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Foretrex Om En

  1. 1. owner’s manual foretre x ® 3 0 1 a n d 4 0 1 PERSONAL NAVIGATOR®
  2. 2. © 2009 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries Garmin International, Inc. Garmin (Europe) Ltd. Garmin Corporation 1200 East 151st Street, Liberty House No. 68, Jangshu 2nd Road, Olathe, Kansas 66062, USA Hounsdown Business Park, Shijr, Taipei County, Tel. (913) 397.8200 or Southampton, Hampshire, Taiwan (800) 800.1020 SO40 9LR UK Tel. 886/2.2642.9199 Fax (913) 397.8282 Tel. +44 (0) 870.8501241 Fax 886/2.2642.9099 (outside the UK) 0808 2380000 (within the UK) Fax +44 (0) 870.8501251 All rights reserved. Except as expressly and to make changes in the content without provided herein, no part of this manual may be obligation to notify any person or organization reproduced, copied, transmitted, disseminated, of such changes or improvements. Visit the downloaded or stored in any storage medium, Garmin Web site ( for for any purpose without the express prior current updates and supplemental information written consent of Garmin. Garmin hereby concerning the use and operation of this and grants permission to download a single copy other Garmin products. of this manual onto a hard drive or other Garmin®, Foretrex®, and the Garmin logo are electronic storage medium to be viewed and trademarks of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries, to print one copy of this manual or of any registered in the USA and other countries. revision hereto, provided that such electronic GSC™ 10 is a trademark of Garmin Ltd. or or printed copy of this manual must contain it’s subsidiaries. These trademarks may not the complete text of this copyright notice be used without the express permission of and provided further that any unauthorized Garmin. Windows® is a registered trademark of commercial distribution of this manual or any Microsoft Corporation in the United States and revision hereto is strictly prohibited. other countries. Mac® is a registered trademark Information in this document is subject to of Apple Computer, Inc. Other trademarks change without notice. Garmin reserves and trade names are those of their respective the right to change or improve its products owners. May 2009 Part Number 190-01068-00 Printed in Taiwan
  3. 3. Introduction Introduction Product Registration Help us better support you by See the Important Safety and completing our online registration Product Information guide in today. Go to the product box for product Keep the original sales receipt, or a warnings and other important information. photocopy, in a safe place. Manual Conventions Contact Garmin When you are instructed to “press” Contact Garmin Product Support if something, use the buttons on you have any questions while using the unit. Press to “select” your Foretrex. In the USA, go to something in a list, and then press, or contact enter. Garmin USA by phone at (913) 397.8200 or (800) 800.1020. The small arrows (>) used in the text indicate that you should select a In the UK, contact Garmin (Europe) series of items in order, for example, Ltd. by phone at 0808 2380000. “Press page > enter > select TRACKS.” In Europe, go to /support and click Contact Support for in-country support information, or contact Garmin (Europe) Ltd. by phone at +44 (0) 870.8501241. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  4. 4. Introduction Foretrex® Features Features Foretrex Foretrex 301 401 Altimeter No Yes Barometer No Yes Cadence (optional No Yes accessory required) Electronic compass No Yes Heart rate (optional No Yes accessory required) Timer Yes Yes Waterproof Yes Yes Wireless transfer No Yes Optional Accessories For a list of available accessories and maps, refer to the Garmin Web site at Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  5. 5. Introduction Table of Contents Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes ................................. 8 Introduction.......................... i Waypoints .................................. 8 Manual Conventions ....................i Editing Waypoints ...................... 8 Product Registration ....................i Hunt and Fish .......................... 10 Contact Garmin ...........................i Sun and Moon ......................... 10 Optional Accessories ..................ii Recording your Tracks............. 10 Foretrex® Features .....................ii Creating and Navigating Getting Started.................... 1 Routes....................................11 Buttons ...................................... 2 Settings ............................. 12 Installing Batteries ..................... 2 Map Menu Options .................. 12 Turning On Your Foretrex .......... 3 Compass Menu Options .......... 12 Acquiring GPS Satellite Elevation Menu Options .......... 13 Signals .................................... 3 Trip Computer Options ............ 13 Using the Backlight .................... 3 Main Menu Options ................. 13 Using the Main Pages ........ 4 Data Field Options ................... 15 Map Page .................................. 5 Timer .................................. 20 Compass Page .......................... 6 Timer Options .......................... 20 Elevation Page .......................... 7 Trip Computer ............................ 7 Main Menu ................................. 7 Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  6. 6. Introduction GPS .................................... 21 Clearing User Data .................. 26 Setting GPS Mode ................... 21 Replacing the Wristband ......... 27 Satellite Reception................... 21 Cleaning the Unit and Signal Strength ........................ 21 Wristband .............................. 27 Sky View .................................. 21 Specifications .......................... 28 Appendix ........................... 22 Software License Pairing the Foretrex 401 .......... 22 Agreement ............................ 29 Wireless Data Transfers .......... 23 Declaration of Conformity Connecting Your Foretrex (DoC) .................................... 29 to a Computer ....................... 24 FCC Compliance ..................... 30 Jumpmaster ............................. 25 Index .................................. 31 Storing the Foretrex ................. 25 Battery Information .................. 25 Optimizing Battery Life ............ 26 Resetting the Foretrex ............. 26 v Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  7. 7. Getting Started Getting Started GPS antenna Power/ enter/mark up/down backlght page/goto Mn-USB Battery cover (under (seral weather cap) number nsde) Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual 1
  8. 8. Getting Started Buttons (up/down) power • Press to scroll through menus and • Press and hold to turn the pages. Foretrex on and off. • Press to select options on menus • Press to turn the backlight on and pages. and off. • Press to zoom out ( ) and page/goto in ( ) on the map. • Press to view and navigate Installing Batteries through the menus. 1. Carefully lift • Press to exit a menu or a page. up on the battery door • Press and hold to navigate to a until it comes specific destination or waypoint. off. enter/mark 2. Insert the batteries, • Press to select options and to observing acknowledge messages. polarity. • Press and hold to mark a 3. Replace the waypoint. battery cover. • Press to access an options menu when on a main page. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  9. 9. Getting Started NoTe: Remove the batteries 2. Turn on the Foretrex and hold it when you do not plan to use the level. Acquiring satellite signals Foretrex for several months. can take a few minutes. When you remove the batteries, The flashes while the Foretrex stored data is not lost. determines your location. When satellites are acquired, the Turning On Your remains solid. Foretrex Using the Backlight Press and hold to turn the While the Foretrex is on, press and Foretrex on. The first time you turn quickly release . The backlight on your Foretrex you are prompted stays on for 30 seconds. Press to choose a language. again to turn off the backlight before the automatic light timeout. Acquiring GPS Satellite Signals To adjust the backlight time: 1. From the main menu, select Before the Foretrex can find your SETUP DISPLAY LIGHT current location and navigate a route, TIMEOUT. you must acquire GPS signals. 2. Use to set the amount of 1. Go outdoors to an open area, time the backlight stays on. away from tall buildings and trees. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual 3
  10. 10. Using the Main Pages Using the Main Pages All of the information needed to operate the Foretrex is found on the following five main pages: the map page, the compass page, the elevation page (401 only), the trip computer page, and the main menu. Press the page button to navigate through the main pages. Press enter to access the option menus for these pages. Map page Compass page Elevation page (401 only) Main menu Trip computer 4 Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  11. 11. Using the Main Pages Map Page To view the map with north up: Headng 1. From the map page, press enter. ndcator 2. Select MAP DETAIL MAP Poston ORIENTATION NORTH UP. con To clear a track log: 1. From the map page, press enter. 2. Select CLEAR TRACK LOG Map page YES. Your position on the map is represented by . As you travel, the To measure distance: 1. From the map page, press enter. position icon moves and leaves a track log (trail). Waypoint names and 2. Select MEASURE DISTANCE symbols are also shown on the map. 3. Select the FROM field then select a starting waypoint from the NoTe: Press to zoom out or waypoint list. to zoom in. 4. Select the TO field then select The Foretrex automatically rotates an ending waypoint from the waypoint list. the map as you move, so that waypoints ahead of you always 5. Select the ESTIMATED SPEED appear above your position. The field. Use to select fields, and press enter to edit the speed. heading indicator shows the direction you are heading. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  12. 12. Using the Main Pages The total distance between the two The electronic compass (used in points and the estimated travel time the 401) is similar to a magnetic appears at the bottom of the page. compass when you are stationary or walking. If you maintain a higher speed, such as traveling in automobile, the compass uses GPS signals to determine your direction. NoTe: Hold the compass level when navigating to ensure maximum accuracy. Compass Page The compass page guides you to To calibrate the electric your destination by displaying a compass: compass and a bearing pointer. 1. From the compass page, press enter. When you are navigating to a 2. Select CALIBRATE. specific location, the compass page displays the name of the location, 3. Follow the on-screen instructions. two data fields that display distance to final destination and speed (by default), and a direction arrow in the compass ring. Follow the arrow to navigate. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  13. 13. Using the Main Pages Elevation Page (401 Trip Computer only) The trip computer displays your The elevation page shows your current speed, average speed, elevation. Press to zoom out or maximum speed, trip odometer, and to zoom in. other helpful statistics. Use to scroll to see more fields. To calibrate the barometric altimeter: To customize data fields, press enter. See page 15 for more information. NoTe: The barometric altimeter is available only on the Foretrex 401. Main Menu 1. From the main menu, select The main menu gives you access to SET UP ALTIMETER setup screens including waypoints, CALIBRATE. tracks, and routes. The main menu 2. Follow the on-screen instructions. displays the current date and time along the top of the screen. Use to select from the list of menu options. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  14. 14. Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes Waypoints, Tracks, Editing Waypoints and Routes Waypoints Waypoints are locations you record and store in the Foretrex. Waypoint page After you have marked a waypoint, 1. Press and hold mark. you can edit the name, the symbol, 2. Select OK. the elevation, and the latitude/ To navigate to a waypoint: longitude from the waypoint page. 1. Press and hold goto. NoTe: Use to select the 2. Select the waypoint from the list. letters and numbers. Press enter to edit. To edit existing waypoints: 1. Select WAYPOINTS LIST ALL. 2. Select the waypoint you want to edit. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  15. 15. Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes To change the symbol: 3. Press enter to advance to the 1. From the waypoint page, select next field. the waypoint symbol. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as 2. Select a new symbol from the list. necessary. To change the name: 5. Select OK to save and exit. 1. From the waypoint page, select To change the latitude/longitude: the name. The EDIT WAYPOINT 1. From the waypoint page, select NAME page appears. the latitude/longitude field. The 2. Press enter to access the EDIT LOCATION page appears. character menu. Select a 2. Select a number from the list. character from the list. 3. Press enter to advance to the NoTe: To change the position next character. format, see page 14. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as To delete a waypoint: necessary. 1. Select WAYPOINTS LIST To change the elevation: ALL. 1. From the waypoint page, select 2. Use or enter to select the the elevation. The ENTER waypoint you want to delete. CORRECT ELEVATION page 3. Select DELETE YES. appears. 2. Press enter to access the number menu. Select a number from the list. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  16. 16. Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes Hunt and Fish To view the sun and moon page: 1. From the main menu, select The hunting and fishing almanac WAYPOINTS LIST ALL. provides the predicted best dates and times for hunting and fishing at your 2. Select the waypoint you want to view. current location. 3. Select OPTIONS SUN/MOON. To view the hunt and fish page: NoTe: Press enter to view the 1. From the main menu, select sun and moon information for a WAYPOINTS LIST ALL. different date. 2. Select the waypoint you want to view. Recording your Tracks 3. Select OPTIONS HUNT/FISH. The Foretrex records a track log NoTe: Press enter to view the while you are moving. You can save hunting and fishing information these tracks and navigate to them at for a different date. another time. 1. From the main menu, select Sun and Moon TRACKS. The Sun and Moon page shows 2. Select SAVE TRACK. sunrise time, sunset time, moonrise time, moonset time, and moon phase 3 Use and enter to set a beginning point and an ending for a specified date. point. 4. Press enter to name the track. Follow the on-screen instructions. 10 Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  17. 17. Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes To clear current track: Creating and Navigating From the tracks menu, select CLEAR TRACK YES. Routes 1. From the main menu, select To navigate to a saved track: ROUTES CREATE NEW. 1. From the tracks menu, select 2. Press enter to access your saved LIST SAVED. waypoints. 2. Select the track. 3. Select a waypoint for the first 3. Select NAVIGATE. field. Repeat in each field until the route is complete. 4. Select FOLLOW. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual 11
  18. 18. Settings Settings MAP DeTAIL—set map preferences: Map Menu Options • MAP oRIeNTATIoN—select On the map page, press enter to how the map is shown on the access the map menu. page. NoRTH UP shows North at the top of the page. TRACK PAN TRACK LoG—use to UP shows your current direction pan. Move the pointer to any point of travel at the top of the page. along the track. Press enter to go • TRACKS—show or hide tracks to a waypoint, mark a waypoint, or on the map. zoom in or out. • WAYPoINTS—show or hide CLeAR TRACK LoG—delete the waypoints on the map. recorded track log. SToP NAVIGATIoN—stop the MeASURe DISTANCe—measure current route. the distance between two waypoints. See page 5 for instructions on Compass Menu Options measuring distance. On the compass page, press enter to access the compass menu. CALIBRATe—hold the Foretrex level and slowly turn in two full circles in the same direction. 1 Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  19. 19. Settings CHANGe FIeLDS—change the See page 15 for more information on data fields on the compass page. See changing data fields. page 15 for more information on ReSeT TRIP DATA—select YeS changing data fields. to reset the trip data and the altimeter data. Elevation Menu Options On the elevation page, press enter to Main Menu Options access the elevation menu. WAYPoINTS—create a new PLoT— select to plot over time or waypoint, list all waypoints, or distance. view the nearest waypoint to your location. See page 8 for more ZooM—select to change the information. elevation scale. TRACKS—manage your saved VIeW PoINTS—view the data tracks. Here you can clear the track points on the elevation page. log, pan and trackback, save a track, list saved tracks, or delete all saved Trip Computer Options tracks. On the trip computer page, press RoUTeS—create a new route, list enter to access the trip computer all routes, delete all routes. menu. SeTUP—customize settings for the CHANGe FIeLDS—change the Foretrex. data fields on the trip computer page. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual 13
  20. 20. Settings • TIMe—select a 12-hour or • HeADING—customize compass 24-hour format, and the time settings and calibrate the zone for your location. Select compass. YeS to use daylight saving • SYSTeM—set preferences for time, No to ignore it, or AUTo the GPS mode, the beeper, the to automatically turn daylight battery, the language, and the saving time on and off. interface. You can also enter Select YeS to use automatic owner information, such as your time zones, No change the time name, and set it to appear when zone manually, or AUTo to the unit powers on. automatically update your time • TRACKS—set track preferences. zone. • RoUTeS—select auto or • TIMeR—show or hide timer distance for route leg transition. page and set timer preferences. See page 20. • MAP—select NoRTH UP or TRACK UP and turn auto zoom • DISPLAY—adjust backlight and off or on. You can also select display contrast. bearing or course for the go to • UNITS—set position format line. and map datum. Select units of • ALTIMeTeR—turn auto measurement for distance/speed, calibration on or off. elevation, vertical speed, and pressure. 14 Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  21. 21. Settings • ReSeT—reset trip data, delete Data Field Options all waypoints, or restore to The following table lists all of the factory defaults. Foretrex data fields and descriptions. • ABoUT FoReTReX—view the version software and the GPS *Only available on the Foretrex 401. software version. CoNNeCT—connect to compatible Data Field Description Garmin devices, compatible AMB PRESS* The uncalibrated accessories, or receive data (ambient current pressure. wirelessly. pressure) GPS—view the satellite signal AVG ASCENT The average strength or the satellite sky view. See vertical distance of ascent. page 21. AVG DESCNT The average JUMPMASTeR—enter the (average vertical distance Jumpmaster setting. Set the jump descent) of descent. type and information. See page 25. BAROMETER* The calibrated current pressure. BEARING The direction from your current location to a destination. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual 1
  22. 22. Settings Data Field Description Data Field Description CADENCE* Revolutions of FINAL ETE The estimated (GSC™ 10 the crank arm (estimated time time needed to required) or strides per en route) reach your final minute. destination. COURSE The direction GLIDE RATIO* The ratio of from your horizontal starting location distance traveled to a destination. to the change in vertical distance. ELEVATION The altitude above or below GR DEST* The glide ratio sea level. (glide ratio required to destination) descend from FINAL DEST The last your present (destination) waypoint on your position and route. elevation to FINAL DIST The remaining the destination (distance) distance to your elevation. final destination. HEADING Your moving FINAL ETA The estimated direction. (estimated time time of day you HEART RATE* Heart rate in of arrival) will reach your (heart rate beats per minute final destination. monitor (bmp). required) 1 Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  23. 23. Settings Data Field Description Data Field Description MAX ASCENT* The maximum MOV’N TIME A running tally of ascent rate in (moving time) movement time feet/meter per elapsed since minute. the last reset. MAX The maximum NEXT DEST The next DESCNT* descent rate in (destination) waypoint on your (maximum feet/meter per route. descent) minute. NEXT DIST The remaining MAX ELEVTN The highest (distance) distance to the (maximum elevation next waypoint on elevation) reached. the your route. MAX SPEED The maximum NEXT ETA The estimated speed. (estimated time time of day you of arrival) will reach the MIN ELEVTN The lowest next waypoint on (minimum elevation the route. elevation) reached. NEXT ETE The estimated MOV’N AVG Average speed (estimated time time needed until (moving of the unit while en route) you reach the average) moving. next waypoint on the route. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual 1
  24. 24. Settings Data Field Description Data Field Description ODOMETER A running tally SUNRISE Time of sunrise of distance based on your traveled, GPS position. based upon the distance SUNSET Time of sunset between based on your second-by- GPS position. second position TIME Current time readings. of day based OFF COURSE The distance (left on your time or right) you are settings (format, from the original time zone, and course (path of daylight saving travel). time). OVER’L SPD Your average TO COURSE The direction (overall speed) speed. you must travel to return to the SPEED Display rate of route. current speed. TOT ASCENT The total STOP TIME Time spent (total ascent) elevation stopped. distance ascended. 1 Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  25. 25. Settings Data Field Description Data Field Description TOT DESCNT The total VERT SPEED* Your rate of (total descent) elevation (vertical) altitude gain/loss distance over time. descended. VMG (velocity The speed at TOTAL TIME A running tally made good) which you are of time since the closing on a last reset. destination along a route. TRIP ODOM A running tally of (odometer) distance traveled VSPD DEST* The since last the (vertical speed measurement reset. destination) of your rate of ascent/ TURN The angle descent to a difference predetermined (in degrees) altitude. between the bearing to your destination and your current line of travel. ‘L’ means turn left. ‘R’ means turn right. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual 1
  26. 26. Timer Timer NoTe: Use to change the countdown time. The timer page is not one of the default main pages. 2. Press enter to stop the timer. 3. Press to reset the timer to the original countdown time. NoTe: When the timer is at 0:00, press enter to start the timer counting up from 0:00. To display the timer: 1. From the main menu, select SETUP TIMER. Timer Options From the main menu, select SeTUP 2. Select SHOW TIMER PAGE? YES. TIMeR. The following options appear: To set the timer: 1. From the main menu, select • WHeN eXPIReD—set the SETUP TIMER. timer to stop, count up, or repeat 2. Select COUNT DOWN FROM. when the timer expires. 3. Select a time increment from the • eXPIReD ToNe—select the menu or select custom. tone alert that sounds when the timer expires. To use the timer: 1. On the timer page, press enter to • INTeRVAL ToNe— select the start the timer. tone alert that sounds when the interval time expires. 0 Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  27. 27. GPS GPS The bars indicate GPS satellite strength. White bars indicate that the Foretrex is still collecting data. Solid Setting GPS Mode bars indicate that the Foretrex is 1. From the main menu, select tracking that satellites. SETUP SYSTEM GPS MODE. 2. Select the mode you want, or Sky View select OFF to use the Foretrex Press enter on the satellite page to indoors. switch to sky view. Satellite Reception The satellite page shows your current location, GPS accuracy, satellite locations, and signal strength. Sky view shows the location of Signal Strength the satellites from which you are To view the satellite page, select receiving a signal. GPS from the main menu. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual 1
  28. 28. Appendix Appendix To pair the Foretrex 401 with a wireless sensor: 1. Place the Foretrex 401 within 10 Pairing the Foretrex 401 feet (3 meters) of the wireless NoTe: The Foretrex 301 does sensor (heart rate monitor or GSC not have pairing capability. 10). 2. Put on the heart rate monitor or The Foretrex 401 can be used turn on the GSC 10. with an optional Garmin heart rate 3. From the main menu, select monitor to display your heart rate. CONNECT HEART RATE It can also be used with an optional MONITOR or BIKE CADENCE Garmin cadence bike sensor (GSC SENSOR. 10) to display your pedaling cadence. 4. Select SEARCH FOR NEW. Pairing is connecting your Foretrex When the sensor is found, the “Connected” message appears. 401 with wireless sensors, such as a heart rate monitor or a cadence bike NoTe: To prevent your Foretrex sensor. After you pair the first time, 401 from pairing with wireless your Foretrex 401 automatically sensors, select CoNNeCT recognizes the wireless sensor HeART RATe MoNIToR (or whenever they are turned on and BIKe CADeNCe SeNSoR) oFF. within range of each other. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  29. 29. Appendix Wireless Data Transfers To send a track: 1. From the main menu, select The Foretrex 401 can send and TRACKS LIST ALL. receive waypoints, routes, and tracks wirelessly from a compatible Garmin 2. Select the track you want to send. device. 3. From the track menu, select OPTIONS SEND. To receive data: To send a route: 1. From the main menu, select 1. From the main menu, select CONNECT RECEIVE ROUTES LIST SAVED. WIRELESSLY. 2. Select the route you want to send. 2. A “CONNECTING” message appears. When connected, a 3. From the route menu, select “RECEIVING DATA” message OPTIONS SEND. appears. A “TRANSFER COMPLETE” message appears when data is received. To send a waypoint: 1. From the main menu, select WAYPOINTS LIST ALL. 2. Select the waypoint you want to send. 3. From the waypoint menu, select OPTIONS SEND. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual 3
  30. 30. Appendix Connecting Your Your Foretrex appears as a Foretrex to a Computer removable drive in My Computer on Windows computers and as a You can use the Foretrex as a USB mounted volume on Mac computers. mass storage device by connecting it A copy of the waypoints, tracks, and to your computer with a USB cable. routes on your Foretrex can be found NoTe: The Foretrex is not in the Garmin/GPX/current folder. compatible with Windows® 95, 98, Me, or NT. It is also not Adding Waypoints, Tracks, compatible with Mac® OS 10.3 and Routes and earlier. This is a common 1. From your computer, open the limitation of most USB mass Garmin/GPX folder. storage devices. 2. Paste your .gpx files into the GPX folder. 1. Plug the small end of the USB cable into the mini-USB port on NoTICe: If you are not sure the back of the Foretrex (under about the purpose of a file, do not the weather cap). delete it. Your Foretrex memory 2. Connect the larger end of the contains important system files USB cable to an available USB that should not be deleted. port on your computer. 3. Select YES to enter mass storage mode. 4 Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  31. 31. Appendix Jumpmaster and routes will be retained in the unit’s memory without the need for external power. It is always a good practice to back up important user data. Jumpmaster is an accessory Battery Information designed for experienced skydivers. WARNING: Do not use a sharp object A jumpmaster is the individual to remove user-replaceable batteries. in charge of a group of skydivers Contact your local waste disposal coordinating a group or cargo department to properly recycle the drop. From the main menu, select batteries. JUMPMASTeR. The Foretrex operates on two AAA For more information on Jumpmaster batteries. Use alkaline or NiMH go to batteries. Use precharged NiMH /eTrexVista_Jumpmaster.pdf. batteries for best results. Select the battery type: Storing the Foretrex 1. From the main menu, select Do not store the Foretrex where SETUP. prolonged exposure to extreme 2. Select SYSTEM BATTERY. temperatures can occur, because it 3. Select ALKALINE or NIMH. can cause permanent damage. User information, such as waypoints Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  32. 32. Appendix Optimizing Battery Life Resetting the Foretrex Use premium batteries for optimal If your Foretrex is locked up, press performance and maximum battery and hold page and simultaneously life. until the screen goes blank (about 7 seconds). This does not erase any of Consider the following suggestions to your data or settings. maximize battery life: • Excessive use of the backlight Clearing User Data will significantly decrease battery life. NoTICe: This deletes all history and user-entered information. • Select a shorter backlight timeout (page 3). To clear all user data, press and hold • Turn tones off if not needed. enter on startup until the message From the main menu, select appears. SeTUP SYSTeM BeePeR oFF. • Turn off the compass when it is not being used (Foretrex 401 only). Select SeTUP HeADING CoMPASS oFF. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  33. 33. Appendix Replacing the Wristband To install the extension strap 1. Use a #1 Phillips screwdriver to (optional): remove the screws (2) on the 1. Thread the end of the Foretrex back of the unit. strap through the plastic ring on the extension strap. Screw Screw hole 2. Thread the other end of the extension strap through the plastic ring on the Foretrex strap. 3. Adjust as necessary. Cleaning the Unit and Wristband Screw Screw hole The Foretrex is constructed of 2. Remove the old wristband. high-quality materials and does not 3. Align the loops of the new require user maintenance other than wristband with the screw holes on cleaning. Clean the unit using a cloth the back of the unit. Make sure dampened with a mild detergent that the Garmin logo is facing up. solution and then wipe dry. Avoid 4. Replace the screws. chemical cleaners and solvents that may damage plastic components. The wristband should be hand washed with mild detergent in warm or hot water. Blot dry, then air dry. Do not machine wash. Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  34. 34. Appendix Specifications Accuracy GPS: 33 ft. (10 m) 95% typical* Physical Size: W × H × D: *Subject to accuracy degradation to 100 m2 2DRMS under the US DoD 2.93 × 0.89 × 1.65 in. imposed Selective Availability (SA) (74.5 × 22.5 × 42 mm) Program when activated. Weight (with wristband): Velocity: 0.328 ft./sec. (0.1 m/sec) 2.26 oz. (64 g) without batteries steady state Display: W × H: 1.44 × 0.92 in. Interface: USB mass storage device (23.368 × 36.576 mm) 100 × 64 pixels Data Storage Life: Indefinite; no memory battery required Case: Rugged, waterproof to IPX7 Temperature Range: From -4°F to Performance 140°F (from -20 to 60°C)* Receiver: more than 12 channels, high-sensitivity *The temperature rating of the Foretrex may exceed the usable range of some Acquisition Times: 1 second batteries. Some batteries can rupture at (warm start) high temperatures. 33 seconds (cold start) 36 seconds (Autolocate) Power Source: Two AAA batteries Update Rate: 1/second, continuous (alkaline or NiMH) Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  35. 35. Appendix Software License disassemble, modify, reverse assemble, reverse engineer, or reduce to human Agreement readable form the Software or any part BY USING THE FORETREX, YOU thereof or create any derivative works AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE based on the Software. You agree not to TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE export or re-export the Software to any FOLLOWING SOFTWARE LICENSE country in violation of the export control AGREEMENT. PLEASE READ THIS laws of the United States of America. AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. Garmin grants you a limited license to Declaration of use the software embedded in this device (the “Software”) in binary executable Conformity (DoC) form in the normal operation of the Hereby, Garmin, declares that this product. Title, ownership rights, and Foretrex is in compliance with the intellectual property rights in and to the essential requirements and other Software remain in Garmin. relevant provisions of Directive You acknowledge that the Software 1999/5/EC. is the property of Garmin and is protected under the United States To view the full Declaration of of America copyright laws and Conformity, see the Garmin Web site international copyright treaties. You for your Garmin product: further acknowledge that the structure, organization, and code of the Software are valuable trade secrets of Garmin and that the Software in source code form remains a valuable trade secret of Garmin. You agree not to decompile, Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  36. 36. Appendix FCC Compliance turning the equipment off and on, the This device complies with part 15 of the user is encouraged to try to correct the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the interference by one of the following following two conditions: (1) this device measures: may not cause harmful interference, • Reorient or relocate the receiving and (2) this device must accept any antenna interference received, including • Increase the separation between the interference that may cause undesired equipment and receiver operation. • Connect the equipment into an outlet Note: This equipment has been tested on a circuit different from that to which and found to comply with the limits the receiver is connected for a Class B digital device pursuant to • Consult the dealer or an experienced part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits radio/TV technician for help. are designed to provide reasonable This Category II radiocommunication protection against harmful interference in device complies with Industry Canada a residential installation. This equipment Standard RSS-310. generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by 30 Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
  37. 37. Index Index contacting Garmin i custom data fields 15 modes 15 reception 21 sky view 21 A D GSC 10 16, 22 accessories ii, 22 data, transferring 23 altimeter 7, 14 data fields 15 H changing 12, 13 heart rate monitor 22 B distance backlight 3 L measuring 5 barometric altimeter language 14 7, 14 E battery 2 M elevation life 26 main menu 7 page 6 type 25 options 13 plot 13 buttons 2 main pages 4 zoom 13 manual conventions i C F map cadence sensor 22 files detail 12 compass adding 24 options 12 calibrating 6 transferring 23 page 5 options 12 page 6 G P connecting Garmin Product Support pairing 22 computer 24 i product registration i unit to unit 24 GPS acquiring signals 3 mode 21 Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual 31
  38. 38. Index R U resetting the unit 26 USB, connecting 24 routes W creating 11 waypoints navigating 11 editing 8 S marking 8 satellite signals 3, 21 navigating 8 sensors 22 wireless transfer 23 serial number 1 wristband specifications 28 cleaning 27 storing 25 extender strap 27 replacing 27 T time 14 timer options 20 setting 12, 13 tracks navigating 10 recording 10 trip computer options 13 page 7 3 Foretrex 301/401 Owner’s Manual
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