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This is the presentation for one of my projects in college. It was done by me and 6 other members of my group. In this project, I've mainly worked on designing the slide show and the ads along with ...

This is the presentation for one of my projects in college. It was done by me and 6 other members of my group. In this project, I've mainly worked on designing the slide show and the ads along with some other work.



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Poshtick Poshtick Presentation Transcript

  • Health Bar
  • 4 Ps Product
  • About POSH-TICK Therefore we have come up with POSH-TICK – a tastier way. • The name POSH-TICK is derived from hindi word paushtik which means healthy. We went the Indian way for two reasons a) we didn’t want to use healthy as people attached it with weight loss & we are focusing on healthy food for everyone. b) Indian is the way to go as we are an Indian company and we will have our branches all over India.
  • • Also what people usually order is a mixture of Indian and other foodstuff, & we provide a blend of both. • The tastier way is purposely included as people perceived healthy to be bland & we want to tell people that healthy food and taste are not at two ends but together • We don’t want our consumers to mistake us for a diet chain as we focus on health for everyone as opposed to low cal ?& diet food. That is why we want our name to suggest it all for them.
  • Place Launch in six cities
  • HYDERABAD Reasons For Opening Our Branch In Panchagutta: • It is the heart of the city. • Commercial city & colleges too are located here. • Later another branch will be opened in HI –TECH CITY -Madhavpur, which is an IT HUB
  • Chennai Reasons For Opening Our Branch In Anna Salai: • It is a commercial place. • Some of the largest corporate and Indian offices are established here. In Anna Salia we would like to open in “Spencer Mall".
  • BANGLORE Reasons For Opening Our Branch In Kormangala: • Posh area. • We would like to open it in the Forum mall as it attracts both the working professionals and other young crowd. • In future we would like to open our chain in Brigade road. • We would have tie ups with the multinationals like Wipro, Infosys and Google to give us sections in their food counters.
  • DELHI In Delhi, we would like to have two outlets • Connaught Place • premier shopping destination. • commercial and business hub of Delhi. • Has countless number of Emporia and cinema halls. 2. Gurgaon • It is the main city of Delhi • It has major IT firms and other industries. • It has many malls.
  • Kolkata Reasons for opening our brand in Park Street • It is a commercial Hub •It forms the heart of Kolkata Metropolis •There are no health bars in this city
  • MUMBAI In Mumbai we would like to have three outlets • CHURCHGATE • It houses some of India's premier business headquarters. • It attracts A number of students from South Mumbai Colleges and office goers. • Lower Parel (Pheonix Mills) • Goregaon (Near Oberoi Mall)
  • Pricing Our Menu
  • Marketing brief • We are launching a fast-food joint which aims to provide people healthy, tasty and quick food. • To change the usual notion of healthy being bland to tasty through our restaurant. • Create the want for “healthy at the same time tasty food option” in our consumer we would like to fulfill their want to the optimum. • Kick Start our POSH-TICK in the six metros mentioned earlier and depending on the progress and increasing in want if any, would expand our project.
  • COMMUNICATION BRIEF PROPOSAL • Posh- tick a new food- chain in the country is launching its outlets across the six Metros (Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata). It will offer a unique blend of healthy and tasty fast- food.
  • POSITIONING STATEMENT • “Excellent blend of taste and health” • Available at reasonable price • Quickly available as it is under the category of fast- food
  • • COMMUNICATION STRATEGY • Advertising, sales promotion and PR Stunts • MEDIA VEHICLE USED • Print ads in newspapers and magazines, outdoor media, radio ads a TVC • PROMOTIONS • Tie- ups with gyms, would like to promote the day of our launch as “Health and Taste day”, create community groups • SALES EVALUATION • Feedback forms from customers • BUDGET • 50 Crores • TIME SPAN • Eight months
  • SWOT Analysis • Strenghts • Weaknesses •Opportunities • Threats
  • BRAND COMMUNICATION FOR POSH-TICK • BRAND VISION Over the period of time we want POSH- TICK to be recognized as a food- joint that provides the best HEALTHY, TASTEY AND QUICK food. • BRAND ESSENCE Healthy food • BRAND TRUTH Will always provide with healthy, tasty and quick food under any given circumstances • BRAND BENEFIT Eating in our restaurant would be always advantageous as it would provide a blend of tasty and quick food with the core advantage of being healthy
  • • BRAND VALUE We will provide you with tasty and quick food with compensating on the health-benefits of it. We will seek to maintain our promise of HEALTHY FOOD in every situation • BRAND PROMISE The best healthy, quick and tasty food, a unique blend only at Posh- tick • BRAND PERSONALITY Health, hygiene, taste and time conscious, in tandem with the changing consumer of today
  • COMPETITORS FOR POSH-TICK Competitors are divided into two sections: • In respect to the product • In respect to the advertising
  • Competitors (with respect to the product) • Star one restaurant • Subway • HAS juice bar
  • Competitors (with respect to advertising) • Pizza hut • Dominos pizza • Mc Donald’s • KFC
  • • SECONDARY AUDIENCE Target Audience • People who just hang-out in these locations with family, friends etc.. KEY AUDIENCE EXTERNAL- • INTERNAL- The people with whom PRIMARY AUDIENCE we will have our tie- ups People in the age bracket of 15- 50 • PSYCHGRAPHICS- People who approximately look for healthy and tasty option to Working professionals in commercial eat at reasonable price. They look for areas and students who can afford an option which could offer them a spending 300-500 per visit at our place quick meal at anytime.
  • STUDENT Consumer Profile • Age 16-22 years WORKING PROFESSIONALS • SECA and SECB • Age 23 to 45 or 50 • Monthly expenses (3000+) • Both males and females • The new generation with the newer • Urban ideas • Monthly income – at least Rs. 25000 • Married or unmarried
  • The psychographics STUDENT (as per the VALS II Lifestlye - Experiencers segmentation) - Believers WORKING PROFESSIONALS - (Strivers) - Achievers - Experiencers - And the makers
  • Positioning • Breaking out the general perception that health food could be • “An excellent blend of health and tasty also. taste”. Main focus is on: 1. Healthy food 2. Taste of the food
  • Orion Advertising and 360 Communications
  • Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Creative Brief
  • MARKETING PROBLEM – • negative thinking whereby people tend to relate healthy food to less tasty or not at all tasty food. • credibility of healthy food is always at stake. TALKING TO – • WORKING PROFESSIONALS • STUDENTS
  • CURRENT CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR – • Have anything that is easily available and is appetizing to their taste- buds. • And don’t mind spending anywhere in the range of 300-500. DESIRED CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR – • health and taste of food can very well go hand - in – hand
  • INSIGHT AND PROPOSITION – • “eat the right way” without compensating on taste. Tone – • friendly, realistic and positive
  • Media Vehicles to be used Magazines – • Health, Femina, JLT, Jam, Health & Fitness, Outlook. Newspaper (PR - planted articles) – • Bombay Times and Times of India, HT Newspaper (ad) – • TOI, BT, HT, DNA Radio (promotions) – • Big 92.7 FM
  • Media Vehicles to be used Hoardings – • Near our restuarants. For example, in Mumbai from Lower Parel Station to Kamla Mills area. In Goregaon, the area surronding the restaurant. In Churchgate, From churchgate station to Colaba.
  • COMMUNICATION SPECTRUM 30% trial 40% Conviction and Desire 50% Liking and Preference 60% Comprehension 90% Awareness 100% Unawareness
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Advertising and Other Promotion • Also, offers like keeping a 10 % discount off after the first three months launch on student & office ID, this would attract customers initially • Include tie ups with IT Sector as Hyderabad and Bangalore have cities which are IT Hubs. ( This would prove to be an effective tool for creating a loyal customer base) • Sponsoring Recipe sections in magazines and availing discounts through these sections to the readers and sponsoring contest on Big 92.7 FM. • We would like to celebrate the day of our launch as ‘Taste and Health’ day. • Community groups.
  • Innovative Outdoor
  • Steffi Lewis Sanali Lotankar Hiral Savla Deeksha Shetty Rini Singh Ruma Singhal Viola Rodrigues Thank You!