Benefits Of Software Maintenance


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Benefits Of Software Maintenance

  1. 1. The Benefits Of Software Maintenance Plans
  2. 2. Maintenance and Support Goals of Webscape School District  In compliance with NCLB effective maintenance and support will be in place to address all problems in the school.  Improved development of skills for basic computer hardware, software and Internet use.  Ensure that the technology budget is sufficient to acquire and maintain hardware and software and support educational development for students.
  3. 3. Ensuring Effective Maintenance at Webscape Middle School Planning for technology maintenance at Webscape Middle School use is driven by the systems and applications that enable administration , staff and students to support the school in achieving instructional goals efficiently and cost effectively. The school is functioning with upgraded equipment, technology software resources, and maintenance served by technology.
  4. 4. Hardware, Technology Maintenance and Support  Resources and processes in place to maintain school technology and support.  Characteristics of the technology staff (quot;They must be able to focus on their roles full time, must have an understanding of the educational processquot;)  Must be proactive working on scheduled maintenance, focusing on preventing rather that fixing.
  5. 5. Ensuring Effective Maintenance at Webscape Middle School Creating a Help Desk with an appropriate schedule. The district will require regularly-budgeted operations funding for at least the following maintenance items:  Hardware replacement on a 5-year cycle  Consumable budget at the school  Budget for the technology support program for repairs and upgrade parts.  Maintenance contracts for infrastructure. This budget should take into account the eventual disappearance of e-rate funding  District-wide software licenses as well as individual school budgets for software.
  6. 6. WEBSCAPE MIDDLE SCHOOL Approved Maintenance Budgeted Amounts 2009-2010 Technology Computer Services $5,000 Equipment $ 8,000 Software Maintenance $3,000 Installation Labor $7,000 Equipment Repair $6,000 Data Services $5,757 Data Repair $1,000 Wiring $6,500 Norton Antivirus $4,500 Technology Software $10,000 Maintenance for Internal Connections $2,500 Cell Service $8,000 Network Maintenance $2,000 $69,257 Total Budget
  7. 7. Budget Information 2009-2010 School Year This budget reflects the basic service of maintenance, telephone connections and upgrading of the routers in each location. In addition, part-time tech support, new laptops, workstations, printers and instructional boards were purchased for all the schools in the district. These funds will be acquired from several grants awarded by the district, state unrestricted revenue, and local funds approved by the board. The technology budget is sufficient to acquire and maintain hardware and software and support professional development.
  8. 8. Repairs/Maintenance The district provides for the timely repair and maintenance of all equipment.  Trained staff within the district will be responsible for the maintenance of most of the district's equipment. These identified staff members will receive at the district's expense, adequate training.  Outside contracts are maintained for specialized equipment or major repairs.  Staff at the school is/will be trained on the fundamentals of preventative maintenance.  A preventative maintenance schedule is conducted by technicians.
  9. 9. Repairs/Maintenance Cont’d  Effective measures will be put in place to ensure that recurring maintenance will not be done before the allotted time frame outlined in the technology plan.  Ongoing inspections will be done to identify problems and perform effective maintenance through out the building.  Identify, select, and maintain hardware and software technology resources specially designed for use by 6-8 students to meet specific teaching and learning objectives.