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  • 1. Fall Break 2009: Paris & Rome
  • 2. August Agenda
    Payment Issues
    Passport Issues
    Packing Issues
    $Spending Money$
    Phone Chain
  • 3. Payment Issues
    Are you “on-track” and current with your scheduled payments?
    See me after this if you are not sure
    Final Auto-Pay is 9/1
    EF Customer Service 1-800-665-5364
  • 4. Passport Issues
    Check to make sure it is not going to be within 6 months of expiration date while we are away.
    Copy the “picture” page of your passport for me and make one for yourself.
  • 5. Packing Issues
    “Death-By-Suitcase” is not a pretty sight. Please know that YOU AND ONLY YOU are 100% responsible for every single movement of your suitcase.
    Small suitcases are your friend!!
    3-1-1 Rule for Carry-Ons
    Additional information can be found at http://www.tsa.gov/
  • 6. Spending Money
    EF recommend $40-60 per day (lunch/sodas/souvenirs)
    ATM (check with your bank for fees)
    EF Travel Card (pre-paid/re-loadable Visa)
    We can exchange a small amount of cash for Euros at airport.
    CALL banks & credit card companies so they can “flag” your account.
    Have a copy of card to leave with parents at home.
    Make sure you have the Customer Service Phone #s with you just in case.
  • 7. EUROS
    Current rate of exchange:
    $1.43 = 1 EU
  • 8. Optional
    A day trip to Pompeii (on Roman Free Day)
    Paris at Night – 25 EU
    Rome at Night - ?
  • 9. Paris at Night
  • 10. Phone
    EF does have international “eKit pre-paid phone cards.”
    Telephoning can sometimes be difficult timewise.
    If you are taking a cell phone double check to make sure you can call International (YOU are responsible for your phone).
    Students will call when the opportunity is available. 
  • 11. Tips
    I will be collecting our “tip” money from each participant for Tour Director & Bus Driver Tips.
    I’ll get that from you at the last meeting in October.
    Tour Director @ $7 per day = $49 (7 days)
    Miscellaneous Local Guides & Drivers = $10 +/-
    Approximately $59.00 +/-
  • 12. Airport
    We will travel by charter buses to and from the Atlanta Airport.
    Individual price for bus $40.00 (need by Sept. 4)
    Flying Delta – Air France
    One plane over – two planes back
  • 13. Phone Chain
    Phone numbers to be provided this evening on the form I have passed out for our at home state-side “phone chain” – delays or other pertinent travel issues can be relayed to all travelers’ families by activation of chain from overseas.
  • 14. Next Meeting
    September Meeting – 9/17
    October Meeting – 10/1