2009 Mirada Avant Garde Training Book


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2009 Mirada Avant Garde Training Book

  1. 1. Elegant Smart Avant-garde Inspired Function Avant-garde
  2. 2. avant-garde (ä΄vant-gärd΄) Synonyms: forward thinking, advanced, ultra modern, futuristic Avant-garde
  3. 3. The new Mirada Avant-garde was designed and developed by Coachmen’s Advanced Design Team. This revolutionary team consists of degreed Industrial, Mechanical and Design engineers from outside the RV Industry that specialize in: • forward looking interior design, • advanced interior space utilization, and • progressive styling characteristics. Coachmen’s Advanced Design Team has a clear mission – Design the products of tomorrow through proactive development and implementation of industry changing product innovations and solutions. For this team’s first performance… Welcome the Mirada Avant-garde. This coach changes the game with one-of-a-kind appeal, contoured “avant- garde” styling, practical innovations, and thoughtful living amenities … all at a competitive entry level motorhome price point. Avant-garde
  4. 4. Targeted Customer Targeted Budget minded buyer who likes the Competition finer things in life. They have a youthful outlook, and do not want to Thor - Hurricane buy what everyone else has. These customers want a product that is Damon - Daybreak unique, and a product that they can Fleetwood – Terra / Fiesta be proud of. The product will have to fill the image – stylish interior and Forest River – Georgetown exterior with high tech features and practical innovations. Avant-garde
  5. 5. Floorplans 310DS 350DS 355TS Avant-garde
  6. 6. Hot Selling Features 1. One of a kind interior appeal and lighting package 2. 26” LCD television (HD ready) 3. Radius booth dinette with easy up/down dinette table 4. Full height cab privacy curtains and residential draw style window curtains 5. Innovative curio/storage cabinet (310 DS) Avant-garde Avant-garde
  7. 7. Feature: One of a Kind Interior Appeal Feature: Halogen Lighting Package Benefit: This coach is the ultimate in Benefit: Halogen lights throughout modern appeal and smart space savings the Mirada Avant-garde replace the design. The contours found throughout traditional “trailer style” pancake the Avant-garde break away from the lights used in others brands. Sit at the “sea of sameness”. dinette or the sofa and you will notice a smart lighting design that makes this coach shine. Avant-garde
  8. 8. Feature: 26” LCD Television Benefit: With a viewing angle of nearly 160 degrees the large flat panel LCD television can easily be seen from most locations in the coach. This TV is also HD Ready if you desire the ultimate high definition picture. =LCD TV viewing area Avant-garde
  9. 9. SM AR T Feature: Radius Booth Dinette Feature: Easy Clip Dinette Table Benefit: The yacht inspired radius Benefit: Another smart design booth dinette provides an elegant look, feature is the Easy Clip dinette and easy to clean designer cushions. table. With the push of two clips the table can easily be fastened or removed from the wall. Avant-garde
  10. 10. Feature: Full Height Cab Privacy Feature: Residential Draw Style Curtains Curtains Benefit: Completely close off the Benefit: Contemporary shear curtains cockpit area with full height privacy provide an attractive daytime barrier. curtains. These can even be used while You can see out, but they can’t see in. in transit to separate the living area from the cockpit. Avant-garde
  11. 11. 1 2 3 Hanging Storage Hat, Gloves and Shoe Storage Feature: Innovative Curio/Storage Cabinet (310DS) Benefit: Located directly to the right of the entry door as you come in, this innovative feature has a place for: 1. Hanging jackets, hats and shoes 2. Glassware 3. Books and miscellaneous items Avant-garde
  12. 12. Hot Selling Features 1. Smart space kitchen design 2. Folding faucet with flush sink cover 3. Stainless steel range top and vent hood 4. Convection microwave 5. Storage, storage, and more storage… Avant-garde Avant-garde
  13. 13. SM AR T 1 2 Feature: Smart Space Countertop Design Benefit: 1. With the glass covers lifted, the sink and range are very functional appliances. 2. Close the covers and your countertop preparation space is nearly doubled. Avant-garde
  14. 14. Feature: Space Saving Sink Benefit: This smart sink has a folding faucet, that when down can be covered with the integrated lid for a flush work space Avant-garde
  15. 15. Feature: Stainless Steel Range and Vent Hood Benefit: Stainless steel appliances give the coach modern appeal. For additional flexibility, the range has the same flush cover design as the sink to create more countertop space. Avant-garde
  16. 16. Feature: Convection Microwave Benefit: Get the best of both worlds with a convection microwave. With all the functions of a microwave, plus you can also brown and broil like a traditional oven. Avant-garde
  17. 17. Sm ar t Feature: Storage, Storage and More Storage! Feature: Hidden Hinges Benefit: Like the rest of this coach, the Benefit: These hinges galley was designed to be used. This means provide an upscale and plenty of storage space to put all of your residential cabinet design. pots, pans, utensils, and of course food. Avant-garde
  18. 18. Hot Selling Features 1. Robe hook with vinyl pad 2. Laundry hamper (310DS) 3. Generous vanity storage area 4. Toilet bowl scrubber and holder 5. A place for everything Avant-garde Avant-garde
  19. 19. Feature: Robe Hook With Vinyl Door Pad Benefit: This makes a great place to hang a wet towel. The moisture resistant vinyl backer keeps the wet towel from direct contact with the door. Avant-garde
  20. 20. Feature: Laundry Hamper (310DS) Benefit: Built right into the cabinetry, the laundry hamper is conveniently disguised as a cabinet door. The perfect way to keep your dirty clothes out of sight and out of the way. Avant-garde
  21. 21. Feature: Generous Vanity Area Benefit: Maximum storage space with enclosed cabinet and open shelving. Designer lighting also adds to the eye appeal. Avant-garde
  22. 22. Pr ac tic al Feature: Bowl Brush and Holder Benefit: Thoughtful convenience that is very practical. Avant-garde
  23. 23. 1 2 3 Feature: Bathroom Designed With A Place For Everything Benefit: Maximum convenience with hooks, holders and storage throughout. 1. Robe hook 2. Hand towel hook 3. Cup holder Avant-garde
  24. 24. Hot Selling Features 1. Residential 60”x80” queen bed (310DS) 2. Pillow top mattress (Most Models) 3. Convenient night stands 4. LCD television (HD ready) 5. Storage, storage and more storage… Avant-garde Avant-garde
  25. 25. Feature: Residential 60”x80” Queen Bed (310DS) Benefit: Up to 6” longer than the competitions “RV Queen” beds. Your bed sheets from home will fit nice and tight. Avant-garde
  26. 26. Feature: Pillow Top Mattress (Most Models) Benefit: This is a pillow top mattress just like you see in homes. Much more comfortable than a typical foam mattress or flimsy spring mattress. Avant-garde
  27. 27. Feature: Night Stands Benefit: Located next to the bed, three shelves provide great space for alarm clocks, tissues, and a place for your glasses. When not in use, the window drapes can even be tucked behind the night stands. Avant-garde
  28. 28. Feature: LCD Bedroom Television Benefit: State-of-the-art television conveniently located for viewing anywhere in the bedroom. Avant-garde
  29. 29. Feature: Storage, Storage and More Storage… Feature: Vanity Area With Outlet Benefit: Smart design of the bedroom Benefit: A great space to get ready cabinetry gives you maximum space with large in the morning, and a convenient wardrobe closets, generous shelving, and power outlet is also within easy ample drawer storage. reach. Avant-garde
  30. 30. Hot Selling Features 1. One-piece windshield and horizontal mounted wipers 2. Exclusive Sight Rite™ dash 3. Ergonomic custom dash and cockpit design 4. Convenient storage everywhere 5. Fully automatic leveling jacks Avant-garde Avant-garde
  31. 31. Feature: One-piece Windshield and Horizontal Mounted Wipers 1 Benefit: 2 1. A one-piece windshield eliminates the blind spot created from the center beam of a two-piece windshield. 2. Horizontal mounted wipers are up and out of the way for a clear view. Avant-garde
  32. 32. Feature: Sight Rite™ Dash Benefits: A Coachmen exclusive feature that angles the dash downward for an improved line of sight directly in front of the coach. Avant-garde
  33. 33. Feature: Smart Dash and Cockpit Design Benefits: The ergonomically designed dash makes for easy access to the drivers controls. A 7” rear vision monitor is also standard equipment built into the dash for optimum viewing. Automotive pilot seats are also contoured to fit comfortably for the long haul. Avant-garde
  34. 34. M ST OR OR E AG E 1 In dash glove box 2 Full width overhead cabinets 3 Side map pocket 4 Overhead message board Avant-garde
  35. 35. Feature: Fully Automatic Leveling Jacks Benefit: Easy one touch operation levels the coach in all four corners. Avant-garde
  36. 36. Hot Selling Features 1. No-Mess™ termination and Water Works™ utility panel 2. Exclusive sidewall design 3. Custom front and rear caps 4. Stamped aluminum baggage doors and huge pass through storage 5. Seat belts at all fixed seating locations Avant-garde Avant-garde
  37. 37. Feature: No-Mess™ Termination System Feature: Water Works™ Utility Panel Benefit: This easy to swivel boom arm Benefit: The Mirada’s utility panel provides a dedicated storage location for the makes filling, draining, and termination hose outside of the storage bay. winterizing a simple task. The simple Your storage bay stays cleaner and so do you turn of a single dial makes every user since the termination hose can remain look like a professional. connected after use. Avant-garde
  38. 38. Feature: Exclusive Sidewall Design – Slick Fiberglass Exterior Skin Laminated to a Composite Substrate (Not Wood Panels) Benefit: An ultra smooth exterior skin with an Eco friendly, moisture resistant substrate. TRADITIONAL WOOD PANELS Avant-garde
  39. 39. Feature: Custom Front and Rear Caps Benefit: The Mirada Avant-garde looks good coming and going with custom front and rear caps. Avant-garde
  40. 40. Feature: Stamped Aluminum Baggage Doors and Huge Pass Through Storage Benefit: Bus style baggage doors provide access to the pass through storage bay. There’s room for all your gear, with room to spare. Avant-garde
  41. 41. =Seat belt location Feature: Seat Belts At All Fixed Seating Locations Benefit: Coachmen exceeds the sleeping capacity of each model with our number of seat belts. All seatbelts also meet the pull test requirements by FMVSS. Many manufacturers only meet the minimum number of seatbelts required. Avant-garde
  42. 42. Easy Walk Around 11 12 2 9 1 5 8 4 3 10 6-7 1. One-Piece Windshield 7. Pass Through Storage 2. Horizontal Windshield Wipers 8. Acrylic Lighted Entry Handle 3. Custom Front and Rear Caps 9. Full Paint Option 4. 3-Way Rear Vision Camera Option 10. Rear Fuel Fill 5. Exclusive Sidewall Design 11. Seamless TPO Roof Covering 6. Stamped Aluminum Baggage Doors 12. Slideroom Awnings Avant-garde
  43. 43. Easy Walk Around Master Suite Living Area Cockpit 1. Residential 60”x80” queen bed 1. One of a kind interior appeal 1. One piece windshield and (310 DS) 2. 26” LCD television (HD ready) horizontal mounted wipers 2. Pillow top mattress 3. Radius booth dinette with easy up/down 2. Exclusive Sight Rite™ dash 3. Convenient night stands dinette table 3. Ergonomic custom dash design 4. LCD television (HD ready) 4. Full height cab privacy curtains 4. Convenient storage everywhere 5. Storage, storage and more 5. Innovative curio/storage cabinet (310DS) 5. Fully automatic leveling jacks storage… 3 5 2 4 5 4 1 2 3 1 2 1 4 1 1-2 4-5 3 2 3 5 5 4 3 Bath Area Galley Area 1. Spacious radius shower 1. Smart space kitchen design 2. Laundry hamper (310DS) 2. Collapsible sink with flush cover 3. Generous vanity storage area 3. Stainless steel range top and vent hood 4. Toilet bowl scrubber and holder 4. Convection microwave Avant-garde 5. A place for everything 5. Storage, storage and more storage…