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Runescape Media’S New Forums
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Runescape Media’S New Forums


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Published in: Business, Art & Photos

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  • 1. Runescape Media’s New Forums By Mike
  • 2. New Names
    • Something kind of professional or kind of laid back
    • Using some of these words graphics, media, visual, community, friendly, digital, artists, art.
    • Artists Community Media Center Artists Lounge (for some laid backness) Exclusive Graphics, Higher resolution
    • Those we mostly mine
    • Nothing to do with Runescape
  • 3. Forums
    • IPBFree
    • Advantages
    • One Ad
    • Lots Of Extra Features
    • Looks More Professional
    • Shorter URL
    • Invisionfree
    • Advantages
    • We’re all more familiar with it
    • Popular
  • 4. Moderators/Administrators
    • We are going to need mods for each time zone so the boards are always being watched
    • We will also need more Administrators since page is working his butt off with no help
    • We need experienced mods and admins
  • 5. Graphics
    • We need a new banner with the dimensions of 1000x200 pixels
    • There should be some way to change it every season so we can mix it up a little and I think it should be pixeled
    • We will need forum graphics but I will give you that later since we do not have the skins
    • If we change user groups then we might need user group graphics too
    • We will also need new adverts but until we pick a name you can not do that
  • 6. Features
    • Since we’re expanding we need to have features like Brushes, Renders, Tutorials.
    • To do this we need to get links to everyone’s brushes and put one mass index in the new forums
    • The tutorials, we will put all the tutorials from the old forums into one big tutorial section in the new ones
    • Renders, I think we should have a render team to render images but you must buy them with “points”
    • (Points are on the next page)
  • 7. Points
    • In IPBFree forums I can set up a points system so that you get so many points for posting or doing whatever
    • We can make it so you have to buy a render from the render team so that way people will have a incentive to post and we will be very active
    • Not just renders we could make it everything
  • 8. THE END
    • I need to give credit to:
    • Napelez for the Features
    • Nym for higher resolution name
    • If I have missed something please PM me and I will update this later once we have narrowed the name down a little
    • Thank You for reading and keep the ideas coming