11 June Health Care Rally


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11 June Health Care Rally

  1. 1. THE FAMILY & BUSINESS HEALTHCARE SECURITY ACT ENDORSED BY: SENATE BILL 400 - HOUSE BILL 1660 • AFL-CIO, Pennsylvania • Allegheny County Council • • American Medical Student Association (AMSA) National Union of Hospital and Hospice Care CIVILIZED HEALTHCARE Employees District 1199C (Philadelphia), AFSCME, AFL-CIO FOR ALL • PA Business For Sensible Healthcare • Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals (PASNAP) HEALTHCARE FOR ALL PENNSYLVANIA • Pennsylvania Council Of Churches citizens educating citizens • Pennsylvania League of Women Voters • Philadelphia City Council For more information, or to make a contribution, contact: • Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks Health Care for All Pennsylvania • Physicians For a National Health Program (PNHP) P.O. Box 828 • Pittsburgh City Council Levittown, PA 19058 …a partial list of our many supporters Or visit our website for resources, links and facts at: http://healthcare4allpa.org or call: (717) 295-0237 Ways You Can Help THE FAMILY & BUSINESS HEALTHCARE SECURITY ACT SENATE BILL 400 - HOUSE BILL 1660 Please write a check (tax deductible) to #1 Visit our website at http://healthcare4allpa.org to “HealthcareforALLPA Education Fund” and mail it to A mainstream, common sense learn more and to educate others. the address above. Keystone State solution #2 Lobby your State Legislators using the talking points included in this brochure. Find your Thank you for helping us make Pennsylvania a better representative at: http://healthcare4allpa.org/legislators.htm place to live and raise our families. If you live in western PA, contact us at: ***** #3 Write letters to the editor, using the talking points PUSHforhealthcare@gmail.com Pennsylvania... leading the way in this brochure. Or call Molly at: (412) 343-3027 to first-rate, comprehensive #4 Donate $10, $25, $50 – whatever you can – to our healthcare for all. volunteer, citizen-centered education and lobbying effort: EVERYBODY IN. NOBODY OUT. http://healthcare4allpa.org/donate.htm #5 Circulate a petition and return it to us: Comprehensive coverage means: http://healthcare4allpa.org/documents/petition_s.pdf MEDICAL CARE EMERGENCY TRANSPORT DENTAL CARE HOSPICE CARE EYE CARE ADDICTION TREATMENT The leader of a statewide coalition founded in 2004 to guarantee comprehensive PHYSICAL THERAPY LONG-TERM CARE healthcare for every Pennsylvanian, Healthcare for All Pennsylvania is a registered 501 (c)(3) and 501 (c)(4) organization including citizens from all walks of life. MENTAL HEALTH PREVENTIVE MEDICINE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS
  2. 2. WHY PENNSYLVANIA AND WE CAN TheFamilyBusinessHealthcareSecurity Actprovidesprompt,quality,comprehensive WHY NOW? PASS IT... healthcareforall.Itispaidforusingexisting StateandFederalfundsanda3%personaland We NEED it... • epublicanandDemocratic R co-sponsorsinthePAHouse 10%businesshealthandwellnessfee.Most •1.5millionresidentsareuninsured andSenate individuals and businesses realize substantial •2millionmoreareunderinsured savings over what they currently pay for • ajoritysupportforeconomic M • 8%ofinsuredPennsylvaniansindangerof 9 studyonSB400/HB1660 insurance premiums, administrative costs, illness-relatedfinancialruin prescription drugs, co-pays and deductibles. • overnorRendelliscommittedtosigningthebillwhen G • 0%ofpersonalbankruptciesandhome 5 itpasses Theplancoversallpermanentandtemporary foreclosurescausedbymedicalbills legalresidentsoftheCommonwealth. • Ainsurancerateshigherandgrowingfaster P thannationalaverage Publicly funded, BENEFITS: • ncreasedout-ofpocketexpensesresulting I fromMedicarecutsnowcovered privately provided, •Qualityhealthcareforall •Youpickyourowndoctor • ealthcarecostsbankruptingourcities,towns, H quality, comprehensive • ouandyourdoctordeterminethebestcourse Y andcounties healthcare for all: oftreatment,notaninsurancecompany • odenialofcoverage.No exceptionsfor N CIVILIZED HEALTHCARE • Cost-Efficient “experimental”procedures,pre-existing FOR ALL • Practical and Proven conditions,oranythingelseexceptelective • Revitalizes Economy cosmeticsurgery. • Promotes Business and Job Growth • oneedforMedicareSupplementalcoverage N Civilizedhealthcareforallreplacestheprofit- MORE BENEFITS: centeredinsurancecompanythatdenies • educesthecostofStateandLocal R coveragetoensurebigprofits.Iteliminates Governments,workers’compand,intheory, 84%ofwhatwenowwasteonadministration, propertytaxes,autoinsurancepremiums advertising,marketing,CEOsalariesandperks. • xpandsEconomy:aprojected140,000well- E VA-stylebulkpurchasingofpharmaceuticals payingnewjobsinPennsylvania alsoreducescost(theVAsaves50%ormore). •Healthcareisnolongeremployer-based • educedLiability/PAphysiciansstayhere R TheU.S.spendsmorethantwiceasmuch • inancialSecurityforfamilies,businesses, F We WANT it... perpersononhealthcareastheother34 localgovernmentsandschooldistricts • 6%ofPennsylvaniansbelieveourhealthcare 7 • rovensavingsaresharedbyall P industrializedcountries(allofwhichhave systemisbroken universalhealthcare). • 8%believegovernmentshouldguarantee 6 healthcareforall • 3%believeRendellhealthcarereformsdonot 7 gofarenough EVERYBODY IN. NOBODY OUT.