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  • 1. Technological Fishing Pole Program Strategic task under the Task Budget Poland: from „losing ground country” to „high performance country”* Professor Teresa Lubińska Secretary of State Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Poland President of the Interministerial Team for Advanced Technologies Sectors Development * EU – Report: European Innovation Scoreboard 2005 TrendChart, 2006 V Konferencja „ Uniwersytet dla przemysłu” – finansowanie współpracy 26 marca 2007 r. Uniwersytet Jagielloński
  • 2. Technological Fishing Pole Program Strategic task under the Task Budget
    • Interministerial approach under the Task Budget : (Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Finance, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Industrial Development Agency, BGK (state bank), National Capital Fund, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Environment , Ministry of Transport, Warsaw Stock Exchange) in the high-tech area can bring significant economic effects.
    • Cooperation: - Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland
    • - KRASP ,
    • - Science Council of R&D units - JBR ,
    • - Polish Academy of Sciences - PAN
    • - The Foundation for Polish Science
    • - employers’ associations
    • The instruments of fiscal and monetary policies are not taken into account in this program
  • 3. Low level of economic development in high technologies – outcome indicators 36 % USA 2% Poland 18% EU 15 40% Ireland % of export based on high-tech products Country
  • 4. 0,34% 0,17% 1,08% 0,51% 0,76% 0,32% 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 Negative tendency on R&D expenditures as % of GDP in Poland 1991 - 200 6 0,0% 0,2% 0,4% 0,6% 0,8% 1,0% 1,2% %GDP total public private
  • 5. Innovation parameters European Innovation Scor e board 2005 TrendChart, 2006 2,7 0,58% Poland 10,9 1,27% Czech Rep. 18,3 0,98% Hungary 133,6 2% EU15 No. of applications to European Patent Office per 1 m . inhabitants [2002] R&D / GDP [2004] Country
  • 6. It is worth to be changed – a hidden Polish intellectual potential
    • Despite a very low level of financement:
    • Pol and takes 21 st position in the Journal Citation Reports
    • We have wonderful examples of innovating companies
    • There are very well prepared advisors
    • It is confirmed by the results of a research led by a Research Team „Integration” from the University of Szczecin
  • 7.
    • Authority – researchers – business – surrounding institutions
    • Together , not separately
    Technological Fishing Pole -assumption data
    • Involvement of:
    • entrepreneurs
    • universities, state R&D units and other R&D units
    • Capital-donors: Warsaw Stock Exchange, VC/PE funds, banks
    • business surroundings’ institutions
    • local authorities
  • 8. Technological Fishing Pole An idea...
    • The main goal of the project is to make radical changes on the state of cooperation between business and scientific/research environment in the aim of increasing R&D activities – conditions for hi-tech companies establishing.
  • 9. Technological Fishing Pole – progression of works
    • Favorable atmosphere and legislative solutions which enable R&D centres to commercialize their inventions – a solution of „vagueness” between The Public Finance Law and The Higher Education Law – there is possible an approval of Senate and Rector to sign agreements with companies (universities own the patents, participation in the license incomes)
    • Finishing, in accelerated procedure, the notification process of National Capital Fund by European Commission
    • Intellectual property’s protection (intellectual potential). The Amendment of The Industrial Property Law . The simplification of the procedures at The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland , the removal of legislative errors . The possibility of more effective courts’ activities in the area of adjudging in industrial property protection cases.
    • Integration of budget funds and Innovative Economy Operating Program – a task frame
  • 10. Technological Fishing Pole assumption data Des c ription Previous programs Proposed program Purpose of R&D funds General and not closely connected with commercialization For projects with high probability of commercialization Method of applications’ collecting Inflow of applications after the publishing of the competition Active search of leaders and projects Method of projects’ evaluation and selection List of experts of administrative unit at the central level Board composed of at least 2 experts, therein with patents implementation output
  • 11. Technological Fishing Pole – budget and EU funds
    • 300 million PLN in the national budget for 2007
    • Possibility of supporting the Technological Fishing Pole fund by the means coming from Operation Program Innovative Economy , which allows to increase it several times
    • Possibility of supporting Technological Fishing Pole by entrepreneurs’ funds , venture capital funds, stock exchange
  • 12. Technological Fishing Pole Pilotage program „ Call for Leaders ”
    • Present-day actions:
    • Identification of environmental leaders (enterprises, R&D centres, service to business institutions) and establishing cooperation among them (gathering information about research projects and their leaders)
    • Organizing meetings with environmental leaders and government representatives
    • Cooperation with media
  • 13. Call for Leaders Project – the first project containing all stages of innovativeness – from research to implementation
    • 700 project from 30 domains has been submitted (6 weeks)
    • Total value of required expenditures: 3.2 bln PLN
    • Expenditures from Technological Fishing Pole: 2.1 bln PLN
    • Total level of profitability of approximately 700 projects come to 19.1 bln PLN
    Demand for TFP funds according to the stage of innovative project : Międzyresortowy Zespół ds. Rozwoju Sektorów Wysoko Zaawansowanych Technologii 42% 2% 8% 21% 27% Implementation Patent Verification Prototype Research
  • 14. 722 Total 109 Others 10 Shipbuilding 11 Building engineering 13 Agriculture 14 Transport 14 Nanotechnology 14 Safety and Health at Work 18 Production process 23 Mechanics 30 Pharmacy 31 Electronic engineering 34 Medicine 35 Food Technology 45 Material engineering 46 Power industry 48 Environmental protection 51 Biotechnology 70 Chemistry 106 IT Number of projects Domain
  • 15. Project Call for Leaders 1,0 0,65 0,45 0,25 0,11 - incomes from country sale 0,8 0,55 0,35 0,2 0,09 - export incomes 1,8 1,2 0,8 0,45 0,2 Total Turnover: 2011 r. 2010 r. 2009 r. 2008 r. 2007 r.   in bln EURO 5 years prediction
  • 16. Innovativeness monitoring indicators in Poland Międzyresortowy Zespół ds. Rozwoju Sektorów Wysoko Zaawansowanych Technologii Gross domestic expenditure on R&D as a percentage of GDP Number of new-established spin-offs companies – high-tech companies Annual increase of private sector expenditure on R&D in bln PLN Increase of high-tech products share in GDP Export of high technology products as a percentage of GDP Number of patent applications in PCT per million inhabitants
  • 17. Technological initiative undertaking of Minister of Science
    • „ Technological initiative ” is undertaking which puts into practice activities shown in „Technological Fishing Pole”
    • It contains two modules: the first one is designed for R&D units and universities; the second one is designed for business surroundings.
  • 18. Technological initiative Modules
    • Module I: financial support is given on R&D activities which aim to develoop innovative products based on Polish scientific idea.
    • Module II: financial support is given on business analysis of R&D projects and finding enterprenuers ready to implement R&D project results.
  • 19. Thank you for your attention!!