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Ideas For Project Powerpoint
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Ideas For Project Powerpoint


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  • 1. Ideas For Our Video Project
    • Faye Ducker & Jade Godfrey
  • 2. Idea 1 - Documentary
    • The first idea is to produce a documentary on a band. We would follow them around and have interviews and basically see what daily life for a band struggling to get into the music business is like. We would also observe them playing their music and what it's like to play in front of actual fans. We want to include the codes and conventions that similar products are seen to have such as interviews and reconstructions.
  • 3. Purpose
    • The purpose of the documentary would be to promote the band and also for infortainment purposes e.g. giving an insight into the personal lives of the band and using live footage and their own music.
  • 4. Characters/Cast
    • The cast included in the documentary would be:
    • Band members
    • Fans
    • Talking heads
    • Parents
    • Friends of the band
  • 5. Locations
    • The locations we will be using to film will be:
    • Gig venues
    • Practice rooms
    • Interview rooms
    • Band members houses
  • 6. Props
    • The props we will input ourselves will be at a minimum as we want the documentary to keep a sense of realism.
    • The props we would use would include:
    • Instruments
    • Stage
    • Interview room
  • 7. Audience
    • The target demographic for our documentary would be 16-25 year olds.
    • This is because the band we are using are young themselves and cater to a more modern music taste, which adults are less likely to be interested in.
  • 8. Exchange
    • The documentary would appear as a DVD extra on the bands DVD.
    • It would also appear on various music channels such as MTV, as a way of promotion.
  • 9. Idea 2 – Short Film
    • The second idea is to produce a short film about a band or just the lead singer of a band. We would observe him being egotistical and hedonistic and generally being an awful person, but him thinking the complete opposite of himself. He thinks he has lots of fans and the music is good and people on come to see him, when in reality, there is only three die hard groupies and the lead singers mum that comes to the shows.
  • 10. Purpose
    • The purpose of this production would be promoting the band and its music, and again infortainment as it looks into the bands personal lives as well as career.
  • 11. Characters/Cast
    • The characters for this film would include:
    • The band members
    • Fans
    • Friends and Family of the bands
  • 12. Locations
    • The locations we would use for this film would be:
    • Practice rooms
    • Gig venues
    • Interview rooms
    • The band members houses
  • 13. Props
    • The props that would be included in this short film would be:
    • Instruments
    • Costumes
    • Stage
    • Alcohol bottles
  • 14. Audience
    • Because we have included the same band in all three ideas, our target demographic would still be 16 – 25 as the music wouldn’t appeal to an older audience.
  • 15. Exchange
    • This sort of film would be featured:
    • At film festivals
    • Through web distribution on websites such as Youtube and Myspace
    • An extra on the bands DVD
  • 16. Idea 3 – Short Film
    • The third idea is to produce a short film about fans obsessed with a band/solo artist. We would delve into their world, go into their bedrooms and film their walls covered in posters and shrines to the band, also all their CD's and albums placed around the bedroom. We would video the fans at gigs where they're at the front row screaming, crying, trying to touch the singer/band. Even outside the venues where they try to talk to them or get autographs and fail in doing so.
  • 17. Purpose
    • The purpose for this production is mainly for entertainment, it does promote the band slightly, but it is not its main focus.
  • 18. Characters/Cast
    • This characters for this production would include:
    • Band members
    • Fans
    • Parents of the fans
    • Security for the band
  • 19. Locations
    • The locations where we would film would include:
    • Inside and outside gig venues
    • Outside dressing rooms
    • Inside the fans bedrooms
  • 20. Props
    • The props included in this film would include:
    • Instruments
    • CD’s
    • Posters
    • Costumes
  • 21. Audience
    • The target demographic would be 16 – 25 year olds, the fans themselves will be within this age range and the band is fairly modern so it will only interest the younger generation.
  • 22. Exchange
    • This sort of film would be featured:
    • Through web distribution e.g. Youtube, Myspace
    • Film festivals