Revolutionary Nurses- Health Education


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Health Education-Chastity and Fidelity

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Revolutionary Nurses- Health Education

  1. 3. > Demographic- eTelecare Global Solutions Inc. is one of the one of the most innovative call centers in the Philippines today. It is currently located at 3/F EDSA Central Pavilion EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City and has 180 Filipino employees consisting of 105 female staffs and 95 male staffs. The age requirement for the employees is between20-35 years old and 90 % is Roman Catholic while the remaining 10% is Christian.
  2. 4. > Developmental- Since the call center agents of eTelecare Global Solutions Inc is 20-35 years of age, they can be considered as young adults. They are busy establishing long-term, intimate relationships with other people, choosing a life style and adjusting to it and managing home and family. Young adulthood is also the time when intimacy and courtship are pursued and spousal and/or parental roles are developed. The employees’ cognitive stage is formal Operations while their Psychosocial Stage is Intimacy vs. Isolation.
  3. 5. > Literacy Level- Upon assessment, the student nurses identified that 100% of the population is literate. On the first place, it is the primary requirement of the company in accepting applicants for call center agents.
  4. 6. > Physical- The employees have been assessed and the assessment reveals that physical abilities are at its peak, and majority is at its optimal functioning capacity.
  5. 7. > Social/Cultural- Social practices like smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are inevitable to this community since they are always subjected to stress. They find smoking a good and effective way of relieving stress from work. Drinking and going out with friends and co-worker is very frequent according to the people interviewed. Pornography has now become rampant according to the management since the internet is very accessible and pornographic site is always available and reachable.
  6. 8. > Cognitive- based on the community assessment, the learners are apt to make decisions about their personal, occupational, and social roles and is currently practicing this decision making skill. Their cognitive stage of development is formal operations. They use personal experiences to enhance with learning and are critical thinkers who are competent in their job.
  7. 9. > Sensory Deficits- the sensory deficits that have been assessed are the following. First is visual disturbance that is why they are using prosthesis like reading glasses and contact lenses. Hearing problems is one of the complaints of the employees because of the monotonous nature of their job.
  8. 10. >Moral- bisexuality, premarital sex, live-in and cohabitation are just some of the moral issues that the management is most concerned. At least 5 % of the agents of the company claim that they are bisexual. Premarital sex even not directly observed but is known and is raging among call center agents not only inside the grounds of the company but in the call center community. Although moral issues like these do not directly affect the company, it has become a concern of the management.
  9. 11. The learner’s needs for health promotion/disease prevention/risk reduction are the following. First is on promotion of healthy lifestyle. The demands of their job cause them so much stress that makes them at risk to diseases. Adequacy of sleep, exercise, rest and relaxation is highly recommended. Second is on the aspect of healthy relationships. The need of the learners to understand the essence of chastity and fidelity since most moral problems like premarital sex is evitable when the virtue of chastity and fidelity is learned. The learners need to understand the risks of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases because of premarital sex.
  10. 12. Three present and potential problems were assessed in the community. First potential health problem is the development of diseases brought about by stress. Stress can disable the body’s immune system to make a person more susceptible to germs in the environment. Furthermore, diseases like insomnia, eating disorders, and diabetes can also be caused by stress. Second is the possible emergence of sexually transmitted diseases since bisexuality and premarital sex is rampant. Statistics shows that premarital sex is now the leading cause of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. It is followed by unsafe sexual contact by bisexuals.
  11. 13. The Client's present knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are relevant to his/her present needs are the following. First, the community recognizes the possible risks brought about by stress to them. Second is that the community especially the management considers premarital sex, bisexuality and cohabitation as a problem. They also think that the problem needs immediate attention. The learners are already mature enough having sufficient physical and mental capacity to comprehend and understand the importance of building healthy relationships especially chastity and fidelity.
  12. 14. The factors that would enhance learning behavior change are the following. First is their own perception of the need to learn. They consider learning about healthy relationship relevant and important to them. Although they are quite reluctant to expend their resources of time, the fear of becoming ill want to maintain their independence is a driving force to learn. A good teaching method of the teacher also enhances learning and change. That is why a mutual agreement and consultation with the community and student nurses on their preference of the teaching method has been conducted.
  13. 15. <ul><li>The methods in doing learning needs assessment most appropriate for this group can be Informal conversation to encourage learners reveal information about what they perceive their learning needs to be. Focus groups or group discussion will also be effective to solicit attitudes about particular a particular subject or certain issues they would want to bring out. Observation is very important since some learners might be reluctant to deliver their concern that is why the student nurses should be very keen in detecting the non-verbal cues. </li></ul>
  14. 16. <ul><li>The resources needed for conducting the health teaching to this community includes human resources involving the student nurses and the community itself, the management and the employees. A financial resource comprises the materials needed and transportation. The time of the nurse and the community is considered one of the resources. The material resources include papers for the pamphlets, posters and documentation. Technical resources include projectors, laptop and LCD for the presentation </li></ul>
  15. 17. <ul><li>Kolbs Theory of experimental learning can be applied in this community since the learner needs Kolbs four abilities in order to effectively learn. The Concrete experience ability is learning from feeling and actual experience. The Reflective observation ability is learning by observing. Abstract Conceptualization is learning by thinking and lastly the active experimentation ability learning by doing. The theory of multiple intelligence can also be applied. The educator should approach learners from the perspective of multiple intelligence for them to effectively deliver the information and for the learner to effectively learn from them. </li></ul>
  16. 18. <ul><li>TITLE: Chastity and Fidelity towards building healthy relationship </li></ul><ul><li>PURPOSE: To provide the community enough information about the importance of learning Chastity and Fidelity in building a healthy relationship </li></ul><ul><li>LEARNING GOAL: After the health teaching, the call center agents will be able to understand the importance of learning Chastity and Fidelity and be able to apply the things learned to build a healthier relationship with co-workers. </li></ul>
  17. 19. OBJECTIVES AND SUBOBJECTIVES CONTENT OUTLINE METHOD OF INSTRUCTION TIME ALLOTED ( IN MINUTES) RESOURCES METHOD OF EVALUATION Following a 40 mins health teaching session, the call center agents will be able to: COGNITIVE: -Define fidelity and chastity -Enumerate at least 3 importance of fidelity and chastity -Explain the possible problems arising from infidelity PSYCHOMOTOR: -Be able to create healthy relationships with co-workers by reducing incidences of conflicts inside the office AFFECTIVE:   -Verbalize the understanding on fidelity and chastity   -Express any concerns or questions about fidelity and chastity   -Share personal experiences on chastity and fidelity Definition of fidelity and chastity   Importance and benefits of fidelity and chastity   Possible problems arising from infidelity   Summary of understandings about fidelity and chastity     Verbalization of Comments and concerns Lecture /discussion Online discussion  Video viewing    Open forum   5 mins   10 mins. 10 mins 15 mins       Handouts and Visual aids Visiting of related websites Video clips Client-Nurse Interaction       Oral Recitation   Written test Short test     Question and Answer