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  • 1. T reatment Amy Wright
  • 2. S ynopsis
    • We are going to plan and create a short story
    • based on a girl who describes life with her best
    • friend, at the end of the film it becomes apparent
    • that the ‘best friend’ is infact a plant.
    • “ A girl is keeping a secret from her friends about
    • her new ‘best friend’. They are shocked when they
    • discover that the friend is a plant”.
  • 3. T arget audience
    • The short film will mainly be aimed at
    • internet uses from older teenagers to adults
    • as it has a wide target audience. The film
    • will be advertised using ancillary products
    • such as magazine/newspaper reviews and
    • posters. The purpose of this short film is to
    • entertain the audience.
  • 4. P lot Summary
    • The plot will be based around a girl who attends college and finds a
    • new 'friend' her other friends are desperate to find out who this 'friend' is,
    • and are even more intrigued when the girl describes some fun times
    • she has had, including shopping and walks in the woods. The girl wont
    • tell so her friends decide to follow her home to solve this mystery.
    • When inside the house it becomes apparent to both the girl's friends
    • and the audience that this 'friend' is infact a plant. Obvious props will
    • include a plant to be shown at the end. Other props include a shopping
    • trolley, when the girl is shopping, and a bag when she is out walking in
    • the woods. Characters will use actors from the drama department to
    • make sure the acting is suitable. There will be no specific costumes
    • other than casual clothes ie. jeans and t-shirts.
  • 5. S tyle Notes
    • The first shot of the outside of college will be
    • used as an establishing shot to show the audience
    • the settings. The girl will walk past the camera into
    • the building which will make the shot a long shot.
    • Conversations such as the ones between the girl
    • and her friends will use a lot of shot reverse shot
    • and medium close ups to allow the audience to
    • see emotions and expressions.
  • 6. R ecce
    • We will need to consider health and safety
    • throughout the making of our film. We will
    • need to know where the fire exits are in all
    • the locations we shoot at- ie college,
    • supermarket. We will need to make sure we
    • have permission to film in the supermarket.
  • 7. S toryboard Considerations
    • We have constructed story boards with
    • details including the narrative, and camera
    • shots. We will produce a script to detail the
    • dialogue and whether the scenes are
    • external or internal. The script will also cover
    • details such as props, costume, weather and
    • settings.