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Study Guide Unit 8 Ppt With Answers Study Guide Unit 8 Ppt With Answers Presentation Transcript

  • Study Guide Unit 8: History of Latin America and the Caribbean With Answers! Wednesday February 24, 2010
  • People and Vocabulary You Need to Know
    • Atahualpa- Incan Emperor
    • Conquistadors- Spanish Explorer-warriors
    • Simon Bolivar- Liberator of Latin America
    • Zapatistas- Support Indigenous people in Mexico, wanted better education, housing, healthcare.
    • Hernan Cortes- Conquistador, invades Mexico
    • Miguel Hidalgo- Liberator of Mexico, Catholic Priest
    • Montezuma- Emperor of the Aztecs
    • Quipu- Incan record keeping device
    • Fidel Castro- dictator of Cuba since 1959
    • Francisco Pizarro- Conquistador, invades Incan Empire
    • Toussiant L’Ouverture- Liberator of Haiti, freed Haitian slaves.
    • Become familiar with locations of the Aztec and Incan cities, especially the present day cities.
    • Aztec- Tenochtitlan- Mexico City
    • Inca- Cuzco- Peru
    • What were some of the main reasons why Cortes and Pizarro conquered the Aztecs or Incans? Surprised the emperor’s army and held him hostage.
    • Know the events in ORDER in which the fall of the Inca empire falls/collapse.
    • Pizarro learns that the Incan emperor is wealthy
    • Spanish king allows Pizarro to attack the Incas
    • Pizarro attacks
    • Inca emperor, Atahualpa is killed
    • Why was Cortes not attacked immediately when he traveled to the Aztec empire? Aztecs thought he was God.
    • What were some of the advantages that the Conquistadors had over the Aztecs or Inca?
    • Horses, guns, disease, they killed their leaders.
    • What was the Columbian Exchange? What animals were brought over through the Columbian Exchange?
    • Moving of animals, plants, people, and disease from Europe to the Americas.
    • Horses were the most important because they were used for hunting and trade.
    • Why were slaves brought from Africa during the Columbian Exchange? Native Americans were short in supply due to disease and war
    • Which two languages are primarily spoken in Latin American countries today? Spanish and Portuguese
    • What is the common religion of Latin America? Catholic
    • Which country imprisoned L’Ouverture? France
    • Which country gained independence under Bolivar’s efforts? There were several, but mainly Venezuela.
    • What type of government is in Cuba under Fidel Castro? Communist
    • What were some of the reasons why there was almost a nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union? Cuban Missile Crisis
    • Why did the Zapatistas not like NAFTA? How did they show their opposition against them? Took over towns in Southern Mexico.