Technology of the thirties
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Technology of the thirties






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    Technology of the thirties Technology of the thirties Presentation Transcript

    • Technology of the thirties
      Harley campbell
    • Tech to entertain
      In the 1930’s there where several technologies that came to be for entertainment. Look at your Ipod or MP3 player. That little bit of technology you so dearly love wouldn’t be around had the Radio not been invented. The other two are things we all take for granted, and are tied together in a way.
    • Tech to entertainRadio
      The idea of a radio was already circling in the 18hundreds, and very early versions where already around. However, it wasn’t till 1933 that the Frequency Modulation (FM) was put into them by Edwin Armstrong. FM had a wider frequency then AM, making it possible to hold more channels and less static. In truth, it had been made in the 20s, but wasn’t accepted, nor working till 1933.
      Because RCA, the company that had most of his silence, rejected FM, because they had recently stocked in AM. This didn’t make Armstrong give up, as he just went to the FCC to get his FM on TV at around 50hrz.
    • Tech to entertainTV
      On August, 1936, Britain had started testing its HDTV. The Baird system ((240 mechanical) and an electronic Marconi-EMI 405 line w systems where implemented. However, by 1938, the baird system was removed. In 1938, France followed Britain with their own 441 lines, which was also used by a lot of other countries.
    • Sticky!!!!
      In 1933, Scotch tape was released for sale. Scotch tape was the first of Pressure sensitive tape. Other then sticking things together, they served little purpose, that is, till the 1950’s, where some scientist found how to use this tape as X-rays, but that’s another 2 decades away.
    • Radar!
      Robert Watson-watt invented the RDF radar in 1938. It used Electromagnetic waves to understand the speed and place of an object. Even coming with the equation of
    • Mobile advances
      When it comes to moving in the 1930’s, your mail was able to get across the ocean a lot faster. Though Air mail has been around for several decades, it wasn’t till 1930 that we were allowed to use it to send mail over the atlantic ocean
      A certain little car, A Volkswagen beetle was produced In the 1938. It was a car made in Germany, desired to have a streamline effect. The main goal of making this car was so everyone could afford a vehicle. Because of the design, it would be later sued by Tatra but the law suit never fully carried out.
    • Jet engine.
      Dr. Hans von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle had coinvented the jet engine in 1939. They had worked separately, no knowing about the other’s work. During this time, the turbojet was invented, and is claimed that Ohain is the inventor. However, it as Whittle that got the patiant for a turbo jet first. Yet, despite that, Ohaingot a patiant for his own later, and his was the first to actually fly.
    • helicoptor
      1930: a hinged and flapping rotorbalde that gives helicopters more lift as invented by a Spanish inventor
      An inventor of France made the Gyroplane. It is a helicopter with a fuselage, two large rotors spinning different directions to keep it balanced.
      Heinrich Foke made the first practical helicoptor, one that was easy and safe to pilot, go 150 miles.
      Autogiro was a helicoptor that was not like others. It’s top rotor lifted it, rather then thrust of power the machine. It does not hover or fly straight, but is much like an airplane.However, if the engine stops working, the rotars will take action and land it like a helicoptor.
    • Frozen foods
      In 1930, spring field Massachusetts, frozen foods began to appear. The next time you eat an ice cream, or frozen yogurt, or even freeze some raw meat, it’s because of a person named Clarence Birdseye, who used an electric fan, lots of brine, and a bunch of ice to make a basic fridge.  
    • Astronomy
      In 1930. Pluto was discovered by Clide Tombaugh.  In 1938, Seth Barnes Nicholson had discovered the 10th and 11th satellites of JupiterBecause of long distance radio, Astrologists found it easier to see the effects the solar had on the ionosphereIn 1932, an international network was created to observe the sun constantly
    • Medical
      Before 1935 there had been a certain viral disease given to someone by a mosquito. It had killed thousands in America, seeming to appear in Philadelphia first. Yellow Fever. But, in 1937, a Rockefeller Scientist had created a vaccine called 17DIn 1935 John Gibben created the first successful heart-lung machine, and had used it on a  cat. This machine takes over the respitory and cardiac functions