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  • 1. Zora Neale Hurston The Biograghy
  • 2. The Start of Zora's Life
    • Zora Neale Hurston was born on January 7, 1891.
    • 3. Zora loved going to Joe Clark's store to listen to stories.
    • 4. Zora was a bright child. Her mother always told her to “jump to the sun” and that's what exactlly she did.
  • 5. Growing Up
    • When she was 10 years old when her mother died from sickness.
    • 6. After Zora's mother died her fater married right away.
    • 7. When Zora was thirteen she moved awway from her father.
  • 8. Pre-Adult
    • After Zora left home she joined a traveling show company as a costume designer and sewer.
    • 9. It was hard at the show. All the sewing, packing, and unpacking.
  • 10. High School
    • Zora loved traveling the world, but she had to have education.
    • 11. Zora went a high school in Baltimore, and graduated successfully.
    • 12. But when she graduated she faced a problem she didn't have money so she couldn't buy any food.
  • 13. Why is Zora Hurston so Special
    • Zora Hurston wrote many short stories. Good, but not famous books.
    • 14. She also told folk stories to children.
  • 15. Something you Don't Know About Zora Huston
    • Zora was a out going child.
    • 16. She was a Indeependent teen.
    • 17. But she was a alone women. She spent her days thinking of ideas, but she was still happy.
  • 18. Ending Life
    • Zora Huston died on January 28,1960.
    • 19. Zora was never famous, but wouldn't I be talking about her right now would I.
    • 20. Alice Walker loved her books so she went out and told every body to read her stories and now Zora Neale Hurston's stories are world wide.