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    Indicator Power P Indicator Power P Presentation Transcript

    • Did You Mention Inventions?
          • 4.1.8
          • Recognize and explain that any invention may lead to other inventions.
    • Definitions
      • Invention - created thing: a thing that somebody has created, especially a device or process
      • Inventor - somebody who invents something
    • Background Information Inventors Charles Babbage is said to have invented the first mechanical computer. William Kennedy Dickson was an inventor who created and an early motion picture camera. Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart invented the computer mouse. John Pemberton invented Cola. Adolphe Sax invented of the saxophone.
    • Creating Your Own Invention!
      • 1.Use your imagination to think of an invention you want to create.
      • 2. Use the white paper, markers, crayons, and a pencil draw a picture of your invention
      • 3. Write a short description of your invention. What does it do? What it is called? How does it work?
      • 4. Lay your invention off to the side. You will need it later…
    • Activity 1
      • Find the plastic bag marked Activity 1 and take out the orange pieces inside.
      • Each orange piece has a picture of an invention that was made as a result of, or due to, another invention.
      • Place each orange piece in the correct box on worksheet #1 on the next page.
      • After you are done check your answers in the GREEN envelope.
      • Example:
      • DISHES
    • WORKSHEET #1
      • BIKE
      • CLOTHES
      • CAMERA
      • FOOD CAN
    • Activity 2
      • Find the big plastic bag marked Activity 2 and take out the objects inside.
      • Try and think of inventions that relate to each object that came either before or after it was invented.
        • An example for the pencil would be a pencil sharpener.
      • Under each object write as many inventions as you can think of that relate to the each object.
          • More examples are given in the PINK envelope
      • Pencil Cassette Tape VHS Phone
      • Ex. Pencil Sharpener
    • Back To Your Invention
      • Grab the drawing of your invention.
      • Try and think of a new invention that the world would need, now that they have your invention to use.
      • Ex. A flying car invention may lead the world to need flying stop signs or floating roads.
    • Assessment Any invention may lead to another invention? True False Give an example or explain why or why not.