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  1. 1. Renaissance Changing the face of education
  2. 2. Who We Are? • Set up to create innovation in education through different techniques in 2008 • Founded by Jaideep Bir & an angel investor • Operates in 2 formats: 1.Curriculum Products/Services Suite 2.Beyond the Curriculum Solutions • Team comprises : Thought leaders from Academia across the country and boards, spanning a total experience of over 50 years. • Specialize in out-of-the-box teaching techniques in the various modules
  3. 3. What We Do? • Develop innovative curriculum - Board Specific Curriculum - Customized Curriculum • Integrate technologies in the classroom • Beyond Curriculum Programmes • Teacher training programs • Providing teachers • School Process Reform Consultancy
  4. 4. What is Renaissance Rewind? • History Presentations that integrate: History | Story telling | Cathartic Chants | Music | Audio Visual aids • It is a chronological walk through history • The show conducted by Joe Alvares and crew is a gripping 2 hour session covering topics such as: • The History of the West Coast Of India • Great Personalities – Historic and Current • Great Wars: World War I, II & The Cold War
  5. 5. Salient Features/USP • History is told as his story • No. of Students attending is 1000 per session, from Grades 5-10 • RR Caters to short attention spans • The cathartic exercises ensures focused attention. • The music & visual aids breaks the monotony of the lecture • RR Caters to different types of learners- audio, visual, experiential
  6. 6. Topics for Renaissance 1 West Coast History 1000 Years: With Specific Reference to the Mumbai/Thane Region 2 Dynasties in India - what they left behind – across India and across various facets of life: Architecture, music, food, etc 3 Great Personalities (India): Review of their lives, ideologies and times 4 Great Personalities (Global): Review of their lives, ideologies and times 5 Great Wars - WW1 and 2 and The Cold War 6 Various Revolutions: Industrial, French, Russian 7 Legacy of Colonization (Global) 8 India: An Emerging Superpower on the World Stage Culture/Technology/Economy/Opportunity/World Destination 9 Europe Revisited: A Traveller's visit to 16 cities in Italy, Austria and Germany
  7. 7. Process • 10.00 am: Begin Renaissance with Introduction • 10.10 am: Cathartic deep breathing exercises • 10.20 am: Introduce the topic under consideration • 10.40 am: Begin lecture with slide show or film clips • 10.55 am: Live Music Performance • 10.58 am: Continue lecture with audio-visual aids • 11.15 am: Live Music Performance • 11.18 am: Continue Lecture • 11.40 am: End lecture with another live music performance • 11.45 am: Begin feedback session • 12.00 am: End of RR
  8. 8. Glimpses
  9. 9. Glimpses Contd.. Link to the Video:
  10. 10. Case Studies • We have conducted Renaissance in several schools around the country at Mumbai, Delhi, Pune & Aurungabad • Testimonials: “My students , the staff and the PTA members are all very appreciative of this enlightening experience offered by you and I am sure it would touch every heart that was a part of this show. Once again accept my gratitude and all good wishes for all such future endeavours to you and your entire team. Keep up the good work!” – Principal “This was a great experience for us. It is the kind of programme I wish our school would have on a regular basis. I also wish to share this with my friends & family who could not attend. It was not only educational, but gave us methods to help cope and be more attentive. The music was fabulous and I will now be able to associate certain events in history with these particular songs.” - Student
  11. 11. Renaissance in the News
  12. 12. The Opportunities • Scale up Renaissance Rewind to the Top 100 schools in India • Reach 100 Schools*1000 students in 1 year across 10 cities = 100,000 students • Establish 90mins * 1 lac (mins) of engagement with Target Group • Create opportunity in-content Brand Positioning • Create opportunity for sampling
  13. 13. Target Audience Students belonging to SEC- A, between the ages of 10-15 yrs from affluent households Schools located in top 10 cities: • Mumbai • Delhi • Bangalore • Chennai • Kolkata • Ahmedabad • Jaipur • Indore • Chandigarh • Pune
  14. 14. Ad Spots
  15. 15. Invite/Circular On the circular handed out to the students prior to the show
  16. 16. On Mobile Branded Interactive Content via Mobile (blue casting) can also be distributed
  17. 17. Stage Background On a ‘Renaissance Rewind’ Stage Background
  18. 18. Stall Stall for Sampling
  19. 19. Banners 4 Brand Banners (of size 3 x 2 )a will be placed in the auditorium
  20. 20. Rates • Title Sponsor Rs 2,00,000 per show-1000 students (all mentioned above collaterals and the sponsor ad film can be played before and after the show) • Associate Sponsor - Rs 1,00,000 per show (2 Banners for this Event, mention on the invite & all mobile activity, smaller mention on the stage background) • Co-Sponsor – Rs 50,000 per show (Mention on the invites, mention at the beginning of the event & smaller mention on the stage background.)
  21. 21. Benefits • Brand will spend an entire morning with: 1000 students * 100 schools. • Brand will not only get visibility, but also ensure recall. It will have constant (3 hour) exposure to the TG through in-content and visual media, sampling, etc. • Brand will spread higher Academic Standards through improved curriculum and technology, thereby improving results • Brand will be recognized as Progressive and Socially Responsible as it is taking an active and keen interest in improving education
  22. 22. Thank you