KMA Insight Webinar March 2010 - Collaboratin In Project Driven Orgs Final
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KMA Insight Webinar March 2010 - Collaboratin In Project Driven Orgs Final

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KMA and special guest William George Associates look into how SharePoint and Project Server can ignite collaboration in project-driven organizations.

KMA and special guest William George Associates look into how SharePoint and Project Server can ignite collaboration in project-driven organizations.

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  • Announcements, Links, CalendarsPM-specific: Tasks, Issues, Risks, Calendar + any sort of custom. Create metadata/custom columns in your lists for easy viewing. Use alerts to be advised of changes/updates.E-mail enabled (can serve as repository for them, too)
  • Versioning, check in/out, metadata
  • Pro/con of this vs richer EPM solution
  • Repositories of master documents, tools and templates help reinforce organizational standards and give team members easy access to most current master documents.
  • Integration with structured data stores (ERP, CRM, PSA, other project tracking DB) to marry structured and unstructured data[MG transition: SP about doing *each* project better, PS about doing *all* projects better. For more, MH from WGA…]
  • Mike described how SharePoint can help organizations who are just starting to use PM better practices. Now Project Server helps take clients to the next level.
  • What are the drivers for using Project Server now versus staying with SharePoint as a PM platform? Maturing PM processes usually drives clients to ask forMore detailed project plans using MS Project 2007Resource Management capabilitiesAutomated Task updates from resourcesBetter Reporting
  • BrightWork:PMPoint, first to market, most focused on PMBamboo Solutions: pm central, broad market acceptance of SP webparts, most focused on SPCorasWorks:
  • Tags, ratings, activities (wall), micro-blogging/status
  • Facets included by default, incl tags. More advanced enterprise search capabilities included in FAST search, now incorporated w/eCAL.
  • All SP forms now use InfoPath as default forms editor, so that analyst-level resources can create and modify rich, adaptive forms in any SP screen.
  • MM: Ability to centrally define tags in term store (along with synonyms, etc.). Ability to build relationships and hierarchies amongtags.BCS: easier integration, two-way.
  • SP/Office drops 5/12Launch event 4/29. KMA Booth and speaker (CM = IT Pro)


  • 1. SharePoint On Premise or In the Cloud?
    Microsoft SharePoint and Project ServerCollaboration in Project-Driven Organizations
    KMA Insights Webinar SeriesMarch 24, 2010
  • 2. Housekeeping Items
    Experiencing Issues?
    Change color of your seat to RED
    Questions for Speakers?
    Submit questions during webinar
    Twitter Discussion
    Webinar Feedback
    Next Steps/Moving Forward
  • 3. About the Presenters
  • 4. Agenda:
    SharePoint: When and where SharePoint can help you manage projects more efficiently
    Project Server:  When and where EPM with Project Server can help you take project management to the next level
    Best Practices for using SharePoint and Project Server together
    Other EPM options for SharePoint
    What's Coming in SharePoint 2010 and Project Server 2010
  • 5. Enterprise Project Management – A Maturity Model
    Portfolio Optimization
    Work Management
    Resource Management
    Team Collaboration
  • 6. Nailing Down PM Basics with SharePoint
    Flickr Photo: “If I Had a Hammer”
    courtesy jurek d., used with permission
    under creative commons license
  • 7. 100 Level – Lists
  • 8. 100 Level – Document Libraries
  • 9. 200 Level – Project Tasks
  • 10. 200 Level – Tools/Templates
  • 11. 200-300 Level – Business Process Automation
    Forms-based workflow for project initiation
    See for more details
  • 12. 300 Level – Line-of-Business Integration
  • 13. Taking PM to the Next Level
    Flickr Photo: “Yellow Stairs”
    Courtesy sudhamsu, used with permission
    under creative commons license
  • 14. The Next Level:“You’ll Know You’re Ready When…”
    Executives- Dashboard Views
    Microsoft Project 2007- PM’s
    Resource Managers
    Resource Management capabilities
    Team member updates via the web (PWA)
    Enhanced views and reports
  • 15. Dashboards for Executives
  • 16. Microsoft Project 2007 for PM’s
    Easier to use
    Task change highlighting
    Multi-level undo
    Start project from an enterprise template
  • 17. View Of Project 2007 Interface
  • 18. Resource Management
  • 19. Team Members use the Web (PWA)
  • 20. Enhanced Reports/View using SSRS and MOSS
  • 21. Enhanced Reports/View using SSRS and MOSS
  • 22. Enhanced Reports/View using SSRS and MOSS
  • 23. Better Together: Best Practices for Using SharePoint Server and Project Server
    Site templates:
    To provide consistent look/feel across projects
    To reinforce organizational PM standards
    Links between:
    Project Server tasks <-> SharePoint issues & risks lists
    SharePoint documents <-> Project Server tasks, risks, issues
    The power of enterprise search
    Don’t forget the PMO site!
  • 24. Other SharePoint EPM options
    Brightwork (
    first to market
    most focused on PM
    Bamboo Solutions (
    pm central
    broad provider of SP web parts
    Corasworks (
    Project Portfolio Management
    broad provider of SP tools
  • 25. What’s Coming in 2010(for Collaboration in Project-driven orgs)
    Key SharePoint Server Changes
    Metadata improvements
    LOB integration improvements
    Key Project Server Changes
    PPM/PS Integration
    Integrated Demand Management
    User Controlled Scheduling
  • 26. SharePoint 2010 -- More social
  • 27. SharePoint 2010 – More Search Capabilities
  • 28. SharePoint 2010 – InfoPath Forms Editing
  • 29. SharePoint 2010 – Other Key Improvements
    Managed metadata:
    Line-of-business integration via Business Connectivity Services (BCS)
  • 30. Project Server 2010- Portfolio and Project Management together at last!
    Top Down
    Portfolio Management
    Bottom Up Project Management
    Business Case Definition
    Portfolio Prioritization
    Project Scheduling
    Team Collaboration
    Issues and Risk
  • 31. Project Server 2010- Integrated Demand Management
    Control via Workflow
    Build Business Case
    Capture all Requests
    Work Request Workflow
    IT Project Workflow
    Business Project Workflow
    Strategic Impact Assessment
  • 32. Project Server 2010-User Controlled scheduling
    Top Down Planning
    User Controlled Scheduling
    Choose manually scheduled or automatically scheduled tasks
    Only enter task data when you have it
    Add notes to duration and date fields
    Be alerted to scheduling concerns with squiggly lines – then take action in Task Inspectors
    Manually Scheduled Tasks
    Task with End Date Only
    Scheduling Concerns
    Reminder Notes
  • 33. In Closing…
    • Resources and Next Steps
    • 34. Questions & Answers
    • 35. Webinar Feedback
    • 36. Upcoming Events & Future Topics
  • Resources and Next Steps
    Project Management Maturity Assessment
    Business Productivity Maturity Assessment
    SharePoint Deployment (and Upgrade) Planning
  • 37. Thank You!
    Contact Mike Gilronan
    Twitter: [at]mikegil
    Contact Mark Hall