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Talking About The Past
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Talking About The Past


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Talking about the past Verb tenses
  • 2. Simple past
    • Form: -ed/ second line of irregular verbs chart:
    • They played tennis yesterday
    • Did they play tennis yesterday?
    • They did not play tennis yesterday
    • Meaning:
      • Past action or event
      • Sequenced past actions
  • 3. Past continuous
    • Form:
      • I/you was/were working
      • Were they working?
      • She was not working
    • Meaning
      • To describe an activity that occurred in an specific time in the past
      • To describe an activity that has been interrupted by a shorter one
      • To describe a scene when narrating a story
  • 4. Present perfect
    • Form:
      • I have seen the film
      • Has she gone to work?
      • They have not worked today
    • Meaning:
      • - When you are concerned with the present effects of something which happened at a time in the past
  • 5. Present perfect continuous
    • Form:
      • I have been living here for a long time
      • Has she been waiting long?
      • They have not been studying lately
    • Meaning:
      • - When you want to emphasize how long something has been happening
  • 6. Past perfect
    • Form:
      • I had been there before
      • Had she seen the film?
      • We had not studied before the exam
    • Meaning:
      • - A past action that happened before another past action
  • 7. Past perfect continuous
    • Form:
      • I had been working all day
      • Had she been sleeping well?
      • They had not been playing badly
    • Meaning:
      • - When you want to emphasize how long something had been happening
  • 8. A joke!!!!
    • A man inserted an advertisement in the classified: "Wife Wanted." The next day he received a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: "You can have mine."
    How would you change the joke into a feminist one?
  • 9. Questionnaire
    • Give marks up to 10 points being 1 the worst mark and 10 the best possible. Thank you!!!
    • Was the presentation clear and easy to understand?
    • Did you understand the form of the verbs shown?
    • - Past simple/continuous
    • - Present perfect/continuous
    • - Past perfect/continuous
    • Did you understand the meaning of the verbs shown?
    • - Past simple
    • - Past continuous
    • - Present perfect
    • - Present perfect continuous
    • - Past perfect
    • - Past perfect continuous
  • 10.
    • 4. Have you paid more attention than you would to the blackboard?
    • 5. Was it a boring presentation?
    • 6. Has the presentation helped you to understand the past tenses?
    • 7. What things of the presentation would you change to make it better? Write any personal comment