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Check Mate Ends Secrecy Document Transcript

  • 1. N O M O R E S T A T E S E C R E T S CHECK MATE INFORMATION TO BUILD A NEW WORLD WITH EL JAQUE MATE ENGLISH LANGUAGE VERSION · FREE COPY · SINGLE EDITION POST CENSORSHIP YEAR ONE Citizens of the world wake up to the reality of the 2001 self attacks The demise of energy The truth about 9/11 overcomes censorship: Free Energy censorship thanks to the Internet is about to In 2003, the Planet Earth experienced one of its with the so-called fight against Evil which their gov- Aided by the spread of the Internet, which obviated be available most magic moments. Literally millions of people ernments were selling them. It had all begun two the blanket censorship, they felt that they were In the year 2000, a group of around the world went out onto the streets to protest years earlier, on September 11, 2001, when the most being duped, that there was something more behind people in the state of California to their governments against a war which they intu- armoured country on Earth was attacked by terror- to the 9/11 attacks than a lurking Satrap and, subse- were enjoying the advantages of itively knew to have economic causes nothing to do ists. The Muslim conspiracy theory had been born. quently, the story of weapons of mass destruction. the electric car, leased to them by General Motors. A year later the cars were called in, this Yet the enormous machinery of despite the fact that customers propaganda and misinformation, set were extremely satisfied with in motion on or after September 11, them. So much so that they fought not to lose them. What 2001 continued grinding on its happened? The Chevron oil inevitable course and a new war was company bought the patent and organized in the Middle East. The locked it up in a drawer. mass media without exception around Instances of technologies sup- the Globe had refused to tell any pressed by the big oil corpora- information that put the official ver- tions and the governments they sion into question, so the web went to command are so numerous that work to find out the truth about the this has given rise to the term free fact that had launched a new crusade energy. In this rag bag are dozens against the Muslim world. of more or less tried and tested How could it be that two planes had inventions and theories that run rings round the security meas- could provide us with a way out ures of the world’s greatest super- of the energy crisis if we invest in power? Were both the Pentagon and them. Every one of them face the New York completely unprotected? same enemy: the patents and the Bringing together a host of uncon- very laws of the countries that nected information that the news hound dissident inventors. They media had filtered during the days are the sons of Nikola Tesla, the following the attack, the truth can be true genius of the 20th century and pieced together. Contributions from the inspiration for inventors that anonymous people from different want to liberate Humanity from parts of the world (with no copy- the yoke of energy enslavement. right) were putting together the truth Complete story on page 14 about 9-11. On the fateful day of September 11, the air security services – of NORAD SUMMARY (military aircraft), the Pentagon, the CIA and civil aviation – with their respective radars and enormous secu- rity protocols, experienced an incred- ible coincidence: all of them ceased to operate for several hours. The planes, which were scheduled to fly from Boston to California, were off their 06 The “holocaust industry” route for two hours and yet the securi- and how Zionism expoits ty services of every one of the mili- tary bases that protect the cities of memories of Nazism New York and Washington did not act. What happened? Was this negli- 04 Self attack or ‘false gence or was it connivance? Strangely, that day, four military flags’, the origin all wars exercises were carried out simulating as many hijackings of planes by ter- rorist groups. 08 MK Ultra: the battle to Complete story on pág. 02 control our minds The arrow points to one of the explosions on a floor below the collapsing area of the building and evidences controlled demolition. 10 Drug trafficking: in the The world government ordered the viruses to hands of MI-5 and the CIA decimate the population The hoax of “money as debt” versus real money This is how diseases are created The fraudulent monetary system 12 Life in the Universe, the great secret Serious doubts about the Influenza knees. However in this instance there While governments are injecting banks, ceding them control not just of A “infodemia” have led independent is a major difference, the enemy is at money into the private banks, citizens the economy but of politics. researchers to take a new look at the home, and is no terrorist but rather a around the Planet are asking why this The scam of money-as-debt explains 18 The theory of evolution normal citizen. That is, me and you. aid is not given to citizens, in this way does not stand up to analysis relationship between the pharmaceu- why families, countries and compa- Just one example: doctor James waking them up to the millennium tical corporations and scientists asso- Robertson, in association with Novavax nies always owe money and points up by the Law of Probabilities ciated with biological weapons. blackmail Humankind has been heir industry, created a biosimilar of the the falsity of the economic system we An arsenal of data collected over to: money. Evidence that the American centuries of medical history take us H1N1 virus years before the swine Federal Reserve is a private bank has live under. The solution to hunger and injustice in the world lies in knowing 22 2012: the challenge of our onto the murky terrain of the use of flu outbreak. Just in case an epidem- brought to Light the truth. Powers evolution and the change disease to bring the enemy to his ic spreads all over the world… that the governments delegate to the this secret. of consciousness Complete story on pages 16-17 Complete story on page 20
  • 2. 02 / INTERNATIONAL Strangely enough, on September 11 2001, four was a military manoeuvre. Surprisingly, on July under just one commander: Vice-President and military exercises were carried out, in which as 7th 2005 in London and March 11th 2004 in chief of the National Security Council, Dick Cheney. many hijackings by terrorist groups were simu- Madrid there were also exercises simulating ter- This was so that if one should fail another could lated. It is quite plausible, then, that those respon- rorist attacks. What is more, a few weeks before take ove. It is argued, the person in charge of giv- sible for intercepting the terrorists were ordered the illfated day, all American emergency control ing the order to interception forces not to act was to let them continue on the assumption that this mechanisms (land, sea and air) had been unified the then American Vice-President. The truth about 11-S comes to light In 2003, millions of people all over the world took to the streets in protest at their governments, against the war, that in their view was caused by economic reasons and not the “fight against terrorism” as they were being made to believe. The majority of people who came itself warned that United Nation's out in protest during those days in communications were tapped by this 2003 could not even imagine that a company. On September 10th 2001 government could sacrifice their own there was an article in the Washington subjects in order to provoke a war Post stating “Israel has the power to but, as we will see in the False Flags attack US forces, making it look as if article, it has been a reasonably com- it had been the Arabs”, also com- mon practice throughout history. That menting that “the Mossad has is probably why the American people infiltrated nearly all Muslim did not come out in demonstration to organizations”. prevent the invasion of Afghanistan, On 12th September 2001, researcher based on the use of a garment (the Christopher Bollyn wrote an article burka) used by Afghan women and in the Jerusalem Post saying that the attack on 9-11, a connection Israel had knowledge of 400 Israeli which was never established by any subjects working at the World Trade court of inquiry. In fact, up until Center but only one had died on 9-11. today, Osama Bin Laden is still not According to an article by the listed amongst the criminals wanted Jerusalem Post, workers at the Odigo for the 9-11 attack. Neither is there instant messenger service, also any proof to incriminate him in the Israeli, received various messages case of the attacks in Madrid or warning of the attack two hours London. The film director Michael before it happened, but they did not Moore has already emphasized the inform the authorities. Odigo has a close relationship between the Bush programme that puts people with and Bin Laden families in his similar characteristics, such as reli- acclaimed picture about 9-11. However gion or nationality for example, in he failed to mention that, according contact. Odigo's headquarters are in a to the late British foreign minister, small Israeli town called Herzliya, Mr Robin Cook (sudden cancer vic- where the headquarters of Mossad tim, along with two other British are also located. Israeli secret servic- MP's who opposed the war) the term es have shares in numerous software Al Qaeda means “The Base”, as in businesses through such companies data base. And in fact it was none George Bush during the first official communication on 11-S attack as Veritas, Cedar or Stageone. Security other than the data base the CIA used at Boston Airport, from where the to manage Muslim guerrillas in the building by the alleged plane ments were put out by the media from strophic event and later buying them planes took off, was also under con- (mujaidines) who were trained in crashing into the Pentagon and the firemen, WTC staff like William back when the price has fallen as a trol of ICTS, another Israeli company. Afghanistan to combat Soviet forces lack of wreckage in the surrounding. Rodriguez along with other witnesses consequence. Following the trail of Evidence that a great part of neo- and later sent to Bosnia and Kosovo. Although in 2007 a recording by cam- all indicating that they heard explo- money may be the surest way to dis- cons hold Israeli passports confirms It is argued all the men who later eras allegedly showed an aircraft sions before the Towers fell – later covering the instigators of the attack. the suspicion that the country most became terrorists were under orders impacting against the Pentagon, to censored to support the official ver- In this case, it is known that the ter- interested in a war in the Middle East from the American secret service. this day, nobody has seen what sup- sion that they fell as a result of the rorist Mohamed Atta (whose appear- is Israel which is also the country Michael Moore also forgot to say posedly hit the building. All guesses planes crashing into them. ance does not match with the official that receives most aid from the that at the end of the 20th century a coincide that it was most probably a More information that will shed photo) had received large sums of United States. group of influential figures including missile that exploded into the heart of light on what really happened is the money from the Pakistan secret serv- Israel is an exception in American Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, American security. knowledge that Marvin Bush, George ices (ISI) linked to Israeli and ordinance: their citizens are the only Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney met Engineers, architects and demoli- Bush's brother, was head of security Americans a few days before 9-11. ones with the right to dual nationali- to analyze the world after the fall of tion experts free from governmental at the World Trade Center complex. None of these clues were considered ty, and therefore can vote in both the communist enemy, in a group called control, all coincide on one thing, That his cousin Alexander Walker was by the official inquiry. Jerome countries. The fact that a large num- PNAC (Plan for a New American that the fire caused by aircraft fuel director of the Securacom company, Kerviel, the broker who was Century). In the conversations main- ber of Israelis are found amongst the could not cause the WTC towers to which took care of security in the accused of gigantic fraud while tained by experts from all fields it neocons (followers of Strauss’ notions collapse, as steel melts at a much Towers and the fact that one week working for the giant French bank, was decided that the price of oil was higher temperature. And the most before 9-11, the guard dogs which spe- Societé Generale, confessed that his of continuing revolution, and the the most important problem that blatant evidence is that of the cialised in picking up the scent of company had made “extortionate need to provoke incidents) is crucial America would be faced with: “unfor- Windsor building in Madrid, which explosives, had been taken off the job. profits” on September 11th 2001 to knowing who was responsible for tunately, oil in the area is not found in burned all night, the following morn- The electricity had also been cut off in and July 7th 2005, a lead that to this 9-11. democratic countries, so that they ing the steel structure still remaining the building, “to install the optic fibre”. day is still being followed up. –Richard Perle nicknamed Prince will need to be made democratic by intact. To demolish the building explo- The owner of the entire World Not followed up either, according to of darkness, head of the Washington reordering the map of the region”. Center Complex, Larry Silverstein, Fox TV channel, were the 60 Israelis DC Defense Policy Board group of To be able to launch this operation, had insured the towers against terror- who were detained for spying in the experts, who designed the Iraq war. there would need to be a triggering Larry Silverstein, owner ist attacks a few weeks before, and USA (passing themselves off as action, an attack that would push the was paid enormous amounts of money scholarship holders like Monica He works side by side with Henry American public into sending their of the WTC, admitted on as a consequence. Mr Silverstein himself Lewinski) or the group of Israeli stu- Kissinger of German Jewish origin, young people to war. This was said before the television cameras dents observed filming the fall of the closely linked to Rockefeller family. referred to as A New Pearl Harbor TV to having ordered the regarding Building 7 that they “had towers from the other side of –Paul Wolfowitz was assistant to and appears in the above-mentioned demolition of Tower 7 been told that it may collapse, and Brooklyn Bridge whilst applauding Defence Minister Donald Rumsfeld PNAC documents (which former therefore the decision had been made and hugging each other jubilantly. Or, before becoming head of the World Spanish president José María Aznar for it to be demolished”. Building 7 the fact that the companies in charge adhered to a few years ago). Bank. sives would be needed. The Twin fell in exactly the same way as the of IT services and telecommunica- Everything indicates that this New Towers suffered more limited fires in other two towers. So if it was demol- tions for the entire US governmental –Michael Chertoff, a rabbi’s son, Pearl Harbor was the 9-11 attack the upper storeys of the buildings for ished, the other two were as well... organization were Israeli. The NSA head of the emergency service FEMA which, as we will we see later on, a a much shorter time before plummet- Silverstein was not the only one communicated days before the which would take over power in case great number of people had anticipat- ing to the ground in just seven sec- who had privileged information on attack, warning of the problem posed of climatic catastrophe, or Elliot ed. The founder of the Red Voltaire onds. This means there was no obsta- what would happen. Just as happened by the Amdocs company, with its Abrams, Donald Kagan, Douglas web page, Frenchman Thierry Meyssan, cle to stop the free fall of dozens of before 7-11 2007 in London and 3-11 links with the Israeli government and Feith, Don Zakheim, Richard Hass, was first in the world who dared defy storeys and 200 steel columns which 2004 in Madrid, there had been how it practically controlled North the official version, backed up by Keith Adelman, Steve Goldsmith, precisely had been designed to with- unusual movements of shares on the American governmental communica- endless repetitions of airplanes crash- stand the impact of airplanes, as the stock exchange in these cities: sug- tions: “a phone call cannot be made Robert Satloff, David Frum, Mark ing into the towers. He was the pio- architect who designed the buildings gesting illicit dealing – the selling of in the US without being recorded in Grossman, David Wurmser (see neer who first analysed the hole left has recognised. Innumerable state- shares a short time before a cata- Am-docs files”. In 1999, the NSA 9/11 Missing Links video).•
  • 3. CHECK MATE, NOVEMBER 2009 / 03 The twin towers collapsed after burning for a little more than an hour; Facts that compel us to question The Torre Windsor in Madrid stayed the “official version” standing after burning for much The president of the 9-11 victims Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak association was a Catalan, Alicia Es- also receives information, thanks to longer without collapsing. teve, who under the name of Tania the Egyptian secret services – which Head passed for a worker at the appear to function better than their Towers. As became clear, Alicia never United States counterparts – of an worked there. attack on September 11. The FBI agent Kenneth Williams Word came too from Germany warned in a report dated July 2001 warning the FBI and indicating in The United States government’s communications of Al Qaeda’s intentions. His cele- detail that the target was to be the brated Phoenix Report was systemat- WTC. In June 2000 a company are in the hands of Israeli companies. ically overlooked. Despite the fact specializing in web pages, Verisign that he warned both the Pentagon and receives 17 suspicious requests to the WTC that they could become the register dominions on the object of attack. web. Some of the names in question CBS claims that in August 2001, speak for themselves: august11hor- What really happened in New York? George Tenet, the then director of ror, terrorattack 2001, worldtrade- While the television stations and the newspapers blitzed the CIA warned President Bush of centerbombs, newyorkattack299, us with irrelevant statistics about the World Trade Center, the imminent attacks. attackamerica, terrorattack2001… many journalists clearly showed a total lack of Coleen Rowley, an FBI agent in On September 7, George Schultz professionalism, seemingly devoid of the slightest urge to The prefabricated version of the – former secretary of State – like- get to the bottom of what had happened by taking an Minneapolis similarly claims that the facts, constructed from conclusions wise receives the bad news in independent line of investigation. They provided no issued a priori, and supplied to the terrorists plans were known, but relevant information and did not consider any news media by the US nowithstanding, no attempt was made advance. He tells as much to the hypothesis that deviated from the official version. Administration in the first moments to arrest them. San Francisco Chronicle. after the attacks, came to be the The Israeli prime minister, Ariel On September 10 French antiter- Official Truth, subsequently ratified Sharon was also warned not to trav- rorist judge Jean-Louis Brugiere by the Official 9/11Commission of inquiry months later, without one el to New York that day by the Israeli also warns the United States of iota of modification. secret service, according to the Yadiot imminent attacks on the World Ahranot newspaper. Trade Center. Many of the workers employed by And here we come to the most the Israeli firm Odigo (whose head- curious fact of all: months prior Alleged United Airlines quarters were in the WTC) were to 9-11 a simulation with models Boeing 757 warned of imminent attacks via radio of the attack on the Pentagon is messages. staged. The Wright Patterson air force base Lastly, note that for reasons not was on alert for hours previously. well understood the Twin Towers Journalist Gordon Thomas con- were at only 20% occupation on Alleged United Airlines firmed that the CIA had been notified the fateful day, a fact which avoid- Boeing 767 that suicide commercial planes could ed the massacre being even worse. be aimed at American landmarks. Impossibility of The mayor of San Francisco was For that reason, perhaps, a sophis- inexpert warned. As was writer Salman Rushdie. ticated intelligence system known terrorists At the Pentagon, where the third as Echelon – which monitors 50 effecting the attack took place, a large number of million messages a day worldwide manoeuvres journalists were expected. For rea- (telephonic and electronic com- A number of highly expe- sons that were never made plain, the munications) – failed to detect a rienced pilots, civil and meeting scheduled for the same military have A sixty steel pillars a meter thing. Other, that is, than some apart line each of the sides morning as the fateful events was messages which were reported to confirmed it would be impossible to carry out of the towers from top to cancelled – it was due to be held in the NSA (National Security Agency) bottom. the precise spot where the Boeing these manoeuvres saying: “tomorrow is zero hour”, without a homing system B A system of 48 pillars allegedly struck. and remote control like five meters apart, also On September 10, 2001, Tom Keemey and “the game is about to begin”. Global Hawk. of steel, make up the the head of FEMA was ordered by his The terrorists not only succeeded buildings’ central core. in avoiding detection despite all superiors to take up his position in New York. this intelligence and thanks to In August 2001 there were further State negligence (or intelligence) Impossibility of the coincidences: a former naval officer is official version, of but successfully passed the control arrested and declares himself to be a points in possession of knife/like accordion-style spy. Delmart Edward Vreeland warns collapse due to the fire. weapons (according to the offi- of an imminent attack in New York, The towers’ engineers designed the cial version), used their passports structure to withstand the impact of with a wealth of accurate details. Banker Richard Dennison similar- (and no one refused to stamp them several Boeing 707 aircraft of the time, Furthermore, steel loses rigid- ly reports what he knows to the FBI despite their names being on FBI ity at 3,600º C, but the explosion in August 2001. He predicts that ter- lists) and then proceeded to take only reached temperatures around rorists plan to hijack planes for their over the aircraft. With results graven The real sequence of events at the WTC 1,500º C, and the resulting fire did heinous crime. on our collective memories.• not exceed 750º C. 08.44 – Explosions in the Towers’ basements 1 According to testimony from William Rodríguez and dozens of Ten “devastating” pieces of evidence other WTC workers, there were explosions in the basements seconds before the first plane’s impact. The tumbling of the Twin Towers shows all the signs of controlled demolition by explosives (included some not usual in normal 08.45 – North Tower hit 2 demolition). Moreover, there is no precedent for nor subsequent instance of high-rise steel structure buildings collapsing because 09.03 – South Tower hit of fire. The Torre Windsor in Madrid is a good example. 3 1. Destruction and collapse at freefall speed. 10.05 – Demolition of South Tower 4 Hundreds of witnesses, firemen included, hear a series of 2. Near perfect symmetry in rubble distribution. explosions before and during the collapse of the Towers. 3. Very rapid onset of destruction. 10.28 – Demolition of the North Tower 5 4. More than one hundred explosions detected during collapse. 17.00 – WTC 7: the BBC jumps the gun 6 The British radio service anticipates the script and announces live 5. Several tons of steel hurled outwards up to 180 meters at the collapse of WTC 7 20 minutes before it happens. 97 km/h. 17.20 – “Pulling” of WCT7, 7 the clearest evidence 6. Immense volume of pyroclastic clouds. The WTC 7 building that was not hit by any plane, collapses in 6.6 7. Homogenous rubble with no sign of crushed floors. Concrete seconds, practically at freefall speed indicating, yet again, pulverized. controlled demolition. Furthermore, Larry Silverstein, who leased the building, asserted on TV that the building was demolished 8. Succession of explosions observable between 20 and 40 floors although he later denied this. below the destruction line. 9. Total destruction of the building, dismembering of the steel Sources structure. - Association for the Truth about 9/11 ( - Architects and Engineers for the Truth about 9/11 ( - Pilots for the Truth about 9/11 ( 10. Tons of melted down steel encountered in the three buildings. - Traces of thermite, an explosive that melts steel. - Documentaries: Loose Change 9-11, 9-11 Mysteries, Eslabones perdidos de 9-11, The New American Century, 9-11 Ripple Effect, 9-11 in Plane Site, Press for Truth The explosions of the controlled demolition hurled materials from the cladding and the structure dozens of meters outwards. ATARI-P
  • 4. 04 / HISTORY Self attacks or “false flags” the origin of all wars Evidence that 9-11 was organized from within the United States Administration has brought to light the fact that this same practice has been used on numerous occasions over the course of history. Over the course of our lives we and a statement from defence secre- could have been easily intercepted mented of all false flags occurred in Syria and Jordan. Given that many have been told of the constant wag- tary Robert McNamara indicate that by American aviation if the naval high 1967, off the coast of Israel, when of the United States sailors who suf- ing of wars in which human beings the Bay of Tonkin incident that command had heeded radar informa- the USS Liberty was bombarded by fered that attack are still alive, evi- have been involved, based on the brought about American involve- tion from their base in Australia. several aircraft and a frigate. dence for the official story not notion of man’s inhumanity to man. ment in the Vietnam War was pre- The United States government need- United States authorities under being the truth are overwhelming. If However, evidence that 9-11 was fabricated by the US government. ed an excuse to wage war on Japan Lyndon B. Johnson (after eliminat- you view the video The Sinking of executed at the instance of the Similarly, the Japanese attack on and accordingly allowed the Japanese ing John Fitzgerald Kennedy) decid- the USS Liberty, you will hear state- American government has brought Pearl Harbor, which brought the to kill American servicemen. ed not only not to respond to the ments from the radar chief and sev- to light the fact that this same prac- United States into World War II But quite possibly the best docu- attack but prevent other ships of the eral naval officers saying that the tice has been used on numerous United States fleet from assisting aircraft which attacked their ship, occasions over the course of history. their own warship and then blame and also the frigate, were Israeli, Its name: false flags. Many Spaniards know that the trig- Example of false the attack on Egypt. This paved the way for Israel’s involvement with- and this was clearly visible. Despite that, the United States military has gering event in United States inter- out further excuse in the Six Days refused to revise their records and vention in Cuba’s independence flag: "A" bombs War, enabling them to grab land of course has avoided commenting (1898) was an explosion aboard the from their Arab neighbours Egypt, on Israeli involvement. American vessel Maine, anchored in Havana Bay – for which Spain was "C" and puts the blamed. United States secret files made available over the course of the blame on "B" The two World 20th century have shown what was suspected for years by those with a nose for conspiracy: the American Wars paved the government itself caused the explo- sion to provide justification for their way for the declaring war on Spain. Know as a false flag, this practice creation of the has been around since medieval times when bands that wanted to set two others at each others’ throats, state of Israel attacked one of the two bands under the flag of the other, blaming the lat- ter for the aggression and leading to the desired war. The method involves the infiltra- tion of agents into the opposing ranks to do whatever it takes to sim- ulate an attack. Declassified United States archives USS Liberty after being attacked by Israeli forces in 1967.
  • 5. CHECK MATE, NOVEMBER 2009 / 05 The most documented of all false flags occurred in Operation Gladio or how NATO’s “secret army” Israeli waters in 1967, when the USS Liberty was created “rightwing and leftwing terrorism” fired on by several Israeli planes and an Israeli Following statements made by authorities in controlling distur- Republic”. frigate. United States authorities avoided Giulio Andreotti in 1990, the exis- bances, the American government Many years afterwards, Cossiga tence of a European terrorist net- may launch special operations to himself was to accuse the United responding to the attack and blamed the attack on work in the catacombs of the nation convince the population of the dan- States government of having fabri- states began to be an issue discussed ger, by infiltration among the insur- cated 9-11. even by professors of modern histo- gents”. It is argued, false flags in the CIA colonel Oscar Winter explained Egypt, enabling Israel to act with impunity in the ry. The modern history professor at form of terrorism, the same formula to the BBC that Red Brigades like the the University of Basle (Switzerland), as in 9-11, 3-11, and 7-7 (New York, German Baader Meinhof had been Six Days War and wrest territories from Egypt, Daniel Ganser, author of NATO’s Madrid and London, respectively). infiltrated at that time – “the brigades Secret Armies Documents the exis- In 1968, the year of the Paris were under the orders of general Jordan and Syria. tence of a secret European network, Spring and the beginnings of the stu- Santovito, head of Sismi (secret serv- Gladio, over the last 50 years – in dent unrest around the world, marks ices)”. On the spot where Aldo Moro This was not the first time (nor the soften their habitual aversion to the the light of available documents and the beginning of leftwing terrorism died a seal pertaining to RUS (Italian last if we count 9-11) that Israel British imperialists and to depict the statements made by former members in all Europe, including Spain secret services) was recovered – attacked one of her allies): since in Germans as ogres, as they were to of these groups.Vincenzo Vinciguerra, (FRAP, ETA and GRAPO). The ex RUS were responsible for recruiting 1945 the terrorist group Irgun, under do much later with Sadam Hussein. a member of the Italian neofascist CIA agent Phillip Agee, accused the gladiators. At the same time names general Ben Gurion (subsequently The German attack on the Lusitania pro- group New Order, and confessed CIA of having created Spain’s GRAPO of high-ranking Italian secret service president of Israel) attacked the voked by the ship’s entering German author of the Peteano bombing terrorists, and similarly there are many members were found in the diary of King Hotel David in Jerusalem, waters, was the final straw that led to (1972) describes the strategy as fol- rumours that point to American the accused brigadier member Valerio where the British delegation in the United States entering the war lows: “The police force, the secret secret service involvement in the assas- Morucci. Palestine were staying. Palestine had against Germany, which facilitated services and the political groups that According to Vinciguerra, the key been a British protectorate since the Germany’s defeat. use these services have instrumen- name in this conspiracy was Licio First World War. As a result of the It was this rather than anything else, talized neofascist groups since Gelli, head of the P2 Masonic lodge. attack, recognized by Ben Gurion according to Friedman’s account, that 1945-46. A right-wing group should “This was not a centre of power in himself, the British withdrew from led to Germany’s rejection of the Jews attack civilians, not the police and the shadow, it was the real power – Palestine, leaving the way open for (whom they looked upon as traitors) armed forces of the State, for one hidden from the public but not from the creation of the state of Israel. which in turn suited Germany’s new simple reason: to force a change of the State. It was one of these parallel Curiously enough, the first Jewish leader. An obscure German double regime. This was the role of the right structures, of the Gladio network.” settlers had come to Palestine thanks agent, Adolf Hitler, travelled to wing in Italy: to foment the need for Gelli, a spy for the fascist secret to the Balfour Declaration from the London to study techniques of mass a strong State and the strategy of ten- services in World War II, and a CIA British government shortly before the communication which he was to use sion, so that the people would accept man with connections in the Vatican end of World War I, fulfilling the dream to woo the German people after infil- a state of emergency at some point during the Cold War, was ostensibly of a homeland for the Israeli people. trating the (communist) Workers’ between 1960 and the mid eighties.” involved in the murder of John Paul I Pronouncements by the American mil- Party, afterwards renamed the National These groups began to operate and the Banco Ambrosiano scandal. lionaire Benjamin Friedman, a partici- Socialist Party. The secret society Vril shortly after the Second World War, In 1980 a bomb exploded in Bologna pant in the Conference of Versailles and the Order of Thule would create recruiting Italian partisan groups and train station, killing 86 in an attack which laid the foundations for the the symbolic conditions – including Nazi cells in the rest of Europe with attributed to anarchist cells. Six years world after the First World War, the Aryan race, the cross of the Knights the purpose of having available later a report by an official inquiry throw considerable light on what hap- Templar, Wagner’s operas, plus the use insurgent groups in the event of a revealed the existence of an invisible pened. According to Friedman, a Jew of radio and cinema to spread propa- Communist invasion. Former fascist government in Italy, run by the secret by religion, the war had begun to ganda – for the fabrication of a new Umberto D’Amato, and the head of services and political terrorist groups. favour the Axis countries (Germany, war which would conclude with the the Carabiniere force with the advent The crest of Operation Gladio In 1990, German Social Democrats Austria and Hungary) and the German establishment of the state of Israel. of democracy, was put in charge of blew the whistle on otherwise undis- Jews accordingly made an offer to Few people know that, among the organizing them in Italy and the rest closed secret armies in that country Britain: they would obtain the United financers of the Nazi party were of Europe. As he boasted to BBC 2, with links with the German secret States’ participation in the War in exchange for Jewish settlements in members of the Bush family (grand- father Prescott) the Rockefeller fami- in the documentary Gladio, The Secret Armies: “I was the creator of a stand- “The State needs services and the Christian Democrat party. The response from the latter Palestine. ly and various Jewish banker castes The Jewish lobby in the USA, own- such as the Warburgs, the Rothschilds ing committee of the Italian home office on these matters; the Club of terrorism to justify party, according to historian Daniel Ganser, was to say “if you accuse us, ers of most US newspapers, began to and the Schiffs. Another little known Berne brought together all the American we will say that you also had a part fact is that many high-ranking Nazis were Jews (two field marshals, 17 and European secret services includ- its existence” in that conspiracy, along with Willy ing the Swiss”. Brandt.” Giulio Andreotti, leader of the generals, eight commandants and six At the end of the forties the United Italian Christian Democrats, accused majors) and in addition 150,000 Jews States secret services financed a the French Social Democrat leader served in the German Nazi ranks. One Gladio training facility in a small sination of admiral Carrero Blanco, François Mitterand of lying when he such double agents was named Henry town in Sardinia. General Gerardo Franco’s dauphin, not many meters claimed not to know of Gladio’s exis- Kissinger (of German Jewish origin) Servavalle, commander in chief of from the American embassy in tence. “You say that the secret armies responsible for importing the best Gladio (1971-74) told the BBC in Madrid and attributed to ETA. don´t exist, but during the secret meet- Nazi geniuses into the United States 1992, “the gladiators that we enrolled The strategy of tension began in ing in autumn 1990, you French were to put them in charge of the secret serv- received small packets of informa- Italy with the outrage of the Piazza present. Don’t say they don`t exist.” ices: CIA (1947), NASA (1952), the tion: they were told only what they Fontana in Milan (1969) attributed For Vinciguerra, the Bologna bomb- MK mental control project (1947), needed to know. Nothing about their to anarchists but the work, according ing arose out of the logic of a state as well as biological war affairs links with NATO”. The most worry- to Vinciguerra, “of the Minister of that, not knowing how to react to an (Fort Detrick) and the propagation ing fact here is that Gladio’s spies and the Interior and his secret services, enemy’s victory, resorts to violence, of cancer. directors themselves, admitting their who intended to set up a state of attributing it to extremists in order to The remaining American agents connection with NATO, revealed that emergency”. During the trial for this justify own actions. To give up one’s infiltrated in the fascist and Nazi ranks not all European prime ministers case, it was shown that the Padua freedom in return for security – that (OX) formed the basis for the creation were aware of Gladio’s existence, Group, which were behind the is the logic behind all the bombings, of Operation Gladio, the source of a while Interior ministers and selected attack, were under the direction of which remain unpunished because low intensity war in Western Europe in elements in the army and the police the Italian secret services. The jour- the State cannot punish itself. Kevin the form of leftwing and rightwing ter- force were aware. nalist and Gladio member Guido Fulton, the mole working for the rorism. Its raison d’etre was to create Senator Libero Gualtieri, the head Giannettini confessed to having British FRU organization (forces for the strategy of tension – that is, to of the committee of inquiry of the infiltrated organizations of the research and infiltration) who infil- prepare citizens for the curtailing of Italian government investigating Maoist left on the orders of colonels trated the IRA, recently confessed to their civil liberties in return for secu- Gladio, revealed to the BBC when it Viola and Gasker and general the British Sunday Times to having rity – by means of self attacks (attacks was that they changed their tactics: Maletti. General Paolo Inzerilli on one’s own people) which would manufactured explosives for the “In 1966 the CIA came to realize (commander of Gladio, 1974-86) IRA and to have acted under orders then be attributed to terrorist groups. that it was no longer necessary to admitted they stored their arsenals in from the Prime Minister. Fulton After World War II, the spy organi- keep up the strategy of tension”. At army and police quarters. revealed that he gave advanced zation known as the OSS (the pre- that time, Seravalle called the head In 1978, Aldo Moro met a violent of the CIA in Rome, a man named death, as did Pope John Paul I. warning of the Omagh massacre, but cursor to the CIA) decided to set up the authorities did nothing to avert groups of partisans who would act Stone, to ask why they had stopped Moro, the leader of the Italian supplying weapons and cash. “Mr. Christian Democrat Party was on the the tragedy. as guerrillas in the event of a com- Neofascist Vincenzo Vinciguerra Stone replied that CIA finances point of forming a government with munist invasion of Western Europe. were conditioned by the planning the Communists. His widow accused declared that “thousands of people have This group was to be particularly and programming of, quote, internal his own party, the Christian Democrats been duped, murdered or imprisoned in important in Italy where the latter measures, something which had not of having approved his murder, at the interests of the State”. party was more ensconced. The been contemplated at Gladio. At the same time as she recalled the On the other hand, Alberto Fran- Swiss professor of modern history, which point I realized that they were warning by all-powerful Secretary ceschini, founder of the Red Daniel Ganser, observes that these not interested in our level of expert- of State and Vice President Henry Brigades, made this statement to special groups were to operate not ise, but rather their control of inter- Kissinger to her husband: “If you the BBC: “When I thought that I nal operations, particularly of street persist with your intention of form- was moving in one direction, there just in Italy but in the whole of was someone else who was moving disturbances and the rise of the ing a government with the Communist Western Europe. Their code name me in another. I should like to know Communist Party.” Party, this will have lamentable con- was stay-behind groups. In the various A secret document of the CIA sequences for your person”. Francesco who was using me.” In the same different countries they might go under whose existence is admitted by Licio Cossiga, former president of the BBC series, D’Amato confessed: different names, but in each case their Gelli (head of the logia P2 ) and Ray Republic and of the Christian “We call them automatons or pup- objective would be the same, to foment Cline (assistant director of the CIA Democrats, confessed before BBC pets. They are used to give life to tension. Power always needs a war, in the sixties) and revealed by BBC, television cameras: “Among the something that lacks life and we even if only a low intensity one such may be the origin of this tactic: “in party’s ranks there is still regret over want to give them it. These are the as terrorism. • the event of indecision by local having sacrificed Moro to save the automatons of politics.”•
  • 6. 06 / HISTORY The Holocaust is defined as an event that is the German government.The fact is that organiza- a large part of Israel’s wealth, based on the lever- unique and unrepeatable, without equal in history, tions like the Jewish American Congress, the age and speculation based on an historical fact and for that reason needing to be uniquely remem- Masonic lodge Bi’nai Brith and the Conference on which many writers have wanted to put in per- bered in order for it never to be repeated. In princi- Jewish material demands on Germany took con- spective or even question, in some cases suffering ple, the organizations representing the families of trol of this money. The German State gives a great imprisonment for doing so.There are Jews who do victims of the Holocaust had received, up to the deal of military material to Israel which, together so, including for example American Jew Norman year 2000, 60 million dollars as compensation from with the enormous sums given by the US, make up Finkelstein, the author of the Holocaust Industry. The “Holocaust” industry, or how Zionism exploits memories of Nazism Most people do not know that the Holocaust tragedy has been exploited to underpin Israel’s finances, and thus is the basis for the Middle East conflict. Holocaust industry, the bankers agreed to pay 1,250 million. The agreement was intended to be repa- ration for three main groups: claimants of inactive deposits in Switzerland, those who had been denied asylum in the country, and victims of the slave labour regime. To justify the money that they were asking for, the Zionist organizations claimed there were far more Holocaust survivors than the traditional figure of 100,000, which incidentally gave the lie to the idea that almost no one came out of the experience alive, and was ironically not far off the fig- ure argued by the Holocaust deniers! Thus in the year 2000, according to the Jewish organizations there were twice as many survivors as in 1945. Things like this are what made Finkelstein’s mother say: “If all the Nazi Zionist medal minted by persons that they say really survived order of Goebbels in 1933 to the Holocaust, who did Hitler kill.” commemorate the Nazi Other facts that may surprise are Zionist expedition to that in the United States there are Palestine. A new item of seven big museums devoted to the information that makes it more pressing to investigate Holocaust (not one on the genocide the obscure links between of Blacks and Native Americans Zionism and the Third Reich. who, after all, were from there), and more than 400 university chairs on the subject, not to mention the fact that the day of the Holocaust is cel- Norman Finkelstein’s book, with example: it was demonstrated, a few as a unique and unrepeatable fact, Boass Evron “is the equivalent, by ebrated throughout the States. its wealth of documents and decla- years ago, that the president of the without parallel, a sort of religion of anyone’s standard, of deliberately At the present time in many coun- rations, documents how Zionists Association of Victims of mystification. Elie Wiesel affirms cultivating paranoia… This mental- tries those investigating the Holocaust have been pressuring the Germans Mauthausen, the Spaniard Enric that the Holocaust “is impossible ity exonerates a priori any inhuman who do not adhere to the official ver- to obtain cash since 1952 and have Marco Batlló, had not lived through understand or describe, and will treatment meted out to non-Jews, sion may be imprisoned. The reason, used this money for armaments. the Holocaust. There ensued a never be understand nor transmit- given that the reigning ideology has according to the dissident Ernst Finkelstein’s mother, who survived major scandal, eventually hushed ted.” It is worth noting that the word it that the rest of the world collabo- Zundel, is that “the Holocaust is the the Warsaw Ghetto, received only up, this despite the fact that Marco holocaust appears 219 times in the rated with the Nazis to destroy the sword and shield of Israel. Thanks to 3,500 dollars, while many others who routinely managed to weep at the Old Testament, and was in the first Jewish community.” it she buys arms (with the German never were in concentration camps, charity drives he organized. place the sacrifice of animals” which The penultimate chapter in this reparation money), and with it she as Finkelstein admits, received hun- From his own Jewish viewpoint, the Jewish people made to Yahwe. saga which has so affected our col- attacks any who dare question the dreds of thousands of dollars. In a Finkelstein recognizes that the This singularity gave the Jewish lective reality, is the question of legitimacy of the state of Israel and public statement made on February Holocaust in capital letters, began people the state of Israel. But there Jewish gold in Swiss bank accounts. Israeli action in Palestine.• 23, 2000, the German government to be cultivated at the end of the is even discussion over whether this One day the Zionists began to speak observed that only 15% of the money handed over to the Conference on fifties. Until then the issue was not of urgent interest even to Jews. This people exists, as a people. In the mid-twentieth century, the Jewish about the many Jews who had deposited their money and their Israel bases large Material Demands actually went to the victims and their families. So change coincided when the money began to be made available for the writer Arthur Koestler refuted the notion of a Jewish people that had gold in Swiss banks, but then with their death in the concentration part of its economy where did this money go? victims. A major contributory factor here were several allegedly autobio- originated in Palestine. He revealed to the public at large the fact of the camps, the money and gold had not been claimed by surviving family on the aid coming Finkelstein argues graphical books which have been shown to be fabrications. Both The origins of the Ashkenazi Jews set- tled in Eastern and Central Europe members. The Zionists (Elie Wiesel, Simon Wiesenthal and, later, the from the US that the Holocaust Painted Bird, by the exiled Pole Jerzy Korsinsky (an account of the (Germany, Poland, the Baltic republics, Russia, Hungary, the Ukraine, Georgia) Council for Jewish communities) approached the Swiss bankers and and payments from in capital letters adventures of a child in the rural and whose bloodlines go back to the told them that they wanted 20 million Germany backwaters of Poland) and Fragments khazar people. These originally dwelt dollars, threatening to swamp them was an ideological by Benjamin Wilkormisky based on the previously mentioned book, are by the shores of the Caspian, and were displaced by Gengis Khan’s with a tidal wave of demands: not for nothing, forty percent of the leading construct to under- inventions; in fact the author of Fragments, garlanded with various Mongol hordes. In the 9th century, faced with having to choose between New York law firms were and are Jewish. [Curiously enough Hitler did pin US support for Jewish literary awards, is not actual- ly Jewish. the Islamic and the Byzantine empires, their king decided to embrace the not invade Switzerland, even though German speakers live there]. Israel and, in pass- Finkelstein argues that the Holocaust in capital letters was an ideological Jewish faith, dragging his people with him. This explains why a large The Swiss bankers replied that the most they could do was to carry out ing, silence the construct developed to underpin US support for Israel, and in passing number of European-origin Jews have blue eyes and pale skin, since they are an audit. However, subjected to harassment from news media world rest of the world silence the rest of the world. The reputed Israeli writer, Boas Evron, in fact Aryans like the Khazars before them. wide, they went on to offer 600 mil- lion, even though the value of the By means of the above-mentioned remarks: “The Holocaust awareness This same argument has been deposits amounted to between 170 organizations, it ended up in Israel is in fact a form of official propagan- espoused by the Israeli historian and 269 million dollars. The and was used to arm the country to da indoctrination, a massive skein Shlomo Sand who states that: “the Zionists brought out their heavy the teeth and make its army the most of directives and false views of the Jewish people are an invention” in his armament: American banks con- powerful in the Middle East. In this world, whose true purpose is in no best seller When and how were the trolled by Jews threatened to with- sense the tragedy of the Holocaust way the comprehension of the past Jewish people invented. draw their pension funds from the is now the cause of the bombs but rather the manipulation of the The Holocaust provided the Jews Swiss banks. At last after several killing Palestinians and Lebanese. present.” This manipulation is based with an alibi in the eyes of the rest years and 600 million dollars spent The Holocaust Industry (cover) In Spain we have a paradigmatic on the conception of the Holocaust of humanity which, according to in defending themselves from the
  • 7. CHECK MATE, NOVEMBER 2009 / 07 The controversial – and fictious – How many really Diary of Ann Frank died? The number of victims who died in of America. In 1948, there were the Holocaust has varied over the between 15,600,000 and 18,700,000 course of the decades. For a long Jews in the world, according to an while it was said that the number was article that appeared in the February a million, but other figures mentioned 22 issue of the New Times, written by were a million and a half, two million, Hanson W. Baldwin. Aberg reasons three million, and then until a short as follows: if between the beginning while ago it was said that six million of the Second World War (1938) and had died, although at the present time the three years after the end of the few historians, Jewish ones included, conflict (1948) the Jewish population would now accept this figure. The in the world increased by 3 million, importance of knowing the number of this supposes that, taking into consid- deaths of Jews in concentration eration the six million said to have camps, and the nature of their deaths, been killed by the Nazis, the demo- resides in the fact that it is a source of graphic increase of the Jewish people finance for the state of Israel. over this time was nine million. It is Nowadays no one apparently knows argued the nine million who survived for sure how many died, nor how the war would have reproduced to they died. Searches have been carried such an extent that they procreated out in Auschwitz and Birkenau for another 9 million. Taking into account the remains of the victims said to be that a part of this population had been buried there… and nothing was children and old people outside their found. The expert in gas chambers, fertile age, and that many of the men Fred Leuchter certified that the instal- would have been in the front, we effec- lations exhibited in Auschwitz could tively have here an argument that not have housed a gas chamber for the refutes the official theory of the simple reason that the Nazis them- Holocaust and which someone should selves would have perished under the explain to us. effects of the cyanide gas given that A further reason for skepticism is they lacked the necessary barrier pro- that this figure of 6 million had tection and a sufficiently tall chimney already been rumoured during World that would emit the gas safely. War I, along with the soap that was The figure of hundreds of thousands said to be made with the victims, one gassed a day during the spring and sum- more of the urban legends that have mer of 1942 provided by researcher had to be countered by the official Martin Gilbert cannot be squared with the calculations carried out by historians themselves. For whatever the Swedish professor Einar Aberg reasons, neither the memoirs of published in 1959: “In 1938 there Charles De Gaulle (France) nor those were 15,688, 259 Jews in the world, of Winston Churchill (British prime according to the World Almanac of minister), nor Dwight D. Eisenhower 1947, based on data provided by the (United States), three leaders during American Jewish Committee and the the Second World, War actually men- Studied in schools half the world over as the Jewish Statistical of the Synagogues tion the Holocaust.• autobiography of a Jewish lass hiding in her house in Amsterdam to avoid being killed by the Nazis, the veracity of The Diary of Ann Frank is up against a series of proofs impossible to refute In 1959 a Swedish publication ques- diaries that Dr. Huebner defines as for four million dollars for his work tioned the truth of story in a series the first elaboration of the diary and 99 paraphrasing the manuscript “for of articles later reproduced by the from loose pages that the researcher the purpose which it had to ful- American magazine Economic Council defines as the second elaboration of fill…” also brought an action Setter in the April 15 issue of the the Diary. against cinema producer Kiermit same year. Several years earlier, on The definitive proof of the ficti- Bloombarden, since the film with October 2nd, 1955, the New York tious nature of the Diary that did the same name of the book, on Times stated that the original ver- much to create the Holocaust in the which it was based, there were also sion of the diary had approximately collective imagination, was the scenes written by the plaintiff which 150 entries, typical of her age (“mummy legal action in which the Jewish did not appear in the original diary. sometimes treats me like a baby, which American writer Meyer Levin and But that is not all, the most clinch- I cannot stand”) with few political references. However, the published the father of Ann Frank, Otto, came to legal blows over the authors ing evidence of the falsification of the Diary is that it contains writing The number version had 293 pages full of politi- cal references displaying a knowl- rights of the work. The trial took place between 1956 and 1958 in the in ball point pen, as was confir med by experts who came especial- of deaths in edge of history not normal in such a County Court house in New York, in ly from Switzerland to examine the the Holocaust young person, and in a style more typical of adults. which the plaintiff Meyer Levin won his case against Otto Frank, original manuscript. According to these experts part of the Diary had tragedy has Ann Frank’s father, Otto Frank, himself admitted that the published who was ruled to pay compensation to the amount of 50,000 dollars of been written in ballpoint (“biro”) – invented in 1949, and on sale not varied. At version omitted critical references the time for “fraud, infringement of earlier than 1951 – so this part could one point to her mother (typical of a child) contract, and illicit appropriation of not have been written by someone and that at least three people had ideas”. The settlement which was who died of typhus in 1945. Two there were corrected it. These were the Jewish writer Anneliese Schuetz, Isa Cauven finally arranged through obvious mutual interest, revolved around the German citizens Edgar Geiss and Ernst Roemer, publicly questioned said to be a and above all the Dutch journalist Albert Cauven, The mainstream dramatization and scenification of the Diary and its sales. The judge, – yet again – the authenticity of the famous Diary. In view of this, the million weekly magazine Der Spiegel also Jewish, Samuel L. Cole man, Hamburg District court instructed deaths and. observed, “The Diary taken as a whole is not authentic, and the writ- ruled that Frank had to compensate Levin for his work on the Diary of the Federal German Criminal Office (BKA) to examine the texts until recently, ing that has moved the world is not entirely from the hand of Ann Frank. Ann Frank. In the private correspondence to determine scientifically whether they had been written between the the number The published version has been between Levin and Frank, admitted years 1941 and 1944, based on the was set at six transformed by numerous manipula- tions…” The official inquiry con- as evidence in court, there is the very serious presumption juris tan- paper and the writing of the original manuscript. This chemical and tech- million ducted by Dr Huebner states that the tum, that the diary “is substantially nical analysis was carried out in published version is composed of a falsification”. And that the materi- April 1981 under the direction of Scanned images of official Red 177 sections (letters) which derive al author of this falsification was Doctor Werner. The Spaniard Pedro Cross documents indicating that the Holocaust, on the scale that from four different sources, four the equally Jewish Meyer Levin, in Varela spent five years in prison for has been sold to us, did not from the original diary, five from a legitimate defence of his author’s his defence of the evidence revie- happen. book of short stories, 69 from two rights, who besides suing Mr. Frank wed here.•
  • 8. 08 / SCIENCE AND HEALTH Towards the end of the 19th century there became available to all, on the other. Our brains would find disturbing: illnesses such as schizo- emerged the new scientific disciplines of psychol- and the mass communication media (radio, TV, phrenia and paranoia have a hertzian wave- ogy and psychiatry along with the emergence of telephone…) have something in common: they length. That is, they can be programmed by mass communications. Research in both these work by means of waves. Clandestine research means of waves. On the positive side, the healing sciences advanced in parallel and developed in carried out from the end of the 19th century of our organs by means of vibrations is known as depth well before radio and television became onward by the first psychologists and psychia- quantum medicine and is based on the fact that popular, on the one hand, and psychotherapies trists soon arrived at conclusions that many we are electromagnetic organisms. MK Ultra: the scientific battle for the control of our minds The maxim of the most perverted form of mind control has it that: “we can take over an individual’s mind and bend his will” As in so many other cases, German sive scale that went hand-in-hand presidents and victim of mind con- scientists have excelled in these with the infiltration of agents into trol. Her testimony clears up not one fields. It is on record that a large part hippie groups, known as Cointelpro. but many of the questions here: of the experiments carried out by Electronics come on the scene “when you suffer sexual abuse, this Nazi scientists were aimed at bend- After the research into psychotropic creates a trauma in your mind. To ing the will of an individual – or that substances, efforts by these govern- overcome this, the mind creates of a group. It is no coincidence that ment-paid researchers sought to inte- another personality, in such a way as the Nazi regime was the first to use grate electronics. In particular, the to create dissociative identity disor- radio and cinema as propaganda Spanish scientist Dr. José Rodríguez der commonly known as multiple media. That is, for mass indoctrina- Delgado, neurophysicist at Yale personality. This is the personality tion. More surprising is the fact that University, worked on the introduc- that MK Ultra works on. They bribed Adolf Hitler himself, a member of tion of a probe into the brain. By this my father to make me a child pornog- the Thule society, undertook training means it would be possible to insert raphy star and later a sex slave in the in England in oratory techniques at specific emotions into the mind by high echelons of power during the Tavistock Institute for Social means of FM waves. Delgado con- Gerald Ford’s presidency”. Once Relations. These techniques, used cluded that the brain works with freed from her programme and today in party politics, were crucial waves and that both emotions and thanks to her unusual access to the to Hitler’s success. behavior could be created artificially. configurations of power in the shad- Immediately after World War II a The videos showing that a person ow, O’Brien has become an inform- fierce rivalry broke out between the could be remotely controlled can be ant of the first order. “At an orgy in Soviet Union and the United States to seen today in Youtube as can a curi- the White House, I overheard the then enlist the best Nazi scientists. The ous experiment with a bull that flees prime minister of Canada, Brian same ones who had committed such from the bullfighter’s cape. Mulrooney, say that there could only barbarous acts (and others, in the field In 1974, Dr. Scapitz, a scientist be peace if we control the minds of of aerospace). One of these observers funded by the American Department the entire population. I also heard was called Henry Kissinger, one of of Defense, had a great idea: to com- George Bush and Henry Kissinger the chief ideologists behind Mind bine MK Ultra studies with the new say the same; the former is one of the Kontrol Ultra (MK Ultra). His objec- microwave and hypnosis technolo- leaders of New World Order and a tive, as detailed in a document per- gies. In a publicly made slip, Dr. continuer of the work of Hitler”. taining to the MK Ultra program, Scapitz declared that: “the words of O’Brien reports having taken part in dated 1955, sounds like science fic- the hypnotist are projected, by means the satanic ceremonies of the power tion even today. “We can take control of modulated electromagnetic, into Elite in Soto de Bohemia (California). of an individual, to the point where he the brain of the individual”. No less impressive is the testimony will do our bidding, against his own Dr. Ross Adey, of the University of of Brice Taylor. Like O’Brien, she will, and against fundamental laws of California, took this a stage further was the victim of sexual abuses from nature such as self preservation”. by devising miniature transmitters to According to official information, Henry Kissinger was one of the ideological architects of Mind Kontrol Ultra (MK Ultra). an early age in satanic ceremonies, a be inserted into the brain which, the MK Ultra Project was operative sex slave under various presidents of together with microwave transmis- between 1952 and 1965, with a budg- from the University of Virginia with LSD and mescaline to ascertain sions, could control brain waves. the United States (including Nixon, et of one thousand five hundred mil- where Korean student Cho killed how to take control of a human mind Soon afterwards, Dr. Joseph Sharp, lion pesetas, and involving 185 top dozens of his fellow students in 2006 in order to create a super soldier. The of the Army Research Institute, suc- without any motive. Many believe CIA was not the only US organism scientists who carried out 149 differ- ent research projects in 44 universi- that Cho was a remote controlled to use such a weapon – the US army ceeded in transmitting words by means of microwaves. Located with- Rape and ties and institutes, 15 foundations and laboratories, 12 hospitals and three murderer. Experimentation with communica- made it their own and subjected vari- ous spies (in principle with their con- in a flow of electromagnetic waves, Satanism are two Sharp was able to understand clearly penitentiaries. All in the strictest tions media as a weapon of mass manipulation is intrinsically bound up sent) to truth tests after they had taken LSD. The experiment sought to the words transmitted to him by a col- of the facets to secrecy. When this came out into the league. More recently, the Verisign open in the nineteen seventies in the with techniques derived from psychol- ogy. So much so that the father of establish whether particular drugs could make detainees confess. company has begun to implant chips MK Ultra course of an inquiry by the United manipulation by means of the mass The acid culture in children in Brazil and Mexico, for States Congress, the majority of the media, and the inventor of the term Today the role played by LSD in the security reasons: the chip would documents that evidenced the exis- Ford, Kennedy and George Bush public relations, was Sigmund Freud’s emergence of the socalled psychedel- show location in the case of abduc- tence of this programme were tion. And now certain discos in senior). Taylor was Germanborn nephew, Eduard Bernays. When his ic culture is public knowledge, and Henry Kissinger’s private secretary destroyed by Richard Helms, former articles were becoming known even Barcelona have started to implant head of the CIA, when he left the job before they were published in the chips in their best customers “so you for several decades, and was in 1973. However, a few were sal- don’t need to carry money”; all that is employed as a courier and spy by vaged by the Commission under United States (he himself would pub- lish them) he began to advise politi- After drugs, research needed is to read the customer’s bar Kissinger, one of the leading archi- Richard Church. The originals of those that were not destroyed can be cians and companies on manipula- tion of Public Opinion. He advised focused on electronics, code. The latest information that we have is that 500 hospitals in the tects of practices of this sort. The profile of abducted child, vio- viewed on the Internet: the Church Commission ascertained that the vol- President Woodrow on how to per- telecommunications United States have agreed to implant lated in infancy and induced by the verichip: “the VeriMed patient unteers had not given their full con- suade Americans that they should enter the First World War against the and implanting chips identification system , which consists means of drugs is repeated again and again in cases of MK Ultra. The case sent to taking part in the experiments, Germans, creating fake news items, as of a hand-operated radio frequency of Duncan O’Finionan for instance, while exculpating the CIA for having would be done almost a century later identification scanner (RFID), an which has all the ingredients for a carried the experiments out. As a with Sadam Hussein, Hugo Chávez the fact that Timothy Leary and RFID implant, and a safe patients’ gripping movie. Singled out for consequence, the then president, and Mahmud Ahmedineyad. A little writer Ken Kesey were instrumental data base, is being used for rapid training by the CIA because of his Gerald Ford, expressly forbade exper- before that, Bernays had chalked up in this. Much less well known is its identification and to provide impor- Cherokee and Irish blood, in the imentation with drugs without the his greatest success convincing use in mind control of the general tant information on the health of par- belief that these peoples have psy- consent of the patient. women that smoking was glamorous, public. In 1957, the Swiss doctor ticipant patients”. chic powers, O’Finionan is the pro- Officially, in 1974 the Church paid by a tobacco company, naturally. Albert Hoffman, discoverer of lyser- Victims of mind control Commission put an end to such prac- totype super soldier. Kidnapped The weapons used would be essential- gic acid was recruited by professor At the end of the nineteen nineties, tices, yet even in the nineties, Bill ly the same as those used in advertis- Roger Heim to synthesize some of when a child, the victim of sexual victims of the MK Ultra programmes Clinton apologized for their exis- ing and television much later in the the most psychoactive Mexican began to come to light. And at the abuses, and trained to be a supersol- tence: “Thousands of experiments century: sex and violence. The irra- mushrooms. They were joined by head of these, Cathy O’Brien, the dier, he formed part of a squad of were carried out in hospitals, univer- tional instincts of an individual. This James Moore, of the University of founder of the Association of Victims child assassins in the Vietnam War sities and military bases throughout individualcentred pattern would be Delaware and CIA agent, as well as and author of the book Trance-forma- and confesses to having killed, as a our nation. These were immoral not repeated on the mass level, to be able to another CIA agent, Cord Meyer, tion of America, reprinted 14 times. sniper acting in the personality cre- only by present day standards but by control whole groups by means of a suf- implicated in Kennedy’s death. This Helped by her partner, former CIA ated for him, various personalities those of the time”. Nonetheless, ficient dose of sex and violence which project to put an end to the hippie agent Mark Philips, Cathy has, including a high-ranking member of these experiments have continued will cloud individual consciousness. movement culminated with the according to her account, relived her the CIA. On various occasions he with DARP – the Defense Advanced Mind Kontrol Ultra files declassi- extension of LSD to a whole genera- life as a victim of sexual abuses by appeared in a place without knowing Research Projects agency. Its instal- fied in 1975 indicate that in the tion. This was Operation Chaos, an her father, forced into child pornog- how he had got there. With the vital lations are just a few hundred yards fifties, experiments were carried out application of mind control on a mas- raphy, a sex slave under several US constants of a superathlete, the
  • 9. CHECK MATE, NOVEMBER 2009 / 09 speed of an Olympic runner, and the strength of a professional wrestler (and he has been one) his profile is that of a member of Delta Force, The creative power of thought whose ranks he has also been in. O’Finionan claims to possess para- For decades the powers of the mind have been associated with the esoteric. However, quantum mechanics, normal faculties. Satanic sects the dominant theoretical and practical model these days in science, has shown the interrelationship The Monarch Project specialized in disciplines such as Voodoo and between thought and reality. Surprising experiments in leading-edge laboratories corroborate this fact. Satanism and the creation of sects, beginning in 1966 with the church of Study of the brain has advanced carried out routinely these days in Satan. At its head, the CIA placed very considerably in recent decades laboratories around the world with Anthon Lavey, student of criminolo- thanks to tomography. By connect- particles that can be photographed. gy at San Francisco, former police ing electrodes to the brain, it can be The reality of bilocation, that is, of officer of that city and member of determined where each of the activi- something being in two places at the Interpol. His chief collaborator in the ties of the mind occurs; electrical same time, is these days knowledge magic circle that he directed was activity is measured while a mental in the public domain, at least in lead- activity is engaged upon, whether ing-edge science. Jeffrey Satinover, General Michael Aquino, an agent of rational, emotional, spiritual or sen- former president of the Jung Foundation the NSA (National Security Agency) timental, and in this way it can be at the university of Harvard states: and a specialist in psychological war- seen which area corresponds to the “Right now, in many laboratories in fare. In 1973, Aquino became the mental process in question. the United States, you can see supremo of special psychological These experiments in neurology objects large enough to be seen with operations, declaring that psycholo- have shown something apparently What the bleep do we know? shows that we construct our reality out of our emotions. the naked eye, that are in two places gy is victory in the war of minds. He zany: when we see a particular object at the same time, and you can even believed that populations could be activity occurs in certain parts of our associates a particular situation with photograph them. What he found take photos of them. I guess many dominated by means of a state of psy- brain… but when we tell the subject an emotion – a bad experience in a was that the pure waters produced people will think that we scientists chological terror and the provocation to close their eyes and imagine it, lift or elevator, such as being trapped crystals of great beauty, while the have gone crazy, but reality is like of impending doom. Familiar with all exactly the same activity occurs! in one – this can lead to the object tainted waters produced only chaos. that, and this is something we cannot Thus, if the brain shows the same being associated with the fear of Later, he proceeded to label them as yet explain”. the research discussed above, Aquino being shut in an enclosed space. If activity when we imagine as when with words like love or I hate you, Perhaps because some think that discussed the possibility of using low we see, the big question arises: what this association is not interrupted, and achieved similar results: love the man or woman in the street will frequency waves to control the mind is reality? “The solution is that the our brain may come to associate this formed beautiful crystals while hate not understand these experiments, “without having to use a bullet”, brain makes no difference between thought-object with the negative called forth chaos. scientists have not yet succeeded in whether via radio, television or what it sees and what it imagines emotion, thus reinforcing the con- The biological explanation of Emoto’s alerting the population of the mag- microwaves, achieving the manipula- because the same neuron networks nection, known in psychology as a phenomenon is that the atoms that nificent implications that this has for tion of thoughts and feelings of the is involved; for the brain what it sees phobia or fear. make up the molecules (in this case our lives, although there are associ- population. Subsequently, Aquino is as real as what it feels”, explains Explained in this way, all habits the two small hydrogen atoms and ated theories that are already part of became independent of Lavey, and the biochemist and doctor of chiro- and addictions operate via the same the larger oxygen one) can be popular science. founded the Church of Set, influ- practic medicine Joe Dispenza in the mechanism. A fear (of not being ordered in different ways: harmo- Undoubtedly the theory of parallel enced by the Nazi leader Himmler, of book based on the film of the same able to sleep, of speaking in public, niously or chaotically. If we take in universes, the origin of the theory of whom Aquino is an adept, and carry- name “What the bleep do we know? of falling in love) may cause us to account the fact that 80% of our body quantum superimposition, is the one It is argued, it is feasible that we resort to a pill, a drug or a damaging is water, we will see how our emotions, that has been best taken up by the ing out ceremonies wearing the SS form of thought. The unconscious manufacture our reality out of the our words and even our music influ- general public. What this amounts to uniform. His name has appeared in form in which we process our expe- objective is to trick our cells with a ence our reality, be it more or less har- is that Reality is a number of waves cases of child molesting (the Larry riences, that is to say, by means of different type of emotion, generally monious. Our internal structure is that coexist in space-time as possi- King case) and of drug dealing in our emotions. one that stimulates or excites us, tak- reacting to all the exterior stimuli, reor- connection with the Nicaraguan bilities, until one of them becomes The pharmacy in our brain ing our mind off the fear. In this way, ganising the atoms of the molecules. real – that is, that is, we experience Contra. His church is run by a com- The hormones associated with our every time that we encounter the sit- While the philosophers of ancient it. It is we ourselves, with our choic- mittee of nine persons, two of whom emotional responses, are manufac- uation in question, the fear connects Greece speculated over their exis- es and above all with our thoughts were, in the nineteen nineties, secret tured in a small organ, the hypothal- us, inevitably, with the solution – in tence, the scientific reality of the atom other words, with the addiction. (“I can do it”, “I can’t do it”) who set service agents. Until recently, Aquino amus. There, in our brain, is to be dates from the beginning of the 20th Thus behind every addiction, (drugs, about enclosing ourselves in a limit- held one of the top positions in the found what amounts to the greatest century. Atomic physics gave way to persons, drink, gambling, sex, tele- ed and negative reality or in the highly secret NSA, together with pharmacy in existence, where parti- theory of relativity and then quantum vision) there is a fear inserted in our obtaining of those things we dream General Black and with General cles known as peptides are created. physics. Today, in schools all round cellular memory. about. Put another way, modern Hayden, former head of the CIA. These are short sequences of amino the world, children are taught that acids which, when combined, create The good news is that when we physics tells us we can achieve any- Cathy O’Brien accuses Aquino of atoms are composed of positive parti- thing we wish, anything we yearn neurohormones and neuropeptides. break this vicious circle, severing the cles (protons) and neutral particles having worked the minds of at least They are responsible for triggering connection, the brain creates another for (within that range of possibility one of the Columbine killers (neutrons) in their nuclei with nega- waves, naturally). the emotions we experience daily. bridge between neurons which is the tive particles (electrons) orbiting (Klebold or Harris) by means of According to professor of physics passage to liberation. Because, as the In actual fact, the discoveries of around them. Their organisation is quantum physics have formed part drugs – a claim supported by the lat- John Hagelin, “there are chemicals Massachusetts Institute of Technology uncannily reminiscent of that of the of human experience for millennia, ter’s dabbling in Satanism, like other for anger, for happiness, for suffer- has demonstrated, in their studies of universe, some electrons (planets) in spiritual circles. According to legendary serial killers. ing, for envy…” Tibetan lamas in a state of meditation, our brain is permanently and continual- going round a sun or nucleus (protons Greg Braden, who has researched The Manson family was associated When we feel a particular emotion, ly remaking itself, even in old age. For and neutrons). What perhaps is less into the Dead Sea scrolls, the with the Church of the Process in Utah, the hypothalamus releases these example, we can unlearn and relearn well known is that what atoms are Essenes (the spiritual community to with its links with the CIA, before peptides through the pituitary gland ways of experiencing emotions. composed of is practically inexistent. which, it is said, Jesus Christ and moving to California and becoming into the blood, which then connect with the cells that have the corre- Mind as creator In the words of William Tyler, emeri- John the Baptist belonged) had their the Foundation and unleashing the tus professor of engineering and mat- own way of praying, quite different sponding receptors on their outside. Experiments with elemental parti- notorious massacre in the home of The brain acts like a storm that ter science at Stanford University, from the way we pray now. In his cles have led scientists to recognize devotee of Satanism Roman Polanski,. unleashes thoughts via the synaptic “matter is not static and predictable. book The Isaiah effect, deciphering that the mind has the capacity to cre- In the trial of the Church of the Process cleft. No one has seen a thought, not Within the atoms and molecules, par- the ciencie of prayer and prophecy, ate. In the words of Amit Goswani, of the Last Judgement (an offshoot of even in the most advanced laborato- ticles occupy an insignificant space, Braden assures us that the way they profesor of physics at the University Scientology), up to sixty cases of abuse ries, but what can be seen is the elec- the rest is empty”. prayed was distinctly different to the Oregon, the behaviour of micropar- In other words, atoms are not a cut- within satanic ceremonies were cited. trical storm that every mental state or ticles changes depending on what manner that Christians would later Information obtained by psychologists thought produces, connecting neu- and-dried piece of reality, but are adopt. Instead of asking God for the observer does: “When watched much more malleable than we think. on the different levels of the uncon- rons by means of the synaptic clefts. by an observer, they behave like something, the Essenes visualized Each cell contains thousands of Physicist Amit Goswani puts it scious showed a first level of recall as waves, when they are not, they behave that what they asked for was already these receptors all around its sur- plainly: “Heizenberg, el codiscover- being victims of sexual abuse. like particles”. Which means that the granted, a technique which is essen- face, opening as it were to these er of quantum physics, was very Furthermore, 45 adults admitted to observer’s expectations affect reality clear on this; atoms are not things, tially the same as used today in having seen or participated in human experiences. Candace Pert, who pos- toplevel sporting competition, to sesses patents for modified peptides, in the laboratories... and every one of they are tendencies. So, instead of sacrifices. All of them had developed us is composed of millions of atoms. thinking of atoms as objects, you give a familiar example. Most of us and is professor at the University of have surely seen how, at athletic psychological problems with multiple Georgetown School of Medicine puts Translated in terms of our daily should think in terms of possibili- personality. On a second level, incest lives, this means that our reality is, to ties, possibilities of consciousness. events, in the pole volt, the athletes it this way: “Each cell is a little home carry out mental exercises simulat- emerged. On a third level, there to consciousness. Entry of a neu- a certain extent, a product of our own Quantum physics only calculates appeared memories of seeing people expectations. If a particle (the mini- possibilities, and thus the question ing the jump: in their minds they ropeptide into a cell is the equivalent mum unit of matter of which we are that immediately comes to mind is, visualize themselves realising the wound or even murder other people. of a biochemical discharge which composed) can behave like matter or who chooses between these different feat. This technique comes from Some recalled seeing children killed may modify the cell’s nucleus”. Our brain creates these neuropep- like a wave, then we can do the same. possibilities? The answer that comes sports psychology, which has devel- and, at a deeper level, some admitted oped techniques garnered from ori- having killed their own babies. tides and it is our cells that become Molecular reality from quantum physics is loud and accustomed to receiving the range of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto’s clear: consciousness is wrapped up, ental philosophies. Present-day neu- The Church of Scientology and the rolinguistic programming used in emotions: anger, anxiety, joy, envy, surprising experiments with water the observer cannot be ignored”. Korean Moon sect (Church of the public relations, public relations and generosity, pessimism, optimism... molecules have opened an incredible What reality do you prefer? Unification) are other movements door into the possibility that our Doctor Anton Zeillinger’s famous company training in general, con- and becoming accustomed in this that investigators stated were con- way creates thought patterns. Via the minds are capable of creating reali- experiment with the molecule of curs in having recourse to the pres- nected with these secret programmes. millions of synaptic terminals, our ty. Armed with an electronic micro- fuller’s earth at the university of ent tense and to affirmations to The founders of both cults (Ron brain is continually recreating itself; scope fitted with a diminutive cam- Vienna, showed that atoms of fuller’s achieve objectives. The word is a Hubbard and Sun Myung Moon) a thought or emotion creates a new era, Emoto photographed molecules earth (an atomic structure that has 60 step further in the creation of reality, were agents with the United States connection that is reinforced when taken from polluted waters and crys- carbon atoms) were able to pass so that we have to watch what we say secret services and Korean secret we think or feel something on repeat- tal spring water. He placed them in a through two holes at the same time. since, in some sense, we will be services respectively.• ed occasions. Thus when someone deep freeze to turn them to ice and This science fiction experiment is attracting this reality to us.•
  • 10. 10 / BUSINESS A generation avid for experiences, wishing to was the reasoning espoused by many young ide- ices designed and implemented the LSD culture connect with other realities, fell into the trap laid alists in the second half of the 20th century and in the nineteen fifties via institutions such as the for them by the government in the shade to disac- that is way they went. Tavistock Institute of Social Relations in London, tivate a younger generation reaching out for free- Former British secret-service agent James In the nineteen sixties MI5, MI6, and the CIA dom. The strategy adopted by the psychologists Casbolt related how the modern chapter of the used LSD as a weapon against the social activists of the hidden government was that of the prohi- traffic of drugs began, an activity in which his own who became the flower power people, too soaked in bition. “If something is forbidden, it’s good”, father was involved: “The British espionage serv- drug culture to bother organizing a revolution”. Former agents of the American DEA and the British MI-5 tell the truth about the drug trade It may come as a surprise to many that drug traffic worldwide is controlled and directed by secret agents. In this “market”, the British secret services are in charge. Dr. Timothy Leary, LSD guru of the Yugoslavia was the route the United sixties, was a puppet of the CIA. The States authorities chose for the export- money and the substances for his ing of heroin to Europe; a cohesive experiments came from the Agency Yugoslavia would be an obstacle. and Leary himself said that Cord And here, of course, the figure of Meyer, the CIA agent who had been Henry Kissinger pops up once given the responsibility of introducing again. Kissinger’s office in Belgrade LSD into the counterculture of the six- (Kissinger & Associates) was just ties “helped me to understand my cul- down the hall from Radovan Karadzic, tural and political role more clearly”. the Serbian Bosnian leader. Relations between the CIA and inter- A letter dated 1985, supposedly writ- national drug dealing began almost ten by the then director of the CIA, from the beginnings of the Agency. Bill Casey, weeks before his death, Dennis Dayle, senior agent of the admitted that a secret structure had DEA with supervisor status declared: been set up for international drug deal- “In my 30 years of service with the ing during the Cold War, headed by DEA (agency responsible for the none other than George Bush senior. action against narcotics), the greater It appears that this practice of financ- part of my investigation inevitably ing special operations with the sale of revolved around the CIA”. drugs had been habitual from the In the mid eighties, the socalled Vietnam War onward. This same Irangate scandal burst onto the scene document, which came into the pos- in the United States. Its major icon session of Dee Ferdinand, the daugh- was Colonel Oliver North. Many read- ter of the New York detective and CIA ers may remember him as a protégé of collaborator, Albert Carone, presum- ex Vice-president Dick Cheney who ably murdered by CIA agents, was went from being accused of treason presented as evidence in legal to being considered a national hero. action brought against the Ministry of The international drug dealers George Bush and Bill Clinton, better known for their role as presidents of the United States. And that despite the fact that the Defense in 1999. Commission of Secret Affairs of the still open that clearly show the connec- 1985 before the key witness of the want to lose control of this area, The use of the planes American House of Representatives tion between the higher spheres of inquiry, Ruppert, was able to testify. strategicaly important for the defence In the year 1976, colonel Lawrence certified that Oliver North’s diary con- power and the drug barons. One of of Israel, they decided to send arms to Houston responded to an interpella- Nonetheless, Ruppert persisted in his tained an entry saying 14 million dol- these was brought to court by the for- the Kurds; payment would be in tion by Senator Frank Church admit- investigations and became one of the lars earmarked for the purchase of mer agent of the DEA (popular force the form of opium passing through ting that the CIA had used the United world’s leading authorities on the weapons for the Nicaraguan Contra against drugs), Michael Craig Ruppert, Afghanistan and Pakistan to Turkey States Post Office as a “screen for international drug trade. A high spot had come from the sale of narcotics. whose story would make a better film by way of Kurdistan – a strategy that other secret activities”. The screen was when in 1997, he lambasted the more particularly was a company What came to light during those than most. He was the son of a mili- would be repeated in the region then director of the CIA, John Deutch, going under different variations of the years was the connection between tary man turned expert in spy satel- later on with the Afghanistan War and accusing him of being behind interna- name Pacific Corporation and which army officers and the American secret lites, and an expert in codes and code which would be the cause of the hero- services, drug and arms dealing. The tional drug dealing. controlled Air America, Southern Air breaking, Michael gained his degree at ine deaths in the West in the eighties. objective was to raise funds to pay the the prestigious UCLA, with a clear All through this the Pakistani secret Transport and Intermountain Air. In Nicaraguan Contra. If the sale of arms purpose in mind, to become a secret CIA operations services were perfect allies of the CIA. the late sixties, these sold 45 military service Australian C-130s (a sale pro- to a country like Homeini’s Iran was in itself a major scandal, the fact that agent. Moving in these select circles it is not strange that he should make under George It is a fact documented by the United Nations that the NATO invasion of hibited by law) to certain, at the time secret service agents were involved in friends that ere long would appear in Bush senior had Afghanistan multiplied the production incipient, Columbian clans. Gary Eitel, former CIA pilot since the international drug dealing put the the highest spheres of power in North entire American system in doubt, its America. The woman he married, an airport in of heroin exponentially, and note that the Talibans combated the cultivation Vietnam War and the man who health and its direction. As may be recalled, the eighties were marked by Theodora D’Orsay, turned out to be a member of the CIA and deeply involved Arkansas – the of poppies for heroin. The British gov- revealed these shenanigans in the late seventies, admitted that the air- heroine deaths all over the world. in the drug trade – which plunged him state governed by ernment recognised that poppy culti- vation could contribute to the pacifi- ports used for this route were Tucson Subsequently, they introduced cocaine into corporate and artistic circles, until in crises when he tried to come clean. His own superiors told him “to desist.” Bill Clinton – as cation of the region in that it obliged (Arizona), Portland (Oregon) and Mena (Arkansas). combatants to stay in the fields and it reached the nucleus of ordinary peo- Afterwards, his house and his moth- their base where not support the Talibans. These sophisticated planes would be ple, as is happening now in the world of Big Brother. er’s were burgled, he was sent from one posting to another, and felt that he the cocaine was CIA and the mafias used from the mid eighties on for the export of cocaine from Colombia to As Ruppert learned from former col- As always seems to happen, the pas- was a pariah. Finally he was barred flown in leagues, in all of these places CIA the United States with a stop in sage of time silenced a scandal that from working with any of the very Panama. As stated in the declaration agents liaised with the local mafias, would have indicated, at least in part, under oath before the Commission of many security bodies, so that he final- Subsequently UCLA professor Paul who traded comercial links for succu- how international drug dealing works Intelligence Affairs, Colonel Ed ly had to work as a janitor. After sever- Jabber, formerly employed by the lent dividends with which to finance and how this relates to other business- Cutolo (killed in an accident in Britain es in the shadow. Today, owing to the al years, Ruppert regained his strength CIA, told him that, thanks to the their wars. This same scenario would in 1980), special force personnel invasion of Afghanistan and the inter- and saw his reports reach the United Algeria agreement between Iran and be repeated in the nineties, in Kosovo would place radar packets so that they relationship with the Pakistani secret States Senate; they promised him he Iraq, the Sha agreed to suspend sup- and Chechenia, with the Russian could fly at an altitude undetected by services, we can get a better handle on would be called to testify but that port for the Kurdos in support for con- mafias as allies in distributing the the radar and arrive without problems this matter. never happened. Similarly fruitless trol of the Shaat-Al-Arab, vital as it material in the cities of the ex in Panama. These secret operations Love between agents was the Commission headed by John was for the export of Iranian crude. Soviet Union. Michael Ruppert main- known by names Watchtower, Pegasus In the United States there are cases Kerry, who shelved the matter in But since the Americans did not tains that the origin of the war in and Amadeus were directed by the then
  • 11. CHECK MATE, NOVEMBER 2009 / 11 director general of the CIA, George Bush senior. At was at this time that the airport of Mena (Arkansas) became the receptor of tons of cocaine while the coffers of these parties. More specifically, the banks of the state of Arkansas, where Bill Clinton once installed in the White House, the Clinton administration set about freeing Carlos Lehder. Acording to “British Intelligence grew up politically, receive large certain sources, Lehder was one of Bill Clinton was governor. This infor- mation has been corroborated such former CIA agents as Bill Tyree, amounts from Lehder, in the form of security bonds specializing in the laundering of money. Apparently, gen- the biggest contributors to his cam- paign. Ruppert maintains that a part of the profits that American compa- MI-6 are the drug Rodney Stich and Dois G. Tatum. Colonel Carone (already mentioned for possessing a letter from Bill Casey eral Noriega was a mere employee in Lehder’s service. Furthermore, many Wall Street firms regularly received nies report making in Latin America come from drug trafficking. General Electric, for example, hoisted its lords of the world” in which the implication of the CIA in drug trafficking is referred to) is the influxes of money from the drug worth astronomically on the stock “My name is James the effect on the best source on Operation Amadeus. As barons. But that is not all. exchange thanks to that. Casbolt. I worked on natives of the coca Ruppert was personally able to deter- In 1999, Catherine Austin Fitts, who The media themselves are tain MI6 black operations paste known as mine, the names of leading figures in was assistant secretary to George trafficking cocaine basuco. This has an ted by the sale of drugs: General the CIA appear in Carone’s book of Bush’s cabinet, after being managing with the IRA and the effect similar to Electric owns the ABC network. Ted telephone numbers, names such as director of the firm Dillon Read, Mossad in London c o c a i n e - d e r ive d Turner (founder of CNN), has con- Casey himself or Richard Stilwell. In observed that there were four American and Brighton, between crack. They saw that nections with figures like Henry 1995 and 1999. My its addictive power his last weeks of life he commented to states with a higher per capita income his family that Pegasus was an umbrel- Kissinger and Colin Powell. Which father, Peter Casbolt, was much greater than the rest: California, Texas, explains why news reaching the gen- la laundering money coming from the was also an MI-6 agent than that of ordinary Florida and New York. These four eral public is censured by the author- sale of drugs, which would be deposit- and worked with the cocaine and created ed in the Bahamas or the Channel states are those where money from ities. Ruppert maintains that some of CIA and the mafia crack based on basu- Islands. Among the principal players the drug trade was most laundered the astronomical acquisitions and in Rome, bringing co formula. MI6 and of this show were illustrious fusions of the late nineties were cocaine into Britain. the CIA then names such as Oliver North, John Pointdexter or the supre- financed by drug dealing: “If My experience was James Casbolt, immediately shipped you were Pablo Escobar or that the difference massive amounts of mo, George Bush senior. On occasions thse operations Carlos Lehder and you had between these groups former member crack into Britain and became less and less America. included the killing of DEA thousands of millions of dollars until in the end they of MI-6 Two years later, in agents, such as Kiki Camarena that you couldn’t invest because formed a single inter- 1980, Britain and the in 1985. Carone’s partner, it was dirty money, you’d be national group working together with United States began see the first symp- James Robert Strauss, was con- delighted to be offered 5% of stantly travelling to places such the same objectives. We were puppets toms of the crack epidemic in the the profits in exchange for a whose strings were pulled by our streets. On August 23 1987, in a small as Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, share in the business”. London, Lisbon and Madrid. high-level political and financial mas- town to the south of Little Rock, The Nicaraguan Contra Ruppert says that the Clinton- ters in the City of London. Many at Arkansas, two lads named Kevin Ipes In a hearing of the Committee Gore duo are connected with the highest levels of the different and Don Henry were murdered and for the Monitoring of the Secret the Cali cartel and general intelligence agencies are not loyal to cut into pieces after seeing a consign- Services in 1998, Inspector Noriega, which would explain the interests of their respective coun- ment handled by the CIA which General Frederich Hitzs unrav- why the Bushes decided to put tries but see themselves as part of a formed part of the operation whose elled the links between the a stop to Pablo Escobar, Carlos supranational entity. Ever since its final destination was the airport at CIA, narcotics and the differ- creation, MI6 has been responsible Mena, Arkansas. Bill Clinton was the Lehder and General Noriega ent groups of what was called for bringing drugs into the United governor of Arkansas at that time and the Nicaraguan Contra. As he himself, who according to Kingdom. And not just a part of the was involved in trafficking drugs with showed in this inquiry into the Ruppert was “one of Lehder’s drugs entering the country – I esti- the CIA to the tune of 100 million functioning of the CIA: “in six employees”. This wouild also mate that MI6 are behind 90% of the dollars a month, passing through this instances, despite having knowl- explain why Clinton himself drugs coming in. They do this by airport. [you will find my evidence for this edge that persons or groups were decided to free Noriega pulling the strings of many criminal in the books Compromise and Dope Inc.] involved in the traffic of drugs, toward the end of his man- organizations and terrorist groups In my father’s connections with the the CIA decided not to inter- date. In short, the fight likethe IRA, which is full of MI6 MI6 drug section, everything in the vene. In at least two of them, despite having proofs, they between the Medellín Cartel agents. MI6 transports heroine from end passed through Britain. While decided not to make any and the Cali Cartel had been the Middle East, cocaine from South my father channelled motor launch- allegations or investigation”. Michael Ruppert: a –covert– battle between the America and cannabis from Morocco, es going from Morocco to the Costa as well as from other places. In 1998, According to Frederich Hitzs himself, at the beginning of “Origins of the war in Democrats and the I myself sent off 3,000 doses of LSD del Sol in Spain and then moved shipments of hashis via MI6 and the Republicans. 1981 there were secret negotia- tions with the Department of Yugoslavia stem from Catherine Austin Fitts, men- in papers designed by MI5 with the flag of the European Union on them. IRA into Britain each month, the British intelligence bosses were Justice to change the status of thousands of collaborators with the imposition of this tioned above, and a close col- laborator of George Bush, The man from MI5 who dispatched this consignment told my father that it content. As my father moved ship- the CIA to that of unemployed. route by the United relates that the president of the was a government firm and the LSD ments of cocaine to Rome each month, his bosses at MI5 and MI6 were happy The second part of the conspir- New York Stock Exchange, was called Europe. acy, again according to Hitzs, States hierarchy for Richard Grasso, made a tele- This drug trade worldwide con- with him. If my father kept back a involved exonerating the CIA part to sell it on the side, no one for drug dealing in the case of exporting of heroin phone call to the leader of the trolled by the British generates at least l,500 billion a year. That is more than worried too much since there was the unemployed. In 1987, CIA FARC (the Columbian leftwing executive Robert Graves wrote to Europe” guerrillas), inviting him to the total for oil worldwide and the economies of Britain and the US are enough Money and drugs circulat- ing to bring in 500 billion sterling a a memorandum to his superior, Clair invest on the Stock Exchange at that (between 100 and 260.000 million totally dependent on money from the year. Those who paid for the goods George, in which he calls collaborat- time in the doldrums. Some analysts ing with drug dealers “foolishness”. In dollars a year) and are, precisely, the drug dealing. Mafia boss John Gotti were consumers who were becom- four that contribute most to the elec- even believe that American partiality made it very clear when he was asked ing addicts, and paid for it with their the same letter there is mention of leaders of the Nicaraguan Contra toral campaigns of the two big parties for Colombia is due to the fact that the in court if he dealt in drugs. He suffering. But karma always has to Jorge Morales and Edén Pastora. The ( 80%). Who were the governors of enormous capital accumulated by the answered flatly: “No, we can’t com- be paid in the end, and both my father CIA attempted to murder Pastora on the states of Texas and Florida at that drug barons could shake the structures pete with the Government”. I think and I became heroin addicts. My father various occasions. time? None other than George Bush of the American economy to their that this is probably only a half-truth ended up dying a penniless addict in jail, In the statement by the ex agent of junior and Jeb Bush. But matters do foundations. Daniel Estulín affirms since the CIA and the mafia form a under very strange circumstances. Today the DEA, Celerino Castillo to the not end there. During the years when single group at the highest level. In that if the money from drugs disap- I am clean of drug addiction and I want House of Representatives Britain the money from drugs is laun- the Contra was most active in Central peared, Wall Street would disappear. to help put a stop to the enormous suf- Commission on Intelligence, Oliver dered by the Bank of England, Barclays North is mentioned as being responsi- America, Arkansas was the only state The leader of the Waco sect, David fering that the drug trade causes. The and other financial institutions. The ble for a hangar in El Salvador where in the entire nation that issued cash Kores, was in possession of this infor- Intelligence Agencies have always drugs money is shifted from account the narcotics were stored. Apparently, bonds that in practice were certifi- mation when he was shot down by used addictive drugs as a weapon to account until its origins are lost in a the War against Sandinism was one of cates for laundered money. Over that the Special Forces. En 2007, a plane against the masses, rendering them morass of transactions. In that way the those moments in which the cocaine period in time, when the airport at apathetic about the creation of a world rented by the CIA crashed in the money becomes totally laundered but routes were knitted together, running Mena (Arkansas) became one of the superstate, a police state whose armed Yucatan (Mexico) with 3.7 tons of not totally clean. With this money from Colombia to the United States, major entry points for drugs, abun- forces would be NATO, with people cocaine on board. En 2008, a light air- they buy diamonds from the corrupt via Panama and Mexico. dance flowed in that state, and the diamond businesses of families like implanted with chips so they are com- During the eighties, the Columbian unemployment rate was low. Who craft loaded with hashis crashed at an drug cartels of Cali and Medellín were the Oppenheimers. These diamonds pletely controlled, that is, the New was the governor of the state at that airstrip on an estate belonging to well known. The Ochoa brothers, are then sold and at this point the World Order”. time? Bill Clinton (the youngest gov- Spanish banker Emilio Botín in Pablo Escobar and Carlos Lehder money is completely clean. MI6 and Casbolt affirms that the Money goes ernor in the history of America, Ciudad Real province, Spain. No the CIA are also responsible for the to secret programmes of genetic engi- were household names. Examination of the accounts of the Democratic and 1978-1992. Prior to that, he was inquiry was held to find out whether crack epidemic in Great Britain and neering, extraterrestrial technology, Republican parties show that some of attorney general of this same state). there was a connection between the America. In 1978, MI6 and the CIA and the secret government’s bases on these names appear as contributors to This being so, it is not surprising that, plane and the owner of the airstrip.• were in South America investigating other planets.•
  • 12. 12 / EXOPOLITICS Dismissed as a crackpot obsession, govern- church admitting the existence of extra-terres- keep under wraps: the closest kept secret: the ments all over the world have been compiling trial beings, as well as astronomical informa- existence of other beings in the cosmos. The secret files on Unidentified Flying Objects tion that supports this possibility, to which coming months will see a constant leaking (UFOs). What we are now seeing is the gradual have to be added hundreds of personalities pointing to the existence of a world govern- leaking of these documents, paving the way for from the secret services civil and military avia- ment that has been aware yet hidden this the most fantastic moment in the history of tion, NASA, astronauts and politicians who information from humankind, wanting it to mankind. Recent declarations by the Catholic have started to tell what they were forced to believe it has been living in a planet prison. Humanity is confronted by the greatest of all secrets: the existence of other civilizations in the universe Knowledge is power. Power in all civilizations has been in the hands of the religious and political elites, which form a single whole. To know who we are, where we come from and where we are going, is without a doubt the greatest of all knowledge. What is happening in space is one of the great state secrets. It has always been said that much of the Church's power has derived from the fortunes left by so many people giving them to clergy shortly before passing, in expiation for their sins. Those who have had the power to concede eternal life have concen- trated monetary power. Is it a coincidence that the Swiss Guard – from the country which no one attacks and which salts away the greatest fortunes – are the ones to guard the Vatican? Is knowledge of the hereafter linked to the economic success of the here-and-now? Is it a coincidence that the largest of all telescopes (VATT) is in the hands of the Jesuit Order? And that most of most prominent astronauts have been high ranking masons? Although this story goes back a long way, in modern times the cover/up begins in 1947, when the local news media of the state of New Mexico report the crash-landing of a non-manmade flying saucer. At first the radio stations and newspapers in Albuquerque (Roswell’s nearest big city) tell of an extraterrestrial ship falling in woodland. A few days later, the official version presented by the military is changed radically, a general rule from then on, and the object is described as a weather bal- loon! The Blue Book Project is born, where official stories of these entities are cobbled together and are comple- mented by a misinformation cam- paign known as Snowbird, aimed at confusing public opinion on the sub- ject, through the discrediting and harassment of witnesses. Essentially the same thing has happened all over the world. The group that controls this infor- mation in the US is known as Cover of the Roswell Daily Record of July 1947, in which we can read “RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) captures flying saucer on ranch in Roswell region”. Majestic Jehova 12 in charge of the Blue teams or special forces popular- different galactic nations begin to ing Pentagon chiefs, the Secretary of set up especially to deal with extra- According to him, at that time the Blue ly known as “the men in black”. oversee what their little brothers and State, secret services, President and terrestrial affairs. The effect of all this Teams were formed, later to be called the Financers such as Nelson Rockefeller, sisters on the Earth were up to. For Vice-President – a body we heard so was to drive a wedge between the Alpha Teams, to take care of the conceal- scientists like Werner Von Braun, this reason, in 1947, the flying saucer much about after 9-11 – was set up secret services and presidential cir- ment of flying machines and, in this case, Edward Teller and Carl Sagan along phenomenon began to extend in specifically to deal with extra-terres- cles, which would allow presidents, dead extra-terrestrials. with politicians George Bush senior areas such as New Mexico, precisely trial issues. Some changes effected in the event of accusation, to say they From this moment on, the secret US and Henry Kissinger have all partici- where nuclear tests had been taking to government bills, at the outset, government began research into knew nothing about the subject. pated. In recent months, declassifica- allowed the CIA to assume powers to extra-terrestrial technology, a project place. Expanded means of communi- Steven Greer, coordinator of the tion of relevant documents has act in foreign espionage, organize cation made it possible for human Disclosure Project for the revelation known as Redlight carried out at the brought to light a letter from Walter beings to become aware of a greater cover-ups and organize data collec- of this secret material, confirms that, installations in Dreamland, Area 51, Oppenheimer (father of the atomic bomb) to Albert Einstein, airing his power that went beyond the reli- tion within the United States (there in conversations with the ex-head of which was under the aegis of the worries on the subject. This makes it gious, political, economic power of are strong indications that the securi- the CIA, William Colby, it emerged Navy ministry and answerable direct- plain that both scientists formed part that time. Again according to Cooper, ty councils of countries around the that the president of the time knew ly to the president, although the pres- of the group. between January 1947 and December world were responsible for keeping nothing of this information. ident never actually visited it. At the A NSA officer, Milton William 1952 no less than 16 extra-terrestrial this secret). In 1948, scientists acting by govern- same time military funds were used Cooper had access to some of these objects force-landed or crashed in A series of statements from the mental decree set up Project Grudge, to construct underground bases under documents, and before being liqui- the deserts of New Mexico. This National Security Council (NSC) whose purpose was to study the extrater- the pretext of being nuclear refuges. dated in October 2001 he described brought the count to 65 extra-terres- upped the CIA's authority to the point restrial phenomenon and, at the same Even today they remain secret, although the legal and institutional structures trials dead and at least one alive. where documents NSC10/1 and time, work out strategies of misinforma- one of them was undoubtedly where through which the censorship is At first, this secret was exclusively NSC10/2 “legalized illegal practices tion to confuse the public that would Dick Cheney took refuge during 9- mediated: State Secret. confined to USAF secret services and authorized prohibited proce- crystallize in the above-mentioned Blue 11. Getting access to these caverns is According to Cooper the atomic and to the CIA, the latter specially dures” simply upon being recom- Book. Bill Cooper, the former NSA extremely complicated, but both bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki constituted in 1947 to take care mended by the leaders of National agent who bequeathed this information Cooper and Casbolt imply that inter- at the end of the Second World War of these matters. Additionally, the Security. As a result a department for to humanity, made a special study of national drug dealing is one of its affected the cosmic order and caused National Security Council – compris- the supervision of secret projects was this along with colleague Bill English. sources of finance.
  • 13. CHECK MATE, NOVEMBER 2009 / 13 Aliens in indigenous cultures In all the indigenous cultures of the planet will repeat the same words: "the creators came from the stars" Many ancestral and native cultures the visitors from space are known (12 inches) in diameter and one speak of the extra-terrestrial origins as the Zishwezi. centimeter (0.4 inch) thick, contain- of the human race. The Dogon peo- Egyptian papyrus tell us that, dur- ing extraordinary inscriptions. Then ple, lost in the Bandiagara fault, in ing the reign of Tuthmosis III, in 1958, an anthropologist of the Mali, have withstood all incursions some 3,500 years ago, Egypt was Academy of Prehistory at the from neighbouring peoples for invaded by spheres of light, University of Pekin succeeded in centuries. They claim that they –or described as rings of fire. deciphering them, and arrived at their gods – come from Sirius. This In Colombia, the Mamos tribe of two remarkable findings: firstly was discovered for the Western the Sierra Santa Marta possess dating of the fragments showed world by anthropologists Marcel some remarkable discs with inscrip- them to be 12,000 years old, and Griaulle and // in the mid-twentieth tions engraved on them that speak secondly the signs on the discs century, when they noted that in one of their extraterrestrial origins. spoke of space craft! It occurred to of Dogons’ dances, honouring the They themselves consider them- researcher Peter Kolosimo to link star Sirius, they represented Sirius selves to be the guardians of stellar these strange discs with the legends as accompanied in the heavens by a wisdom, guided by which they took of the Ham, which told of the second star, something which did refuge from the advancing whites in process by which the Dropa not square with the scientific infor- a mountain, to stay there waiting for reached their lands. Ancient Ham mation available at that time. Just a the moment to make their knowl- hieroglyphics tell us that the Dropa few years later, however, edge known. This inexplicable phe- landed in a space vehicle and set up astronomers discovered that Sirius nomenon of inscriptions containing base there temporarily. The Ham, (now Sirius A) had a sister star interstellar information is repeated fearful of this stellar apparition, (Sirius B). How the Dogons pos- thousands of kilometers from there took refuge for days in some cav- sessed this knowledge is something in the Asian continent. erns, until one of the space ships which escapes the comprehension The Dropa and Ham of the outly- crashed while landing... In the light of modern science. According to ing ranges of the Himalayas have of this research, the Ham´s legends the wise men and women of this certain unique features beginning took on more authenticity in the tribe the explanation is simple: they with their appearance. Both peoples eyes of the Chinese scientists: Were Werner Von Braun, first on the right, was a Nazi scientist, co-founding member of come from there. And they are not are very short: adults average 1 the Dropa actually the descendents NASA and undoubtedly a member of the MJ-12. the only ones that claim such a meter 25 centimeters (4 feet 2 inch- of those astronauts stranded on the thing. es) in height; yellow-skinned, with Earth and unable to return to their The Hutus of Ruanda and the disproportionately large, nearly planet? In a country as vast as With the passage of time, Nelson down. A speech allegedly found in Zulus of South Africa, both believe bald heads, with big, blue eyes. China there are still unexplored Rockefeller was transferred to being his pocket would have paved the way they are the descendents of a race of They are not typically Asiatic, but areas, and among those who are head of special missions during the for the revelations concerning extra- beings from the stars, beings that Caucasian-looking. A Chinese drawn to the world of mystery , a Cold War. This command, which terrestrial contact... the Zulus call the Imanujela (the expedition mounted in early 1938 widespread rumour has it that in a would later on be occupied by his Information collected by the lords who came). Among the encountered caves inhabited by remote region in the West of China upcoming heir, Henry Kissinger, is in Disclosure Project derives from state- Bambara of Mali, the tradition is these peoples. In them they found there lives a race of diminutive fact the command for secret and spe- ments by 400 people from US mili- repeated, but the name is different: 716 discs measuring 30 centimeters beings; surely the Dropa.• cial operations in the United States, tary and secret services, NASA as and its occupier is a member of the well as civil servants such as Sergeant cabinet and the National Security Clifford Stone, Commander Bob Council. In 1955 Rockefeller was Dean, Colonel Phil Corso and scien- made responsible for the Planning tist Michael Wolf, and establishes the Group, a department created by The existence of a secret government or National Security Council (NSC5412/2) government in the shadow which also known as 5412 or Special Group deals with these issues. and responsible for the authorization In 2001, Doctor Steven Greer set of secret operations. According to the wheels in motion for the declas- Cooper, presidents Carter, Reagan sification project in which he and JFK tried without success to pen- brought together 400 people from etrate this barrier of secrecy. all branches of the American mili- In fact, in the United States a secret tary services, NASA, secret servic- government made up of scientists es and army contractors. The now In his book, Extraterrestres: ruled the World for the and others was formed in the late for- mythical first conference, censured el secreto mejor guardado last several thousand years, ties which did not have to inform its by all mass media, established the (Extraterrestrials, the Best decided some while ago president of its activities. Four years existence of a secret government kept Secret), the author of to create four false fears (a later the MJ-12 was formed. The which has hidden this reality from this newspaper, Spanish type of false flag) to be then Defense Secretary, James Forrest, human beings, with its decisive journalist Rafael Palacios, able to introduce their New was the only one to stand out against implications for their way of life. looks at the fact of intelli- World Order – in other the great conspiracy which has con- When all is said and done, censor- gent galactic life and the words, the total subjuga- tinued its machinations down to the ship on extra-terrestrials has hidden way this has been hushed tion and enslavement of present: President Truman's answer numerous forms of obtaining ener- up over the course of the Humanity. The eminent was that he should leave off rocking gy, along with methods for space second half of the 20th scientist Werner Von the boat. Forrest was a man of great voyage which would change our century and how this has Braun, a member of the religious convictions and did not ways of travelling, for the elimina- affected all aspects of our NASA elite and the MJ- heed the warning; a few months later tion of the worlds pollution and lives. The existence of 12 group, warned his sec- he was hospitalized suffering from a would pave the way to a new form a parallel government, retary, Carolin Rosin, that nervous breakdown. On May 22 1949, of life on the planet. You can see it the depository of thea the four threats to be used CIA agents hung Forrest up by the all on the internet – if it still hasn't most important knowl- to get the population of head using a sheet in his hospital been censured. edge since Babylonian the Earth to accept world room: the sheet tore and he fell to the Alfred Webre, adviser to President times, becomes clear when government by the elite, floor, dying instantly. Forrester was Carter on these issues, a few years we study the suppressed would be, in this order: the first of dozens who were liqui- history of Mankind. At the terrorist countries, dan- ago presented the proposal for the same time we will dis- gerous viruses, the mete- dated for attempting to reveal this Decade of Contact, a period in secret, among them John Fitzgerald cover that the problems orite or planet approach- which humans on planet Earth of the Planet, from ener- ing the Earth, and last but Kennedy and his celebrated lover, would be prepared for the advan- gy, to money and war, not least, extraterrestrial Marilyn Monroe. tages of an eventual meeting with would disappear if we invasion. A declassified document dated October 3rd 1962 in which appears other civilizations. The first steps for decreed “the end of state As a last resort, in the the name of Jim Angleton, founder of this revelation would be to open up secrets”.Hence this news- event of contact with the CIA, reports that Monroe had had the secret dossiers in all countries, paper is launching the peaceful Galactic civi- something which has already hap- "StopsecretS" campaign, lizations, the Planet’s her phone tapped and that various pened in the cases of Great Britain, decreeing the end of the Secret Government plans friends of hers were secret service Age of Secrets on the to mount a false flag sim- informers. This document refers to a France, Brazil and Russia, among other countries. The next step would Planet, including, of course, ulation of an extraterres- conversation which she had with a the ET issue. trial attack, known as Project Blue Beam, a scenario woman friend in which Monroe men- be the gradually increased visibility As is explained in the article on 2012, Mankind is fac- which will duplicate sci-fi films such as Independence tions a secret base, associated with of extra-terrestrial spaceships which ing the most important moment in its History, and day, Mars Attacks, 2012, etc. Prior to this, moles will Area 51. The call reveals that Marilyn would go about the preparation of indeed the geological changes that we are already expe- have infiltrated into ufology circles to lead the masses in had been spurned by president humanity for the long awaited great riencing are a strong indication that the prophecies of the direction desired by this elite that sees its Power slip- Kennedy in recent weeks and on the moment, 2012, which will mark the the different ancestral cultures of the Planet are right: ping from its grasp. recoil was going to give a press con- beginning of a new era for humani- we are living through a change of cycle, the end of one Suspicion points to Steven Greer as this “false ference and “tell all”. The next day ty. Humanity would go on to form era and the beginning of another. prophet”. Several inventors of free energy devices Marilyn was found dead, supposedly part of the galactic community. Given that the Cosmic cycles are a force impelling the accuse Greer of having threatened them during the from an overdose of tablets. A year Which is why all this information is liberation of mankind, the secret societies that have recent Barcelona Exopolitics Summit.• later JFK himself was to be gunned now coming to light.•
  • 14. 14 / SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Left to right: Nikola Tesla. Detail of a Joe Cell, which channels orgon and powers a motor. Wilhelm Reich, discoverer of orgon: his books were burnt and he was imprisoned for refusing to work for Rockefeller. Uncovering the energy conspiracy and the systematic censorship of dissident scientists The demise of “energy” censorship comes down: engines driven by water, magnets or compressed air already exist The figure of Tesla re-emerges from oblivion as a paradigm of censorship. From the “electric car” to the censored water – or magnet-powered engines, advances in the field of energy have been sabotaged by the oil people. As long ago as 1890, Tesla was tance of 400 kilometres. After his ly, nobody is able to explain com- to be known as energy seas. Formulated ings – I don't know how to explain it working on electromagnetic energy death, the FBI set up through its New pletely, and there seem to be many by Henry Moray, it is based on a at the moment – and the machine is and wireless energy on bases similar York agent P.E. Foxworth an investi- more ways of obtaining it than the concept which has many resem- turned on. It generates hundreds of to what we know today as wireless gation on Tesla's lost papers, which already known ones of fossil energy, blances to what in the spiritual world watts of power which can be used just transmission and remote control sys- would end up in the air force base at wind and sun. was called Ether, prana or pneuma. as we need it, and we were astounded tems. Both of them are, without Dayton, Ohio. With these as a basis, a Inspired by that theory, Dr Moray by it. We have handled it ourselves doubt, the heirs of Tesla. In 1899, the Croatian-Serb scientist worked in his secret operation called Project Nick was developed aiming at putting J.P. Morgan to Tesla: developed a converter which, though weighing barely 28 kg., was able to and it has nothing more mysterious about it. We plugged in things like Colorado laboratory on a 60-foot energy-transmission tower which he Tesla's designs into practice under the direction of Brigadier General L.C. “If energy is free, generate 50 kilowatts without any apparent energy source. 300 or 100-watt bulbs, a stereo music system and an electric fan, all at the called the Tesla Coil, sending a fre- quency wave over the earth to convey Craigie. As of today, Tesla's papers are officially classed as missing, but what do I make my As the barrier between magic and science blurs, the conspiracy theorists same time without there being any other electrical supply than the device energy to lamps situated 40 kilome- tres from the tower. He aimed to it seems clear to all scientists that the HAARP and Star Wars projects are money from?” assert that experiments with these energies have been in progress for a tested.” Currently, Disclosure Project's official page (www.disclosurepro- show by this that he could supply direct descendants of his inventions. hundred years, but that the successes is one of a number making electricity to a large number of appli- In the 2006 film The Last Trick (the The Internet has become a melting- of the heterodox, such as Tesla him- available the protocols needed for ances without the need of transmis- Prestige), David Bowie takes the part pot of debate between scientists on self or Eugene Mallowe, have been anyone to construct this device. sion cables. His first experiment was of Nikola Tesla. the concept of energy itself and the [While this periodical was being cor- smothered by the energy industry. In a success: two hundred lamps lit up at In May 2004 came the death in possibility of free energy. In essence, rected, several Spanish people have corroboration, the first known patent appeared who claim to have made a certain distance from the tower. In strange circumstances of the scientist the apologists of zero-point energy of this type (Patent 60,986) dates Joe's Cell work]. 1906 he presented this project, by Mallowe, joint discoverer of nuclear argue, relying on the basic principles fusion energy, which, unlike the fis- from 1 January 1867, in France, in With very subtle nuances, Tesla's then developed, to the banker J.P. of quantum physics, that space is not the name of one Martin Ziegler. The Morgan, who agreed to finance him sion in use today, does not produce empty but is immersed in a highly cosmic energy has been subsequently waste. Mallowe, a professor at the invention is an accumulator of live, rechristened tachionic energy or the for a few years, until at a dinner, hav- concentrated magnetic field, made up Massachusetts Institute of Technology not electric, energy. Feinberg Field, after the scientist ing drunk a little too much, he let of particles moving faster than light Steven Greer, originator of the slip: “With this system one could (MIT), was put under pressure to and constituting a source of free ener- who defined it in 1966, on the basis leave the prestigious research centre Disclosure Project, who argues in of the existence of a faster-than-light give free electricity to the whole pop- gy, located outside the electro-mag- his web page for the declassifica- ulation.” The banker's reasoning was after publishing Fire from Ice, search- netic field and independent of light sub-atomic particle. Following Feinberg, tion of government documentation automatic: “If it's free, what am I ing for the truth about cold fusion, in and of the Sun. Experiments with the researcher David Wagner has on these subjects, heads a business going to make money from?” From which he enlarged on the viability of particle-accelerators and the discov- developed a prototype which works dedicated to research into alterna- that point not only did Tesla's finan- that energy. After a long time of stub- ery of antimatter have built a bridge with this energy and which he tive energies. It was approached cial backing stop but his laboratory born argument on its behalf, a few to the thesis which Zen Buddhism some years ago by a mysterious sci- defines as “a gift for the planet. It has began to have a series of “strange months before he died he saw the already anticipated with its doctrine entist with a revolutionary object, changed everyone who has come accidents” which gave him the repu- United States Energy Department that “ultimate nature is void” and “all Joe's Cell. “What these energy sys- across it and has helped them in their tation of a bungler. Tesla's patents actually commission a group of sci- is contained within nothing”. All this tems do is connect to this source and, evolution and their healing. It creates ended up ... in a drawer. A century entists to review the material pub- gives rise to various philosophical in the case of the apparatus we are order out of disorder. It has the poten- later, human beings are still attached to lished on cold fusion. Such was his questions which nowadays divide sci- talking about, convert it instanta- tial to give back to the planet and its wires when it comes to obtaining ener- prestige that in May the commission entists too: is a vacuum the absence neously into usable and controlled inhabitants health, harmony and gy; a fact with many implications had asked him for a report on the via- of matter but also of energy? Is mat- energy according to our needs, which unity.” During the 20th century, quan- about the real character of our freedom. bility of that source of energy. The ter a dense form of energy? is quite disconcerting.” Dr Greer is tum physics has restored the link While his financing difficulties con- report included conclusive proofs The theoretical viability of free one of dozens of people who have test- between science and alchemy. tinued, Tesla developed a system for that here was a clean and unlimited energy is based on the existence of ed this invention, known as Joe's Cell. In the light of experiments now recog- generating frequency waves capable energy source. It was then 15 years the quantum vacuum, a quasi-spiritu- All that is known of this researcher is nised by official science, many con- of “cutting the Earth in two like an since he had presented his hopegiv- al space supposedly filled with parti- that he works in Australia and that he cepts are being redefined, while others apple”, which gave him the idea of ing technology. cles or plasma, from which one could has waived his rights to the patent so appear blurred, so that we find our- looking for a backer in the arms Since then, there have been disap- extract unlimited quantities of free as to free humanity from servitude to selves moving on quicksand territory. industry. With the twentieth century pearances of scientists and inventors energy. In the 20th century scientists energy. In essence the device, accord- Tachionic energy bears resem- still in its infancy, he tried to sell an who have developed devices for mak- such as Lamb, Casimir, Boyer or ing to Greer, fits into the hand and blances to Wilhelm Reich's orgon, electro-magnetic wave capable of ing energy free. Dirac carried out experiments which “picks up in a passive way less than the electric energy of the orgasm, bringing down aeroplanes at a dis- Energy is a concept which, current- provided support for the hypothesis one watt of power from the surround- although this is more closely con-
  • 15. CHECK MATE, NOVEMBER 2009 / 15 Is space empty or full The “secrecy order” of energy? or how to block progress for the benefit of a few Energy is a security matter for those Joel McClain and Norman Wooten: who rule the planet and they are keep- magnetic resonance amplifier. ing this under wraps. The secret direc- Stewart Harris: theory of mag- tive [Title 25, United States Code netic instability. (1952), sections 181-188] justifies Ron Brandt: MPG carburettor. this censorship on grounds of nation- Welton Myers: Myers efficient al security. Briefly, that law of the carburettor. United States' secret government jus- Dennis Lee: Freon generator. tifies the sequestration of patents Bob Boyce: Brown gas carburettor. relating to energy, with the excuse of Henry T. Moray: free energy gener- safeguarding the country's security. It ator, cold cathode semiconductor. is not surprising therefore that it is Charles N. Pogue: 200+ MPG only through the Internet that we have carburettor. found out about the life and work of Fish/Kendig: Ventura variable some of the greatest geniuses in the carburettor. history of the human race. Floyd Sweet: vacuum triod amplifier. Some inventors and their inven- Teruo Kawai: appliance generat- tions, censored by the secrecy order: ing motor energy. Grant Hudlow: method of con- John Water: water additive for petrol. verting rubbish into energy. Tom Ogle: 100+ MPG Oglemobile. Al Wordsworth: electric genera- Dick Belland: 100 MPG carburettor tor and advanced carburettor. working on smoke from the petrol. Neil Schimdt: hydraulic wind- Edwin V Gray: EVGRAY free ener- . energy turbine. gy generator and free energy motor. Ken Rasmussen: process for convert- Joseph C. Yater: converter of heat ing water into energy by electrolysis. into electricity. Hitachi corporation's motor using Phil Stone: water-powered engine. magnetism. Bruce DePalma: ‘N’ Machine, Daniel Dingel: converted more free energy. than 100 car engines to efficient Bill Jenkins: free energy machine. operation with water. Richard Diggs: liquid electricity Mike Brady: 300 kw. electromag- motor. netic autogenerator. Tim Thrapp: energy generator. Robert Bass: transmutation of nu- Bob Lantz: Lantz system for deri- clear energy at low frequency (three ving energy from water. people have been murdered to stop Paul Brown: Hyper-Cap E-Converter. them developing this invention). William Bolon: steam generator Frank Richardson: electromag- for cars. netism generator and steam turbi- Walter Rosenthal: small conver- ne without screw. ter for electric energy. Robert Stewart: Stewart genera- Allen Caggiano:100 MPG system tor of cyclical heat. for vaporising fuel by implosion.• Though he died in poverty, as he himself foresaw in his epitaph, the future belongs to Nikola Tesla, the genius of free energy. nected with vibration. The heterodox brings us straight to the mythical of a typical aerogenerator. The German German psychoanalyst, another of design of the egg as the essence of the company Perendev has developed the not-to-be-named by official sci- Cosmos. another magnet-based magnetic motor ence, experienced during his lifetime The suppressed inventions which which is capable of self-generating, the same calamities as other heretics are coming to light thanks to the creating perpetual motion on the basis like Tesla or Schumann; his work was Internet would take up an entire issue of the attraction-repulsion of the mag- censored by an authority as remote even in résumé. The great figure of nets themselves. In Spain a prototype from scientific questions as the FBI. Nikola Tesla (now opportunistically In the course of his researches into sex, magnetic engine for dwelling- recovered by officialdom) supremely houses is being launched in all secre- Reich arrived at orgon. According to him, the energy generated by the exemplifies the way the memory of cy, because the inventors and entrepre- encounter between the male and neurs are afraid of ending up like female (positive / negative) polarities was the key to that universal energy Energy is a security Stanley Meyer and the inventors indi- cated in the appended list. Plans for which exists in the vacuum, in noth- ing. Currently orgon is being used in matter for those building water engines suitable for powering cars are circulating discreet- the field of vibration medicine and to assuage the effects of harmful antennas. who rule the planet ly on the Internet, but if they succeed they will have to face ministry of trans- For some, it is the secret of Joe's Cell. Official science, for its part, replies and they are not port review and certification laws which make it impossible to break free that in the interior both of the atom and of the cosmos, where there is no letting on from fossil fuels. matter (particles, planets or suns) Only co-ordinated action by the there is a vacuum, i.e. there is noth- the great inventors has been kept whole population can enable these ing, including energy. from us. We can only summarise a inventions, and many others, emerge In this continuous regression of few and point to the fact that numer- into the light of day. modern science to find the secrets of ous people all over the world are draw- Energy is a security matter for the the Cosmos, the latest astronomy ing energy from magnets (electromag- rulers of the planet and they are not speculates that we only know 4% of netic energy), and are even achieving letting on. The reason? If energy is what exists in the Universe and one levitation, such as Hutchinson (see the of the unknown things is dark matter, freed, so are we. The structure of Levitron videos). For example, the which bears many resemblances to patents and royalties has been designed Arizona company Maglev Wind dark matter. Further still, the Electric to prevent all this knowledge from get- Turbine Technologies, Inc. has made Universe Theory states that the Cosmos ting to the population. Hence also the use of the magnetic levitation effect is a gigantic electromagnetic mech- furious persecution by authors' soci- anism, connected by electric plas- to design a wind-powered super-aero- generator capable of producing one eties of the sharing of archives on the mas and electromagnetic waves... as the Hindu Vedas anticipated. The gigawatt, as against the current 120 Internet. The battle being fought hypothesis of the Mayas that the kilowatts: i.e. more than 160 times around free software and P2P net- mechanism operating the Universe is the most powerful one now in exis- works goes much further: Is knowl- Stan Meyer and his Water Powered Car. The inventor was not lucky enough to suns revolving around other suns tence and more than 8000 times that edge part of World Heritage?• receive the secrecy order to stop his invention: he was murdered in 1985.
  • 16. 16 / HEALTH The recent outbreaks of swine flu, bird flu and anthrax are exposed as attacks by US government agencies Biological war waged on the citizen, illness as weapon “Biological warfare” was supposedly abolished in 1969 by the Geneva Convention yet numerous documents have made it clear that it continues to exist. The target, the citizen. That is, you and me. On July 28, 2008, Bruce Ivins, the the Jefferson and Clearvision projects. expert in biodefence employed by the Interestingly, Cipro, the only antidote US Defence Department, met his for anthrax infection, had been devel- death. After lengthy research into the oped by the Bioport company, headed anthrax that terrified the US adminis- by a former US admiral and former US tration in days subsequent to 9-11, the ambassador to Britain: William Crowe. finger of accusation for these crimes Secrets from one side to the other pointed to Ivins, which tended to sup- Research into biological weapons in port the official version of the facts both blocks did rather more than sim- according to which he had committed ply develop in parallel. In reality, suicide. The problem is that at that time secrets flowed thanks to double Ivins was languishing in the Frederick agents as important as the banker Hospital for Mental Health, so that Lord Rothschild, a member of the it is difficult to imagine how he had famous Cambridge five. The expla- obtained the Tylenol 3 tablets which nation is that both blocks were gov- caused his death. erned by the same powers, while tout- Those sceptical of the official version ing the false arms race. And at this recall that Ivins was a Red Cross vol- level the Iron Curtain was simply a unteer, played the organ in a church, curtain… a theatre curtain for the liked pottering in the garden and was a unsuspecting. family man. A portrait that the FBI has The 1963 Iron Mountain report on wanted to counter, describing him as a dangers for the world in the late 20th “sociopath with a grudge who could century, commissioned at the Rand not stand being the object of investiga- corporation, alluded especially to the tion by the FBI”. danger of overpopulation: “To keep the That the anthrax that terrified the peace in the interlude before the new United States during the days follow- millennium, it will be necessary to ing 9-11 had come out of the labora- manage world population increase”. tories of an agency of the American Men such as David Rockefeller and government is a disturbing thought, Henry Kissinger considered war to be absolutely corroborated by the fact that “necessary for economic, political and the strains of the virus can be dis- social development... War is essential tinguished as easily as the vintages Donald Rumsfeld shakes Sadam Hussein’s hand in1983 as Reagan’s emissary, during the Iran-iraq war (TV image). for the survival of the system as we of a wine. Government-funded scien- know it today”. But war as an agent for tific researcher William Patrick III fig- kidnapped in his car... achieved results but was a centre for According to Jeanne Cono, spokes- depopulation would need to be rein- ures as the holder of various patents. At the beginning of July, two French undercover operations. Apparently, woman for the US government, in forced by other agents. In the contro- At the beginning of the 21st century, students, experts in microbiology, Namru-2 was working on the devel- 1953 the United States began a versial Iron Mountain report we read: William Patrick III was still alive and were brutally murdered in the UK. opment of biological weapons in offensive biological weapons pro- “A viable alternative to war could be working as consultant on germ war- In official reports, Laurent Bonomo contravention of a treaty which the gramme of “modest means” at the the generation of an external threat of fare. It is likely that this man, who died and Gabriel Ferez figured as simple Indonesians had signed. Curiously Fort Detrick installations, in Maryland. sufficient magnitude for citizens to recently, had clear intuitions about the doctoral students, but other reports in enough, the Pentagon chief at that Cono explains in a promotional video demand a reorganization and accept- facts because in 1999 he wrote a mem- the British media, including a televi- time, Donald Rumsfeld, former direc- that they “had developed seven inca- ance of a political authority”. It is orandum in which, intriguingly, he tor of the Searle company and former argued , they were looking for an alter- warned of the danger of anthrax sent member of the board of directors of native to war that would sabotage soci- through the mail. In 2001 the mailing Dozens of experts Gilead Sciences, stood to gain from the Governments eties without destroying infrastruc- immense purchases of anti bird flu of anthrax spores to US government delegations caused 22 injured and five in biological medicines: the famous Tamifla. Two have tried out tures. The report proposes among other things: “a viable substitute for war deaths. weapons have years earlier, in 2003, the prestigious 46-year old Italian epidemiologist virus weapons on would be to generate a generalized The intrigues at Fort Detrick (the ori- external threat for each society of a gin of the anthrax) had already arisen died in strange Carlo Urbani, died of SARS, the new their own soldiers sufficiently potent nature as to bring disease that he himself had been the when Dr. Zack was expelled from there for having harrassed his fellow circumstances first to discover. Thanks to his action, and citizens. about the acceptance of our policy”. Kissinger himself proposed to Roy scientist Ayaad Assas, of Arab origin, over recent years the disease was halted in Vietnam, but because of his exposure to the dreaded pacitating agents, including anthrax”. Ash, of Litton Industries, and biologi- whom Zack (who was Jewish) sought cal war contractor during the Nixon virus he himself sickened and died. Researcher L. Horowitz states flat- administration, that a potent biological to blame for the mailings. Not only sion channel, claimed that these two According to the American ly that “the soldiers who went to the that but Zack was recorded by the agent be created – a budget of $10.000 Frenchmen were experts in microbi- embassy, the Namru-2 laboratory Gulf War were used as guinea pigs”. million dollars would be forthcoming. security cameras of the installations ology who had worked in a laborato- carried out research into infectious Nowadays it has been confirmed by entering them after he had been The contact between Bionetics (sub- ry in Indonesia and, in reality, the two diseases “to serve the interests of its the United States authorities them- contracting from Litton) and the gov- barred from working there. Assas students were researching into bird country and the international commu- selves that the anthrax spores in the ernment was Robert Gallo, later on... subsequently denied that his friend influenza. nity”. However, Indonesian minister of form of envelopes which sowed panic the discoverer of HIV considered by , Ivins could have committed suicide in Parallel to this, an inquiry by the defence Juwono Sudarsono stated that in government offices during the most scientist to be the origin of AIDS. an interview with a newspaper serving Indonesian government revealed the Indonesian government guaran- days after 9-11, had come from labo- Among the threats proposed in addi- the Fort Detrick area. that a clandestine biological weapons teed diplomatic immunity of only two ratories connected with the American Ivins is just one of the two dozen tion to terrorism, were biological lab funded by the British crown via members of the laboratory’s staff. army, and more specifically from renowned microbiologists – specializ- London’s Imperial College, had been For some commentators, this was Fort Detrick. agents. Historians of medicine agree ing in the combatting of bioterrorism – operating in Indonesia for 30 years. It where Asian flu was developed, to Corroborating all this information, that the Germans, the Soviet Union who have died in strange circum- so happens that this institution was the attack the DNA of the Asian popula- the FBI discovered that the anthrax and the Japanese used disease as a stances. One, of a sword wound, anoth- first to report the bird flu outbreak. The tion. According to the Canadian jour- mailings in 2001 had come from mili- weapon in the twentieth century. er run down by a car; a third beaten Indonesian government, which sup- nalist BenjamÌn Fulford, former editor tary contractors like the DGP and Among the proposals put forward by to death. A fourth stabbed in the chest; posedly hired the two French experts, of Forbes magazine in Canada, it Aerosol Science Labs (BMI: Battle the intellectuals and experts, were the another was found dead under a chair, had ordered the American government formed part of the biological war to Memorial Institute), which supply bio- following: “Alternatives to war could naked from the waist down; yet anoth- to dismantle their Namru-2 laborato- curb the power of the Chinese. In mod- logical warfare material and the vac- be the generation of fictitious enemies er was found asphyxiated after being ry, arguing that not only had it not ern parlance, an ethnic weapon. cine acquisition programme through (terrorists)”. They recommended “eco-
  • 17. CHECK MATE, NOVEMBER 2009 / 17 Many of those researching into AIDS, such as Lluís Botinas –president of the Plural 21 Association– deny that HIV is the cause of the illness. The polio vaccine, contaminated with a virus, infected homosexuals and drug addicts in New York City. logical destruction”, destruction of Nixon that this research should cease. were infected with a retrovirus which human genetics and “a comprehensi- However, recently declassified docu- was then added to the polio vaccine. ble eugenics program” (racial selec- tion) by means of a “destructive environment”. It’s said that men ments show that funds for this type of This was also confirmed by the father of the polio vaccine, Albert Sabin. This reportedly contami- Did you know... like Werner Von Braun partici- pated in this panel of experts nated vaccine was, according to certain researchers, the origin Viruses have been used as biological composed, we can be sure, of doctors and biologists of the of the HIV virus. Hilleman weapons at least since the similarly recognizes that yel- first order. According to secret memo- low fever vaccine “contains the Middle Ages – Ebola and anthrax leukemia virus”. randa found by Leonard Horowitz, the special cancer Robert Gallo, the doctor who are man made officially discovered the HIV virus programme dates from virus, worked for the Bionetics History of biological warfare this time in Uganda, and curiously 1962. At that time the long list The Japanese experimented with it was the same strain as had been company, who were contractors discovered by the US Health of such viruses so developed the cannibals of New Guinea using to the National Cancer Institute, the kuru agent. In 1971, the US gov- Department in 1968. All expert included those of leukaemia, and to the US government lymphoma, herpes, influenza, ernment admitted that kuru had been evidence points to the CIA for the Department of Biological created by the Japanese, although simple reason that the virus is mononucleosis, kuru (prion), Weapons. Fifteen years before even today its origin is falsely attrib- highly mutant, and yet the strain breast tumour, meningitis... the appearance of AIDS on the which appeared in Uganda was uted to the eating of human flesh by The subjects used for such scene, Gallo had been combin- identical to that stored by that cannibals. It was later isolated by the experiments came from differ- ing DNA from leukemia, sarco- Nobel peace prize winner, Carleton Agency. Which leads us on to the ent backgrounds but, at the ma and lymphoma to create a Gadjusek, and known as Prion or word refrigeration. That is to say beginning, they utilized those Mad Cow disease. the culture had been kept in the powerful biological weapon. fridge. Subsequent appearances of closest to hand – military per- The document was presented by According to the American gov- sonnel. An inquiry by Congress ernment, the first notice we have of this virus have been the result of the Jewish-American doctor accidents in biological weapons revealed that the wives of Leonard Horowitz in the video this practice in military operations labs or intentional releases. American servicemen received is from the Middle Ages: in the In lies we trust. Jonathan Mann, doses of vitamins which in 14th century the Tartars succeeded director of the World Health William C. Patrick III and anthrax reality contained uranium 239 in conquering the fortress of Kaffa, This government –financed bio- Organization AIDS division, on the Black Sea, sending the and plutonium 241, both highly chemist patented three different said before resigning: “Rather inmates tainted corpses. Later the radioactive, leading to miscar- ways of concentrating anthrax, to a than an illness, AIDS is a British used smallpox to under- riages and deaths of mothers. concentration of up to three trillion sociopolitical imposition”. mine the resistance of the Native spores per gram. According to these same inves- tigations, between 1910 and Robert Gallo, the Doctor Horowitz showed that North American, and for that rea- the New Influenza (the current son the United States vaccinated its Bayer and heroin 2000 some 20.000 experiments were carried out on the US discoverer of AIDS, influenza A) was created in a soldiers against this agent. The Bayer company owns the laboratory on instructions from patent for heroin. The Rockefeller population. For instance, experiments were carried out worked for the the WHO and medical organisa- How Ebola came into being In 1966, the Bionetics company family was one of the shareholders tions in the United Status and of the German corporation IG with uranium and plutonium in American hospitals with the American government the European Union. Doctor created the first Ebola virus, whose transmitting agent is rhab- Farben, of which Bayer forms a part. One of IG Farben’s lawyers in James Robertson, in associa- consent of the US public health in the field of germ tion with the Novavax company do. Ebola first cropped up in the Sudan, close to the company’s labo- Europe was Allen Dulles, a Rockefeller man and subsequently agencies. In 1968, the Pentagon tried out a lethal biological warfare with the came to be the inventor of a biosimilar of this virus, in col- ratories. In 1975, it appeared again, director of the CIA.• weapon in the New York sub- way, at the same time placing Litton company laboration with Ruben O. Donis and Rick Bright at the Center personnel in the relevant hospi- for Disease Control of illnesses tals to monitor the results. research were actually increased from in the USA and at the Novavax compa- Black men infected with syphilis that same year onwards. ny, respectively. The aim? To collabo- In 1972 it came to light that 400 black The modern era of United States rate in eliminating millions of people men were infected by syphilis bacteria research in this field begins with the for the Earth. over the course of various decades, in influx of Nazi scientists, supervised by Thanks to a document dating from the Tasquidee experiment – an experi- Henry Kissinger in the course of 1994, called Revolution in Military ment conducted by the Public Project Paperclip. More than 340 Affairs, the United States Congress Health Service. Later, some of the microbiologists and 700 specialists authorized the supplying of biological survivors of Tasquidee were paid came. Many of them were specialists weapons to their ally in Iraq, Sadam compensation by the State. In 1969, in cancer research. The research was Hussein. These weapons would subse- the United Nations in Geneva approved carried out at the US naval facilities at quently be used to massacre Kurds. Fort Detrick and the National Cancer Donald Rumsfeld went to Iraq to sign the famous Protocol which prohib- Institute in association with the the agreement with the man who, less ited the development of biological than ten years later, would be US weapons. The United States govern- Rockefeller Foundation. Public Enemy number one. When they ment itself recognized that the US had One of the experts in cancer research were advisors to President Ford, a worked on weapons of this sort – in the at the Rockefeller Foundation back in youthful Donald Rumsfeld and an words of the spokeswoman for the 1932 was George W. Merck, later head equally youthful Dick Cheney signed Department of Prevention and Control of the Department of biological war- the document that effectively closed of Diseases Joanne Cono. This in a fare and founder of one of the largest the Frank Olson case. Olson was a video of the Institute for Public Health. pharmaceutical empires. Maurice government-financed scientist who Hilleman, CEO of Merck Vaccines committed suicide after ingesting LSD However she stated that “this never slipped into his drink by Sydney went beyond the development stage”. and the discoverer of the chicken pox Gottlieb, head of MK Ultra. Olson is Officially, a thousand cultures of such and german measles vaccines, admit- notable for being the first scientific diseases as influenza, mononucleosis ted in an interview with science histo- expert in biological warfare to have and sarcoma were reportedly destroyed rian Edward Shorter that he had died in mysterious circumstances. This Many researchers deny that HIV has been isolated in 1969, on the orders of President imported monkeys from Africa who was in 1953.•
  • 18. 18 / INTERNATIONAL The scientific impossibility of Darwin’s theories threatens the dogmatism of official science The law of probabilities demolishes the “theory” of evolution The years of work in laboratories around the world, equipped with such high-precision instruments as computers, test tubes and microscopes, to create sequences of proteins, molecules and cells, have in passing put the theory of evolution on trial. With the knowledge we have now of Habilis – that is with intellectual abili- the cost in hours of work and equip- ties considered half man half monkey. ment that are needed to replicate life, With this theory in mind, the fossil the hypothesis that life evolved from hunters, with the Leakey family at their nothing as a result of random events head, went to Africa in the hopes of such as mutations has been put on the finding skeletons that would support spot. The chances that this momentous the theory. And apparently they found event could have come about thanks to just that in the sixties. In accord with a chain of accidents are so slim as to be the Leakey thesis, this new species considered practically zero. The latest was classified as Homo Habilis, it inventions of nanotechnology in the had a relatively large brain cavity, field of biomedicine cosmetics, upright posture, and used both wood- nutrition, agriculture, construction en and stone implements. Thus, on and the chemical, material and tex- these grounds it could be considered tile industries – which are beginning an ancestor of modern man. to form part of our daily lives – are However, in the late eighties, new fos- the best proof of this. sils were found of this same species, The German biologist Hoimar Von which made even mainstream scien- Ditfurth, a known evolutionist, is tists change their mind. Experts such a good example of the orthodox as Bernard Wood and C. Loring Brace adherents to the theory of evolution examined these fossils and determined themselves admitting that the more Homo habilis to be Australopithecus advances we make in genetics and Habilis – southern apes capable of <<MORE LIKELY THAN THE knowledge of how life can be created, using tools. The reason? Their arms THEORY OF EVOLUTION>> the more difficult it becomes to contin- were long, their legs short, their fingers ue maintaining that it was all due to a and toes were suited to climbing, their complex series of mutations – that is, jawbones were very similar to those in Kike Palomo of lucky accidents or coincidences. present day monkeys, their brain capac- Ditfurth has the following to say in ity (550 cube centimeters) showed their his book The Secret Night of the viduals, organs, tissues, cells and mol- Archaeopteryx, kept at the Natural although less evolved than those cur- similarity to apes. That is, they were so Dinosaurs (Volume 2, page 64 in the ecules all being created artificially. History Museum in London, linking rently inhabiting the Earth. Their similar to apes that they could only Spanish edition) concerning the con- Thanks to enormous dedication in dinosaurs with birds, was a fraud. The ancestors were to be found among be... apes! The same happened with troversy over whether the species could terms of hours, personnel, material and Israeli physicist Lee Spetner was the the ape men familiar from the saga other species that appeared for a time appear by accident or not : “Is it really above all, will. first to note manmade notches cut into The Planet of the Apes, a film which on the books of the evolutionists. For possible that such harmony could arise Thus, scientists who adhere to the its surface that pointed to the falsifica- implanted the possibility of a civiliza- example, Ramapithecus, which scien- out of fortuitous coincidences alone? theory of how the human species tion. Official scientists ignored these tion of intelligent apes in the collective tists finally considered an ordinary That is the fundamental question of all arose, are asking us to continue think- accusations, until two renowned imagination and at the same time evok- ape. (Bernard Wood, Mark Collard, biological evolution. If you answer: ing that the highly complex union of dissidents, Fred Hoyle and Chandra ing the fear that we might return to the The Human Genus, Science, vol. 284, yes, it is possible, this is like a demon- molecules and tissues which imbued Wickramasinghe supported the Israeli’s slavery it depicted... N. 5411, 2 April 1999, p. 65-71). stration of faith in modern natural sci- the first organisms with life derived Scientists called the first relatives that Mindful that Homo Habilis had lost from a succession of coincidences over humans and apes have in common ence. Speaking critically, we could say that anybody who accepts modern nat- the course of a long period of time. The evidence Australopithecus (literally monkey of ground as a missing link, in 1972 the anthropologist Richard Leakey, dar- ural science has no other alternative Thanks to a process extending over millions of years, it is argued, it has forced southern Africa or southern monkey). However, subsequent analysis of its ling of the evolutionists, discov- than to say yes, because the science ered Homo Rudolphensis, so named aims at explaining natural phenomena was possible for the necessary coinci- dences to continue occurring. Attacks evolutionists to bones has made it quite clear that the because the bones were found by the Australopithecus are simply an extinct in a comprehensible way and attempts to derive these laws without incursions on the theory of evolution (and remem- seriously species of ape. Indeed, all types of Lake Rudolph. Leakey’s performance here deserves to go down in the world from metaphysics. At all events, to explain everything by means of natural ber that it is still a theory) by presti- gious scientists from all branches of question their Australopithecus are extinct varieties of ape similar to the present day ones. annals of fraud, since the skull which he presented as KNM-ER 1470 and laws, it is argued by means of coinci- learning have resulted in a spate of dis- coveries over recent years of skeletons own beliefs Thus, while evolutionists considered which was dated as being 2.8 million dence – is a clear sign that that there is Australopithecus to be an ape that years old, was – according to professor nowhere else to run. What else can we seemingly providing a rational under- walked upright, and hence a forerun- Tim Bromage, who subjected the do other than believe in the law of pinning for the theory. Darwin argued thesis. In the end the museum removed ner of modern human beings, a num- face to computer analysis in 1992 – coincidence?”. that if his theory was correct, innumer- the item from public display. It had ber of experts in psychomotricity put the result of abnormal assembly. The Turkish academic Ali Demirsoy, able intermediate varieties linking been donated in the 19th century by a paid to this thesis. Two internationally When this skull was first reconstruct- also a defenderof the Theory of evolu- together all species in the same group Bavarian investigator, keen to support celebrated anatomists – and convinced ed, the forehead was readjusted in an must have existed. Darwin’s thesis. evolutionists – England’s Lord Solly tion, is another of the many evolution- almost vertical position, thus making it ists who are becoming aware of the The 20th century saw an explosion While this was a purely scientific Zuckerman and American Professor very similar in this respect to flat cul-de-sac they have got themselves in paleoanthropology. Generous issue, the background to the debate Charles Oxnard, carried out exten- modern human faces. But observes into. In Inheritance and Evolution resources were employed to find the – going back to the 19th century – was sive tests on various specimens of Bromage, “recent studies of anatomi- (Ankara, Meteksan Publishing, 1984, missing link, those humanoids, half whether man is nearer to the ape or to a Australopithecus, and came to the con- cal relations show that when living, the page 61) Demirsoy states that the monkey, half human, which would vali- higher being. It is argued, what is the clusion that while being bipeds, they face must have jutted out considerably, chances of accidental formation of date the theory of evolution. Courtesy of mirror in which we are reflected and moved almost identically to present- giving it an apelike appearance, like Citocrome-C, (a protein vital for life) government supported excavations simi- what is the road we still have to travel? day apes and monkeys. After fifteen the faces of Australopithecus”. It is are as improbable as a monkey writing lar discoveries needed be found halfway For more than a century we were made years of research Zuckerman and argued, what Leakey had done was to the history of mankind on a typewriter between the amphibians and the reptiles to think that those adorable apes were his government-funded team, deter- cobble together the pieces he found to and not making a mistake. and between the reptiles and the birds, the beings most similar to ourselves. mined that Australopithecus was suit himself! – giving it the appearance Demirsoy takes on another controver- among other links necessary as support- Over the course of the last century nothing more than a species of com- of an ape man which, subsequently, the sial issue, the origin of the mitochon- ing evidence for the chain of evolution. it was believed that we had found a mon ape. (S. Zuckerman: Beyond the popular scientific magazines would dria in our cells. He accepts openly the The excellent book The Evolution range of intermediate species, and Ivory, Toplinger Publications, 1970. help shape in our collective imagina- coincidence explanation despite it Deceit, by Harun Yahya, has blown this their degree of closeness to apes and pages 75/94). tion as those beings half monkey half being “totally contrary to scientific theory to bits with the evidence of all modern man – from Australopithecus, According to the theory of evolu- man that walked this Earth before us. thought”. As readers may note every- the frauds committed to support it. Homo Erectus and Homo Habilis, to tion, the stage after Australopithecus is The planet of the apes model, in a day in the media, human beings on The world of science becomes one Neanderthal Man and Cromagnon Man. The ape man that was capable of word. Other scientists who studied the Earth in the 21st century are advancing more chapter in the Great Conspiracy Man. The last two are considered walking upright was named Erectus case have recognized that Homo day by day towards the reality of indi- saga when we find that a link like the Homo Sapiens, or human beings, and the intervening link was termed Rudolphensis was just another mon-
  • 19. CHECK MATE, NOVEMBER 2009 / 19 The probability that evolution is the product of chance is more remote than that of a monkey typing Don Quixote Homo Rudolphensis –discovered by evolutionist Richard Leakey in 1972– was in reality an Australopitecus with its skull manipulated to appear more human, and served as inspiration for the humanoid apes of the Planet of the Apes, the latter taking shape in the collective imagination as the eagerly sought missing link. key, including convinced evolution- from 1.6 and 1.8 million years ago, drawn and she was progressively links. And I say alleged, because they Instead they gave it to one of his fore- ists like paleoanthropologist J. E. making it contemporary with its sup- edged out of the forums of paleoan- were presented as spectacular news, most followers, Willy Fowler. Cronin (J. E. Cronin, N. T. Boaz, C. B. posed ancestor Homo Habilis. thropology in a persecution that has which all too often contain untruths. As we can see, genetics research Stringer, Y. Rak: Tempo and Mode in Corroborating this dating, anthropol- been repeated on many occasions. Surely the most incredible of these over recent decades has progressively Hominid Evolution, Nature, vol. 292, ogist Louis Leakey found fossils of The paintings, carving and glyphs discoveries was made by professor demolished the idea that life was creat- 1981, p. 113-122). Australopithecus, Homo Habilis and that show human beings living Unter Tan, of Cukurova University, ed by chance. So much so that an evo- Turning to the Homo or human end Homo Erectus very close to each alongside dinosaurs –something Adana, Turkey. No less than a whole lutionist as celebrated as the discoverer of the spectrum – in the case of Erectus other in the Olduvai Gorge region, in which official science views as family that went on all fours and could of DNA, Francis Crick, came to accept and Cromagnon on the one hand and Tanzania, which is known as the cradle impossible– are found in many be considered a missing link between the notion of Directed Panspermia, the Neanderthal on the other, the recent of Mankind. The nearness of the fossils places on the planet: Peru (Ica stones the apes and Man. This, according to idea that life did not arrive here on a years of research (which the official and Acambaro), France (Rhone and Tan, was an instance of sudden evolu- meteor by pure chance, but was delib- media have refused to assimilate so Dordogne), Australia (Queensland), tion, as biologists Stephen Jay Gould erately implanted in our world. It was that we humans beings can be Anthropologist Zimbawe (near Harare), (Ashanti), and Richard Lewontin had proposed, unlikely, he argued, that living organ- isms could have reached our Earth aware of the mistaken picture we’d North America (Havasupai Canyon, and not gradual evolution, as in classi- been given) have spelled a veritable Virginia Stin Arizona), in Ancient Rome, Egypt cal Darwinian theory. In actual fact, it either as spores propelled by the radia- tion of a star or as living organisms “caning” for evolution theory. The and Babylonia. To date only science turned out that these were human very well publicized excavations at McKyntire fiction and dissident scientists have beings with a genetic malformation encrusted in a meteorite. Instead, Crick and colleagues considered the alterna- Atapuerca (Spain) have made it clear, dared to propose that the big lizards that impeded them from walking nor- on the one hand, that Neanderthals and discovered a and human beings could have coex- mally... one more example of elaborate tive theory more likely, that organisms were deliberately brought to the Earth Cromagnons coexisted for thousands isted. The sabotage that these scien- efforts on the part of scientists to sus- of years, so that there could not have human skeleton tists suffer if they depart from the tain an unsustainable theory. “by intelligent beings from another planet”. He believed that life could been an evolution of the one into the other, properly speaking. What is in Coeyatlaco, official truth seems so similar to the relentless hounding suffered by dis- But the evolutionists have had to cope with setbacks in fields other have reached the Earth in this way, but admitted that the current state of evi- more: studies of the skulls and skele- tons found there show that there is Mexico, 250,000 sidents in the energy field that one might say they constitute one and the than Paleoantropology: the advent of Astrobiology has undermined the the- dence made it impossible to say any- thing definite regarding this possibili- no evolutionary distance between Neanderthal Man and present-day years old by same conspiracy. In 1979, in Laitoli, Tanzania, ory of evolution as evolution ex-nihil. The challenge has come from the theo- ty. Simply they were alert to sources of evidence that might throw further light groups such as the pygmies or the Australian Aborigines. The Neanderthals geological dating human fingerprints were found on volcanic deposits 3.6 million years ry of Cosmic Panspermia, the theory that the seeds of life reached the Earth on the question. It is argued, Official Science, or at buried their dead, played musical old. Determined to be those of in a meteorite. After decades of heated least a part of it, has taken on board instruments and had practically the in the second strata rules out the possi- Austrolopithecus by Leakey, it was debate this notion has ended up being Intelligent Design. same capabilities as the Cromagnons, bility of the lineages descending from later shown that they belonged to accepted by scientific orthodoxy. Thus There are scientist who have dared to so that the differences that were so one another. This new setback for human beings physically similar to putting paid to the first principle of further, shifting attention to the famous prized have vanished like the wind. the theory of evolution led to the those of today. According to investi- evolution theory: that life was formed, rubbish DNA or useless DNA which, But in fact, the matter goes even fur- famous paleontologist of Harvard gators like Spanish-Irish Colin on Earth, as a result of pure fluke. The curiously, makes up 97% of our genet- ther: the fossils taken to be Erectus, University, and best-selling author, Rivas, there are many other discover- leading exponent of the panspermia ic code (let’s not go into the implica- found in Asia, that is to say Peking and Stephen Jay Gould, asking rhetori- ies, locked away in museums, which theory, eminent British astrophysicist tions of calling the greater part of our Java Man, have been shown to belong cally where that left their scale show that the appearance of human Fred Hoyle, published a number of genetic code ‘rubbish’!). to human beings little different from if three lineages of hominids – beings on this Earth was much books alluding to the extraterrestrial Two respected Australian scientists present-day ones. Australopithecus Africanus, the earlier than they are telling us. origin of the human race – attesting to published an article in the journal Given that the Asian fossils proved a brawny Australopithecus, and Homo One of these is the Chihuahua child, the fact that life is cosmic, the cosmic Astrobiology in which they suggest fiasco, evolutionist research interest Habilis–coexisted without any one Mexico, analyzed by researcher life force. These were works of sci- that: “there could have been early turned once more to Africa, where of them deriving clearly from the Lloyd Pie. After establishing that its ence fiction in which he camouflaged exchanges of genetic material between more Homo Erectus were found, like other.” (S. J. Gould: Natural History, extraordinary head was not the result his more advanced ideas. Hoyle is some of our ancestors and certain the Turkana child. The latter, it was Vol. 85, 1976, p. 30). of trepanning, Pie found that its brain accepted as having coined the term, alien life-forms”. The astrobiologist admitted, could pass for a sort of The coup de grace came from Homo (1,600 cubic centimetres) surpassed along with Chandra Wickramsinghe Paul Davies, professor of Natural Neanderthal, and Neanderthals Sapiens itself and the possibility that it that of any human being from Earth. (1978), but the ancient Greek sage Philosophy at Macquarie University’s were now considered modern human – the human race as we know it – had DNA tests supported the hypothesis Anaxagoras, in the 5th century before Astrobiology Centre, and Charles beings, as we have seen. After careful appeared much earlier than had previ- that the skull could be that of a Christ, had already suggested that Lineweaver, astrophysicist at the comparisons between these remains ously been thought, specifically, one human-alien hybrid. “seeds galore” made up matter, both University of New South Wales, and those of modern man, evolution- million years ago. And it was Louis In 2007, presumably because of the inert and living. The lambasting that Sydney, propose that this DNA whose ists, Leakey included, admitted there Leakey himself, the champion of these pressure being exerted by the theory of Hoyle gave official science led to the purpose today we do not understand, was no more difference here than quests, as we have seen, who raised the Intelligent Design, there was a whole Swedish Academy of Sciences failing could be the key to our origins, and between different present-day races. doubts. In 1932, when excavating series of alleged discoveries of missing to award him the Nobel Peace Prize.... the key to our future evolution.• Professor William Laughlin of the close to Lake Victoria in Kanjera, University of Connecticut carried out Kenya, he discovered various fossil extensive anatomical analyses of Inuit remains that belonged to the mid SMALL, and Aleutian Islands natives and found Pleistocene, and were of humans who UNIMPORTANT that their skeletons were remarkably showed no significant difference from MISSING LINK similar to those of Homo Erectus. modern man. The mid-Pleistocene was SMALL, Laughlin concluded that in reality all no more and no less than a million UNIMPORTANT these races were different varieties of years ago. Since this dating turned our MISSING LINK SMALL, Homo Sapiens (modern man). genealogical tree on its head, it was UNIMPORTANT Official dating of these proposed ridiculed by some evolutionist col- MISSING LINK missing links has put paid to the leagues, who have lived to see their intended credibility of the theory, once evolutionist theories torpedoed by their and for all. It was supposed that own ranks. Anthropologist Virginia Australopithecus lived from four mil- Stin McKyntire discovered a human lion years ago until one million years skeleton in Coeyatlaco, Mexico whose ago. Homo Habilis, supposedly, lived date a geologist put at 250.000 years around 1.7-1.9 million years ago, ago, when humans supposedly did not while Homo rudolphensis, said to be more advanced than Habilis, has been exist. Despite the fact that this date was later fully corroborated, McKintyre Evolutionists shown to be 2.5 million years old, was pressured by the orthodox scien- accept their theory which makes it older than its ancestor. tific community to “retract”. When she And the supposed Homo Erectus dates did not do so, her funding was with- as an act of faith.
  • 20. 20 / THE ECONOMY The person who began our present civiliza- purpose as that of Iraq: to create a market for as to be able issue its own Money free from the tion clashed with the money changers (the Visa arms dealing and precipitate financial crises. control of the British crown, and the subse- and Mastercard people of ancient of old) when A means by which a handful of families control quent crises and wars were created by to the he saw fit to drive out these merchants from the the planet. The history of the United States, a monarchy to regain this power. The different temple. Today we know that the wars have been country which sees itself as controlling the assassinations, including those of Lincoln and crucial for the economy of those who rule our world economy until the Crash of 2008, is a Kennedy were to stop them nationalizing the planet. So much so that there are many who paradigm of this. Her War of independence dollar, to free it from the debt otherwise due to suspect that the all wars have had the same was precisely aimed at freeing the territory so the banks. The liberation of human beings involves knowing about the money-as-debt fraud The majority of economists do not know how money is created; however, usury or charging interest is regarded as a “sin” in most religions of the world, throughout history, with the exception of Judaism. The penultimate step in this con- spiracy was the creation of the United States Federal Reserve. In 1913 a select group of bankers (Warburg, Rockefeller, Morgan, Kuhn, and rep- resentatives of their European bosses) met together on Hyde Island and founded the Federal Reserve. The fact was reported in the news papers of the time, although not surprisingly Americans were not told of the real reason for the meeting. Thanks to the financial crises of 1909 and 1929, engineered by this group of putatively Zionist bankers, the Fed was able to usurp control of the Public Treasury and the issuing of money. The inclu- sion of the All-seeing Eye (the symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati) on all American banknotes is the best proof of this. As with 109 of the central banks of other countries, the Federal Reserve is a private bank whose pur- pose is to lend money to the State. Between 1917 and 1933, this entity succeeded in usurping the govern- ment’s faculty as issuer of the national currency. Speaking of the setting up of the Federal Reserve, approved as it was by Congress at Christmas when many congressmen were on holiday and signed by President Woodrow Wilson, Wilson himself was to confess in 1922: I have betrayed my country and I have sold it for generations to come. Charles A. Lindbergh senior (father of the famous flyer whose son was kidnapped) was the only congress- man to stand up in public and decry this act whereby the United States was Jesus driving out the money lenders in the temple, as depicted by El Greco. sold to a handful of bankers (and the same went for the rest of the world). wars of the beginning of the 21st cen- tious. These data on monetary specu- loans and debts, which is accepted by government of the country. Truth to Thomas Jefferson in his day had tury. The abolishing of the gold stan- lation are provided by the Bank for the world as the only way of doing tell, the Money is created out of thin warned of this danger, back at the dard which backed the US dollar International Settlements, and were business. Every day, several million air by the commercial banks and the beginnings of the nation, as had the caused most currencies to float, not resumed in the book Beyond greed dollars travel round the world looking Federal Reserve system. All they do, assassinated president Abraham being tied to the conversion to the gold and scarcity: the future of money, by to attract more electronic loans for in fact, is write the figures in their Lincoln, not to mention Eisenhower standard. Bernard Lietaer. their owners but, more than anything, computers. And what happens in the and Henry Ford later on. They saw This change was what turned the Today, money is no more than belief it is an empty promise. Money today USA is identical to what happens in the peril that hovered over the coun- world economy into a casino, where in a system because there is nothing is not backed by gold or by anything Europe with the European Central try if it fell in the hands of the bankers the national currencies are gambled actually supporting the reality of its else, other than our confidence in the Bank. and big corporations. Subsequently, on and where speculators can bring value, and the economic downturn monetary system. In the final analysis Money is created in main two ways. the Bretton Woods conference was to a currency down, or the economy of that we are experiencing only reaf- it is faith in those who create and con- Firstly, the basic Money is mainly take the country off the gold standard an entire country, as happened in firms this fact. trol money, in the commercial banking created in the form of physical – the basing of the currency on gold – Argentina. The formula for doing this system and in its principal sharehold- notes, on the orders of the Federal so that these days no one knows how is a simple one: first, the lending insti- ers: the Iluminati families. The phrase Reserve. The second of the two main much a banknote is worth… other that tutions offer cheap loans, so that 95% of the on all dollar notes “In God we Trust” is perhaps the greatest proof of this forms of money creation involves what the bankers decide it should have. everyone gets into debt, infected by current and deposit accounts created In 1971, a little before the outbreak the collective euphoria. Then, money money in trust. Who would not trust in some- by the commercial bank and consti- of the Oil Crisis, the world monetary is taken out of circulation , triggering thing that seemingly is so close to tutes the principal money supply. system that had emerged out of unemployment which in turn leaves a circulation is God? Let us recall the modern ori- This is money-debt. Bretton Woods abolished the gold large slice of the population insolvent, gins of the issuing of Money, of coin Basic Money (also known as high standard, so that the petrodollar, that broke. The big banks appropriate just non-existent of the realm... powered money), is created when the is, the union of the price of the dollar about everything, including the small- Most of the money today is created Fed carries out the so called Open and the price of oil, took over control er financial institutions and compa- Monetary supply and debt have bro- by the banks who issue loans to the Market operations. By means of this of the world economy. Whoever was nies. The famous con where the punter ken down in the absence of convert- non-banking public. Almost all money process, the Federal Reserve injects in possession of both forms of money, has to say which cup the pea is under ibility of money into gold, and it is dif- (more than 95% at any one time) is money buying government guaran- would control the economy. If the is similar but on a micro scale. ficult to know exactly what money created out of the creation of the cor- teed bonds, which become govern- bankers were already in control of the Today, the transactions of the real means these days. What we do know responding debt. The money in circu- ment debt, the debt owed by the gov- dollar via the Federal Reserve, they economy justify a mere 2% of interna- is that it is no longer a depositary for lation is just a small part of the total ernment (that is, the tax payer) to the still needed to get their hands on the tional transactions, so that the vast value. It is a measure, certainly, an money supply and is created by the Federal Reserve. And where does the oil, hence the crisis of 1973 and the majority of the money in play is ficti- electronic accountancy system for Federal Reserve system, not by the Federal Reserve get its money to buy
  • 21. CHECK MATE, NOVEMBER 2009 / 21 “Wantagate”: the greatest Money, down instance of corruption through the ages in the world The money of the Roman Empire Order of the Temple, issuer of promis- There is no doubt following states should was issued by the emperor himself, sory notes with which money could be that this is one of the receive five thou- and was legal tender in all of its con- changed throughout Christendom. great enigmas of our sand million dollars: stituent nations. The monetary authori- This order, linked to the mysteries of time. The existence Canada, France, ty changed from being Caesar to the the Kabala accumulated so much of a fabulous fund Germany, Greece, Pope, just as the Roman Empire power that it was supposedly destroyed of money, whose Italy, Mexico and was replaced by Christianity – when by the Vatican. However, this power administrator is the Spain. Additionally, the emperor Constantine became a was inherited by the Masons and it former agent of the thirty thousand mil- Christian. For long it was the Pope appears that some of them fled to US Federal Reserve lion dollars were to be who ordained royalty, and at the same Scotland where they formed the first and Somali ambas- paid to the Russian time he was the one who reserved the bands of pirates, whose hideaways sador, Leo Wanta, Federation. China, in right to issue money. would be the islands of the Caribbean. has the investigators turn, is owed thirty The Spanish language still bears the Precisely where tax havens would later divided. billion dollars by imprint of this crucially important proliferate, and places that escape In the nineteen eight- virtue of other agree- political manouver in the word regalía. from international financial law. It so ies, under the Reagan Ronald Reagan ments reached with The first meaning given for this term happens that, during the same years in Administration, Leo the United States is “right to issue money” and the sec- which the Order of the Temple disap- Wanta worked as a The money Tax Office relating ond, “privilege that the Holy See con- peared, the interdenominational state consultant and secret to the Leo Wanta fers on the monarchy in relation to the of Switzerland appeared, the first tax agent of the Federal stolen by the funds. Apparently [Catholic] Church”. From this we deduce that the issuing of money is Our tax money pay haven, a state which would occupy a pacific and strategic place in the World Reserve. The absolute confidence which hidden govern- this arises from China’s purchase of treasury the gift – regalo in Spanish – that Popes give to kings and queens. And the debt contracted Order, a safe haven for money, guardian of the Vatican and of Clock came to be placed in ment is in tax bonds from the United him during his career States. for many of us, centuries later, the with the bankers, Time (Swiss watches), among many led theAdministration havens The Funds, it should Vatican still has the economic other things. to put him in charge of be explained, are han- Power, and proof of this is that it is a when we allowed Regain control of the issue of money, an immense fund of money, set aside dled by means of instruments known tax haven. tie it once more to a standard such as The first direct forerunner of the them to create gold, and do away with the tax havens for an hypothetical war with the Soviet Union or for helping to destroy as CHIPS (New York Clearing House Interbank Payments System). During modern-day banks was the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, known as the money-debt as resorts for cheats are measures that would put an end to this megafraud.• it. At the end of the Cold War, the money should be used for the bene- the years of negotiations and court cases, when agreements were reached fit of the general population. The fig- on various occasions both with Leo ure was 25 trillion dollars at the outset, Wanta and with the countries involved, but, with interest owed over the years, the CHIPS turned out to be hollow. the amount today is 75 trillion dollars. That is, they existed as accountancy To avoid these funds being liberat- entries but when it came to liquidate ed, Leo Wanta, who afterwards became them there was no money backing Somalian ambassador, was impris- them. This was because the banks oned in Switzerland and the United holding them had siphoned off the States, and was repeatedly poisoned money to other accounts by means of when in prison. the false payees we have mentioned, None of this deterred Leo Wanta when angering the countries who were to be he was released from prison, from con- beneficiaries. During the years that tinuing to claim his legal right as admin- Wanta was denied access to the funds, ister of this immense fund, through the Clinton, Bush and accomplices had AmeriTrust Group Inc. The reference used complex financial systems to spir- which shows this is title 18 USC Section it them away. 6 offshore bank accounts, authorized Reports from British analyst Christopher under President Reagan’s Executive Story indicate that these funds were Order 12333. on the agenda at recent G-8 summits, In 2003, a federal jury in Alexandria, and that their non-payment has led Virginia, confirmed Wanta’s status as to China ceasing to use the dollar its frontman administrator, and recognized oil transactions, essentially, with its Enric Duran, imprisoned for revealing the monetary and Baron Rothschild, who appears on the banknotes of Israel, financial systems to be fraudulent. ( is one of the architects of money-as-debt. the rights of the American people over main supplier, the Islamic republic of this immense amount of money. Iran. Among his many opponents in the Particular reports by Story reveal that higher spheres there was a certain CIA last June these funds, supposedly to be agent, Hillary Roadham Clinton and used in state terrorism operations these Government Bonds? Well, the money is mostly created by a banker chises and chains in all sectors (nuts answer is out of the air – it simply former president of the United States should have been returned to Wanta’s writing numbers on a piece of paper, and raisins, food, hairdressers, educa- invents the money without any basis and ex-director of the CIA, George jurisdiction, under the supervision of or the modern equivalent, typing bits tion and training, clothes, household for doing so. The Federal Reserve has and bytes into computers – because Bush senior, both of whom manage the International Court of Justice of The electrical goods, taxis!), not to men- no budget because it simply does not money these days is really only a state- accounts derived from these funds. The Hague, Ever since then, however, an tion culture (music, journalism, litera- need one, it invents money whenever ment in a computer. This means that first mentioned, known in the CIA by ture, cinema...). It is practically impos- endless succession of delays and inter- it is needed. In point of fact, almost when you borrow money to buy a sible for an individual to survive the code name Witch, was in charge of ruptions have occurred, involving the all the dollars on the market are house or a motorcar, the money is thanks to their own business, and there the Foundation for the defense of infan- Rockefeller family, the Rothschild, based on very high powered money really created out of nothing by the is little doubt that this is due to the tax cy under President Reagan’s executive that the Reserve invented at some order 12333, the same one as that family, Queen Elizabeth II, German bank, and is accredited to the cus- system, to the income tax that favours Chancellor Angela Merkel, lawyers, moment in the past. The Federal tomer’s account. The bank has a par- authorizing the Wanta funds. Secret big business, the bankers, and the big judges and political heads of various Reserve thus creates a spurious debt ticular advantage in all this for the service agents were authorized to on its balance sheet, chargeable Federal corporations. It is increasingly diffi- other countries, all placing obstacles mere fact of being a bank. If you can- cult for anyone to survive independent manipulate these funds by order of title Reserve money and in return receives 16, section 6 USG relating to corpo- in the way of the liberation of these not pay the mortgage with the sweat of the big corporations. government securities, which the pub- rations for the manipulation of funds for funds, which would be sufficient to lic has to pay with their work. Every of your brow, they take your house, So much so that today what we find and all for writing some numerals in a are subcontracted workers rather than intelligence purposes operations. They solve the greater part of the problems time the Federal Reserve creates or computer! From the banks’ point of salaried workers, with all the draw- could do so and deny any link with these in the world. destroys base money, the financial view , however, if the loan is not paid backs of the self-employed without services, in order to safeguard their sta- Currently, many banks worldwide press and other mass media report that off, they have to write off the loan and any of the rights of the salaried work- tus as secret service agents. According have frozen the secret accounts of these the president of the Federal Reserve this will affect the profits they report. ers of the past century, in the hands of to Christopher Story, the journalist clos- 1,500 operators, so that the conspirators has announced a new interest rate. In the documentary America: from the temporary employment agencies, est to Wanta, “it is known that Hillary can no longer operate with the funds This is not technically correct, but freedom to fascism, we learn how, at one more middleman. And all this is accustomed to use these funds as her as before, when they traded using the tax sounds better than saying “the Federal the beginning of the 20th century, the thanks to income tax. private fortune”. free accounts. British member of the Reserve has just conjured up some According to the Spanish dictionary, money or has made it vanish”. United States was a land of self- An international issue European Parliament, Ashley Mote, is the word renta (income) means: “utili- Once this high powered money has employed workers, with their own ty or profit yielded annually by a This money, originally intended for the only such figure to speak out pub- been created, the banks can create nine shops and businesses, and now it is a thing, or that which is charged for its anticommunist action as we have said, licly on the issue of these funds. Store’s times this quantity in current and other country of salary earners, of employ- use”. Why do we have to pay tax on does not belong to the United States reports further indicate that these funds, accounts. And they do so by means of ees. Today, around the world, we are our incomes, if we live off our own alone. Under the protocols dictated by hidden away in secret accounts, are loans to the non banking public. Thus, witnessing the proliferation of fran- work and do not have possessions?.• the Reagan Administration, each of the being paid to terrorist organizations.•
  • 22. 22 / WEATHER The looting of the Baghdad Museum by When Catholic priests arrived in the in the official chronicles, the priests sent most of American soldiers was not an isolated act in this Americas, they concerned themselves with one this material to the Vatican, and it has remained invasion, nor over the course of history. He who thing above all: recovering the codices of the there to this day.The Maya codices were perhaps steals History,steals the present.The Mesopotamian native peoples explaining their past… and their the most important of these. And both the tablets kept there contained the information future. According to researcher Guillermo Sumerians and the Mayas coincide in pinpoint- needed to interpret the near future of humanity. Hernandez, and in contradiction to what is said ing the year 2012. 2012: The evolutionary challenge that Mankind is facing, in terms of a shift in consciousness Russian and dissident astronomers have begun to filter information garnered from their powerful telescopes confirming the prophecies of the native traditions. Our solar system is about to change position in the Cosmos. This information was censured from Christian eyes for centuries, until towards the end of the 20th century researchers connected with the hip- pie movement who were interested in deciphering the native American cul- tures came across the Dresden Codex, the Popol Vuh and the Chilaam Balaam, the sacred books of the Pre- Columbian Central Americans. These writings expressed in cryptic form the announced events of a distant time, now our present, which would usher in the last days and the new beginnings. They predicted climatic change and the end of ideological structures during the times we are now living through. Yet, how could they know so much about a time so separat- ed from their own? This knowledge was based on knowl- edge that the Mayas had of the cycles of time, associated with the planet Our system will align Venus and the Pleiades. According to them, the second solstice of 2012 (or with the centre of the the first equinox of 2013) would be the Milky Way in 2012 moment in which the Solar System 1 2 would have reached the end of the 2012: Dissident astronomers have discovered that our solar system forms part of the constellation Sagittarius –the smaller galaxy– (1) long count of 5,125 years and 134 and will be absorbed by the Milky Way–the larger galaxy– (2), possibly in 2012. The highlighted points represent the position of our sun. days, which had begun in 3114 BC, and which would conclude on 22nd ing the workings of the Cosmos. Sciences, published an essay on the are reaching the point of no return”. edge of the Milky Way galaxy but does December 2012. At the same time, The possibility that the Universe physics of the Earth and Life in which Additionally he announces “high- not belong to it, but to the constellation another great cycle would also be could be a great electro-magnetic he announced accelerated transforma- speed transformations and a general of Sagitarius. This discovery, made on completed. On that date, the Galactic system has given rise to the Electric tions in the Earth, on the geological, reorganization of the electro-magne- May 30 2006 by these astronomers, Night of 26,000 years would come to Universe hypothesis, which explains geophysical and climatic levels. The tosphere (the electromagnetic skele- reveals that our planet is situated at the an end, 26,000 years being the time the movement of the planet s as similar cause: “highly charged materials... ton of our Planet)”. intersection between two galaxies: taken for the Solar System to complete to that of an atom, and the flow of ener- which have penetrated the interplane- It is argued – bearing in mind that our Sagittarius and the Milky Way and the an orbit around Alcyon, the central sun tary areas of our Solar System. This bodies, and especially our brains, have reason why our solar system is aligned gy in electromagnetic waves or strings of the Pleiades. donation of energy is producing hybrid an electromagnetic structure – our at an angle of 90 degrees with the recently discovered in the Sun. This Impelled by these events, all the processes and excited states of ener- change in consciousness is the conse- Milky Way is that it simply is not our perception of the Cosmos as a great structures of our beliefs will collapse; gy in the Sun and all the planets”. quence of (and requirement for) our galaxy. With the help of infrared tele- electromagnetic mechanism which bombarding cosmic rays will modify adaptation to our being bombarded as scopes and very powerful computers, affects our consciousnesses and suffers our belief systems. The curious thing is seldom before with gamma rays from these scientists have succeeded in dis- attractions, explains a large part of the that these tales, connected with Venus and Orion, can be seen in the codices changes we are currently experiencing. We complete a the galaxy, which scientists have been detecting for some time. tinguishing clearly the extension of the The much-studied solar explosions relatively small Sagittarius galaxy, and inscribed in the Egyptian pyramids and the Egyptian Dendera zodiac. And would be one of the causes of the cycle of almost This information can be checked its difference from other galaxies. It against recent research, for example, transpires that our solar system was since the religion of the Vatican is full of Egyptian symbols (see photos) it is changes that are operative on our plan- et. Despite the official stance on cli- 26,000 years of by Matthew Perkins Erwin, Steven attracted by the Milky Way and is clos- Majewski of the University of Virginia ing on its equator, which it will reach hardly surprising that the church hier- mate change, the Earth is not the only planet now undergoing warming. This the equinoctial and Merav Opher who have discovered on 20th December 2012. This energy archies are familiar with this secret. that our solar system is located on the change is undoubtedly what is bring- The reason why priests were so inter- is happening to all the planets in the Solar System. NASA experts and precession: having ested in the question of Time is because it is actually much more those of other private institutions that have satellite information, all agree passed through important than we thought. Why do we say in Spanish el tiempo es oro – time that the Sun will enter into a period of all the houses of is money – literally gold? Why do the solar explosions or sun bursts that will church bells mark the passing of the reach their maximum in 2012. A report the Zodiac hours? Why was the Gregorian calen- issued by a round table of experts from dar introduced by a Pope who took it telecommunications, GPS and NASA, Dmitriev alerts us to the fact that the from the Roman Empire, which in its amongst others, have already studied electromagnetic changes in the Planet turn took it from Babylon? Did you the effect that these tremendous explo- Earth are going to subject every living know that the months are called July sions will surely have on electric cur- being on the planet to an examination, and August thanks to Julius Caesar and rent and communications. Amongst a sort of quality control, to determine Caesar Augustus? And that the other reasons, because at the end of the ability of everyone of us to meet the Gregorian calendar and the clock were 2008 the magnetosphere that sur- new conditions. It is not just the both invented in the 16th century? rounds our Earth disappeared, leaving climate which is changing, but we Dimitriev and the Russian scientists our planet exposed to the solar activity. ourselves as human beings are Officially denigrated as Indian Restricted as we are by the censoring experiencing a global change in our mumbo jumbo, the Mayan prophe- of information in the NATO world, it is consciousness”. Dmitriev is an expert cies contained in the Dresden Russian scientists who are currently in global ecology and in events Codex and the Chilaam Balaam are providing the greater part of the infor- related to the Planet Earth. In this being studied by leading-edge sci- mation supporting the Mayan prophe- ground-breaking essay Dmitriev entists around the world who are cies. In 1997, Dr. Alexey Dmitriev, a explains that “the geological, geophys- The papal mitre preserves the tradition of the Egyptian priesthood within the Vatican. seeking inspiration in understand- member of the Russian Academy of ical, and climatic changes in the Earth
  • 23. CHECK MATE, NOVEMBER 2009 / 23 ing about these internal changes and, probably, changes in our DNA too, which is mutating according to some commentators. The spiritual battle over the Middle East The year 2012 could be the moment The confrontation between the state of Israel, the United States and Great Britain on the one hand that we reach the equator of the Milky Way coinciding with the end of the and the Shiite regime of Iran on the other, conceals a religious battle, with prophetic and messian- cycle of the equinoctial precession of ic overtones. A spiritual battle would appear to be closing in on the ancient realm of Persia. The 26,000 years and which is no less than the time our solar system takes to do a centre of this battle is the city of Jersusalem. The reason? the long awaited arrival of the prophets. complete round of the Zodiac. At this If the Zionists of the last US admin- point, according to research by Patrick istration (Richard Perle, Daniel Pipes, Geryl (The Orion Prophecy) the Earth Henry Kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz) will experience a complete reversal of made common cause with the protes- its magnetic poles, as a result of the tants (Cheney, Bush, Rice and compa- solar flares. ny) this was because, among other rea- The apocalyptic aspects of the date sons, both religious confessions look 21st December 2012 are that it appar- forward to the coming of the Messiah ently marks the end of a cycle that begins approximately every 26,000 and believe themselves to be moved years, a figure known by the Mayas by the word of God. The strange thing and Ancient Egyptians who orientated is that the Moslem imams too are their pyramids in relation to the con- waiting for the Mahdi to come, in this stellation of Orion for that reason. The case anticipating the return of Jesus. precession movement of the Earth is The Messiah whose reappearance due to the fact that it is not completely the Shiite branch of Islam is awaiting spherical but is slightly flattened at the (the branch to which Iran belongs) poles. A complete cycle or revolution was born in 868 AD and has been of the axis takes approximately 25,767 alive but hidden since then, waiting for years, a period which is known as a the time to come to fulfil his mission platonic year, and whose duration was in the darkest hour for Mankind. A calculated by the Mayas. Everything hadith (an utterance attributed to the seems to indicate that every time that prophet Mohammed but not found in this cycle is completed, the magnetic the Koran, the apocryphal gospels, so poles or axes of the Earth become to speak, of Islam) looks forward aligned with the centre of our galaxy, as follows: “In these times, God will at the same time passing through a make emerge from my descendants a band or region of scalar electromagnet- man who will establish peace and jus- ic impulses, an area of space in which tice on Earth, as much as it had been the polarities of the electro-magnetic laden with injustice and anguish”. The mosque of Al Aqsa in Jerusalem, the centre of all battles from now until 2012. field weaken. President Ahmadineyad of Iran is a This weakening sometimes causes fervent believer in El Mahdi. When the North and South poles of the Earth ing to “create chaos to prepare for the and one church”. The most recent of lecting funds to build this temple he was mayor of Tehran, he had an return of the twelfth imam, the long- the important prophecies (apart from and the Israeli authorities have to reverse their polarity, to swap over. avenue built dedicated the coming awaited Mahdi”. His thesis is based those of Fatima, of course) are from begun prospecting, boring tunnels In the past this event apparently caused changes in world geography, great cat- Messiah. Then as president of Iran, on the president’s closeness to the the Pope with the greatest influence of into what is known as the esplanade aclysms such as earthquakes, tidal he allocated 17 million dollars for cleric Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi the 20th century. of the Mosques. waves and floods. improvements to a mosque in Mesbah-Yazdi, with connections the A few days before his death, Pope There is little doubt that the violent More advanced civilizations which Jamkaran, south of Tehran, in the theological school of Qom, linked John XXIII dictated a series of confrontations during the years that knew about these cycles could, evi- region where it is believed the with the Hojjatieh secret society men- prophecies in which the name of Pope remain before 2012 will have this spot dently, know the influences that these Anointed will appear. Immediately tioned above. Benedict was mentioned and Israel as their epicentre. Some would even explosions of energy would have on afterwards, he ordered the building of The presence of a Zionist among given a warning. “Israel, you who say that the War in Iraq was a signifi- our organizational systems. It is a railway line linking the city with this Ahmadineyad’s maximum detractors return to your land, it is time to clean cant return to the point where our civi- argued, the prophecies of the different place. His faith is such that a few years is no coincidence. The president has the blood of your children. At last the lization began, with obvious Biblical religions could be take them to be back he left a list of the members he information relating to this event. equated Zionism with the Devil on star has six points (...) You suffer and overtones, specifically from the Book proposed for his cabinet in an aljibe in many occasions and, specifically, has fight like one who attacks and finds of Revelations. the above-mentioned mosque, asking openly doubted the historical fact of no way to divide you. Be brothers. The world leaders with greatest spiri- Supporters of years of for an opinion on his choice. the Holocaust, calling it an excuse for They push you in the fight towards tual convictions, like Ahmadineyad or The allusions to the Mahdi are a the creation of the state of Israel. For the abyss, but they hide. Here the fate Chavez have come out clearly against 13 lunar months – an constant in the president’s speeches. Moslims, Jewish interest in Jerusalem of the world will be fought over. And the Zionist groups associated with the He feels he is fighting a battle against (the cornerstone of this state) is the this will be the cause of ruin”. big bankers, as did the being who update of the Maya Satan, and this is not simply political coming of the Jewish Messiah, the The latest information from Israel began this last span of 2,000 years of rhetoric. When he addressed the concept – propose United Nations in September 2007, Dajjal for the followers of Mohammed, that is to say, the one Christians know is the motivation for the invasion of Palestine was the fact that according history, Jesus of Nazareth. – a prophet not recognised by a part of his own that we should he said: “Oh, mighty Allah, I pray to you to hasten the emergence of your as the Antichrist. In the famous speech inspired by the to the prophecies the Third Temple of Solomon has to be built at this people, who had him executed. The second half of this story is about to be synchronize ourselves last incarnation, the Promised one, that pure, perfect human being – he offensive cartoons of the Prophet of time. A Zionist organization is col- written, and YOU will be a part in it.• Islam, Ahmadineyad said, “As far as with the cosmic who will fill this world with justice the various aggressive European gov- and peace”. ernments, and the Great Satan (the cycles, and implant His speech astonished many of his United States) are concerned, it is per- listeners. Once back in Iran, this is missible to hurt the divine prophets, them throughout what he told his supporters: “One of yet it is a crime to question the myth of the planet my counsellors came up to me and said that as soon as I started to say in the Holocaust, and how the false regime that occupies Palestine come the name of Allah, the compassionate into being”. Once again, the religious The extraordinary changes that we and merciful, he saw a light around question, with its focus on Jerusalem, are experiencing in our monetary sys- me, and I was in the midst of this aura. constituted the focus of the tension as tem and our beliefs, prophesied by the I myself felt it. I felt that the atmos- a whole. The Moslems do not want to Mayas, could be seen as a result of the impact of the energy emissions reach- phere suddenly changed, and for those renounce their part in Jerusalem and ing us from our sun and the different 27 or 28 minutes, the world leaders for that reason they feel the attacks on reaches of the Galaxy according to the did not even blink... And they were the Palestinians in their own flesh. reports from astronomical observato- absorbed. It was as though a hand Many Christian fundamentalists ries. This is in effect what the Christian were holding them there and held believe that Maitreya-Sananda, the tradition calls the Apocalypse, a open their eyes to receive the message Messianic figure Buddhism and the change of skin, coming to the end of of the Islamic republic”. New Age, is the Antichrist. The sup- the latter days but not the end of time. These words were reported in an posed revelations of the Virgin, in The magnitude of the changes we shall article written by Daniel Pipes, one of Nowra, Australia, in 1982, make refer- be facing cause not a few of us wonder the most influential Zionists in the ence to this: “I give a warning to all the whether contact with other galactic Bush Administration. It was Pipes children of the Earth. Take care civilizations could be the best way to himself who spread the rumour that because there will come one to go through with this process. Ahmadineyad belonged to a secret deceive Mankind, and his reign will All the religious and belief systems of planet Earth, from the Hindus to the society named “Hojjatieh”. It was bring great unhappiness and destruc- Hopi Indians, the Mayas and the founded in 1953 by the Shah of Persia tion to the Earth. He is the Antichrist, Aymaras and, of course, organized reli- with the aim of eradicating the Bahai the Lord Maitreya. Do not follow him, gions, all announce that something will Faith, which threatened Islam with its my children, he is the iniquitous happen (is happening) relating to a integrating and pacifist spirit. For mocker, the Ancient Serpent, who will change of consciousness.• Pipes, Ahmadineyad is apparently try- rule the world with one government Hugo Chavez and Mohammed Ahmadineyad, world leaders taking up positions, speak out against Zionism.
  • 24. N O M O R E S T A T E S E C R E T S CHECK MATE EL JAQUE MATE Despite widespread corruption from the elite, that this publication helps to unravel, we can change the situation Aquarian World Alternative (AWA): a solution to the Planet in 13 steps Today, more than ever, the solutions to the problems of the planet, will have to come from the unity of all beings who live there. This is the motive for this proposal for development called The Aquarian World Alternative. It is based on a political movement which simultaneously, in all countries of the planet, promotes the same ideals and identifies with the same symbol. This movement could well be called "Another world is possible", in reference to this well known movement and its successful slogan. There are multiple reasons why this No religious conflict could arise once movement has to be born simultane- The Aquarian World Alternative is ously in all countries, the more the adopted. merrier. On the one hand, as noted 9 – There shall be widespread above, the solutions to the problems development and implementation of faced by each country (energy, water, renewable energies, with special food, finance, environment) can not be mention for the free energy projects addressed independently. Countries all such as those supported by the ove the World are, for better or worse, research and teachings of Nikola Tesla. beset with similar problems. What The censorship of all existing means mustn’t continue is fighting amongst of energy production shall be lifted ourselves, different countries, because so as to allow for non-polluting, of dwindling resources. On the other autonomous and diverse electric hand, the European Union’s demon- generation. stration of forceful unity, that human 10 – Urban planning around the beings from different countries and world should evolve with a pro- cultures have come to agreements to gressive return to nature, endorsed share and progress together, has had a by revolutionary new means of tremendously positive impact for hope transport such as the “Skytran” sys- among the citizenry. This tends to tem, for linking the technologically get more countries to jump onto the advanced and sustainable communi- wagon, because success in one country ties to be created. will have an impact on another. Hope 11 – Nature shall be deemed as then resprouts in the faces of all on earth and this alone will lead to prob- Rafael Palacios: "heritage of all humanity" and not merely a few enclaves as in the past. lem solving. Each country’s particular prob- “AWA should be Remaining problems with water and resources, shall be dealt by treaties lems should be left aside whilst a the centrepiece within the framework of local biore- series of common issues, already well gions, tackled by the whole of addressed in various countries and amongst proposals mankind. social and spiritual communities, are 12 – Differences between customs to become a basis of this proposal. In before World and behaviour between men and this way, all should naturally INTE- GRATE into one common and com- Social Forums” The first point of AWA proposes declaring peace unilaterally in the Planet. women and between different cul- tures shall be respected and consid- prehensive policy. ered as the planet’s most valuable to tolerate for centuries, will all come ETHICS. A single global currency harmonizing them with the rhythm of Herein this proposal, termed the resource in and of itself. In turn, the out in the wash. The Court of the would be created that would allow the cosmos, Time will cease to be con- Aquarian World Alternative, (AWA, free will of each human being and the Hague would lead a global investiga- for an easy and cheap exchange sidered as money and will become Art. in acronyms, the way the newspapers intrinsic value of each individual shall tion into the role of secret societies in medium for any and all national cur- 6 – The power all Human Beings like it), that should be centrepiece be respected. Special importance will world politics. rencies and tend to equalize living have over their own minds will be amongst proposals to the World Social be given to indigenous cultures, 3 – The monetary system would conditions for all. restored to them for self-healing and Forums. knowledge of which will be dissemi- return to the gold standard-as a 4 – The arts, culture, media and integration of all disciplines related to 1 – Declare Peace unilaterally on nated among the new media. first step towards the implementa- education shall be reaimed at rais- harmonic vibration, both traditional the planet, proclaiming humanity (in 13 – Through this solemn declara- tion of a Global Economic Security ing consciousness. Therefore, educa- (Chinese, Ayurvedic, chamanic), as lowercase) as a priority amongst all tion, the people of Planet Earth and Recuperation Act (GESARA). tors and journalists should reorientate well as modern (based on electromedi- beings and brotherhood between all shall be allowed to make contact This Act would amend the economic their work towards this lofty goal. The cines) as well as today’s so called “offi- humans. At the same time, borders with peaceful civilizations of other model of the planet, the tax on individ- media and public schools shall amend cial” medicine. Health care for all between countries would be lifted and galaxies. Censorship of the UFO ual’s incomes, and above all, put back their programs to accommodate this human beings on Earth shall be acces- the need for passports nullified. As phenomenon shall be lifted and the power of issuance of debtfree cur- precept. These new media broadcast sible and inexpensive for all. It shall be utopian as this may seem, this solemn replaced by the "decade of contact". rency into the hands of each country’s over the Internet thanks to awaiting expressly forbidden for pharmaceuti- Declaration would clearly reveal those ( (www. representative governments. Abusive technologies such as the proposed cal companies to interfere in public who do not want peace and at the same taxes and usury or debt-slavery would satellite systems ROSAE-MIRIAH. health. time lead to the emergence of a new Apart from the aforementioned, be eliminated. Up till now bankers The systems inventor, the aero- 7 – Free software shall be distrib- political subject: Humanity, (this time each country will undertake its own deduct their “cultural” and other space engineer Bill Grisham, wish- uted globally as a basis for the yes, capitalized). necessary steps in local politics. “social” activities from their tax bur- es to donate his discovery to all spread of Internet access for all 2 – This would lead to the creation The Aquarian World Alternative den. Banking would have to become humanity. ( and humanity. This will enable the exten- of a constituent of the United ETHICAL, in each sovereign state, ). sion of knowledge to individuals of all only intends to serve as a general Nations or an organization to replace returning the power of issuing curren- 5 – Planetary Human Beings shall countries and the equalization of framework for the world's future that it entirely. Citizens would elect cy to public financial institutions. be harmonized with galactic cycles opportunities. is already present.• DIRECTLY their representatives in Income tax will be abolished, along by the adoption of a unified calen- 8 – The world’s religions should this global governing body, including with usury, in this way preventing dar for the entire planet, of a lunar accept the existence of one God, Rafael Palacios the General Secretary. In this shake up bankers from writing off their taxes base, such as the Mayan 13 moon cal- expressed in many different ways Author and responsible all the contubernians and degenerates endar. By unifying their calendars and and work towards their integration. of this publication running the show, whom we have had against cultural acts. Banking must = Management, research and writing Translation to english Rafael Palacios David Sutcliffe Editing, design and graphics English layout version atari-P wabbbla Made in Iberia - Al Andalus - Sefarad. Free copy. Circulation of spanish edition: 175,000 copies. Nov. 2009. This publication saw the light thanks to individuals, not corporations or states; our thanks to them all. If you've finished reading THIS IS IT! then PASS IT ON! Humanity needs to have this information. Legal Deposit: GI-535-2009