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Exploration of Windows Movie Maker

Exploration of Windows Movie Maker



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    Module 6 Module 6 Presentation Transcript

    • Microsoft Education Microsoft Features Windows Movie Maker Review
    • Microsoft Education One of the best sites I found on Windows Movie Maker was one dealing in particular with education. It recommended placing children “in small groups to create movie stars made from plasticine and other materials” while “design[ing] and write[ing] a basic script or storyboard”. They can “create short animated films by taking a serious of photographs and then using Movie Maker to run the photographs quickly, one after another” because this process “gives the impression that their models have come to life”. Students can then “add music or a commentary to their film and titles and credits to complete their project”.
    • The site explains the process of creating a movie with pictures, all the steps for every move, and also what standards this movie hits upon. For example “know and use the elements and principles of visual art forms (that is, color, form/shape, line, space, texture, value) to create works in the arts and humanities”.
    • This site is very helpful for future teachers. It has great ideas for assignments and group works dealing with creating features with the Windows Movie Maker. It lists all the standards the project on Movie Maker can be credited for and what features the kids can gain from using Window Movie Maker.
    • Import, Edit, Manage, and Share Digital Videos: Including those in High Definition!
    • -Sharing- Publish videos on the PC, “scale it for sending via e-mail, or burn it to DVD using Windows DVD Maker” after creation one “can view and manage all of your media in Windows Photo Gallery, and even incorporate video into your picture slide shows” because Windows Photo Gallery “can handle vast quantities of information without running out of memory”.
    • Windows Movie Maker 4-10165075.html Reviews This site gave a brief definition of Windows Movie Maker, but then set the focus on reviews for the program. The average rating for the reviews was a 3.2 star ranking out of 661 votes.
    • What is Windows Movie Maker? It “gives you the tools to create, edit, and share home movies. Compile and edit a movie from video clips with drag-and-drop functionality. Add special effects, music, and narration with ease. Share your movie over the Web or master it to DVD media” or also choose to “save your movie back to the DV tape in your camera.”
    • This article is great if a user wants to know how the program ranks and what the PROs and CONs are of the Windows Movie Maker. One of the quotes I found most memorable was from “Faker, not Maker” review explaining “Windows Movie Maker is so easy a child could use it- an incredibly patient child born to filmmaker parents who didn’t mind restarting this application every few minutes”.
    • The End!