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  • 1. Why not mountain bikes?
  • 2. Brecksville Reservation…
  • 3. …just South of the stables on Meadows Dr.
  • 4. The trail is nice, but a little soft in places.
  • 5. Looking back at one point, the trail was pretty solid.
  • 6. Green dots indicate route. Trail marker is visible on the tree.
  • 7. A little farther along, though, it gets pretty soft…
  • 8. …and people alter the route to avoid the mud.
  • 9. I had to step back a bit to take in the entire expanse of the trail.
  • 10. The yellow markers in the picture show the width… look far right
  • 11. This is a tough spot to build a trail on… water runoff cuts right across.
  • 12. It just doesn’t drain well. It is quite flat.
  • 13. For reference, note this piece of wood…
  • 14. This section really could use some reinforcement, or a seasonal closure.
  • 15. There were several other instances of ground too soft to support a horse.
  • 16. This sign seemed ironic considering the conditions of the man-made trail in the area.
  • 17. Farther along there is a big hill down into the valley.
  • 18. …pretty good use of a double switchback.
  • 19. Past the second switchback it finds another bad spot.
  • 20. Looking back you can see how steep the grade is.
  • 21. This may not be the best place to build a horse trail.
  • 22. Further down the hill is another tough spot.
  • 23. Again, the trail widening is uncontrolled as people avoid the mud.
  • 24. More tough spots with mud.