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Thickn (VideoMusicStar.com) Business Overview
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Thickn (VideoMusicStar.com) Business Overview



These slides present the market opportunity for music video collaboration services and our plan for capturing it. If you are interested in more information, including financial projections, please ...

These slides present the market opportunity for music video collaboration services and our plan for capturing it. If you are interested in more information, including financial projections, please contact us at andrew@thickn.com.



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  • Music Consumption Trends are evolving profoundly Consumers are demanding a more visual, participatory and collaborative experience rather than just listening to music It’s been proven that there are tremendous eyeball and revenue opportunities in a model that exploits these trends RB/GH – Globally, ~ 30MM units have been sold of these participatory and social music technologies ~ 50M unique song downloads in 17 months, at $1.99 each Bridging the gap between music appreciator and musician Real instrument sales amongst kids has risen notably, due to the global popularity of these “games” Then, YouTube music and the split screen phenomenon. Over 75 of the most viewed 100 YouTube videos and 20% of all videos uploaded to the site are of music “ YouTube views exposure” : “MySpace plays exposure” - Reina del Cid = 2.4MM:161K or 15:1 - Timbaland = 85MM:45MM or 2:1 We have the the best new service and ideas to facilitate the next wave of consumption trends
  • http://www.foxbusiness.com/story/markets/industries/media/rock-bandr-franchise-officially-surpasses--billion-north-american-retail-sales/ http://www.vg247.com/2009/05/08/guitar-hero-hits-2-billion-in-sales/
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Thickn (VideoMusicStar.com) Business Overview Thickn (VideoMusicStar.com) Business Overview Presentation Transcript

  • Business Overview July 2009
  • Evolution of Music Consumption: Online  Video  Collaboration 2006 2002
    • Musicians tour to promote their albums
    • Fans buy albums
    • Musicians tour to promote their albums
    • Fans steal music
    • Musicians release albums to promote their tours
    • Fans buy tickets
    • Musicians release albums & videos to promote their online brand
    • Fans buy online tools to interact with them
    2009 Video Online Collaboration
  • Thickn Is Online Video Music Collaboration Share Compose Our goal is to be the premier online service that enables music fans to sing, dance, strum, drum, or just goof along with their favorite musicians, close friends, and anyone else by creating personalized MTV-style music videos starring themselves. Collaborate The Video Music Recorder will provide musicians with a virtual video music studio where you can record the audio and video tracks for your music video. The Video Music Composer will put you in an MTV-style production by mixing your video music recording with the recordings of the other band members. Thickn.com will reach fans and musicians online and on the mobile web through a socially-aware destination website, embeddable widgets for fan blogs & sites, and rebrandable services to be distributed on band websites.
  • Thickn Collaboration: A Sample Use Case Video Composer Many others add tracks Watch the final music video here! www.youtube.com/watch?v=tprMEs-zfQA First, … Bernard Purdie, a jazz & funk drummer, uploads a video of himself playing drums to Thickn.com. Second, … Lo, a 16 year-old from Boston, hears Bernard’s drum track and a set of chords pop into her head … she records an acoustic rhythm guitar section using her webcam through the Thickn Video Recorder at bernardpurdie.com. Then, ... Lo invites Jeong, a young phenom from South Korea, to add a lead guitar track. Mia found some of Jeong’s recordings on YouTube and thought he would be great for this song.
  • Savvy Consumers & Professional Musicians Are Already Collaborating Savvy consumers & professional musicians are already using a patchwork of different tools to try and create a better music experience. And split-screen collaborations are just the beginning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMuwuMFVZCw The video below is a mash-up we created to show the different ways in which people are already finding a way to participate in the music they love and share it with others. Check it out! Have a minute? The video to the left just scratches the surface of what’s going on. Search “spilt screen music collaboration” on YouTube to see the blossoming world of online video music collaboration. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=split+screen+music+collaboration&aq=f
  • Current Tools are Hard
    • Find original video from a video sharing site
    • Obtain original video to add to
        • Find unauthorized software/website to rip the video out of the player
        • Illegally rip the video to your local computer (multiple steps)
    • Record yourself playing along with the downloaded video
        • Open webcam recording application
        • Open downloaded video file in a video player (multiple steps)
        • Start Recording yourself with webcam recording application
        • Start Playback of original video in the video player and play along
        • Stop recording yourself
        • Stop playback of original video
        • Export your recorded video to your local computer (multiple steps)
    • Create a new video from the original and your recording
        • Open a video editing application like Final Cut, Sony Vega, or Adobe Premiere
        • Create a new video project within a video editing application (multiple steps)
        • Add the original video to the project timeline (multiple steps)
        • Add the recorded video to the project timeline (multiple steps)
        • Resize and position the original video to fill half the frame (multiple steps)
        • Resize and position the recorded video to fill the other half the frame (multiple steps)
        • Synchronize the two audio/video files on the timeline (multiple steps)
        • Render the new composite video
        • Check if the tracks are synchronized by looking at the video and listening to the audio
        • If not aligned, shift a track left or right on the timeline and repeat steps 6 and 7 until the tracks are aligned
        • Export video to desktop (multiple steps)
        • Upload video to Internet (multiple steps)
  • Thickn is Easy 1 Click 4. Find original video on Thickn Select “You Here, Click to Record” Record Yourself Playing Along (Or, do a little dance) Save it!
    • 1. Find original video on sharing site
    • 2. Obtain original video to add to
      • Find unauthorized software…
      • Illegally rip the video to your…
    • 3. Record yourself playing along
      • Open webcam application…
      • Open downloaded video…
      • Start Recording yourself…
      • Start Playback of original…
      • Stop recording yourself
      • Stop playback of original…
      • Export your recorded video…
    • 4. Create a new video from the two
      • Open a video editing app…
      • Create a new video project…
      • Add the original video file…
      • Add the recorded video file…
      • Resize and position original…
      • Resize and position the new…
      • Render the new composite…
      • Synchronize tracks
      • Check track synchronization…
      • If not aligned, shift the track…
      • Export Video to Desktop
      • Upload video to Internet
    Current Tools Are Hard 2. 3. 1. 1 Click 1 Click
  • Thickn Service Demo: Rooney Please follow the link below for an animated demonstration of the Thickn service. http://www.screencast.com/t/gz8d9K7h2xH *Please let it buffer completely before playing.
  • Market Paradox Music industry revenues continue to fall despite the fact that music has never been more present in our lives. According to the RIAA 2008 U.S. Manufacturers' Unit Shipments and Value Chart. http://www.riaa.com/keystatistics.php = OPPORTUNITY
  • Video Music Collaborators – Market Breakdown Viral Vocalists Over 50 Million Loves music; impressed by famous performers and wants to be famous herself; maybe does karaoke, or raps; has maybe tried out for American Idol or Britain’s Got Talent; has probably posted something to YouTube . Recreational Musicians Over 80 Million Plays an instrument proficiently; may be posting himself on YouTube; probably is (or was) in a band; has a Facebook or MySpace Band account; many in high school or college. Mashup Music Fans Over 35 Million Love the recent YouTube videos by Tay Zonday, Mia Rose, & ChadVader; watches mostly at work; not a musician; loves all the spoofs & video remixes on YouTube; hasn’t ever posted anything herself but would be interested. Over 100 Million People
  • Thickn Revenue: A Freemium Model The primary revenue stream will come from pay services sold to video music collaborators and Thickn will secondarily sell advertising & marketing programs against its online audience.
    • Pay Services
    • Advanced Video Music Services
      • Includes advanced Video Recorder features for higher quality video recordings, more storage, more bandwidth and advanced editing/mash-up tools
      • Includes unbranded music videos
      • Includes advanced Video Composer features to make MTV-style music videos
      • Includes collaboration contest tools for bands
    • Premium Video Tracks
      • Fans pay to play with stars
      • Single songs & song packs
    Did you know? The Rock Band and Guitar Hero video games have sold 75 million individual song downloads at $1.99 each! Potential = $50 Million Annually
  • Distribution Plan
    • Rebrandable solutions for bands will provide the full-featured Thickn.com experience integrated directly into band websites and re-skinned to match the look and feel of their sites.
    • Embeddable widgets will enable anyone to integrate the Thickn Video Recorder and Player into his blog, MySpace page, and Facebook profile.
    • A mobile app for iPhone and other devices will take advantage of the iPhone’s brand, growing smartphone distribution, and surging mobile Internet use.
    • A socially-aware destination website for PC & mobile will integrate with Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, Open Social, YouTube, & Twitter to help users find & invite friends to use the service.
  • Product Development Roadmap
    • End-to-end system satisfying key use cases to collaborate on split-screen music videos.
    • Video Recorder for Windows
    • Live backend
    • Scalable, stable system ready to launch with Advanced Video Music Services.
    • Thickn.com
    • Google Ads
    • Traffic analytics
    • IE, Firefox, & Safari browsers
    • Social network integration
    • Embeddable widgets
    Month 3 $$ Raise Month 0 Month 15
  • Use of Proceeds Month 3 $$ Raise Month 0 $200K $200K to bring the service to a Public Beta (Launch) A total of $350K to reach revenues of $15K per month a year after launch $150K Month 15
  • Product Development Status
    • With an initial seed of $35K we have developed a live, in-browser Windows implementation of the Thickn Video Music Recorder
    • The Team
      • Victor Klykov – Tomsk, Russia – PhD – Victor and his partner Alexander Ustinov are the lead developers of the Thickn Video Music Recorder for Windows.
      • REEA – http://reea.net – Web & Multimedia Team based in Romania – REEA is a development house specializing in Web development and video production. They were and continue to be an integral part of the online service Qloud, recently acquired by Buzznet. REEA will be developing the web technologies and the Video Music Composer.
      • Art & Logic – CA, USA – Art & Logic are the some of the leading experts in Quicktime having worked directly with the Apple Quicktime team on key projects in the past. Art & Logic will be developing the Thickn Video Music Recorder for Mac.
  • Comparable Companies & Services Video Component MySpace Music Indaba Harmonix (Guitar Hero) Ejam’ Animoto Dopetracks Garage Band Video Lessons YT Orchestra YouTube 125K+ Users Yo-Yo Ma, Roots Mariah Carey, etc… I D O L Omnisio Ksolo Collaborative Component Acquired by Viacom For $175MM Custom Slide Show Mashed w/ Music Amazon Funded Video Lessons from The Stars $4.99 each Video Karaoke Acquired by Fox for < $10MM #1 TV adbuy Paul Potts Susan Boyle Annotate Videos Acquired by Google For $15MM 3000 submissions 70 countries Carnegie Hall New video music collaboration service Vocal Booth Similar to Ksolo Allows Static Video Collaboration
  • Management Team
    • Steve DeVecchi : Co-Founder and President. Accomplished Musician. Currently the Guitarist for The Quick Six based in LA. Awarded Fellowship to pursue PhD in Pure Math at USC in 2004. Left program with a Master’s to pursue ventures that led to the incorporation of this company. Dartmouth 2001 Math and Physics, cum laude. Co-Founder of DMAC while at Dartmouth. Steve will oversee the day-to-day operations of the company.
    • Andrew Ferrone: Co-Founder and VP of Product Development. Over 10 years of experience in the development of video-based applications. Most recently Director of Product Management at Macrovision Solutions Corporation, where he landed after Macrovision acquired Gemstar-TV Guide in May 2008. Played a key leadership role in building the new $20 million Corporate Product Development group to a team of 50 people, from the ground up. Dartmouth 1999 Computer Science and Digital Electronics, magna cum laude. Andrew will lead the product development of Thickn’s service.
    • Brad Crevier: Co-Founder and VP of Business Development. Currently an International Tax Associate in the global structure alignment group at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Boston. Northeastern University 2007 JD, Masters in Public Accounting, and MBA. Dartmouth 2001 Philosophy with a concentration in government. Co-Founder of DMAC while at Dartmouth. Brad will oversee the Legal and Accounting needs of the company.
  • Appendix
  • More Market Overview Videos Weezer Collaboration This video is a mashup of amateur singers, musicians, and dancers covering Weezer’s hit “Pork and Beans”. This video shows that interest in video collaboration cuts across genres. Brad Paisley Green Screen This video was created by country artist Brad Paisley as a video music collaboration with his fans. Great participation despite expert knowledge users need to edit a green screen video effects. Click here to watch! http://hearsomethingcountry.com/green/ Click here to watch! http://www.vimeo.com/5102623 Chris Brown Collaboration This video is a mashup of amateur singers and musicians covering Chris Brown’s hit “With You”. This video shows the scope and quality of amateurs already wanting to collaborate with their favorite musicians. Click here to watch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPYeXN_gnms
  • More Sample Use Cases Guitarists Rocking Out “ DantheWelshy” from UK and “Relaxboi” from Japan have a mutual affinity for rockin’ hard. They actually met through Thickn’s service. Each receives an automatic notification to their Facebook account whenever Artic Monkeys releases a new video song to Thickn. This time Relaxboi purchased their song “A View from the Afternoon”, added guitar, and then invited Dan to add his base. Rock and Roll will never die! Soulful Singers Jay, Chantal and Neisha have amazing voices. They regularly check their favorite artists’ MySpace pages. Usher has a Thickn widget embedded on his Myspace page. Chantal purchased his video song “My Boo” and invited the others to add their vocal parts. With Thickn, it’s easy for them to sing in the same video as today’s top artists and share it with the world. So good… Click on video to view
  • More Sample Use Cases 3 Goof Balls, Bored on a Rainy Day Brandon, Ross and Kyle decide to surf Thickn to see what’s new. Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” is featured on the home page. They immediately ham up a funny dance routine to Soulja Boy’s hit. Several classmates receive an email notification that they have created a new video. By Monday morning, half of their high school class has watched the video. All find dates to the prom. Talented Amateur Crowd Sources Her Band Mia Rose, a talented singer/songwriter from Portugal, didn’t know any good musicians in her small town. Ervey from the US lent a hand. With the help of Ervey and the Video Music Composer, she looks and sounds like a star. This caught the eye of Ryan Leslie, and she is now signed to his NextSelection music label. Click on video to view
  • Assumptions
    • Pay Services
    • .10% of 100MM musicians = 10MM
    • 25% compulsive = 2 premium tracks per month
    • 50% casual = 6 premium tracks per year
    • 25% almost never = 1 premium track per year
    • $1.99 per tack, w/ 50% margin
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • 10% of Musician’s Friend $500MM annual revenue, 10% of purchase --> Thickn
    • Amazon Mp3 10% comission, Itunes 5% commision
    • Live nation starting affiliate program
    • Ads & Sponsors
    • 1.5 ads per page average at $1cpm
    • 1 in 8 vids has inlay ad, at $2 cpm
    • “ Venue” Sponsorship and Product Placement. Great potential, not yet modeled
    • Recreational Musicians
    • Bolz Center Study; http://www.bolzcenter.org/factoids/000065.php
    • Over 13MM band accounts created on MySpace
    • Viral Vocalists
    • 110,000 ppl auditioned for American Idol * (8 Seasons)*(.5 have re-auditioned) * (10 accesibility factor) * (10 many global spin-offs)
    • 47 million Japanese visited a karaoke outlet in 2007
    • Non-musicians. Dancers, etc…
  • Thickn.com Sample Welcome Page Design