thousands of scrapbooking embellishments in this folder. You can browse through the collections or search for search specific objects. To browse the available collections, simply click on thumbnail or artwork that interests you. To search for a specific type of embellishment (button, brad, stitch, etc.) simply type in the description or keyword and click “search”. To view all collections once again click on the “home” button. Basic Art There is an entire section dedicated to Basic Art objects available to all users. To browse the collection, enter a search keyword or select a category. 12. My Projects This folder contains all images and text that you have used in any of your projects. If you have an image in a different project that you’d like to use in your current one, you can find the image here. Click on the plus sign next to “My Unfinished Projects” or “My Completed Projects”. Click on the name of the project to see all images and text boxes used in that project, or click on a specific page number to see elements used on that page. You can then drag the images or text boxes onto your page to use in your current project. 13. Quotes Here, you’ll find a list of quotes that you may use in your projects. You can search for a quote by keyword or by theme. Once you’ve found the quote you want to use, just click and drag it up onto your page. You can then change the font and format using the “Tool Box” that appears when the text box is selected.
  • 12. 14. Favorites In this folder, you can collect photos, text, and art to use in your projects. Click on the diagonal arrow on the “My Favorites” tab to edit the contents of your Favorites. You can create folders and subfolders to organize your content. To add something to your new folder, find the object in its original location (My Photos, Premier Art, Basic Art, My Projects, or Quotes). Then click and drag the object to the “My Favorites” window. 15. Photo Upload Tool Photos can be added to your existing photo albums while you are creating a project in the Studio editor. Highlight the album you wish to add photos to and click “Upload Photos” . 16. Icon Size tool - View photos larger or smaller by dragging the icon sizing tool left to right. Special features Use the color match feature to select the exact color you wish for your backgrounds. Select “Fill Color” then run the dropper tool across the exact color you wish to match.
  • 13. Use the filter tool to give your photos a black and white or sepia effect. Find the inspiration you're looking for in hundreds of pre-designed templates! Use the “Preview” tab to create a preview of your At Heritage Makers, we believe in entire project. Download each individual page or email the importance and power of the individual and project (usingOur preview link in your web the entire family stories. the browser) for previewing outside of Studio. updated Cornerstone Template series was designed to help you record the most important stories in your life. We have hundreds of user-submitted templates available in our gallery. Click on the “Help and Support” tab to open the Heritage Makers Knowledgebase. This section All will feature FAQ’s and answers to any question you have about the Heritage Makers drag and templates in the Template drop publishing system. Simply type in a topic in the white bar and click “Search”. Gallery are free to use. You will however, need a Premier membership to access some templates as they contain Premier artwork. (If a Premier membership is needed, you will be notified when you select the template.)
  • 14. To use a template: -Choose a template and click 'Get This Template' -Choose whether you will start your project now or continue shopping for more templates to add to your Studio. If you continue shopping, you can find the template later under the 'My Templates' section of your Studio. -Follow the prompts to begin working on your project. It's that simple! You will discover even MORE FEATURES and benefits as you become familiar with our “first of its kind” drag-and-drop system. Have fun and ENJOY! Questions? I am here to help you every step of the way! Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time! Cindy Murphy Independent Publishing Consultant Phone: 919-449-5113 E-mail: Web: