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Issues A Personal Response Activity Pp James Newton
Issues A Personal Response Activity Pp James Newton
Issues A Personal Response Activity Pp James Newton
Issues A Personal Response Activity Pp James Newton
Issues A Personal Response Activity Pp James Newton
Issues A Personal Response Activity Pp James Newton
Issues A Personal Response Activity Pp James Newton
Issues A Personal Response Activity Pp James Newton
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Issues A Personal Response Activity Pp James Newton


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  • 2. Bullying Image
    This image stresses the issues of physical
    bullying and is almost a predictable view of
    bullying. It shows two taller, larger school
    kids using physical violence on a smaller
    child. This photo does not issue much of a
    personal response because the face
    of the victim is not shown; therefore I
    cannot see what emotions the victim is
    suffering so I am not able to sympathise
    with him. However because the boy is being
    ganged upon by stronger boys, a level
    of sympathy is given out because if I
    experienced being bullied like that myself
    I would be terrified. The image is trying to
    reveal that the boy is isolated and bullied
    with no support from others.
  • 3. Bullying Video
  • 4. This video is a NSPCC advertisement about children getting psychically abused
    by their parents. However in this advert the child is a cartoon and people usually
    laugh at animated violence because the people are not real. The sound effects are also
    comical with bangs and crashes when the boy is thrown around house. These sound
    effects are classical effects added to cartoons to amplify the audiences response. It is
    difficult to laugh at because of the seriousness of the message and the furious voice and tone
    of the parent as he violently beats his child. Another sound effect that is added is the
    background laughter of an audience each time the child is abused; his makes you feel
    obliged to laugh but because the man is real you fell as if it could just as well happen
    to you or your children. The ending of the video is another shock top audience when
    The camera looks over the couch and reveals that the cartoon child was real the whole
    time. This makes the viewer feel guilty for laughing. Although the advert is about child
    abuse, it is still another of the many forms of bullying which take place.
    Click the link below to view the video
    Bullying Video
  • 5. Bullying Website
  • 6. Bullying Website
    This bullying website’s audience is aimed at children. It contains varied uses of colour and cartoon images to generate a response from children and make them feel welcomed as they browse the site. The website is looking at the lighter side of bullying but is showing how it can progress and this is shown by the series of cartoon shows about a new student trying to fit in at a new school. It builds up a story and looks at the various ways off bullying so that if the audience is suffering from bullying they can relate to it and empathise with the characters. The episodes of the cartoon also shows that victims of bullying can receive help from others and that they should never be afraid. I think that this website is very successful at getting its message across but only towards younger children; this is because of the games and cartoons that are available to the audience.
  • 7. Bullying Poster
  • 8. Bullying Poster
    This anti-bullying posteris from Childline target audience is a child of any age. This is
    because he child’s age on the poster is not completely noticeable and the poster is black
    and white. This produces a more ominous and eerie effect to make the viewer feel aware
    of the seriousness of bullying. The message which the poster is trying to get across is
    shown by the large blue text which covers most of the screen is that victims of bullying
    should phone Childline and receive help because keeping silent is “doing the bully a
    favour”. I believe this poster is not very successful in generating the right response needed
    to stop bullying. The poster lets the audience to beware of bullying but it does not show
    the serious affects; I do not think it will encourage bully victims to call Childline.