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VoIP, IP Telephony, Telephone Services
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VoIP, IP Telephony, Telephone Services


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An Overview of the design, features and capabilities of TDS ManagedIP.

An Overview of the design, features and capabilities of TDS ManagedIP.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Network Design TDS delivers dedicated bandwidth between robust, secure servers and your office. It is a direct data line managed by TDS with voice service always getting the highest priority. Dynamic Allocation of bandwidth enables businesses to economically and efficiently use the same Internet pipe for both voice and data. With ManagedIP, users experience superior flexibility, reliability, and management functions, along with a low cost of ownership. Contact: Jeff Holesinger 847-968-5814
  • 2. Economical Get the most advanced phone systems, voice service, and data technology with no up-front capital costs. Never worry about ManagedIP -One Network. One equipment obsolescence and only Source. One Bill pay for what you need today and tomorrow. With ManagedIP, your voice and data are combined into a single efficient network maintained by TDS. A High-Speed dedicated Productivity Internet connection is seamlessly integrated Never miss a business opportunity! from your business to TDS, engineered for With managedIP call routing, your voice quality and productivity enhancing customers will never get a busy features. signal, improving productivity and revenue growth by having all calls Gain mobility, call control, and call come through. management by giving your customers and clients one phone number. You determine when, where, and by what device they reach Single Provider you. With one provider and one bill, managing your voice, data, and equipment services will be Dynamic allocation —take full advantage simplified, allowing you to focus on of your service and get burstable data speeds your core business. when voice traffic decreases. • Flexible —choose from various service Flexible packages to meet the needs of your The user friendly administration business—Convenience, Office, and gives you the capability for Premium. complete real time control over employee moves and • Hosted service —eliminate technology changes, saving time and obsolescence and increase reliability with increasing flexibility. TDS maintaining your service. Convenient • Accessible —change and update your Use a single number for multiple features and functionality via the voice devices, giving you control of portal, web portal, or the Assistant Toolbar. how, when, and where calls are received. No matter where your • Business continuity —call routing staff is, get business done and takes place at the TDS Data Center ensuring meet customer expectations. calls will not be blocked if network connectivity is compromised.
  • 3. ManagedIP Call Management Manage incoming and outgoing calls quickly and efficiently. Between voice mail, cell phones and e-mails, people are hit with hundreds of messages a day. With ManagedIP, your receptionist and employees can manage the messages quickly and efficiently and achieve the results your business needs to succeed! Call Management Features with ManagedIP: • Call Attendant—provides your callers a menu of options for quick access to a department or person they need to reach. • Dial by Name Directories—give your callers direct access to employees freeing up the receptionist to do other tasks. • Custom greetings—play specific messages during business hours and non- business hours. Just program messages once and they will automatically play everyday when people call your business. • Voice Messaging—get calls under control with a single voice mail box for all your phones. You determine how messages are deposited, stored, retrieved, and how you get notified. • Personal Greetings—each user can set their own greetings. Save specific greetings in a wav file and simply click on it and it will be changed. • Music on Hold—play music or specific messages for your callers when they are on hold. • Zero Out Option—give your callers the option to zero out to whomever you want to answer your calls in your absence. • Aliases/Auto Login—program your voice mail to recognize it‟s you calling in from your cell phone, home office, or any other number so you can retrieve your messages without entering a password. Hosted services offer customers the “With the old system, I worried that ability to deploy in any a customer could think, „If increments, so as new locations are communication is this poor, what brought into a company and are does that say about their ready to migrate, they can be added business?‟ TDS has given us the easily. It‟s generally faster and best possible solution to make easier to use hosted services to add certain we are handling our new locations to the customer calls efficiently and network, especially when integrating effectively.” voice and data networks. Kathy Jowett, Operations Manager “ Hosted Versus Premises IP-Telephony,” Window Design Center Business Communications Review
  • 4. ManagedIP Call Control With ManagedIP, you decide who, when, where, and how your customers or clients reach you. You no longer need to share all your numbers, just program your office number to ring your cell phone, home office phone, or any other device. A single number puts you in total control of your business! Call Control Features with ManagedIP: • Simultaneous Ring—allows all calls placed to your office phone to ring multiple phones at the same time. Give out only one number and manage only one voice mail box. • Sequential Ring—define a “find me” list of phone numbers that alerts you of incoming calls sequentially based on phone number, time of day, and day of week. • Call Forwarding Selective—redirect selected callers to your mobile phone or another destination that match certain criteria. • Selective Call Rejection—block certain incoming calls that meet specific criteria and the caller will receive a message that you are not accepting calls. • Time Schedules—set your calls to route a certain way during a specific time of day. Calls automatically go to voice mail during your weekly staff meeting and resume status when the meeting ends. • Remote Office—use your home phone, cell phone, or even a hotel phone as your business phone. You can make calls and have them billed to your business. Incoming calls to your business will ring the remote phone. • CommPilot Express—use this powerful feature to configure four unique profiles that allow you to set when, where, and how you want to receive calls when you are: • In Office • Out of Office • Busy • Unavailable “Using TDS‟ managedIP system has allowed us to run our business without interruption. I now spend the majority of Small and medium segments prefer to my time working with our current clients purchase data and voice from the same and engaging potential clients instead of vendor firefighting and problem-solving.” Yankee Group Study Wayne Harris, President/Partner October 2007 Glowac+Harris+Madison
  • 5. ManagedIP Mobility Stay connected as if you are in the office with ManagedIP and get mobility features that can take your business and staff to the next level. Give your employees the ability to control when, where, and how callers reach them. Mobility Features with ManagedIP: • Simultaneous Ring—allows all calls placed to your office phone to ring multiple phones at the same time. Give out only one number and manage only one voice mail box . • Call Notify—program your phone to alert you when a specific person has called your office or left you a voice message. Receive a text message on your cell phone or BlackBerry with time and day the call came in. • Voice Messaging Notify—integrate your office voice mail with your e-mail and receive notification of a message on your cell phone or BlackBerry. • Call Forwarding Selective—define specific criteria to route certain calls to your mobile phone or another destination so you don‟t miss out on that opportunity! Criteria are based on telephone number, time of day, and day of week. • Remote Office—use your home phone, cell phone, or even a hotel phone as your business phone. Make calls and still have them billed to your office. Receive calls as if you were in the office. Your contacts never know you are out of the office unless you tell them. Small-to-medium-sized businesses “One of the things we like most about strongly believe IP telephony will TDS‟ ManagedIP system is that we rarely offer a more robust set of features have to think about it. Basically, it‟s all than traditional telephony. In plug-and-play for us. We‟re a very mobile particular, IP telephony will enable office, and this system allows each or our better service delivery to remote employees to designate how they want to workers and improve worker receive calls when they‟re not in the productivity. office.” Yankee Group Study Keith Peterson October 2007 Purple Door Productions
  • 6. ManagedIP Productivity Get ManagedIP and simplify how business gets done with tools that not only increase employee productivity, but also generate revenue growth for your company. Productivity Features with ManagedIP: • Assistant Toolbar—make and accept calls and change phone settings from your desktop within Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. • Click to Dial—simply dial by clicking on any number in your call history log, personal contact list, group directory or an HTML web page. • Call Alert—incoming calls display a pop-up message on your desktop with caller id name and number detail. Accept or simply redirect the call to voicemail with one click. • Call History—view the last 20 calls you dialed, received, or missed from your toolbar, even customers who hung-up. With one click, return your calls quickly and easily. • Do Not Disturb—with one click on your toolbar, you can send all calls to voicemail. • Remote Office—use your home phone, cell phone, or even a hotel phone as your business phone. Make calls and still have them billed to your office. There is an increasing interest and opportunity for IP telephony “As a small business, investing in a managed services, as most phone system is a big deal for us. small-to-medium-sized With TDS’ managedIP, we now have a businesses will seek help with IP reliable system that will expand as telephony management. Small- we do. We found the pricing to be in to-medium-sized businesses that line, actually a little better, than some outsource don‟t do so purely for of the other services available. cost reasons, but primarily feel Because we didn’t incur a major too deficient in the areas of IT capital expense, we’ve been able to staff and disaster recovery invest in other areas of the agency.” preparedness to take on the task themselves. Wayne Harris, President & Partner Yankee Group Study Glowac + Harris + Madison October 2007