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1100 Architect 1100 Architect Presentation Transcript

  • II00:
  • queens Central library JAMAICA, NY, 2010, 22,000 SF, leed SIlver 1100 recently completed the master plan for the renovation and modernization of 275,000 square foot Queens Central library including the design and construction of the 22,000 square foot Children’s library discovery Center consisting of two stories and cellar; the first phase of the masterplan to be executed. The exterior shell of the CldC is comprised of four types of glazing ranging from transparent, translucent, opaque and opaque with texture, with High Performance glazing used at all transparent and translucent openings. The glowing glass façade will be a beacon in the surrounding community and is elemental in increasing the library’s visibility and reintroducing it as a central cultural and social destination. This project will be completed in december 2009 and is expected to receive leed Silver rating. part of the new york City department of design and ConstruCtion design exCellenCe program i 2008 new york City design Commission publiC design award
  • the new york public library, battery park city New York, NY, 2009, 11,000 SF, leeD GolD The New York Public library branch in Battery Park City will be an 11,000 square-foot facility that anchors the bottom two floors of a newly constructed residential tower. 1100’s design incorporates 160 155 153 144 168 well-known elements of library planning into a more modern and efficient space. This library is oriented 154 144 132 130 toward a self-service system, requiring the layout of the spaces to be easy to navigate and exceptionally 109 110 113 114 93 111 112 117 user-friendly. open bright spaces will create a welcoming environment for the public with the most 94 124 119 123 121 120 efficient circulation. From the community room to the staff spaces, 1100 will employ quality, value- 118 95 99 98 97 102 101 100 96 conscious design. 1100 is working closely with Battery Park City Authority environmental Guidelines for high-performance construction and is expected to receive leeD Gold rating.
  • entrance
  • avant chelsea new york, ny, 2008, 34,000 SF The Avant Chelsea, located in the heart of the urban neighborhood, is a twelve-story residential condo- minium comprising 19 luxury two-bedroom units and a two story Community Facility Space with a total of 34,000 SF. All penthouses have private outdoor space, achieved by an unconventional setback solution, which leads to the unusual appearance of the building. The main volume seems to be hollowed out and opening up to light and air with a gradation of terrace steps on the top four floors. The street façades show a floor-to-ceiling window wall system, proportioned to achieve a stimulating balance between the scale of the user and the building at large. The building is enclosed by a ribbon of 1’x3’ façade panels that unfold on the east façade as a mosaic of 2500 panels in six different shades of indigo, contributing to the overall exterior identity of the project.
  • CYber CenTer New york public library, FraNciS MarTiN library meChAniCAl equipmenT level bronx, nY, 2008 sTreTChed Ceiling fAbriC level This children’s reading room is designed to stimulate its users’ imaginations, encouraging them to learn through form, color and layout. bold and graphic elements with a bright palette of oranges, greens, and blues are offset by glossy white. A reflective fabric undulates to form a playful ceiling, at parts fold- ing away to reveal greater height and contrasting concrete. The arrangement of the translucent plastic shelving allows for exuberant and active spaces for the children while increasing visibility for staff. This reading room will inspire curiosity within and promote discovery even outside its walls. 2009 ala/aia NaTioNal library award i 2009 aia New york chapTer deSigN MeriT award i 2008 beST floor level oF year iNTerior deSigN MagaziNe MeriT award ConCepT diAgrAm
  • reAding AreA TYpiCAl user AreA TYpiCAl user AreA
  • ground floor/lobby the new school new york, ny, 2007 orange is the new signature color of the new school. the vibrant shade suggests the optimism, vivacity, and progressiveness the institution embodies. A former printing shop in a 1906 commercial building, recently purchased by the university, suggested none of these characteristics in its original state. our design infuses the space with a playfulness and spontaneity. it creates an environment in which indepen- dent-minded students can gather and share. the undulating ceiling cultivates an energetic atmosphere (and simultaneously addresses a pragmatic issue by visually steering students toward their desired paths). orange millwork benches provide visual and physical stopping points, while also extending the fluid, playful profile of the ceiling. the total result is a unique space that speaks to the needs and identity section of the client. 2008 Best of year interior design magazine merit award
  • lounge ground floor stAircAse between lobby And lounge
  • LREI New York, NY, 2002, 55,000 SF Little red School House & elisabeth Irwin High School (LreI), founded in 1921 by an educator, journalist, and psychologist, is conceptualized as a learning laboratory. It must encourage students to make connec- tions between their experiences and the world outside of the school, as well as to engage their imagina- tions. The architectural approaches that guide the new design for LreI support its progressive philosophy. II00’s work encompassed a total of 55,000 SF, enhancing the existing facilities and the school community with state of the art learning environments. The design entailed an upgrade of all programmatic space, giving coherence to the various floor levels and circulation routes amongst the three buildings. 2001 AIA NEw YoRk StAtE MERIt AwARd I 2001 AIA NEw YoRk ChAptER dESIgN AwARd Section
  • ScIeNce Lab arT ST udIo gYmNaSIum LobbY Lower LeveL caFeTerIa
  • brooklyn brownstone Brooklyn, ny, 2007 This project encompasses the 7,200 square-foot renovation of a 5-story residence in Brooklyn. The aim of this renovation was to create a family home that fully integrates the site’s rear garden into the plan of the house, while creating both familial and private spaces. occupying the existing footprint, the new building employs glass and aluminum to create a more open and continuous feeling in the back of the house. These materials, in addition to a new staircase connecting the garden and the second floor, firmly establish the garden as an extension of the house and as a communal location. Using green roof technology, a private garden accessible from the master bedroom creates a small, personal outdoor space. Inside, the house is designed to fit the needs of the family. Home office space, rooms for two children, and a fifth-floor playroom are all elements of this functional, comfortable, and stylish home. 0 1' 5' 10' 20'
  • main House WATERMILL HOUSES Watermill, NY, 2003, 2008 19 0 0 0 19 20 13° 200 the design of this private family complex is deferential to the fifteen wooded acres of land upon which 87'-0 3/4" 220 50'-0" 23'-11 3/4" 210 30'-0" TYP. 190 10'-0" 1/2" 24'-0 it is situated. each building is an unobtrusive, rational form that rests quietly within the trees and 220 1/2" 38'-3 TAX LOT 37.1 60'-0" responds to the sloping of the terrain. the main house functions as a sophisticated tree house, with a 230 120'-0" 33° shielded bottom floor for sleeping and an open, transparent second floor for living. Both the glass walls 24 0 -8" 71' MIN 10'-0" 60' -0" 100'-0" 240 ' 00 20'-0" -2 +/ 210 75'-3 1/2" and the central court that leads up to the roof terrace embody a philosophy of transparency, allowing 32'-0" 240 100'-0" 220 18 '-0 32'-0" " 0 19 the architecture to encompass a wider realm of experience than the immediate interior. in addition 20 '-0 " 0 NEW PATH TO " 23 EXISTING PATH '-0 56 0 TAX LOT 21 38.5 190 to concrete, polyvinyl, glass, aluminum, and wood, the trees themselves and the shoreline beyond the NEW GUEST HOUSE 2" TAX LOT 1/ 0 20 '-4 38.4 51 0 18 45'-0" 20 '-6 " property become materials in the construction of this serene retreat. 26 " 3/4 '-5 1/2 '-4 " 36 45'-0" 100'-0" 100'-0" 45'-0" 180 180 2008 AIA NEW YORk STATE MERIT AWARd Site Plan 50 0 25 50 100 200 SITE PLAN 1 SCALE: 1' = 40'
  • Guest House Pool House Bunk House