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/Volumes/it's jil's!/me di a!/media studies as

  1. 1. Jil Chitsa
  2. 2. Introduction For my media project I chose to produce a print music magazine within a period of 10 weeks!
  3. 3. Why use conventions of a magazine? <ul><li>Even Vogue has to follow conventions of a magazine to make it look professional and believable! </li></ul><ul><li>For any magazine to be successful and sell to their audience, they follow specific conventions . Although I wanted my music magazine to have a unique edge, I still had to follow magazine conventions in order for my chosen audience to be persuaded to purchase it. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Innovation <ul><li>The music magazine market is highly competitive, therefore by having a unique selling point that will stand out from other magazines is vital. So by following magazine conventions and adding a touch of individuality – your target audience will be enticed to purchase yours! </li></ul><ul><li>After looking at my initial ideas, I decided to create a Christian music magazine targeted to 16-25 year olds. Finding out that this genre was in the niche market, my decision was to create a mixed music genre magazine what was aimed to sell to Christian teens that listened to Christian music ! </li></ul>
  5. 5. Q1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms of conventions of real media products? <ul><li>The name of the magazine must relate to the genre of the magazine. </li></ul><ul><li>The image of the magazine must fit the content and the target audience. </li></ul><ul><li>Mode of address is created when in an image, the person on the cover looks straight out of the magazine, not only does it invite the reader in but also creates a relationship them. </li></ul><ul><li>The colour scheme creates a 'house style' and becomes appealing to the audience. </li></ul><ul><li>Price, barcode and a web address </li></ul><ul><li>Stars and Celebrities related to the genre of the magazine/ theme. Aspiring people sell magazines! </li></ul>CCM: a popular Christian music magazine targeted to 16-25 year olds
  6. 6. Conventions of a Front Cover MY VERSION Title/Header (brand image) FRONT COVER Subheadings Straplines Leading caption Slogan Main image, medium shot with MOD Date, price, barcode and web address
  7. 7. Conventions of a Contents Page Title/header usually at the top of the page Images dominate the text to allow ‘grazing’ Page references Slogan (also seen on front cover) Extra Info on publisher etc Colourful and bright to encourage readers to read on Simple black & white colour palette List of contents MY VERSION R.A.D Magazine
  8. 8. Conventions of a Feature Article MY VERSION CCM Headlines and sub-heading usually containing a pun or wit based on the artist and their life. This will catch the audiences attention Advertising the artists new album, tour, book etc. Artists don’t appear in magazines unless they have something to sell Images are used to break up text and keep article interesting. Therefore, images should dominate the pages Text grabs/ anecdotes are used to add humour and controversy
  9. 9. Q2: How does your media product represent particular social groups? By using a different range of social groups: a black female, Arabian male, Caucasian male and a mixed race male, this has given my magazine the opportunity to present itself as a mixed music genre because of the variety in races and musical interest. This offers an alternative towards the dominant stereotypes when it comes to music genres. By choosing Mimi, my leading star, as an artist who is associated with Indie/Pop stars – ‘Florence and the Machines and The Noisettes’ it means an innovation with Christian music and mainstream music itself because of the individuality my artists would have.
  10. 10. Q3: Media Institution For a successful magazine, it needs to be produced and distributed by a publishing company which specialises in the field. Popular publishing companies like IPC or BMG publish music magazines such as Uncut, NME and Q. But since my music magazine is Christian based, I think that if I want my music magazine to be at it's peak, I should research publishing companies which distribute existing Christian music magazines. Therefore, I came across Salem Publishing: produces and distributes former printed CCM magazine and current Homecoming faith magazine. Therefore, by deciding to have Salem Publishing as my chosen institution, I don't have to worry about promotion and marketing to a certain extent, compared to if I chose a non-Christian publishing institution because of high competition with other music magazines.
  11. 11. Q4: Audience My target audience are 16-25, both genders and no preferential race, who listen to Christian music. In the C2-A socio-Economic scale with a psychographic profiling of aspirers and reformers would be a good choice, because I feel as a Christian, you aspire to be a better person whilst trying to succeed in life as well as wanting the world to be a better place. However, I don't think that my target audience should be in any ''lifestyle groups'' because Christianity is the most popular religion with people coming from different classes, countries and backgrounds. So why would I want to specifically target my music magazine to 'WASP's or 'KIPPERS', when I can have them all? From my audience I received feedback from a 18 year old Caucasian boy saying: “The target audience for this music magazines can be anywhere from 12 to 30, I really can see no issues in the attraction of your magazine towards people of those ages&quot;
  12. 12. Q5: Addressing your Audience Selecting a name associated with Christian beliefs/thoughts From my audience feedback I asked what this title suggested to them. An answer I received was &quot;The title suggests to me that God is a revelation&quot; The artist on my front page is edgy and on trend: lace dress and layered bob haircut. This will attract female readers, suggesting that she could be a new fashion icon. For males, using a female for your front cover can add sex appeal (without even trying) From my audience feedback, an answer I received from a male, 21 years old: “ and plus she loos smokin’ hot!!!” Describing Mimi as a ‘new sensation’: attracts the audience to find out more about this ‘exclusive’ artist Aiming to make my pages look professional with the constant colour schemes, edited images and creative layouts. A 17 year old girl said: “The style and layout of the magazine is very suiting in comparison to many of today’s magazines on sale. The layout is captivating and draws in the reader” FRONT COVER
  13. 13. CONTENTS PAGE Creating headings that will make your audience read on A 19 year old boy said: “the little bits under the headings are interesting and intriguing, like the one about prison, gangs drugs...Christ&quot; Well edited images allow the audience to graze and find the contents page more interesting than informing A 16 year old girl said: “entertains due to the good use of pictures and word art&quot; On the other hand, the contents page should not be too busy and distracting From my audience feedback, a 16 year old boy said: “I think the contents tries too hard to engage the reader, it is meant to be factual but not over powering&quot; The overall presentation of the contents page should entice the audience. It should give a good first impression A 16 year old girl said: The contents page makes me want to turn over and begin reading! The use of various colours, captions under page headings and the images used all contribute towards a sound reading&quot;
  14. 14. Too much text scares readers away: especially a young target audience like mine. Therefore by spacing the paragraphs out and using images... It distracts the reader from the amount of text in the article A 16 year old girl said: “The layout is good because the text is in small blocks making it easy to read” Hyperbolic language, an exciting heading or snappy tagline will make the reader fascinated An 18 year old boy said “The title of the article is superb, &quot;the new EDGE&quot; instantly gets me as a reader questioning as to why this new and upcoming singer/song writer is a cut above the rest&quot; A good piece of journalism flows, relates to the audience and keeps them entertained A 21 year old girl said: “the article helps the reader to imagine the situation and sympathise with the interviewee as well as feeling joyous on their behalf for the success of the music artist&quot; FEATURE ARTICLE
  15. 15. Q6: Technology from the process of constructing my product InDesign, for the formation and composition of the magazine. At first I really struggled using this software but looking back at the tutorials handed out, I began to find easier solutions to text wrap and edit page layouts. I used Photoshop for editing images for my entire magazine. I actually found this very easy because I already had knowledge on how to use it. However trying to download fonts and paintbrushes was a tricky issue that I eventually tackled. 7.2 mega pixel Samsung camera for the taking of my images and Kodak scanner for my mood board and mock-up layouts. This helped me visualise what I wanted my final product to look like. By using various equipment and technology, it enables my music magazine to look 'professional' like any other music magazine on the market.
  16. 16. Using blogger to record my research, planning and evaluation was a good idea to help me continually build up on my progress. On the other hand, I’m very unorganised, therefore on occasions I would simply forget! Using facebook for both my questionnaire and audience feedback was easier than giving my target audience hard copies, it meant that I could ask my Christian friends in London and my cousin in Rome! Using a search engine like Google helps you track down all the research you need. For example, Google helped me find Salem Publishing and Christian music magazines currently on the market.
  17. 17. Preliminary VS. Final Product Colours are too bright and contrasting Image is not cut out properly: lack or precision Image is in high key lighting, well edited and airbrushed Sub-headings are positioned in a slanted angle to give it a more ‘edgy’ look Image is under-worked with hard lighting No straplines
  18. 18. Conclusion Overall I think that my final product is successful. With the use of well composed layouts on all my pages, edited images that look professional as well as establishing a new artist, I could actually see this music magazine on the market. On the other hand, I think that I could have improved on the colour scheme to make it more subtle and sophisticated. After 10 weeks of researching, planning and producing my final product... I am proud to say that Revelation magazine was solely created by me!