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Invader Zim Project
Invader Zim Project
Invader Zim Project
Invader Zim Project
Invader Zim Project
Invader Zim Project
Invader Zim Project
Invader Zim Project
Invader Zim Project
Invader Zim Project
Invader Zim Project
Invader Zim Project
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Invader Zim Project


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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  • 1. Aaron Ellis
  • 2. About Invader Zim
    • Invader Zim is an Emmy and Annie Award winning cartoon
    • Created by cartoonist Jhonen Vasquez
    • It was aired on and produced by Nickelodeon
    • It was cancelled in the middle of the second season due to low ratings
  • 3. IRKENS
    • They are a fictional alien race that wish to conquer the universe
    • Status determined by height
    • They range widely in size
    • They have large glossy eyes of varying colors.
    • They have no ears
    • They have green skin
    • From the Planet Irk
  • 4. Irken Technology
    • Centuries more advanced than Earth’s, but they still use the Macintosh OS
    • They have a plethora of giant robots
    Blueprints for a Tank The Megadoomer, a robot capable of destroying planets Zim’s Voot Cruiser, a transport vehicle
  • 5. The Irken Language
    • Identical to English, with the exception of the written language
  • 6. ZIM Voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz
    • Zim is an Irken
    • Since he is one of the shortest Irkens, he is relatively low in the Irken hierarchy
    • All his actions are disastrous to himself, and those around him
    Zim disguised as a human Zim in his normal Irken form
  • 7. GIR Voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons
    • Zim’s robotic slave, constructed from scrap parts and given to him by the Almighty Tallest
    • He is a defective SIR (Standard Issue Retrieval) Unit
    • He can’t keep his attention on serious things for very long
    • He usually makes comments that show he has no apparent thought to what is going on
    GIR disguised as a green dog GIR in his usual robotic form
  • 8. DIB Voiced by Andy Berman
    • Zim’s rival
    • He is highly unpopular at the Skool, which he shares a class with Zim
    • He is constantly accusing people of being part of paranormal phenomena
    Dib in an accusatory position
  • 9. GAZ Voiced by Melissa Fahn
    • Sister of Dib
    • Only human character that is aware of Zim being an alien, other than Dib, but she just doesn’t care
    • Always playing her Game-Slave 2
    Gaz not caring
  • 10. Zim’s Life Before Earth
    • His first “mission” was Operation Impending Doom, where he was banished from the planet Irk for attacking his own planet and allies
    • Upon hearing about Operation Impending Doom 2, he quits his banishment, because he thought of it more of a mission than a banishment
  • 11. Life on Earth
    • Zim was assigned to a “Mystery Planet” on the outskirts of the universe, this planet is Earth (Operation Impending Doom 2)
    • Every day Zim spends his life attempting world domination
  • 12. THE END