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Youth Unique Expressions Inc Newsletter

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Youth Unique Expressions Newsletter1

  1. 1. YUE Connect October 25, 2008 A publication of Youth Unique Expressions, In c. Preparing Today’s Youth for Tomorrow Volume 1, Issue 1 YUE gives hope, opportunity to children in Anne Arundel County The services offered by Youth Unique Ex- and anxiety in a port system to avoid From GED/College YUE will be marketed to pressions, Inc. is holistic manner. the pitfalls thatthe school systems and can Prep, one-on-one gathering steam in derail theirsystem by juvenile court lives,” mentoring, an intern- “The goal of the explains Coordinator a Referral CEO Shirley establishing its op- ship program with an program is to iden- who will create and main- erations through Gordon. “Our contacts long- intent to secure em- tain a network of fundraisers and ployment to sports that will serve as a refer- partnerships. ral source for the pro- and arts programs, gram. The goal of the YUE offers a well- A non-profit that organization’s marketing rounded range of pro- aims to reach youth strategy is to assure that: • Referral sources will grams that target the in Anne Arundel use our services; multitude of stressors county who are fal- • Funding sources will that children face. ling behind in support our pro- YUE intends to im- school or are al- grams; plement these pro- • Adults will volunteer ready entangled in grams with the fol- to be mentors. the juvenile court The core of the marketing lowing focuses: system, it’s the first term goal iscreation of strategy is the to break 1. Creating a net- tify children who of its kind in the the Board of Director’s. the habits that are work of contacts are going to have a region to offer pro- leading to trouble in with the Anne turbulent transition grams that address our schools and on into adulthood and the causes of ado- our streets.” Continued on Page 2 offer positive sup- lescent frustration CEO Shirley Gordon embarks on “ambitious” path Inside this issue: Our Programs 2 Youth Unique Expres- talent, hard work and sions, Inc. tackles an Meet Our Staff 3 systematic mind of array of adolescent Shirley Gordon, Opportunities 4 problems with struc- YUE’s Chief Execu- tured and targeted pro- Fundraisers 4 tive Officer. grams. And behind the A successful adminis- organized effort is the CEO Shirley L. Gordon Continued on Page 3
  2. 2. Page 2 YUE Connect About YUE (Continued from Page 1) Our Mission Arundel county school The mission of Youth system and the juvenile Unique Expressions, Inc. is court system. the pursuit of the following 1. Recruiting and training principles: instructors, mentors and • Commitment: To inspire volunteers. pro-social friendships, 2. Developing fundraising strong interpersonal strategies. skills, and instill a sense strategy will be the creation The organization’s implemen- of hope in the future. of the organization’s Board of tation efforts would be a drive • Responsibility: To em- Directors who will be respon- to market the program and sible for gathering support its various services in the fol- power youth in establish- and selling the benefits of its lowing ways: ing goals, and following programs to the community. • A Referral Coordinator through on commitments. will create and maintain a • Possibility: To expand YUE will receive funds from network of contacts who individuals as cash donations, the perspective of young will serve as referral appreciated stock and legacy people to make aware of sources gifts, and from businesses as life’s possibilities. • Adults will volunteer as cash, grants or sponsorship of • Support: To surround instructors and mentors fundraising events. young people in a caring, • Funding sources will sup- Please refer to the Business Plan on our inclusive learning envi- port the program. website ronment. The core of the marketing for more information. Programs target youth stressors in holistic manner Training & work program Youth Unique Expres- eriences and possibili- Intern program sions offers a wide ties through trips to Food & Utility Assistance range of programs as a museums, theaters, Sports program testament of our com- and other places of Mentoring Arts program mitment to inspire, en- educational and cul- Youth trips courage, support, chal- tural interest, and in- GED& College prep lenge and empower the struction in dance, mu- Drug Prevention minds of young people sic, sports, etc. that to worry about not be- in our community. Our would enable them to ing able to afford and the experience unique programs pro- embark on careers of proper training and to become responsi- vide them the opportu- their choice. This experience. ble and productive nity to experience vari- would enable them to Our structured pro- citizens. ous career choices and recognize opportuni- grams are also de- look forward to their ties, instill hope and signed to expose young future without having gain the knowledge people to different exp-
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3 Meet Our Staff Shirley Gordon (Continued from Page 1) trator for corporations and non-profits for 12 years, planning, Jennifer Kipp coordinating and supporting their daily functions and ensur- Vice President ing their effective operation, the task of starting a non-profit offering much-needed services to the community does not seem daunting at all. “I do a lot of research,” Gordon explains. “I would describe it Originally from Colorado Springs, CO, as a great learning experience and I truly believe that this is Jennifer Originally from Colorado what I’ve been chosen to do.” Springs, CO, Jennifer dedicated 12 years to the armed forces human re- Her calling came when her 15-year-old daughter was harassed sources department, earning numerous at school by another girl, resulting in a few girls being taken awards. She joined the YUE team to into police custody. support what she believes is an impor- “This ordeal is what gave me the vision to start the non-profit tant cause for teens today. Jennifer is youth organization in hopes to give these children some else to happily married and enjoys raising her do with their time and energy,” she says. two boys. YUE offers a range of services that target any stressor that Dmytrick Kelley young people face, from mentoring, internships, GED/College Financial Officer Prep, to teaching effective communication within families. “I do think it is ambitious, but it is also needed in my commu- nity,” Gordon explains. A Washington, D.C. native, Dmytrick With four teenage daughters, she is well-aware of the needs of later attended Virginia State Univer- young people in our community and the challenges they face. sity. He joined YUE to help kids in the Having concenptualized the goals and strategies of the organi- community and also help his friend zation, Gordon is now focusing on how she can make it all Shirley Gordon. He has two sons, and happen. two grandchildren, with another due soon. An avid movie buff and a sports “We currently need private and corporate sponsors, and also fan, Dmytrick also enjoys spending funding” she says. “Our goal for this year is to become fully- time with his family. He currently lives operational and completely staffed.” Sowmya Nath Karen Hyson Public Relations Public Relations Director Assistant After attending High Point High School in Beltsville, MD, Originally from Rochester Hills, MI, Sowmya Karen received a degree in business administration, going worked in the media, namely at CNN Interna- on to work for the Montgomery County public school sys- tional and at ABC’s Milwaukee affiliate, WISN tem’s Support Services for 12 years. She currently lives in Channel 12, besides writing for several maga- Severn, MD, and joined YUE to become involved in the zines, newspapers and journals. Married for three community and to help teens make better life choices. years, she volunteers as an after-school tutor. In Karen enjoys going to the movies, skating, playing video her spare time, she likes to read and enjoy the games and taking trips with her three daughters and one outdoors. Sowmya now lives in Baltimore. son.
  4. 4. A publication of Youth Youth Unique Expressions, Inc. is dedicated to the Unique Expressions, Inc. support and empowerment of children in Ann Arun- Youth Unique Expressions, Inc. del county, Maryland. We aim to capture the imagina- 8399 Pioneer Drive tion, energy and hope of young people between the Severn, MD 21144 ages of 11 and 17, who are falling through the cracks Phone: (410)514-6262 at school, or are already entangled in the juvenile Email: court system. YUE is being established to provide structured programs for these kids through partner- We’re on the web ships with local school districts, juvenile courts and other organizations. Preparing Today’s Youth For Tomorrow Opportunities With YUE Board of Directors includ- fundraiser will also develop an ing the following positions: Executive Assistant to the action plan, distribute assign- ments and handle logistics. • Board Chairperson CEO: The assistant will sup- port the CEO in completing • Vice Chairperson special projects and reports, Youth Mentors: Must make a • Committee Chairpersons calendar management and one-year commitment to serve • Board Members scheduling, preparing for and as a positive role model and • Board Secretary reporting on meetings, corre- friend to a young person • Board Treasurer spondence and filing. through an on-going, on-on-one relationship. Must be at least 21 The Board of Directors will be Human Resources Assis- years old. responsible for gathering sup- tant: Duties include depart- port for the organization and mental development, employee Please visit our website marketing the needs of our relations training, benefits and programs within the commu- compensation, etc. for complete details on each posi- nity tion. E-mail us at Fundraiser: Oversees, trains hrdept@youthuniquexpressions.o Program Director: This po- and communicates all aspects rg to apply. sition will be responsible for of pre-event operations such as program development, man- agement and supervision of all outreach, volunteer recruit- ment and coordination. The youth education programs. YUE is currently conducting the following fundraisers: Champions Club Card Entertainment Book Supporters not only pledge their support for our cause but also receive deep discounts from retailers nationwide with the Champions Club Card, and on everyday items like groceries, dry-cleaning, movie tickets and dining with the Entertainment coupon book. Call us to receive yours today!