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  • 1. Web 2.0 Blogs Alison Foley 20022463
  • 2. What is Web 2.0?
    • It is the next generation of the Internet and consists of online social networks.
    • It is a change in the way software developers and end users use the Internet.
    • It allows users to communicate with eachother and share pictures.
  • 3. Online Social Networks
    • Advantages
    • Allows like minded people to connect with eachother.
    • Allows people to keep in contact with friends.
    • Disadvantages
    • Security and privacy issues, espically with younger people.
    • Bullying is also an issue with these sites.
  • 4. What is a Blog?
    • Evolved from online diaries.
    • A log kept on the web that can be commented on.
    • Many types of blogs such as corprate blogs, personal blogs, marketing blogs and blog search engines.
  • 5. Advantges Vs Disadvantages
    • Advantages
    • Provides up to date news.
    • Allows for feedback.
    • Allows businesses to communicate directly with customers.
    • Disadvantages
    • Time consuming.
    • Writing style used may be unclear.
  • 6. Setting up Blogger Account
    • Click on “Create your blog now”.
    • All needed is a valid email address.
    • Enter in data required.
  • 7. Setting up Blogger Account
    • Enter the title of your blog.
    • Enter your chosen address of blog.
    • Next, you choose what template you would like for your blog.
    • Then, click continue and your blog is set up.
  • 8. Using Blogger Account
    • Creating Posts
    • Options available for inserting picture, altering text, inserting hyperlink.
    • Tab option to edit post and moderate comments.
  • 9. Using Blogger Account
    • Settings Tab
    • Allows you to add a description of your Blog.
    • Provides option of blog being found with search engines.
    • Layout Tab
    • Allows you to rearange the structure of your page.
  • 10. References
    • w ww.thedailystar.net
    • www.websitenotes.com
    • bloggingpodcasting.suite101.co m
    • www.blogger.com
    • Class Notes