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Why  I Believe In  God   Ethics  Projsct  F Blk
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Why I Believe In God Ethics Projsct F Blk


Published on

Ficara Ethics Project …

Ficara Ethics Project
F Blk
Brittney Falcon

Published in: Spiritual
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  • 1. Why I believe in God!
    Mr. Ficara
    F block
    by: Brittney Falcon
  • 2. God is AlwaysThere
    Look around you! Look at the trees, the animals, the people. Do you think that could have just appeared?
  • 3. The Miracle of Life
    There is no way that people could’ve just appeared one day from nothing. That is something not even science has come up with an excuse for!
  • 4. He Saves Lives
    If God did not exist, then what about all those miracles?? Yes, magicians can do magic tricks, but I DOUBT that they can magically save lives. Everyone has heard the stories about people who have miraculously been cured from incurable diseases or have had tumors disappear. For example, my aunt was told that she could never have children. She tried more then once, but, sadly, they all ended up being miscarriages. Then, by some miracle, a few years ago, she was able to give birth to a baby boy. I have also heard stories about people who’ve had brain tumors disappear or who have been told they only had two months to live and have already lived five more years. If those aren’t proof of God’s existence, I don’t know what is!
  • 5. It’s Who We Are!!!
    God makes up who we are! He is part of us. He’s is and always will be with us. If are souls weren’t made by God, how could we ever be so complex? There HAD to be some all amazing being that could have created us? There is no way that such a complex organism could’ve “just happened”. As one of my friends would probably say, “We’re just TOO awesome!”!!
  • 6.
  • 7. It’s just TOO beautiful!
    The sky is too magnificent; the flowers too pretty! How could they be created by someone less than God? I don’t think they could!
  • 8. There are some reasons why someone could deny the existence of God, but still! How could He not be there?! Look at all the proof around you!!
  • 9. God’s out there.He has to be!