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Go Salads

  2. 2. JUNK FOOD Junk food- term describing food that is perceived to be unhealthy and/or having poor nutritional value.  contains saturated fat, salt, or sugar and numerous food additives such as monosodium glutamate and tartrazine.  it is lacking in proteins, vitamins and fibre, among others.
  3. 3. JUNK FOOD It is popular with suppliers because:  it is cheap to manufacture,  has a long shelf life,  may not require refrigeration. It is popular with consumers because:  it is easy to purchase,  requires little or no preparation,  is convenient to consume and has lots of flavour.
  4. 4. PERCEPTIONS OF JUNK FOOD Some food are not considered as junk food although they have little nutrition value:  ethnic or traditional  white rice, roast potatoes and processed white bread  breakfast cereals
  5. 5. WHY JUNK FOOD IS SO APPEALING?  The Time Factor: quick or instant.  The Taste Factor: considered as really tasty.  Junk Food Advertising.
  6. 6. HARMFUL EFFECTS OF JUNK FOOD  Lack of energy  Poor concentration  Heart Diseases  High Cholesterol
  7. 7. COMPETITION Since we are looking at the fast food industry, we have competition at 2 levels-  International- the global fast food market  Local- all the shops/restaurants which exist locally
  8. 8. Mc Donald‟s Vision:  “To leverage the unique talents, strengths and assets of our diversity in order to be the World's best quick service restaurant experience“. Core value:  the best quality food and drinks.  the best quality raw ingredients, sourced only from approved suppliers  food is prepared to a consistently high standard.  customer satisfaction through good services provided by motivated stuff.
  9. 9. Kentucky Fried Chicken Vision:  “To bring people of all ages, races and backgrounds together to enjoy „Soul Food‟ – „proper food at reasonable prices‟ – within bright and fun interiors. “ Core values:  quality chicken in a fast, efficient way  meat comes about ethically and thorough humane treatment.  honest employees and ethical treatment of everyone- customer, manager, and employee alike.  make customers smile and create long-term customers.
  10. 10. Pizza Hut Vision:  To be the best casual dining restaurant, where consumers can enjoy a wide array of food in a cosy and relaxed ambience." Core values:  high-quality product and customer satisfaction  treat people with respect  take time to coach  always be accountable  have fun
  11. 11. Quick Vision  to be the European fast service hamburger chain renowned for its passion for the excellent taste of its products. Values:  excellence,  evolution,  exemplarity,  enthusiasm.
  12. 12. Subway Vision:  to achieve maximum company growth by empowering and developing our employees to become effective managers and distinguished leaders. Core values:  customer satisfaction through offering high quality food with exceptional service and good value  serve each other, our customers and our communities  continuous improvement in all that we do  we know our success depends upon the initiative we take individually and our ability to work as a team.
  13. 13. Mapping- Price & Health Health Price
  14. 14. PORTER‟S 5 FORCES New Entrants Extremely competitive market virtually anybody can enter Low barriers to entry Supplier Power Buyer Power Bargaining power of suppliers is low Saturated market due to their being so much competition for restaurant sales. Customers are demanding higher quality at lower prices. Low Threat of Supplier Power Overall high threat for Buyer Power Substitutes Health trends are moving away from fried products. Consumers will seek out alternatives. Casual Dining, Fine Dining Overall high threat for substitutes
  15. 15. FOOD PYRAMID
  16. 16. HEALTHY DIET A healthy diet comprises of-  Bread/Pasta/Grains/Other Starches – big serving  Fresh Vegetables & Fruits- medium serving  Dairy Products- small serving  Meat- small serving  Fat/Oil/Sweets- very small serving
  17. 17. GO SALADS- IT‟S SNACK-TIME!  BRAND VISION- To replace the perception of junk food by healthy food and to be the best fast- food chain in world.  BRAND MISSION- tasty, quality, fast-food which is healthy and fresh.  BRAND VALUES- health, freshness, quality, fat- free, hygiene.
  18. 18. CORE VALUES  Customer-driven- train employees to smile, serve good food, be calm in difficult situations.  Quality-conscious about the vegetables/food.  Healthy Workplace for employees.  Support local farmers.  Encourage a strong affiliation between all parts of the organization- employees, customers, farmers etc.
  19. 19. Name & Tagline  Go: Speed of preparation & consumption  Salads : Main product, Health, Nutrition  „it‟s snack-time!‟: Salad as snack, anytime
  20. 20. LOGO- THE IMAGE  Female Silhouette: Care, Openness, Welcoming, Mother, Reborn  Lettuce Form: Food, Nutrition, Health, Quality, Fresh.  „Green‟ colour: Hope, Clean, Hygienic, Environmental-friendly, Ecological.
  21. 21. POSITIONING  „Healthy‟(nutritional) versus „not so bad for your health‟.  Perception of Salad as a „Snack‟.  Socially & Environmentally-friendly Organization.  A satisfying appetizer.
  22. 22. Mapping- Price & Health Health Price
  23. 23. TARGET CUSTOMER  Short-term:  Health conscious  Middle age group (25-35 years)  High & middle income group  Mostly women  Professionals  Long-term:  People addicted to junk food  Children/Youth  House wives
  24. 24. PERSONALITY  Go Salads as a PERSON- Émilie Female, 27 years old, middle income group, vegetarian, media professional. Lives in a flat within the city (urban life-style), takes stray cats in her house, goes to the gym 3 days a week, aware about the world.  Go Salads as a FRUIT- Apple Juicy, tasty, green, crisp, tempting, fresh, nutritive and healthy.
  25. 25. EXTENDED IDENTITY  Eco friendly, all the packaging is recyclable.  “Free fruit” concept for a salad purchased, to go along with our image.  Tie-ups with farmers and good reasonable prices for their vegetables.  Loyalty programmes for regular customers.  Start free diet-consulting subsequently.
  26. 26. 4 P‟s  Product- Salads (3,5,7,9…), free bread, free dressing, canned fruit juices.  Price- minimum 2€ - 7€. Juices are 1.25€.  Place- Paris- Gare de Lyon (Central Station)  Promotion- make healthy food look appealing
  27. 27. CONTAINERS
  28. 28. TAKE-AWAY BAGS
  31. 31. Thank you