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  • ask how many people have used chat roulette? -new website revolutionizing how we communicate online -all you need is a computer with internet connection and a webcam -no login registration, no plug-ins to download -video chat, on the side you are given opportunity to instant message -then you can instantly begin conversations with strangers throughout the globe -completely free and the only supposed rules are that you need to be sixteen years of age and fully clothed -however, often, these rules aren’t followed
  • created by a seventeen year old Russian high school student, Andrey Ternovskiy -started just for fun with his friends, had no idea that this website could be a legitimate business -enjoyed talking to friends on Skype, but grew tired of talking to the same people and wished to expand to conversations with strangers -immensely grown: -started this past November, in December 500 users, January users 50,000, six months over 10 million users Ternovskiy started with a loan by family, costs have continued to rise as the number of users rises -number of ads extremely limited, as to the creator’s desire, whole site is supported by four ads for dating services on the bottom of the webpage
  • -allows people to connect and learn about various people and culture throughout the world -anonymity is broken, unlike AOL chats 45 year old men can’t pretend to look like 15 year old boys -it’s fun!!! -many inventive people (Example: Ben Folds, drawing man, chris hanson) -many users continue friendships into other social media, such as facebook  
  • -no enforcement on restriction of age -the ease is great, but enable very young children access to the site -many users use the site to show graphic and pornographic issues -1 in 8 spins yields a R-rated connection -anyone you chat with on Chatroulette can determine your IP address through programs like Wireshark -Chatroulette Map: Chatroulette Map uses IP data to locate and map random chatters on their website (along with still photos from their chats) Good: accountability Bad: people who you may not want to find you can, takes away anonymity
  • -right now there isn’t a good system in place for punishment for inappropriate chats -if three different users report you in the same session, you’re kicked off and blocked for only 40 minutes -in future should be permanent brand -suggestion that facial recognition software enabled, so chats can only be conducted if a human face is present before the camera mainstream marketing platform: big companies taking note, and want to make partnerships and advertize big opportunity for advertisement: ex: burger king put the King on chatroulette and those talking to him were benefitted with a link to coupons Travelosity sent gnome to have convos and promote website
  • limits participators to college campuses in US Tinychat: similar in nature but subdivisions into “rooms of different interest Ex: create chat room about technology Hopes to increase likelihood of finding people with similar interests
  • Transcript

    • 1. Would you want to talk to these people?
    • 2.  
    • 3.  
    • 4.  
    • 5.  
    • 6.  
    • 7. Well you’re in luck because you can on CHATROULETTE!
    • 8. From the Mind of a Seventeen Year Old: Andrey Ternovskiy -started this past November and by December 500 users.... January over 50,000 users….. this month, in a mere six months, total monthly users grown to over 10 million
    • 9. Who is on the other side of the Webcam?
    • 10. The Good…. -connect with people across the globe -anonymity broken -it’s FUN! Many users are inventive and funny
    • 11. The Bad…. And the Ugly -no enforcement on restriction of age -many users use the site to show pornographic images -1 in 8 spins yields a R-rating -screenshots not private
    • 12. The future of Chatroulette -new ways to protect against inappropriate users -mainstream marketing platform
    • 13. Imitators:
    • 14. “ I think it’s a little creepy but I can’t stay away” -Chatroulette is an interesting and fun way to communicate with people around the globe. The administrators of Chatroulette need to ensure it becomes a safe environment for a suitable audience, and not just another pornographic site. -You should try it, but just be weary of who is on the other side of the webcam!