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Great Investment Property In Panama

Great Investment Property In Panama

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  • 1. Property Description: Immerse yourself in clear emerald waters. Sink your toes in pristine white sands. Watch from your own private pool as the waves slap the sun-drenched beaches. Reconnect with the pace of days gone by. Fall in love with the best place on earth to surf, watch birds, snorkel, watch whales, and loaf in your hammock. Costa Pedasi lets you do all that in the luxury of your own custom beachfront house, 3 hours from the U.S., on a budget you can afford, and on a property whose value will increase dramatically in years to come. Live the rest of your life like a dream. Or rent your new property to someone who wants to do so. Unit Sizes: Iguana Model: 1,937 ft2 (180 m2) - Ceiling height: 12 feet (3.65 meters). Tucan Model: 2,766 ft2 (257 m2) - Ceiling height: 12 feet (3.65 meters). Dolphin Model: 3,089 ft2 (287 m2) - Ceiling height: 12 feet (3.65 meters). Whale Model: 4,327 ft2 (402 m2) - Ceiling height: 12 feet (3.65 meters). Location: Costa Pedasi is approximately 3 and half hours from Panama City by car. It is a beautiful drive over very good roads. Air Panama offers commercial flights between Panama City and Pedasi. Pedasi airport is located less than 5 minutes drive from Costa Pedasi.
  • 2. Homes: In our 235 acre development, you may choose a state-of-the-art home from one of our 3 model designs. Our architect firm, Mallol & Mallol, has created a colonial, open and airy design that maximizes breathtaking ocean views as well as top-of-the-line features and amenities, including a private pool, private car garage, multiple restrooms and first class materials in each model. At the same time, our models provide natural flow and functional living environments. Alternatively, if you prefer, you may let your imagination go and design the customized home of your dreams. Intended Star Rating: 5 Star Maintenance Fee: $100 per lot per month irrespective of lot and home size Developer: Costa Pedasi Arquitect: MALLOL & MALLOL We have engaged Panama’s leading architectural firm, Mallol & Mallol, to design our model homes and master plan. As a firm that has designed over 100 major real estate projects around Panama, from concept to execution, Mallol & Mallol ranks among the top 50 architectural firms worldwide. Our architects have developed a specialty in multi-unit residential projects and have completed over a dozen such endeavors in Panama in recent years alone with an emphasis on natural and sustainable landscape design, working with Mallol & Mallol will ensure that we provide you and your family the highest living standards available. Construction Begins: Infrastructure construction commenced December 2008 Construction Completion Date: Each home will take 1 year to complete from the time the owner initiates construction. Real Estate Taxes: In Panama all properties completed before December 31, 2011 will qualify for 20 years of property tax exception.
  • 3. Community Features & Social Areas: Our gated community with 24 hours security services and management on site includes the following amenities: • Beach club • Community swimming pool • Tennis, basketball and volleyball courts • Children’s playground • Parks • Horse stables • Walking trails • Yoga Room Extras: FISHING: Panama is recognized, as one of the top deep sea-fishing destinations in the Americas and Pedasi is one of the top deep sea fishing destinations within Panama. The Azuero Peninsula is often referred to as the Tuna Coast for its abundance of yellow fin tuna. Other common types of fish that can found in Pedasi include the Wahoo, Snapper, Grouper, Dorado, Mackerel, Amberjack and many others. SURFING: The Pedasi area offers world-class surfing and is rapidly becoming a surfing tourist destination. "Costa Pedasi" extends over 2km of beach, which includes two breaks - Lagarto Point and Playa El Toro. Other top surfing spots include Playa Raya, Playa Venao, Playa Destiladeros and Playa Madrono. DIVING: Pedasi area offers top scuba diving and snorkeling destinations. Divers can find it all here wrecks, seamounts and coral reefs. Whale sharks can be seen year round. WHALE WATCHING: Is done from July to September when the Humpback whales migrate from South America to the warmer waters of the tropics. During the migration season whales are often seen from the shore of "Costa Pedasi”. Further out to sea during the months of January to April pods of Orcas are sometimes seen. TURTLE WATCHING: Sea turtles are in the Pedasi area year round and very common during the months of September to October when they arrive in large numbers to lay their eggs at Isla Cañas. ISLA IGUANA: Minutes away by boat from Costa Pedasi, this island provides visitors a veritable natural wonderland. Amidst 35 acres of coral reefs, 13 coral species and an astounding 200 species of fish, Isla Iguana offers the best snorkeling in the country and outstanding diving opportunities. This island features humpback whales in its waters, giant iguanas and the yearly nesting site of the 4-foot Carey sea turtle. Birders can enjoy the region’s largest colony of magnificent frigate birds with their puffed red chests, without traveling to the more distant Galapagos Islands. CARNAVAL: The Azuero Peninsula is where much Panamanian folklore tradition originated and the Peninsula is known for its many festivals, the most famous being Carnivals. The Carnival of the City of Las Tablas and Pedasi, has become the most famous in the country and a true spectacle of beauty and extravaganza of national and international fame.
  • 4. The Surrounding Areas: “Costa Pedasi” resides in the most attractive region of Panama–the Azueros Peninsula. Visitors frequently liken this region to the picturesque Tuscany, Italy and the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. Large stretches of rolling hills meet vast expanses of soft sandy beaches, at the foot of warm soothing waters. Friendly, welcoming locals, hardly tarnished by modernity, provide their forthcoming assistance as you find your way to your blue-green oceanic destination or the local mini-market. Yet the Azueros Peninsula also provides extensive first rate infrastructure: Contemporary roads, landline and cellular communications, robust electricity, drinkable tap water, up-to-date health centers, modern hospitals, and commercial activity create an ideal combination of tranquility and convenience.
  • 5. Master Plan
  • 6. Beach Club
  • 7. Gate
  • 8. Home Models & Floor plans The Iguana Model Total area: 1,937 ft2 (180 m2)
  • 9. The Iguana model has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The master bedroom has a direct exit to the backyard, which is facing the ocean. Open spaces and multiple exits are the characteristics for this model. • Direct ocean views from the living room, dining room and master bedroom • Open Kitchen • Master bedroom with its own bathroom The Iguana Floor Plan
  • 10. The Tucan Model Total area: 2,766 ft2 (257 m2)
  • 11. This comfortable model allows brilliant ocean views for most areas of the house. The Tucan’s master bedroom, living and dining rooms spill into the wide deck surrounding an open-air pool, facing the beach. • This comfortable model allows brilliant ocean views for most areas of the house • The Tucan’s master bedroom, living and dining rooms spill into the wide deck surrounding an open-air pool, facing the beach • Direct ocean views from the living room, dining room, master bedroom and pool • Two bedrooms, each with its own full bathroom • Open kitchen • Open one car garage with a rooftop • Pool The Tucan Floor Plan
  • 12. The Dolphin Model Total area: 3,089 ft2 (287 m2)
  • 13. This model’s roomy design confers sensational ocean views on most areas of the house. The Dolphin’s master bedroom, living and dining rooms spill into the deck surrounding an open-air pool. The villa’s floor plan separates its private space – encompassing two bedrooms with private restrooms – from its public areas. • Direct ocean views from the living room, dining room and master bedroom • Two bedrooms, each with its own full bathroom • Live-in housekeeper’s suite, including a bathroom • Guests’ bathroom • Open kitchen • Enclosed one car garage • Pool The Dolphin Floor Plan
  • 14. The Whale Model Total area: 4,327 ft2 (402 m2)
  • 15. The Whale’s grand foyer entrance hall faces an open pool deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In the middle of the villa the magnificent pool separates the model’s private area and its public areas. This creative design effectively incorporates the open-air pool into the rest of the house, making it the luxurious villa’s central room. • Grand foyer entrance hall and lobby • Direct ocean views from the living room, dining room and master bedroom • Three bedrooms, each with its own full bathroom • Family room • Live-in housekeeper’s suite • Open kitchen • Enclosed two car garage • Pool The Whale Floor Plan
  • 16. Views of the Area
  • 17. Construction Photos
  • 18. info@cpanama Canada & U.S.A.: 1 (888) 272-6261 Panama Head Office: (507) 223-6197