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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. e-Learning Workshops for Students Web 2.0 for Learning Mike Chui Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (LTTC)
  • 2. Today’s Agenda What is Web 2.0Web 2.0? How to catch the opportunitiescatch the opportunities of Web 2.0? What are the impacts on educationimpacts on education? Sharing of Web 2.0 technologies (hands-on)Web 2.0 technologies (hands-on)
  • 3. What is Web 2.0?What is Web 2.0? Not a new Internet Interactive information sharing Interoperability User-centered design and collaboration on the World Wide Web 24/7 ability to produce, communicate, collaborate, share, store, network and learn
  • 4. Prosumer + FolksonomyProsumer + Folksonomy Prosumer ProProducer + Consumersumer ProProfessional Consumersumer Folksonomy Using user-defined labelsuser-defined labels or tagstags to organize and share information Folk classificationFolk classification
  • 5. 1. Delicious1. Delicious It is a social bookmarking site Go to
  • 6. 1. Delicious (con’t)1. Delicious (con’t) Suppose you want to know more about e-e- portfoliosportfolios, so how can you make use of Delicious? How many bookmarks related to e-portfolios? How can you relate the searched bookmarks to higher educationhigher education? How many bookmarks did you get?
  • 7. 1. Delicious (con’t)1. Delicious (con’t) How can I save the bookmarks?
  • 8. 1. Delicious (con’t)1. Delicious (con’t) What are the differences between using Delicious and adding as My Favourite?
  • 9. 2. SlideShare It is an online presentation sharing space Go to Click on Signup How can I upload a PowerPoint file? How can I allow people download my presentation?  What are the benefits and drawbacks of using online presentation tool?
  • 10. 3. Really Simple Syndication (RSS)  It benefits publishers by letting the subscribers to get the syndicated content automatically  Subscribers 無需一天刷新幾十次 自己感興趣的 Web site 或 blog , 因爲它們更新的內容會通過 RSS feeds 源源不斷地輸送到你的 feeds 閱讀器中。
  • 11. 3.1 How to subscribe a RSS feed (with iGoogle) Go to You may select a theme Click on See your page button
  • 12. 3.1 How to subscribe a RSS feed (with iGoogle) You may delete some unwanted gadgets
  • 13. 3.1 How to subscribe a RSS feed (with iGoogle) Click on Add StuffAdd Stuff ( 新增小工具 )
  • 14. 3.1 How to subscribe a RSS feed (with iGoogle) Click on 新增資訊提供或小工具 Open a new Internet browser page Go to Click on RSS button Select your favourite category and copy the .xml link
  • 15. 3.1 How to subscribe a RSS feed (with iGoogle) Go back the 新增資訊提供或小工具 box Paste the copied URL: Click on 新增 button
  • 16. 4. Subscribe a blog (Using iGoogle) Click on Add StuffAdd Stuff ( 新增小工具 ) Click on 新增資訊提供或小工具 Enter Click on 新增 button
  • 17. 5. Wikispaces It facilitates collaborative writing and tracking history of editions Go to
  • 18. 5. Wikispaces (con’t) Click on Get StartedGet Started button
  • 19. 5. Wikispaces (con’t) Fill in the required fields
  • 20. 5. Wikispaces (con’t) 
  • 21. 5. Wikispaces (con’t) Click on EditEdit button to start editing the home page
  • 22. 5. Wikispaces (con’t) Click on Manage Wiki > Invite PeopleManage Wiki > Invite People to engage your friends in editing the page
  • 23. More Webapps to try  (an online diagramming application)  (an online photo editing tool)  (for brainstorming)  (for learning pronunciation of different languages)
  • 24. References    
  • 25. Thank you for your participation Q & A Workshop Evaluation