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Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider
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Allstate Online Mktg. w/ AgentInsider


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  • 1. Online Insurance Marketing<br />Putting the Internet to Work for You<br />Allstate Agent Training<br />This document is confidential and intended solely for the information and benefit of the immediate recipient hereof; it should not be reproduced, either in total or in part, circulated, or quoted from without the express permission of InsWeb Corporation.<br />1<br />InsWeb’s AgentInsider Program<br />Enable your speakers<br />
  • 2. Today’s Agenda<br /><ul><li>Internet Marketing…you can’t afford to ignore it!
  • 3. Trends and behaviors of Internet insurance shoppers
  • 4. Where do these leads come from?
  • 5. Best Practices for working Internet Leads
  • 6. 4 Step SYSTEM to Success
  • 7. Contact strategies and expectations
  • 8. Overview of our AgentInsider products
  • 9. Taking the next step
  • 10. Agent registration
  • 11. Exclusive Allstate promotions</li></ul>2<br />
  • 12. Online Insurance Interest Continues to Grow<br />3<br /><ul><li>In 2007 over 32 million auto insurance quotes were requested by consumers online
  • 13. 70% of all auto insurance purchases in 2007 were web influenced (90% by 2011)
  • 14. 2 out of 3 people searching for a new insurance policy will use the Internet
  • 15. Nearly 75% of these online consumers still prefer to purchase insurance from a local agent!
  • 16. Only 10% of them will make their purchasing decision based upon price alone</li></ul>Online Auto Quotes Submitted<br />(Millions)<br />+30%<br />+15%<br />+15%<br />% Increase<br />You Can’t Afford to Ignore the Internet as a Marketing Strategy!<br />Source: ComScore Report 2008 & Celent Estimates<br />
  • 17. Where Do Our Leads Come From?<br />4<br /><ul><li>InsWeb attracts consumers through a mix of :
  • 18. Banner advertisements on major portals and relevant sites
  • 19. Approximately 1 billion banner ads served each month
  • 20. Keyword searches and marketing partnerships with:</li></li></ul><li>Best Practices For Working Leads<br />4 Step SYSTEM to Success:<br />
  • 21. 6<br />4 Step SYSTEM to Success<br />Step #1: Respond Quickly<br /><ul><li>Quick response is critical to internet lead success. Being one of the first agents to contact the prospect is always the best (remember, you’re competing with other carriers).
  • 22. Treat the lead as though the prospect walked into your office to request a quote.
  • 23. Call first, then email early and often!
  • 24. If you can’t access your email for a period of time, turn your leads off until you can.</li></ul>TIP #1<br /> Open the lead immediately and make the outbound call immediately. If consumer is unavailable, email immediately. <br />
  • 25. 7<br />4 Step SYSTEM to Success<br />Step #2: Relentless Follow-up<br /><ul><li>Be diligent and relentless, never give up!
  • 26. It cannot be overstressed that a follow-up system is the single most important thing an agent can create to be successful at internet lead marketing.
  • 27. Work at being one of the first agents who gets a response BACK from the prospect.
  • 28. The successful agent keeps plugging away.</li></ul>TIP #2<br />Have a sales strategy in place for Internet leads, and create an effective follow-up system in your agency.<br />
  • 29. 8<br />4 Step SYSTEM to Success<br />Step #3: You’re the Expert, let it show!<br /><ul><li>Speak with enthusiasm and confidence. Remember, you’re the insurance expert!
  • 30. Know your products and what your competitive advantage is.
  • 31. Stand out from the competition. Educate your prospects and sell them on the benefits and unique features of your products and carrier.</li></ul>TIP #3:<br />Consumers want to be guided through the buying process and made to believe they’re making the final decisions. They’re looking for an agent who is friendly, confident and knowledgeable. They won’t buy unless you ask for their business.<br />
  • 32. 9<br />4 Step SYSTEM to Success<br />Step #4: Practice Makes Perfect<br /><ul><li>Let’s be realistic – it’s really a numbers game. Just like all your other marketing systems, it takes time and an effective SYSTEM to reap the rewards.
  • 33. Define and set realistic goals for yourself. AgentInsider agents can reasonably expect a close ratio of 8% to 12%.
  • 34. Keep in mind that you only pay for the leads you receive.
  • 35. Be diligent and fine tune your process along the way. The more you work these leads the better you’ll get, and the more successful you’ll become.</li></ul>TIP #4<br />Practice makes perfect. Track your marketing expenditures and commissions earned to insure an acceptable return on your marketing investment.<br />
  • 36. Follow-up Contact Strategy<br />Time of Day - Initial Dials That Become Contacted<br /> 4 to 6pm is the best time to call to make contact, 114% better than 11-12, right before lunch<br />10<br />Day of the Week - Initial Dials to Leads That Become Contacted<br /> Wednesday & Thursday – best day to call to make contact<br />Source: Lead Response Management Study 2007<br />
  • 37. Advantages of AgentInsider<br /><ul><li>No up-front commitments
  • 38. No up-front fees, obligation to buy or time requirements
  • 39. No territory exclusivity
  • 40. Agents can participate in any and all ZIP Codes they want
  • 41. Lead volume control 24/7
  • 42. Set a daily max or set to unlimited; turn on or off any time
  • 43. Real-time lead delivery
  • 44. Delivered to up to 5 email addresses of your choice
  • 45. Credit is given for leads with invalid contact information
  • 46. Limited lead distribution
  • 47. Agent Education (free of charge!)</li></ul>Flexibility and Control<br />11<br />
  • 48. AgentInsider Summary<br />12<br /><ul><li>Auto Preferred (base lead price: $7-$10)
  • 49. Auto Specialty (non-preferred auto)
  • 50. Excellent match for your Allstate Blue product!
  • 51. Deeply discounted
  • 52. Very few Allstate agents participating in this category
  • 53. Large volume of unsold leads available
  • 54. Homeowners(base lead price: $6-$8)
  • 55. Term Life
  • 56. Preferred (base lead price: $12)
  • 57. Specialty (base lead price: $3)</li></ul><br />
  • 58. Help the Online Consumer Find You<br />Agent Directory, an affordable online directory<br />13<br /><ul><li> One-page directory (not multiple web pages like other directories)
  • 59. Consumer is shown no more than 8 local listings
  • 60. Target any and all ZIP Codes within a 25 mile radius of your office
  • 61. Be the EXCLUSIVE Allstate agent shown in the ZIP Codes you select
  • 62. Real-time reporting tools to track results
  • 63. Priced at $10/ZIP Code/Month, or select one of our long term discounted plans
  • 64. Consumer is provided your contact information, a link to your web site and a map to your office</li></li></ul><li>Sign Up Today!<br />Use Promo Code “AGRW” for 50% off your first $250 worth of leads*<br />Use Promo Code “AD153” for 15% Off Agent Directory for 3 months**<br />Thank You! <br />To take the next step and register your account:<br /><ul><li>Call toll free (866) 892-4080 to register by telephone
  • 65. Visit
  • 66. Email your interest to:
  • 67. Visit agentInsider.webex.comfor on-demand tutorials</li></ul>* The $125 credit is applied directly to a new Lead Program account. This offer excludes all other promotional offers and discounts for the AgentInsider® Lead Program. Discount shall be calculated and applied at point-of-sale and will be based off of lead purchase price. For example, if you purchase a lead for $10, then $5 will be used in promotional credit, and the remaining $5 will be paid by you. Although promotional credits shall never expire, they shall be forfeited upon termination of your account. Additionally, promotional credits are not transferable and shall have no cash value. This offer may expire at any time without notice.  Offer not available in all states; call for details. <br /> <br />** Agent Directory Promo AD153 - No cash value. 15% discount off the monthly subscription cost for each ZIP Code selected for the first 3 billing cycles. Cannot be combined with any other Agent Directory discounts and/or promotions. This offer may expire at any time without notice.<br />