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Mike Powerpoint

  1. 1. Fierce Predators in the African Savanna By Mike Elmore
  2. 2. Menu Slide •Hyena •Cheetah •Lion •Conclusion Slide
  3. 3. Hyena • Africa’s most common large carnivore • Females are dominant over males • Found in grasslands, savannas , woodlands, forest edges, deserts, and mountains
  4. 4. Hyena Diet • Skillful hunter and opportunistic scavenger • Eats animals of various types and sizes • Eats bones, carrion, vegetabl e matter, and other animal’s feces • Only part of the animal not digested is hair, horns, and hooves
  5. 5. Hyena Facts • Hyenas and humans have an ongoing conflict because of predation. • According to some African folklore, hyenas are symbols of witchcraft and the supernatural. • Hyenas make different sounds to communicate with other hyenas
  6. 6. Cheetah • Fastest land animal in the world • The only cat that cannot retract its claws, allows for traction while running. • Can run as fast as 70 mph for short periods of time.
  7. 7. Cheetah’s Diet • Usually prey on small antelopes; either Thompson’s gazelles or impalas • Also hunt small mammals and birds • Knocks the prey to the ground with its paws and suffocates it with a bite to the neck.
  8. 8. Cheetah Facts • Unlike all other cats cheetahs hunt during the day. • They have a black “tear ducts” under their eyes that act as an antiglare for hunting during the day. • Cheetahs are solitary animals, they do not hunt or live with other cheetahs for most of the time.
  9. 9. Lion • Nicknamed “King of the Beasts” • Male lions are known for their mane that encircles their huge heads • Both male and female lions roar, can be heard as far as 8 km away. • Found in savannas, grasslands, den se bush, and woodlands
  10. 10. Lion’s Diet • Live and hunt in prides • Females are majorly responsible for the hunting in the pride. • Are smart and strong enough to take down hippos, rhinos, and buffaloes. • Scavenging accounts for at least 50% of the diet of most lions
  11. 11. Lion Facts • Lions used to be found in Greece and India as well as Africa, now there is only a very small population in India • Lions can for four or five days without water, receive a lot of the water they need from the stomachs of their prey. • When a new male takes over a pride he kills all the cubs, and mates with the lionesses
  12. 12. Conclusion All Information About Predators Received From: African Wildlife Foundation. Retrieved June 22, 2009, from African Wildlife Foundation Web site: www.awf.org All Pictures Received From: Google Images. Retrieved June 22, 2009, from Google Images Web site: www.google.com/images