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  1. 1. Step to Success Brought to you by Sivagami Athiyappan Independent Distributor Tel : +91-9444414765 Email :
  2. 2. Index • Skyquestcom’s Background • Skyquestcom’s Products • Skyquestcom’s Business Opportunity • 4 Ways to Earn (To become Rich) • How to Subscribe
  3. 3. About the company Richard Tan – CEO Skyquestcom now in 58 different countries Headquartered in Singapore They have Development & Marketing Office in Bangalore India. They have learning centre in Chennai.
  4. 4. Awards • 11th Fastest company in Asia – Deloitte Award • # 1 Fastest growing IT Company in Singapore (2008) • Professional Enterprise Award (2007) • Singapore Book of records (2007) • Golden Brand Award (2006) • International Company of the Year Award (2005) • MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) Award (2003) • Phoenix Winner Award (2003) • E-Symposium Second Prize (2001) • Business Trust Award Industry Membership • Direct Selling Association of Singapore • Better Internet Bureau • Consumer Trust • SICC • MLMIA
  5. 5. Products Products to help you become successful
  6. 6. Products  Personal Development  200 Online Seminars (Corporate Learning, Family, English, etc)  Rs. 9550  Business Programming  252 Online Tutorials (OS, C, C++, Java, ASP. net, PHP, Network Security, Database, etc)  Rs. 9550  Multimedia & Design Package  Multimedia, Web Design, Graphics, Animation etc (learn from Industry professionals in Online)  Rs. 9550  Corporate Training Package 10 Days  79 Seminars (on Master Skills, Mindset etc) Money Back  Rs. 5580 Guarantee !!!  Multimedia  73 Online Courses (videos covering multimedia topics including video, audio and design)  Rs. 5580  Video Mail  Video Mail Package (Mails with Voice & Video Recording in Online)  Rs. 5580 All packages of SkyQuestcom are Yearly Subscription All the courses & Seminars are taken by Word best speakers (like Shiv Khera, Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay, Blair Singer, Andrew Mathews, Joe Girard, etc). Rs. 400 Processing & financial charges will be applied
  7. 7. Business Opportunity To change your life style
  8. 8. 4 Exciting ways to Earn Once you purchase any of these package, you will become an Independent Distributor and you will have website like Now you can start earn money by refer these products to any of your two friends, relatives, colleagues, neighborhood, etc and they have to refer two persons….). Skyquestcom products are usable by everyone (like a Student, Working Professional, Business Owner, Children, Family man, House wife, etc). Earnings 9. Direct Bonus 10. Enhanced Leverage Bonus 11. Leverage Bonus 12. Cycle Bonus (6.5% of Revenue in India to the top achievers by every month) Other Benefits  Incentives (Car, Bike, Laptop, Mobile Phone)  Domestic Picnic (Beach Resort Party)  International Tours (for Top Achievers)  Leadership Recognize (Zone Manager, Area Manager, Regional Manager, Global Manger, Universe Manager, Zone Director, Area Director, Regional Director …) You are become own boss
  9. 9. Payments Skyquestcom pay you the bonus / Commissions by every week Skyquestcom will pay by cheque or Online transfer which you preferred while subscribe You can start earnings in the same day you subscribe You are eligible to earn money once you referred 2 persons who are brought any one of these products. Bonus/Commission amount is mentioned here is for Rs.5580 products. Skyquestcom will pay you for every 2 persons joined in your team/network upto 8 persons (1st step). Next you will receive cheque for every 8 person (from 2nd step onwards) Rs. 550 Per Person - referred by you (Direct Sale) Rs. 270 Per Person - referred by your team (Indirect Sale) You will receive Rs. 2740 for every 8 persons (2 direct & 6 indirect sale) You will receive Rs. 2200 for every 8 persons (all indirect sale) By every week skyquestcom will calculate how many sales done by you - in your network (Direct & Indirect) and send you the cheque after detect the Tax.
  10. 10. Commission – First Payment First Payment Direct Sale In-Direct Sale In-Direct Sale In-Direct Sale 2 Direct Sale and 6 Indirect Sale 5:3 ratio of your Left & Right Side 5 in Left side and 3 in Right Side Or 3 in Left side and 5 in Right Side
  11. 11. Commission – Next payments Next Payments All In-Direct Sale
  12. 12. Organization Your Team / Network Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  13. 13. Payment - Received Weekly Payment Weekly Payment
  14. 14. Payment - Received Weekly Payment
  15. 15. Payment - Received Weekly Payment
  16. 16. Payment - Received Weekly Payment
  17. 17. Incentives - Car
  18. 18. International Tour
  19. 19. Leadership - Recognition
  20. 20. Earnings – Minimum effort How much you can earn if minimum effort done by you How many days do you need to join a new person in your network One Week - ? Even 2 weeks (in slow), calculate the earnings. Minimum Effort If you have referred only two persons These 2 persons are joined other 2 persons, and they joined 2 other person each…. if everything goes fine, you can earn You can earn Rs.25000 / Month at the end of 1st Year You can earn Rs.50000 / Month at the end of 2nd Year You can earn Rs.75000 / Month at the end of 3rd Year You can earn Rs.1 Lakh / Month at the end of 4th Year Think for long term !!!!! Other benefits & incentives are The above table shows a sample calculation, not included in the above table earnings are up to you and your team efforts.
  21. 21. Earnings – Some more effort If you know more than 2 persons to refer, you can earn faster How much you can earn if some more effort done by you ? As you know we can join 1 new person in 2 weeks (Minimum) Some more effort If you join 1 new person in every 2 weeks, And if all your team members also join 1 new person in every 2 weeks, How much you can earn if so, your can earn if maximum effort done by you You can earn upto Rs. 8,00,000/- per week So, please note that you have to join only serious people, who can build All you can do it by spending 5 – 6 hrs in a week your team / network properly Other benefits & incentives are The above table shows a sample calculation, not included in the above table earnings are up to you and your team efforts.
  22. 22. How to subscribe You can subscribe by click the below link in online You can make the payment by Credit Card in online. For other payment mode please contact me at +91-9444414765 or email me at Offline Subscription done at Skyquestcom office in Kilpauk, Chennai for Cash, Cheque, DD payments. – 3 business days to activate for Cheque & DD Payment Don’t make delay in subscription, you will loose your upper level place in the network. So, Start earn immediately
  23. 23. Thank You Sivagami Athiyappan Independent Distributor Tel : +91-9444414765 Email :